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  1. This is what is called Confirmation Bias.
  2. Good question.
  3. @egoless The online version carried it to my installed version, which I think is the 2016 version (it has a cleaner look than the one in Leo's video).
  4. @egoless oneNote is free to everyone now. I already had it installed on my new laptop luckily. I'm still blown away by its functionality and the possibilities!
  5. @Leo Gura I've been using oneNote for about ten minutes and the value you claim is already becoming evident. A brilliant video.
  6. @egoless I'm not sure I could do that as when I'm listening to music I really pay attention to the details of the sounds. But hey, if you get mental clarity from that, more power to you.
  7. This is a list of 512 people I follow on Soundcloud in the genre of techno and house if anyone finds this useful just click the link and go to 'following'.
  8. I love this tight and dark techno. These two DJs are pretty unknown, but hypnotic in their style.
  9. My neighbours got a cheap deal on their enlightenment via a credit payment plan. So I chatted with my partner and we shopped around and now we're both enlightened for only £59.99 per month.
  10. It's interesting because Leo said Derrida does not go far enough, but what Jordan Peterson is saying is how Postmodernism tears people apart with nihilism. The thing is, in a way, both are right and that is exactly what Derrida is saying. Nihilism without any formal meditative practice and self-inquiry will lead to utter misery and I know because I experienced this for a few years. The subconscious judgement of things being right and wrong, good and bad, when consumed by nihlism is absolute hell. Derrida's focus was on things like language and justice, which I think is why Leo said he does not go far enough. When seeking truth, a deconstuctionist approach is required as truth, consciousness, god or whatever you want to call it is so experientially elastic that it can never be conceptualised. A working definition of truth is just more conceptualisation because as Derrida accurately points out that there are an infinite number of ways to view a situation, which means getting outside of the conception of truth and into the experience of truth by continually finding reasons why it is both true and false. It is like a Zen Koan that is irreconcilable.
  11. It happens, I just go with it as I assumed it was the body clearing out the tension attached to the thoughts also being cleared out.
  12. You have to accept that it is still a part of you, reflect on the early moments you started to buy into the corporate line and through meditation learn to observe the responses. Also, write everything down, this will help understand the thought process that underpins your reactions. Good luck, awareness is the first step.
  13. @Dantas I'm on the tail end of exactly the same thing, dealing with traumas from being very young and while the words are extremely hollow while you're going through it, it's true. And it will pass. For years I have contemplated suicide, my gf knows this too, but after all the inner work the inner assurance emerged last night that that wouldn't happen as the decision to live has been made. Also, last night, talking to my gf I had the realisation that pain and depression isn't bad, but when it is judged that way it feels like something to avoid thus making the whole processing of feeling through the pain much harder. This work is not for the faint-hearted and it certainly does have a dark side to meditation practice, but I will be sticking with it for life and hope the same for you too. Much love to you.
  14. @Leo Gura What about a pinned thread of recommendations on how to improve The Blueprint, similar to the Life Purpose Course FAQ? Given The Blueprint's broad content, it may be best in the Self-Actualization sub-forum.