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  1. Have I misinterpreted my insight? You seem to know something else than me? Im not offended btw, I take it seriously and I dont want to waste years going in the wrong direction... Got any masters to recommend? I already watch alot of Rupert Spira.
  2. No, Im still me... whatever that is... but there is no separation in the sense that both you and me appear in the same consciousness... hope it makes sense If you feel like your level of consciousness is not aligning with your work then maybe you can look into changing jobs atleast start planning for it
  3. Well... like I said above, I cant explain it using mere words... All that happened was that I realized their is no separation between my life and someone elses, maybe Im deluded but Ive always experienced my life as something happening inside a bubble that is mine... All insights have to explained in some form of another, I didnt make this shit up, I observed it, take it how you want
  4. Yes!!! but then again how can you explain what is! its so hard to put into words, I struggle even explaining this insight! Its just words to 99% of people...
  5. What Is Life? Is There Even Such A Thing? Is Life A Concept? Egoic Life Vs Oneness/Absolute Reality? What Is The Life-Story Really?
  6. I had a major insight yesterday... MY life is a lie, there never was a MY life, there is only one life happening and its called reality...or consciousness... blew my mind... just look around... is your life separate from anything? no...all “lives” are going on right now at this moment... i cant explain needs to be grasped at first my mind rebutted “aha but dont you realize that YOU were born!” but then i realized i dont even remember what happened before i was 2 years old so how can I even say that I was born... and besides before i was born i was literally in my moms womb which makes me my mom... but thats a whole ‘nother inquiry
  7. hahahaha this is leo!
  8. There is nothing to do in meditation, stop trying to meditate, you cant rest if youre trying to rest. Imaging trying to sleep by tensing your body and telling your mind “Okay now, go! sleep! hey!” It doesnt happen. You just let go... let go... antsy! let go...
  9. The broader your perspective the better, read with discernment, if you dont like it throw it in the can or sell it to your local hippie. Edit: Wow, youre 14... read as much as you can get your hands on, youre young, nows your time!
  10. Ive heard people say its so obvious that when it happens they laugh because they couldnt believe they were so deluded
  11. Haha! Cool idea but Leo is not a musician... he made a video called What Is Art, I think thats warranted since Leo is a kind of artist, creating videos and all.
  12. Been pondering this one for months, Its so simple yet so radical.