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  1. A damn acorn-genocidal maniac! Squirrels should be put in prison! Theyre immoral
  2. crimes/evil/taboos how we ignore them could be pretty deep collective shadow
  3. the ones he has 5-star rated are probably his top 10 wouldnt you think? besides he has reviews for all of them
  4. thinking is just thinking. no thinker. try these practices 1. try to predict your next thought 2. try to stop thinking 3. try to find the chooser of the thoughts 4. try to find the thinker
  5. The survival of the mental and identity is such a rabbit hole, way deeper than the physical. Gonna be interesting to see that in myself deeper in the future.
  6. did it hurt to die? you seem pretty happy
  7. oh dis gon b good🙈
  8. please dont take my soul, im a good boye
  9. Its a hard trying to look good infront of so many people and running a forum at the same time. I think hes doing real good. Its kind of like being the President, some are gonna love you and some want to snipe you from the Grassy Knoll.
  10. so many ”ummms” in Leos first videos , he really uuum improved ummm so thats good ummm
  11. the devil knows everything😈
  12. Too much Stefan Molyneux
  13. Its okay to be a newbie man. Hashish is the resin from the cannabis plant. Marijuana is the leaf.