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  1. alright let me put it like this "I want to be the 1% that gets the majority of the pussy" yet you "pussy out". Youre at step 1-2 yet you want to be at step 50, of course you feel miserable, you need to be realistic about where youre at. Youre incredibly mean to yourself too, your attitude can be felt in how you speak to me too, you put yourself down in the same way as you try to put me down, work on your self-love and attitude.
  2. yet your name is "striving for more"
  3. Lol, then keep being dissappointed.
  4. then lower them
  5. What does an Unenlightened student say? "But Leooooooo..."
  6. Marriage is overrated. Why go through a rigmarole just to be with someone you love. If people want to do it, fine, but people who never marry shouldnt be looked down upon.
  7. Holy Spirit always reminded me of Kundalini experience, not necessarily Kundalini awakening though. Heres a great video, one of my favourites:
  8. Yeah! Wanna see this! Im not a Youtuber but I wanna see others stuff!
  9. No... Qanon is about demonization, the kind of curiosity Im talking about takes tremendous love and openmindedness. For example Qanon might say Hillary Clinton is evil, what Im talking about instead is actually seeing her as a human being and learning about her strengths and faults instead of making a caricature out of her, this can be done with everyone you consider "evil". Demonization and caricatures take you further away from truth, the ego loves to paint people with devil horns because its exciting and self-serving. Try it out, think of someone close to you that you really really despise, try to give them an objective and fair shake, not so easy as it seems.
  10. This. Can relate so much. Curiosity overcomes judgement in this stage, I want to know why instead of demonizing people. There is so much to learn.
  11. Hope on Sunday I'll see that lovely video notification... Actualized - "something something"
  12. Unconscious or sometimes conscious resistance towards a previous or future stage. Like Blue demonizing Orange or vice versa. This is basically the ego keeping its homeostasis.
  13. This was my favourite video when I was an edgelord atheist. Still alot of good insights in it thought!