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  1. what do you expect from a site called “rational” wiki? openmindedness? try again.
  2. •I dont have any plugs i trust •I dont want to do 100% illegal stuff because I get easily paranoid about that •I can literally buy it and get it in the mail, noone bats an eye •Cactus is apparently very gentle and this is my first time
  3. they say eating the cactus is better because you get visited by the spirit of the plant, uh oh woo woo warning, scientists get your pitchforks ready!😂
  4. Perhaps... But I have no real interest in it anymore, it was a nice little experiment. Which white strain do you like?
  5. was there any fear just before you died or was it easy peasy?
  6. This is my first “trip” report so be nice. I bought a pack of Kratom powder from an online vendor, since the plant itself is legal in my country (although the mitragynine is not) I thought I might aswell try it. About a week later two black ziplocks of Red Borneo and Maeng Da came in my letterbox. Since I quickly realized that pouring this powder from a zip would be really clumsy I put it in a tea container for future use. Take it from me, this stuff is like dust, hold your breath while you pour it up so you dont cause a sandstorm in your kitchen. To be cautious I did an allergy test first by taking a miniscule amount, the size of a pea and drank that in water before anything else, Im allergic to cut grass, you never know, right? No negative reaction, perfect. Experiment 1: 2 teaspoons, I flattened or scraped off the heap of powder with a knife to make sure I actually got the right amount. I put the stuff in a glass of water and had a taste, not too bad, thought it would be worse, it tastes like grass and the consistency is a bit like dirt or sand, all the horror stories I heard about the foul taste were greatly exagerrated. About an hour later I felt a little spacey, sort of like mental tunnel vision, I could focus on whatever I was doing really well but I wasnt hyped, just calm, no bliss or ecstatic pleasure. Two hours later, its hard to focus on my computer now, I dont care about what Im watching, Im zoning out alot, every 10 minutes, its like a camera lens shifting focus, it feels really good, still calm, albeit more sleepy, I kind of like this but I could definitely do more. Experiment 2: 4 teaspoons, took longer to kick in this time, still the same spacey feeling as before. Two hours later, I feel really calm now, my mind is pretty sharp, Im plastered to my couch, the more couchlocked I am the better I feel, my legs feel really good if I keep them still and focus mindfully on them. My mind is pretty quiet, would be cool to meditate with this if you wouldnt become so sleepy. I like this, I should do more some other day. Its not exactly Nirvana but its pretty cool. Next morning: My breath smells like dog-shit, apparently Kratom breath is a thing, my stomach feels a bit queasy, Ill wait a couple days to do this until I feel better again. Ive read that Kratom can be hard on the liver for certain individuals. Safety first. Experiment 3: 5 Teaspoons, I know the drill, just wait for it to kick in and peace is round the corner, except... it really doesnt kick in... Two hours later, spacey... Its uncomfortable to stand up... I feel dizzy and Im usually never dizzy, I guess this is what the call the wobbles. No feelings of intense pleasure, just kind of nervous and chill at the same time... Six hours later I go to sleep, Its reaaallyy hard, I keep waking up all the time, my arm feels like its floating just as I wake up for the tenth time again, weird uncomfortable semi-lucid feeling, nobody told me about this phase, I pass out at 3 or 4. I came to the conclusion that the tiny amount of relaxation I get is not worth the weird sleep, bad breath and general queasiness I get from the huge amounts of difficult-to-digest plant matter I have to drink, so that concludes my Kratom journey. I threw away my Maeng Da as I have no more use for Kratom, I will try anything once though, except for Datura🧙🏼‍♀️.
  7. Sup dude? :] In the next couple weeks, will start real small, but I heard Pedro is a gentle guide so I should be fine.
  8. I took 5 teaspoons at most (real ones, that you use for tea, not the measuring ones) and scraped off the top to make it flat. 5 spoons made me feel dizzy and spaced out, not in a good way, I also felt weird while trying to sleep, my body felt really floaty and I kept waking up throughout the night. Not pleasant. Ive stopped taking it now because drinking a glass full of leaf matter that does nothing for me except make me a little bit relaxed is not worth it. But I think 3 spoons would be a perfect amount, and take it atleast 6 hours before bed so you dont mess up your sleep. Ive known about kratom for a long time, Ive studied all sorts of chemicals for years out of curiousity.
  9. THAT IS SO GORGEOUS, guess thats the Andes, cant wait to go there... some day
  10. hey guys, my cactus is really thin, maybe 1.5 inches in diameter, do you think its too young to eat...?
  11. maybe some trauma that you repressed makes you have this thought
  12. try to wonder, if ”I” am behind the eyes, then how can ”I” also be out there where the hand is? What am ”I” made of?
  13. you slice it up and boil it and then make a brew or tea, but apparently it tastes real nasty, i hope it doesnt taste like aloe vera because thats so disgusting haha
  14. Absolutely, I plan to write a trip report on it, I’ll definitely feel something, I think I’m an HSP anyway so haha. Man, I wish I could watch it but its not on Youtube, theres shamefully little about Peyote/San Pedro on Youtube anyway... but I like this documentary
  15. ”good mescaline comes on slow, first hours all waiting, then about halfway through the second hour you start cursing the creep who burned you because nothing happening... and then... ZANG!”