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  1. Same here, after 2 years still stuck in a rut
  2. Your cognitive style is... Concrete Your organizational style is... Flexible Your energy style is... Introverted Your stress management style is... Reactive Your interpersonal style is... Cooperative Openness Traits Imagination Your level of imagination is about average. Artistic Interests Your level of artistic interests is low. Emotionality Your level of emotionality is about average. Adventurousness Your level of adventurousness is low. Intellectual Interests Your level of intellectual interest is low. Liberalism Your level of liberalism is high. Conscientiousness Traits Self-Efficacy Your level of self-efficacy is low. Orderliness Your level of orderliness is low. Dutifulness Your level of dutifulness is low. Achievement-Striving Your level of achievement striving is low. Cautiousness Your level of cautiousness is about average. Extraversion Traits Friendliness Your level of friendliness is low. Gregariousness Your level of gregariousness is low. Assertiveness Your level of assertiveness is low. Activity Level Your activity level is low. Excitement-Seeking Your level of excitement-seeking is low. Cheerfulness Your level of positive emotions is low. Neuroticism Traits Anxiety Your level of anxiety is high. Anger Your level of anger is high. Depression Your level of depression is high. Self-Consciousness Your level or selfconsciousness is high. Immoderation Your level of immoderation is about average. Vulnerability Your level of vulnerability is high. Agreeableness Traits Trust Your level of trust is about average. Honesty Your level of honesty is high. Altruism Your level of altruism is low. Your level of cooperation is high. Modesty Your level of modesty is high. Sympathy Your level of sympathy is about average. No conscientiousness, no extraversion and high neurotism... Oh well...
  3. Not being able to accept the call to action. Being too fearful that I don't even give myself the chance to take any action.