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  1. New song from me and my brother 🙂
  2. Consciousness is not a thing.
  3. Ive gotten alot more respect for my brain chemistry since this has happened... MDMA is somehow treated as if its not a dangerous substance... It can really fuck up your mental health. Just be careful guys. Do your research and dont be sloppy. ♥️
  4. Oh man you put it to words perfectly! Im gonna read this everytime Im starting to dip again... Thank you man! ♥️
  5. Seems I gotta buy myself some 5-htp. Yes, luckily being a fairly experienced meditator now I can easily sense when my thoughts are spiraling downward and I dont play into them too much. Im feeling a little bit better now, time is my friend it seems. Oh me neither, SWIM does them though.
  6. Thank you Nic!
  7. Im feeling very very anxious today. Alot of dark/empty feelings. Does anyone have any practical tips? I did it two times and only waited a week. Stupid. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Help? Im a first timer btw.
  8. The girl in the second videos pretentiousness triggered me more hahaha
  9. I think alot of people on here including myself to an extent are at the early-moderate stages of learning about relativity. I think once youve gone beyond that then you can drop it completely but its a good start. Using the mind to understand and pick apart your own moralizations is better than moralizing I believe.
  10. Good idea! Will return with a video later
  11. Kathmandu, Nepal
  12. I do it this way, its supposed to be uncomfortable but correct, dont twist yourself into a pretzel or something