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  1. I think enjoy the relief too much after I have gone through alot of suffering. Which can become a very toxic cycle. Nothing like that feeling of hope after going through alot of darkness.
  2. The US is one the few countries with no free healthcare, I think China and South Korea have insurance systems too. The huge majority of countries in the world have free healthcare so of course the US can too, it has to with their extreme individualist ideology rather than any material issue.
  3. You might like Deep Ecology and Ecocentrism.
  4. My center is in Green but I am really start to see the limitations of it and I guess I will be at a solid Yellow in maybe 2-3 years unless life gives me a bad hand and I backslide.
  5. RED will manipulate you until you are completely blind and then turn around and kill you if they have to. Be very careful with people if you live in dangerous areas. These people do not play around.
  6. Great example of how worldviews are created at an early age. I wonder if he got out.
  7. It made me very wakeful, excited and put me in a flow state, eventually I did it almost daily so I quit, became a crutch. You dont get "high" just very clearheaded, its quite nice.
  8. Yes! He was way above the center of gravity of his community, I think he learned alot from his mother Afeni Shakur who was a Black Panther and political activist.
  9. Dont let them fool you that all rap is Red/Orange. This song touches something so beautiful and profound in me, maybe its that tiny little Turquoise I havent developed. "Time to heal eachother"
  10. Forum was down for me all day, so yes.
  11. Alright final question, this will prove your omniscience... Is Leo sitting down or levitating in his videos...? If you answer correctly I will personally mail you a cookie with frosting.
  12. So "what" is aware of your mind and body? What is that "thing"? If youre not behind the eyes then where are you?
  13. I dont know if anyone has asked this... Who are what is seeing through "your" eyes right now? What is your relation to your body? Does it feel like yours? @raptorsin7