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  1. You are the nut that you are looking for. 🙏🏼 Buss it
  2. Just keep observing that you are not the perceived until the nut is utimately busted.
  3. Its a personal preference, if you like taking notes then do that by all means. Edit: I misread your post, maybe try for a month to take notes and see if you have value from it.
  4. No, I dont, maybe I should but I find that if I have an insight from a book it sticks with me either way, if I have to look up notes to remember something important then it probably wasnt too important.
  5. @VictorB02 just joking hehe seriously though, only you can know how much is too much for you. I might read a bunch for a few months and then take a long break. Its good to take a break and contemplate what youve learned the past few months. I use Audible and my mind usually loses focus after about 1-1.30 hrs, I think thats a good amount of time, unless youre a really devout reader who can listen in long stints.
  6. When your eyes well up. Take a nap.
  7. Youre implying a limit to infinity by saying that.
  8. Good! Now youre out of the fiction, time to do some fixing.
  9. Rub some Henbane and Datura in yer butthole.
  10. First ask yourself, can you think of consciousness? What does it look like? Tell me! Then when you have found out what it is and what it looks like then you can start doing experiments.
  11. Interesting video
  12. Its not bad per say but it does energize thought and can cause nervousness which is not good for meditation.
  13. Ask yourself, what does consciousness look like? Then try to model it.