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  1. Like a charity organization, doesnt have to be free but... Its hard for young people to afford things like that... Anyway, I dont have the details, just the idea, if anyone feels inspired.
  2. @Lyubov Work 110% to FIND somewhere the art you make is needed, where people pay for it. Do you know where that is? Then go for that. Hope is good, action is greater. Maybe you can sell music videos on Fiverr, just an example.
  3. yyyyes, come on!
  4. Being a therapist/coach that helps co-dependent people in the age 20-30 to get out of their parents house. For free, or very cheap. I already have a purpose, so not for me, but what do you guys/gals/non-b's think of this idea?
  5. I just stumbled upon one looksmax thread, I think I want to vomit, I wont link it, all I can say its like Stage Red+++++
  6. Dont really know... scour old forum posts Im sure you can find some explanation.
  7. it got a copyright claim thrown at it
  8. Joy. Doing something inauthentic for too long makes my body tense and can give me a headache. Real purpose just feels real good, like a drug.
  9. Ants are one of the most intelligent animals on this planet.
  10. Were all conformist. Do you walk around naked in public? Didnt think so.
  11. I want to make music, because it makes me feel transcendent emotions, I want to share those with others. There you have it. Dont assume just because you dont know what you want that others dont either. I make 1 figures.
  12. great stuff
  13. i could never get through it, Journeys Out Of Body is amazing though
  14. find a comfy place to sit pick up your phone, ipad, computer go to search for self love actualized click that video with the heart on it voila!