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  1. I have lost count at the amount of times I have laughed reading this book. Thanks for posting, it is a gem.
  2. I've put this into another thread, but have listened to this many times.
  3. I had the same experience.
  4. I could feel that the moment I arrived. It was like a metaphysical slap. The group culture actually reminds me a bit of Italy, for instance the family unit seems function similarly.
  5. Bristol in the UK has a strong core of Stage Green. I've just moved to Hanoi in Vietnam and as far as I can tell, it's Blue with emerging Orange.
  6. This video doesn't address spiral dynamics, but it does address values on a national scale. It also touches on the relationship between authoritarian and libertarian temperaments. It also talks about borders and globalists vs nationalists.
  7. It was the experience, it was an activating agent in lighting up the sky, and helping to find my North Star.
  8. @Ero Thank Rebel Wisdom.
  9. His book, Stealing Fire, is a favourite of mine.
  10. I have only read Theory Of Everything, No Boundary and parts of Quantum Questions, and World Religion of Tomorrow. If you want to understand Integral, I would recommend Theory Of Everything, it's straight forward enough. There's a channel called Integral Life on YoutTube, and the collection of clips online is really useful.
  11. I'd say the bulk of his listeners come from Podcast rather than YouTube.
  12. 1: Jordan Peterson 2: Ken Wilber 3: Rupert Spira 4: Leo Gura 5: Peter Ralston
  13. Like I say, happy to be told this isn't the case, by someone who has digested more of his teachings,I would prefer his ethics to be sound. I remember reading something which suggested he could be excessively disciplinarian with his students. And remember, just because someone seems compassionate, it does not make them entirely that way.