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  1. Language Learning
    Language Learning
    Language learning actually ties in nicely with the work we are all doing on this forum, cool topic.
    Ask yourself how you learned a language in the first place. You were so absorptive precisely because of your lack of consciousness as a child. You allowed the sounds to slip in unnoticed into your mind such that you actually believed that the word chair was somehow as real as the chair for example. This process occurs at lightning speed before you could ever notice it was happening. When learning a new language you shouldnt notice your doing it.
    Basically if you try to use the conscious mind too much you'll pick up the language far slower.
    Also notice that there were concepts that existed for you prior to gaining language that you then labeled with language. There too are concepts that could only exist for you AFTER gaining language. Making this distinction will help you to stack what youve already learned and deepen your mastery of the language in ways that are impossible via simple translation.
    It helps to recreate a childlike state to achieve all this, which is marked physiologically by increased neuroplasticity, which can be induced by microdosing psychedelics, using a tdcs machine for the DARPA accelerated learning montage (google it) or the best--- combine your language learning with an activity that activates reward circuits that have a pay off aside from simply grasping the concept. Flirting with someone in your target language will massively increase your language ability.

  2. Science and ND
    John Hagelin Matter & Mind

  3. I Made a Video on Sam Harris's View on Morality
    I Made a Video on Sam Harris's View on Morality
    Hi guys! I made a video trying to explain Sam Harris's view on morality, moral realism. I think getting our views on morality straight is essential given that they underpin our political outlook on many issues. Let me know what you think!

  4. "Leo, but what if you're deluded?"
    "Leo, but what if you're deluded?"
    @Truth Addict here are some signals of delusion:
    you become too bothered about what people - leo included - believe/say your ability to enjoy life and love people gets thrown off by your eccentricism you're unable to experience peace of mind because you're thinking too hard about spirituality/metaphysics you can't overcome the dependence on the wisdom of others you can't overcome the dependence on the use of substances that facilitate the shutdown of the mind chattering you become attached to certain ideologies

  5. Electronic Devices Harmful?
    Electronic Devices Harmful?
    Is it truth that devices like wireless router, wireless headphones, phones generally, notebooks emit particles that alter your chromosomes and may cause many nasty cancers? Like brain or breast in women. 
    Has anyone studied this topic any deeper to give an insight? 

  6. Frequently occurring thoughts I have about trying to be in the present
    Frequently occurring thoughts I have about trying to be in the present
    I think that the main part of becoming enlightened requires the awareness of "what reality really is". And in paying attention to what reality really is, I find that our egoic notions and beliefs about time, "what is real" and also of causility to be huge barriers in our awareness. There are so many angles I could try to talk about this but I'll just go for one. 
    I want you to just try this experiment to get what I mean. Wherever you are, find an object nearby you and just get close to it. Just look at it. You might be seeing a water bottle in front of you. Now close your eyes and keep them closed and ask yourself "Is a water bottle in front of me?". Whilst your eyes are closed you certainly have the memory of the water bottle, but the water bottle is literally not in your experience anymore. This is by no means a trivial finding. 
    Try a variation of this experiment. Everyone has their own mental catalogue of memories of the past. Now consider the fact that as far as the present moment is concerned, those things that you think that happened LITERALLY DO NOT EXIST. The only thing that exists is your memory of the events.
    Now here's something that might drive you mad. Just say the word "cat" out loud. Now just realise that after you have finished saying the word, you have absolutely zero proof that you ever said the word cat in the past. The belief that you ever said the word cat is a delusion! This is true for absolutely all events and experiences, not just for situations where you say the word cat! 
    Being in the present moment requires a radical rexontextualization and I hope these thought experiments pointed someone to that idea. 
    Besides what I've just mentioned here, this all becomes far more absurd when you question the nature of what is the present moment. Let me ask you. Suppose that you believe that time doesn't exist and all you have is the present moment. In the absence of time, how does ANY perception and experience exist at all? Could flux be an illusion if time doesn't exist? Because if there's no time, then things have no capacity by which to change. In the abscence of time just what is reality then? Does anything exist at all in the abscence of time? "Thinking" about these questions is pointless. Just meditate my niggas. I don't have a fucking clue what's going on with reality and experience but maybe you'll find out. 

  7. Interview
    I got a video of someone interviewing leo on some random channel.

  8. Spirituality Starter Kit, Everyone SHOULD watch these!
    Spirituality Starter Kit, Everyone SHOULD watch these!
    I know most of you know about these movies but seriously, everyone needs to watch them!
    They are very concise, packed with very good information and provide the best inspiration for spiritual journey (as far as my opinion goes).
    They are also very easy to understand, beautiful and entertaining, and all for FREE!
    I recommend watching them in the order I put them.
    1 - Samahdi Movie:
    2 - Inner Worlds Outer Worlds.
    3 - Guided Meditation sessions.

  9. Fear
    Fear of fear
    To seek freedom from fear implies an action that is taken in reaction to the very problem, FEAR. 
    To utilize a means that is the result of reaction is in itself a movement of fear. 
    Any movement of fear can never end the movement of fear, but will only perpetuate that very movement. 
    Its only in the absence of reaction “free of a motive/means” that this very movement of fear will cease to manifest. 
    To act in accordance to reaction implies an evasion of fear itself. Any movement of reaction, and to attain an answer to escape the problem of fear is the very reason fear takes place. To seek an escape through the means of thought “plan of action” is to avoid the very problem altogether. 
    There must be an understanding of the origin of FEAR and it’s relationship to security/insecurity. 
    To see and understand how these movements interdepend and feed off one another. To understand the problem of fear is in itself the means in ending it. 

  10. One of the most funny and inspiring Matt Kahn talks yet! A must watch.
    One of the most funny and inspiring Matt Kahn talks yet! A must watch.
    Both extremely insightful along with many laughs to brighten your day, and clarify your spiritual progress in terms of 4 simple factors. Enjoy everyone There is a wonderful piece on addiction near the end.
    "Soft and tender is the way we surrender" -Matt Kahn

  11. Samadhi
    Samadhi 2018 Part 2 (Its not what you think)
    Your Welcome <3