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  1. Well another thing is Moda made me a bit wired, not the best thing for a calming meditation.
  2. Its disrespectful towards the arrangers of the retreat, they have tenets you must follow
  3. Well, the attraction kind of happened spontaneously, I wasnt actually planning on getting laid, I was planning on having a good time. So I dont know what I did because I wasnt thinking about that. The point of the post was to encourage people to go out despite their fears of embarrasment, not a step-by-step pickup artist post. I have absolutely nothing to gain by lying, nobody knows who I am on here anyways, I could be Obama for all you guys know. I just wanted to share something fun that happened to me and maybe inspire others.
  4. But I wouldnt have been "lucky" if I hadnt gone there in the first place which was a conscious choice!
  5. I dont like clubs normally so I would never choose to go to them alone. The vibe is usually too rowdy and the music too loud. Havent missed them at all during the pandemic tbh. And what does that tell you?
  6. It was all a dream. No, I wasnt very nervous, Its not my first time going out in general, I have done it a million times, just alone this time.
  7. Dont know actually, we talked about going out again to some bar but alot of stuff in said in the hazy atmosphere of a bar. I will contact her on Friday and see, otherwise I will just get on with my life, detachment baby!
  8. Because I havent done that before and it is a good way to conquer social anxiety. Funnily enough I hadnt stepped inside until someone chatted ME up! Which blew my mind, I thought I would have a hard time just sitting alone at the bar maybe chatting up the bartender but the opposite happened. The last funny thing was I basically got laid but I was too drunk to get it up so we just laid around and talked lmao! We had good chemistry! Im very happy that I took the daring choice of going out alone. Wont be my last time. (No commenting on the alcohol please, its part of my culture and social matrix and it is very difficult to not drink in social situations.) My point is basically; Stop caring what your scaredy little mind tells you! Just do it! Try stuff! The worst that can happen is you hang around for 5 minutes and then go home, noone knows who you are and noone cares, the worlds eyes are not on you!
  9. Relative vs absolute. Ego/body/physical will die, awareness will not because its not a thing. But 99% of people are identified with the ego so they are afraid of dying which makes sense because ego will go someday... completely.
  10. So tired of this virus... but I believe it will help humanities evolution alot, just look at the incredible growth in technology that happened because of WW2 or the Black Death going into the Renaissance, despite how horrible they both were.
  11. Thats why you need study Spiral Dynamics for a long time to really understand what its all about. Its really hard to get fooled for me nowadays , first off all because Coral is so rare that finding it on Youtube is most likely impossible and also because alot of people misuse Spiral Dynamics for narcissistic purposes so thats something to always keep in mind. If someone says outright that they are a particular stage without being asked about they are most likely a bullshitter. You have to have extraordinary discernment and always be critical.