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  1. Above: This question is a judgement that sustains your difficulties. If you have a camera and your use your pathetic filter, every image you snap will be tinted with pathetic. However, this is just a filter, not the reality. Below: What I would say is to start unpacking your beliefs about yourself and that will loosen up your resistance to change. You have to change your filter. Acceptance has its place (acknowledging the facts) and willpower is useful this video is great. However, actioned habits are the foundation of all of this self-actualisation work. 13 hours ago, faith said: Here is something for y’all to remember: fuck this acceptance shit. If you want to change your bullshit behavior, you have to force it upon yourself by exercising your willpower to greater and greater heights.
  2. @Raquel Does TM require one eye open and one eye closed? The person who taught me mindfulness meditation said this.
  3. @Russell Self-actualisation are self- transcendence are part of the same path according to Maslow. Besides, this is only a contradiction in linguistic terms rather than in practice.
  4. @Lorcan This really shows how vast the possibilities are for meditation. Ask yourself what the word valid means to you and whether that meaning is true.
  5. @ValiantSalvatore Do you keep a journal? If yes, great, how much? If no, would you consider starting? When I started meditation, having a piece of paper and pen ready for when I finished helped with the integration of my expanding awareness. This allows for a much cleaner meditation as it helps clear out the unwanted junk thoughts.
  6. @John Iverson This sounds like holding on to a conceptualisation of a being state rather than being as it is far easier to fall asleep when seeing the world without the concept of time.
  7. Yes, be patient and ask yourself what control is.
  8. @Mario Work toward observing the breathe rather than controlling it. Observation is a far better means of concentration than control. Control is a neurotic function.
  9. @egoeimai I have used a lot of CBT techniques to challenge my limiting beliefs. For a long time I would write down all my limiting beliefs and break them down to determine what is true and false from those beliefs. Shadow work and therapy is also very useful as I realized most of my negative beliefs were rooted in my childhood and by realizing that my childhood experiences were not relevant to the present moment, my pessimism dropped away (I have experienced lots of feelings of being suicidal).
  10. @Shan I've been coaching people for about seven years and I had the same perspective you have when I started. What I've learned is that regardless of how angry a person is, if you look at them with openness and understanding, and respond as truthfully as possible, their bravado often melts away. This is because those people who want to dominate are afraid of being weaker than you. Take away the competitiveness that people are indoctrinated to have and you'll see that being an alpha male is just a conceptualisation of self.
  11. @Loreena Is this the right one?
  12. It's not just about seeing the bad in others as a mirror for yourself, at its core it about judgement. If you judge something as good/right/ideal/best within you it can create the opposing judgement of the other. The mirror can also show parts of an "old you" and this is where shadow work comes in to reintegrate the repressed parts of yourself. One of the most effective methods I found was contemplating on the axiom that: 'there is no good or bad'. Really repeat that to yourself over and over and you will start unraveling the concept of mirrors.
  13. @nahtanoj I'm very much the same. Had Leo's video on paranormal been the first one I came across, I would have called non-sense, but now, I see the point to his argument. Materialism is an interesting rabbit hole.
  14. @Linas Now I see the male/female dynamic in our society with far more clarity. I am literal blown away by the whole movement and how blind I have been my entire life.