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  1. Context? Alcoholics tend to drink everyday or go on week long benders. Are you addicted to alcohol?
  2. I never claimed this is scientific? This is just a quick contemplation. Neither have I claimed science is bad for doing this, Its just what it does, any scientist would agree that they are defenders of rationality. Try to see more meta. Unless youre making a meta-joke.
  3. The system has a sensor that quickly senses when something is wrong, the system calls the wrong pseudo-science. When the system adheres to rationality it is in homeostasis, it is intact and healthy. There are agents within the system, we could call them hardcore followers of science, alot of them become debunkers. This is how the system keeps out irrationality. How the system keeps itself alive. Rational -> That which confirms rational bias/schemata -> keeps homeostasis -> an irrational intruder (pseudo-science) -> doesnt conform bias/schemata -> the system goes to attack or makes itself distinct (We are not that) -> The system is kept intact The system is also strengthened by distinguishing itself. Its an adaptive system. To keep itself alive it needs to keep being science and rationality. If it changes too fast and too much it loses its core identity. The only way for the system to evolve is to add new components by exploring non-science and so it slowly but very subtly does otherwise its quickly a dodo bird. And heres the dilemma: Ultra-rational and closed = extinction Rational but a little open = continued evolution Balance is delicately held. Sorry if its a bit messy or wrong lol, Im very new to systems thinking.
  4. This is my Shadow routine I did 2 years ago. 1.Write a list of personal traits. 2.Go down the list and find the ones that •You feel you are not and/or... •Have a tension about them and/or... •Would trigger you if someone called you out on For example "Why are you so angry?" If that triggers you then thats a part of your shadow. 3.Go through memories of moments in your life where you have been angry (Be radically honest!) 4.Write atleast 5 positive things about being angry 5.Let yourself fully be angry and be okay with it, if you have to scream then do it, if you feel angry while doing the exercise thats good! 6.Do this with all the traits you have found, there will be atleast 10-15 traits you have repressed. 7.Do one trait a day so it settles in your psyche, dont do more than one a day! Important! This is emotionally taxing, you dont want to burn yourself out. 8.Love yourself and accept this trait, see and feel how it makes you a more complete person. I learned this from Dark Side Of The Light Chasers by Debbie Ford and put my own spin on it.
  5. Its just a floating nacho, from the mexican border. Solved it!
  6. Yes, thats what deeply wounded egos do, I sense you have some experience with narcissists, try to feel compassion for them, the pain they put you through is the pain they feel. But I still highly recommend staying away from them, they will ruin your life.
  7. These courses have been so helpful to me to understand Yellow, Systems Thinking really is a quantum leap once you really grok it. I highly suggest you watch these in order and take notes at the same time, his voice is a bit boring and he goes pretty fast through the concepts, so you need high focus to get all the juice out of it, dont listen while doing something else.
  8. I think this scene taps into a little bit of Turquoise.
  9. Now youre thinking outside of the box! I like it! Its not like the conquistadors were super-developed geniuses, yet they showed up in America. I really hope if they are aliens that they are smart though, I really dont want our planet to get annihilated or the human race to become intergalactic slaves.
  10. I hope these UFOs have aliens that are atleast at Stage Ultra-Violet Rainbow and can help humanity through our environmental crisis and culture wars, maybe Im a dreamer.