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  1. Prove what exactly? Dont make questions too vague, moderators think thats low quality. Just a heads up.
  2. Time to make a video on time... and make it on time please... dont be late. 🤔
  3. That is so trippy... really makes you wonder what the hell time even means... In your reality time has moved forward... Yet in my reality it hasnt... Yet were living in the same now of reality... daaaa fucccck
  4. That makes being a pedophile okay? He has tons of influence on the youth, whatever labels and companies are supporting him should be held accountable, but who I am kidding, those labels probably are just as corrupt.
  5. Thats very interesting... maybe subconsciously sabotaging himself... 🤔
  6. I dont even know how to respond to that... its just... wow.
  7. Microplastics are tasty!!
  8. This should make a True Justice Warrior tear their own hair out! 💪🏼
  9. I dont understand it either. I thought his career was over when he went to jail, he must be a savvy businessman.
  10. i hate these threads... now i have to keep self inquiring... i want to know!!! ;(
  11. This movie and scene... just like Leo talks about... love is terrifying... I know he isnt talking romantic love but its still a very potent scene
  12. Its a necessary step in cleaning up corruption, Green will be excessive at its peak. Relative thinking will come later and smooth things out.
  13. Bolton for dictator 2021! lol jk