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  1. @luismatos Get clear on your values from the life purpose course and use those as a compass to guide you. They will also help you to prioritise where you place your energy and bust any limiting beliefs that are holding you back with programming.
  2. I'm thinking of documenting my life purpose on the forum, YouTube, social media or through a Journal has anybody had a similar idea. How have you gone about documenting your story? is it a wise idea or the idea or a fool? I'd like multiple opinions on this if possible and for the record I completed the Life Purpose course 1 year ago and have completed a course done multiple jobs also have a read a couple books etc. Looking to share insights, ideas and helpful information along the way so maybe I could inspire people to pursue a life of purpose.
  3. Get in there and have a look for yourself if you have an interest in health and fitness.
  4. Hey guys for anybody involved in health and fitness I highly recommend this page lots of knowledge around Personal Training, Nutrition, Wellness Coaching and Writing. Thought I'd document it here for not only my own reference point but for anyone like myself considering taking a similar path etc.
  5. Thanks @Wyatt observing group training and taking on a PT certification sounds good. I sort of see this career as maybe a stepping stone towards coaching people or something like that as I have a passion for Personal development as well as Fitness like most Personal Trainers would. Do you see many trainers who do something like this and move into nutrition, coaching or moving into other spaces. I see trainers paying like $250 rent a week and to me it sounds like a feast or famine kind of industry. I enjoy the training and personal development aspects I just think it must be a hard place to make money if you do what everyone else does I guess I'd like to bring something a little different to the table than simply being an ordinary trainer who pays to work in a gym and has to find a way to simply keep clients. I just think maybe I should be striving for something greater such as coaching people with nutritional advice and maybe holding boot camps for these people as well for a more rounded approach rather than simply telling somebody to do squats or something.
  6. The recommended books are something I didn't read maybe I could try getting a few on Audible and some Hard Copies thanks @SgtPepper. @Wyatt Any recommendations for somebody with only their Group Trainer Certificate?
  7. Hey guys I finished the life purpose course at the start of this year which propelled me to do switch jobs and pursue a fitness course I still haven't entered into that industry yet have been going to the gym now for 3 years which has helped my self confidence etc. The thing I'm stuck on at the moment is at the end of the LP course I didn't feel fully convinced by my purpose and may have limiting beliefs about failure or money surrounding the industry. There is another trade I've been considering it's the job my father and his have done except my Dad has always tried to steer me from this path saying not to do it due to inconsistent work or tried to set me up with different jobs. Don't have anyone around me who I trust enough to turn to but myself and another note I might add is I've done a few different jobs lately but now I've been unemployed for a bit as those jobs didn't feel authentic. Starting to feel like a dabbler... when it comes to finding work I've tried to steer clear of an industry I once worked in but seems to be quite prevalent in my area but I've found other opportunities. So yeah I'm a year away from mature age so feel a time pressure to know what I want to do. What are some good questions I can ask myself or what can I do from here to get to my purpose.
  8. In a similar situation in that becoming a professional sports player was a dream as a kid. I'm now 20 have a passion for the gym but fear not making enough money and becoming a failure etc. So I've been through 5 jobs this past year and find myself unemployed 2 jobs I left and 3 let me go mostly for not having anymore work for me or because I simply didn't see that job as a career. I gave up sport about 3 years ago when I got a girlfriend who I'm still with and to be honest I enjoy working itself but I tend to eventually clash with my boss in some way or another. Personality type is an advocate in which could have some relation. When I tend to do a course such as life purpose course or a fitness course I change jobs guess I beat myself up a bit. Just trying to figure this out and understand why I'm in this predicament. I've worked in Hospitality, Construction and have done a few other side gigs advice is welcome.
  9. @Leo Gura do you practice cold showers? I have found the Wim Hof Method to be an effective tool in my personal development over the past couple of months.
  10. @Leo Gura 1. What time of the day do you practice Kriya? 2. What is a good practice time to start with and work towards in your experience?
  11. Day 2: @Charlotte @egoless It is now the following day I started the day full of energy at a much earlier time than before. Although I didn't have the longest sleep I fatigued a little since then but my muscles feel much more relaxed, breathing feels more synchronised and my chest has this amazing feeling. My chest feels more open, warm and loving really. My morning meditation felt like a breeze and feel like many blockages have opened up. I have felt some minor purging such as I felt like having a good cry last night but didn't quite get to that point and just felt some fear when walking around in the dark which I haven't felt since a child. Did have minor thoughts of suicide when driving but I was very conscious of the fact they were simply thoughts similar to those I recall from about 3-4 years ago. Overall this feeling of love in my chest is nice, I'm sort of just relishing in that therapeutic feeling throughout my mind and body.
  12. I did 20 minutes of Shamanic/Holotropic breathwork following Leos Guidelines in his video covering the topic. For me I had 3 occasions where I saw this amazing light glowing brighter above my eyes which was a white kind of colour. I'm pretty certain I could feel my brain in my head as though it was a muscle/organ surrounded by fluids which I've never felt in everyday life to that intensity. I also had a far greater consciousness of my spinal chord and where I had stored energy in my solar plexus and shoulders. To me though I felt some kind of purging as Leo spoke about but it wasn't near as terrifying as I previously expected it to be. This was my first time and plan on doing it again and feel as though it is the tip of the iceberg. I had a slightly similar experience doing Kundalini Yoga but it wasn't as juicy as this for me. Having created a meditation schedule each morning helped me to lay through this better than I expected in my opinion. I did this in silence which I found to be fine but will experiment with the tribal drums etc. Can only imagine where a psychedelic could take you and I feel a small sense of awakening slightly greater than what I experienced through using Kundalini Yoga. I look forward to practising this technique for longer and it definitely felt like therapy.
  13. @Dovahkiin In terms of equanimity I've created a meditation routine soon after waking up of a morning. Have considered counselling there is some fear there as I probably don't want to be found out or be put on meds etc. I also am probably in need of guidance when it comes to contemplation as I believe most of what I am doing is simply making my monkey mind louder at times.
  14. @Dovahkiin I often think deeply about life and more often than not its due to a dark mood so to speak. When I'm in a lighter mood I do this too but don't feel like I have to navigate so much. Since taking the life purpose course I've found navigating through these difficulties to have improved quite significantly. Except I experience low moods for quite lengthy periods (weeks) followed by short period of euphoria (days) and this can all be confusing for somebody who has only just finished school. I experienced quite a bit of insomnia too before taking the course too I think this could be due to underlying problems psychologically. Do you or anyone else reading this have any advice for me I hope someday I can reduce the length of these periods of suffering.