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  1. From the UK, living in Vietnam.
  2. No, it was The Economist if my memory serves, but happy to read Peterson is still not welcome on this forum. Also happy to be told different by someone living in the society.
  3. Some interesting cases re minimum wage are the Scandinavian countries which have some of the highest standards of living but do not have minimum wages. One of the surrounding factors is a heavily unionised system, lots of oil money and a small populace. Hard to say at a systemic level. What stands out is that minimum wage could easily be a tool used to leverage companies for taxes (assuming the MW meets tax threshold in the country) by corrupt governments, but the argument for the minimum wage is it protects citizens from corrupt corporations. I'm on the fence about minimum wage, happy to be persuaded either way.
  4. Meditation Shadow Work (journaling) Psychedelics Contemplation Deconstructionism/Neti-Neti Embodying the Logos OSHO therapy Talking therapy Thousands of hours of personal development books and videos Developing a receptive relationship with weed
  5. This is one aspect of the whole OSHO therapy process. I worked with this guy, and the rest of the team for three years, and one of them is currently my coach, so I can vouch for their methods. It's radical, but, IMO, one of the best in the world. Jamie Wheal named the OSHO methods as one of only three actually delivering what they claim of awakened, embodied consciousness. If you can afford the cost, I would recommend their nine month program.
  6. An interesting analysis of Carl Jung's Red Book, probably his most radical work, which is saying something when it comes to Jung. This is Shadow Work only for those with a lot of experience. Please, stay grounded when it comes to exploring this.
  7. I have lost count at the amount of times I have laughed reading this book. Thanks for posting, it is a gem.
  8. I've put this into another thread, but have listened to this many times.
  9. I had the same experience.
  10. I could feel that the moment I arrived. It was like a metaphysical slap. The group culture actually reminds me a bit of Italy, for instance the family unit seems function similarly.
  11. Bristol in the UK has a strong core of Stage Green. I've just moved to Hanoi in Vietnam and as far as I can tell, it's Blue with emerging Orange.
  12. This video doesn't address spiral dynamics, but it does address values on a national scale. It also touches on the relationship between authoritarian and libertarian temperaments. It also talks about borders and globalists vs nationalists.
  13. It was the experience, it was an activating agent in lighting up the sky, and helping to find my North Star.