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  1. I'd disagree with that, only sometimes.
  2. Systems kind of. Something to ponder. Science is influenced and doesn't happen in a vacuum.
  3. A 1-2 sec ambient sound would be better. Scissors sound kind of cheap.
  4. And thank "God" you cant pray yourself to having one of those in your backyard.
  5. Yeah, I came off as a bit big-brained, that wasnt my intention, it was more that I have learned how to gauge if a book is going to be worth it because of those 100+ trials and errors I went through. Just sharing that wisdom, I do agree that you shouldnt have 50 unread half-open books in your library... Although I do ??
  6. I listen to books for about an hour until I decide to keep reading them or not. Some books are garbage, forcing yourself to read them doesnt do you any good. You can also come back to books years later, sometimes your development is not yet aligned with what youre reading. Source: Been listening/reading books to about 150 books since 2016.
  7. I would work on why you get caught in bad relationships rather than become celibate, thats a really big step to take.