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  1. Man, its better to be a convicted mob-boss than a bum on the street, atleast you get a nice suite.
  2. Chogyam Trungpa was drunk of his ass most of the time, but that doesnt matter, the question is; is it a hindrance to you?
  3. Looking at what you are until you realize you are whats looking.
  4. The majority of what youve learned about life and reality is hearsay and inference.
  5. I dont know/nothing/nowhere/unintelligble/brain breaks down/ego cant grasp same shit
  6. It was an example, you might as well ask; where did I come from? Honestly, not through inference, where did you come from? If youre honest youd say you came from/out of nothing too.
  7. Nomatter how you slice it, there is no ground for the existence of the universe, what was here before the big bang, a singularity, well what was here before the singularity, a multiverse, where did the multiverse come from? on and on and on and on and on.........
  8. I dont see any problem with this channel, I like his vibe, the information his presents is useful if YOU APPLY IT in your life.
  9. @Caterpillar I agree, we cant really prove it, but then again i cant prove that you have feelings and thoughts either except through inference but that doesnt mean I would crush you with my giant foot.
  10. That animals are biological robots and humans are not was an idea that scientists/humans made up, there is absolutely no evidence that animals aren’t as “human” as we are. Evidence points to the contrary.
  11. Where exactly do you have free will? Check throughout your body. Inner organs? Not ruled by you Thoughts? Not ruled by you Growth and decay of body? Not ruled by you Breathing, heart rate, BP? Not ruled by you Volition? A tricky one... ruled by emotion and thought... which in turned are not ruled by you... Where exactly do we have free will? Unsure... A worthwhile contemplation.
  12. @egoless I appreciate the fact that you implore us to take a more critical view of what meditation is. Everything should be investigated before it is indulged in, even something as harmless as meditation.
  13. A Trump thread would turn into an endless ideological debate and does not belong on a Self-Actualization forum, a few comments here and there is okay, but an entire thread? something fishy and egoic about that. Find the Trump inside you instead.
  14. No, no, no, such a distraction!
  15. Your title doesnt make any sense whatsoever! How exactly did JP say anything wrong in this video, heres an outline of what he said: •”I have no idea what psychedelics do, they bend the structure of reality” That shows a humbleness an openmindedness thats very unusual in high academia. “They show us how little we know” Again very humble toward the substances. •”Psilocybin has 85% success rate in stopping smoking” Again a positive comment. •”Before you entered the Holy Of Holies you needed to purify yourself” All he says here is beware of set and setting, be cautious, these substances can show you very uncomfortable truths. Again, I dont get the point of your thread, from my perspective JP is just saying treat these substances with respect. To say he is a pussy is very immature.