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  1. @brovakhiin I've done many OSHO dynamic meditations and they are effective for emotional purging, but it is more like an addition to therapy. Breathwork is way, way better for transcendent experiences. During dynamic, I have tapped into my deepest primordial state of being, my inner animal, but I have never absorbed into the infinite doing OSHO's meditation. It happened on my second attempt with breathwork.
  2. @Raymondo I experienced the absolute. For the first time in my life, I understand the word 'God'.
  3. @Yonkon I suppose it depends on your definition of a cult.
  4. Okay, so I did another fifteen minutes this evening and I felt a deep desire to be closer to god, to merge with the absolute and connect with its will. This evening wasn't quite as intense as last night. The two differences between yesterday and today were, I went to work, and I am not high on cannabis today. I actually flushed the last of my cannabis down the toilet this morning after last night's revelation. All day at work, I felt like I was experiencing the universe flowing through my awareness, and felt a deep satisfaction with being. So far, my experiment has been profound, and it is only day 2.
  5. My answer (peaceful/happy) is conditional on daily meditation, eating a healthy diet, doing some exercise, breathwork (this has elevated my mood), going on regular retreats and seeing a therapist. Keeping all this up takes work and if I overstretch myself, all of the above falls away and I quickly become miserable.
  6. @Empty They may not have been friends, seeking is ridding yourself of illusion, and, sometimes, your ideas of friendship are illusory, meaning the connections are dissolved. Only you will know the truth of this of course.
  7. @grrmz Learn to do free association writing. And keep writing until you feel emotionally spent. Also, build a meditation habit, say 10 minutes a day. If you do these two things, you will have more space within yourself to keep going as that is the problem, you feel weighed down by past events. Someone above mentioned the Future Authoring programme. I actually think the past authoring would be better based on what you have written. If you can afford it, see a therapist once a week as well, having someone to find your voice and to practice speaking your truth with will help you cultivate more clarity and will give you access to more energy in your life.
  8. @cetus56 I'm still glowing with the joy of being!
  9. Okay, so today I had done 50 minutes of meditation, had smoked some weed and did two stints of breathwork. One for 20 minutes, and one for ten. During my second experience I felt like I was connecting with the spirit world and could feel the presence of every light of knowing within every person that had ever existed. I felt like I was able to be in communion with all of them at once. I also felt like I was everything and it felt like the winds of the universe were blowing through me, I could feel god and could not stop saying wow and being blown away by the sheer beauty of the experience. I began to cry and felt deep, deep levels of gratitude. None of existence felt real, it was as if the structure of being had been blown away, only to show the empty space of reality. This is my second time dong breathwork, I had done it once on retreat, and it was also one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever known.
  10. I did Rebirthing back in December and had an amazing experience of deep, tear-inducing gratitude of the beauty of existence. It was beautiful. I was tripping and surrounded by eyes, then gold light, it was beautiful.
  11. I was on retreat a few months ago and I was doing emotional release work (free-association screaming at others on the retreat). I went with whatever came up, and what came up was the purest hatred I have ever experienced, and it was a part of my innate being. I couldn't stop crying for about 30 minutes, and remembered this video. Hell, from an experiential perspective, is very real. All it takes are steps toward that hell.
  12. @abrakamowse The region of Russia was Socialist until 1991 when the USSR disbanded. Russia has been described as an electoral authoritarianism, which is like a soft-dictatorship (what an oxymoron!), which I gleaned from an article who quoted Stephen Crowley. I really like learning about any systems of governance as they seem to be expressions of the collective unconscious, like the sum total of all the egos in one society, built through generations.
  13. @How to be wise Yeah, if you feel pain in your stomach, just keep eating. You could even take up smoking weed too, this will get your appetite going. Be creative as well, make smoothies from things like kfc chicken so that you get all the goodness.