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  1. You have to accept that it is still a part of you, reflect on the early moments you started to buy into the corporate line and through meditation learn to observe the responses. Also, write everything down, this will help understand the thought process that underpins your reactions. Good luck, awareness is the first step.
  2. @Dantas I'm on the tail end of exactly the same thing, dealing with traumas from being very young and while the words are extremely hollow while you're going through it, it's true. And it will pass. For years I have contemplated suicide, my gf knows this too, but after all the inner work the inner assurance emerged last night that that wouldn't happen as the decision to live has been made. Also, last night, talking to my gf I had the realisation that pain and depression isn't bad, but when it is judged that way it feels like something to avoid thus making the whole processing of feeling through the pain much harder. This work is not for the faint-hearted and it certainly does have a dark side to meditation practice, but I will be sticking with it for life and hope the same for you too. Much love to you.
  3. @Leo Gura What about a pinned thread of recommendations on how to improve The Blueprint, similar to the Life Purpose Course FAQ? Given The Blueprint's broad content, it may be best in the Self-Actualization sub-forum.
  4. It's a wonderful and easily digestible little book.
  5. So, my Life Purpose is to empircally (subjective and objective) explore consciousness and work toward advancing these 'paradigms' as much as possible. This requires an interdisciplinary approach from a scientific perspective while also looking comparatively at the esoteric religions' take on consciousness. This journal will be a place for speculation, introspection and analysis of material found across the internet. This will come from as neutral a perspetive as possible and will be used as a place to purge any hidden biases that may colour any conclusions drawn. This will also analyse the works of prominent physicists, mathematicians, philosophers, neuroscientists, biologists, sages, teachers, artists and interesting bloggers. Psychedelic use will also be explored as a means to further understanding of some of these mysteries and questions. I will endeavour to commit to one journal entry per week with anaylsis of any reading I'm doing, videos I've watched or research papers I have found.
  6. A murdering psychopath can be enlightened, I often wonder if Charles Manson was based on the techniques (psychedelics and ego dissolution) he used to persuade his followers to murder. Enlightenment isn't a schema of goodness, it is without definition.
  7. A genetic predisposition to enlightenment and/or environmental factors that are more conducive to awakening perhaps.
  8. No, it suggests other factors are at play. Do you have any evidence for your point that different diets are better for different people? What does that matter? Vegans don't suddenly became prey for wolves for dropping meat. We live in civilisations meaning this point has no validity. Looking at pictures to draw conclusions is confirmation bias at best. Foods lack of availability was a far more prominent reason and most people worked physical jobs while also growing their own vegetables. People didn't die with more health reasons then than now, it's just that the medical community had no diagnostic definitions. Dietetics as a science is very new in a relative sense. So what if other people were using anecdotal evidence, it doesn't legitimise their use against studies providing evidence that vegans live longer and have less diseases. Just because you don't think it increases longevity doesn't make your point true. It is just that, a belief. A guess. However, eat what you want, ultimately it doesn't matter.
  9. @SFRL What you're doing here is using anecdotal evidence to refute studies with a statistical significance in finding a vegan diet increases life's longevity. There will always be exceptions to the point.
  10. Above: This question is a judgement that sustains your difficulties. If you have a camera and your use your pathetic filter, every image you snap will be tinted with pathetic. However, this is just a filter, not the reality. Below: What I would say is to start unpacking your beliefs about yourself and that will loosen up your resistance to change. You have to change your filter. Acceptance has its place (acknowledging the facts) and willpower is useful this video is great. However, actioned habits are the foundation of all of this self-actualisation work. 13 hours ago, faith said: Here is something for y’all to remember: fuck this acceptance shit. If you want to change your bullshit behavior, you have to force it upon yourself by exercising your willpower to greater and greater heights.
  11. @Raquel Does TM require one eye open and one eye closed? The person who taught me mindfulness meditation said this.
  12. @Russell Self-actualisation are self- transcendence are part of the same path according to Maslow. Besides, this is only a contradiction in linguistic terms rather than in practice.
  13. @Lorcan This really shows how vast the possibilities are for meditation. Ask yourself what the word valid means to you and whether that meaning is true.