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  1. You once said you will make a video on how to use Google properly... I think a video on Wikipedia would also be great, it is such a mindblowing tool that we take completely for granted and its basically free.
  2. Spotify Soundcloud New song by me and my brother!
  3. It goes to show that you havent studied China very much, thats all.
  4. Look... Ive lived in the city of the epicenter... Its one of the dirtiest cities in China, and they eat all kinds of crazy animals... they let them sit in cages or in buckets crammed together alive for god knows how long... Its all happening on the side of the road where people constantly walk by, its not sanitary AT ALL, its gonna cause problems. The bat picture was a hoax, it wasnt from China but that doesnt mean that (this certain part of) Chinese culture isnt somewhat to blame.
  5. You cant even spell Xi Jinping and you think Im gonna buy this conspiracy...
  6. Yes, todays society is very much about the bottom line, theres no time to sit and dream and be creative, thats not where we are at right now, that doesnt make it wrong though, its the exact opposite, being about the creative process and enjoying for what it is without a goal is a beautiful mindful thing that you should care for and develop. There is really nothing at all to achieve or to do... unless you want to.
  7. Fish is great, but its scary to think about all the plastic, metals and god knows what else youre consuming when you eat fish from the ocean... I should probably get a check-up lol.
  8. No, please, Im so tired of hearing about it.
  9. Can you find a boundary between your awareness and the rock?
  10. be very careful when you read an alternative view... there are many political factions that want to spread misinformation nowadays that are hiding in plain sight, especially racist ones.
  11. im about to buy some too, dont necessarily ”believe” it but im willing to try it, maybe some amethyst and rose quartz
  12. @Leo Gura You studied philosophy. What do you think?