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  1. Drop the ideal thing, it’ll screw you up. Try all and stick to the ones you prefer.
  2. Train your mind so that you can stop your internal dialogue. Stop the nonsense. Stop intellectualizing. If that’s what you really want. Otherwise, Do you enjoy the activity? You probably do but don’t notice, that’d be why you don’t want to let it go. Contemplate (not just think about): Why do I do it? It seems to me you’re trying to intellectualize your way out of intellect, which can’t make it happen.
  3. Dude, we’re the same person. Do you exercise intensively everyday? Usually I find that the mind takes over my life when I haven’t exercised for a while. Focus on body awareness, discipline your actions so that you can get into something, any activity — some project, hobby, career, study. Video games are also beneficial in that regard. Try throwing yourself into a story-driven game. Play The Last of Us 2.
  4. Te recomiendo hacer lo que la mayoría quiere evitar: encuentra a una persona o grupo de personas hispanohablantes y relaciónate con ellas. Eventualmente aprenderás a chapotear alguna que otra palabra, y empezarás a entender lo que dicen. Los libros de texto, francamente, no te los recomiendo. Translation: Talk to people, textbooks aren’t that useful for learning a language. You can also listen to audiobooks, watch shows and movies, and write essays on topics you’re interested in. I think you’d be better off with this strategy, to be honest. It’s more fun and probably more effective, too.
  5. Still haven’t found an enlightened human who transfigured into a kangaroo. Or I was away when they visited. Don’t go to Australia though. They eat kangaroos. Or was it crocodiles? The miracle is that we, as consciousness, “have” this ape-human body. That’s the siddi we’re not talking about.
  6. @Preety_India would have loved to sit down with Buddha or Jesus though. @kieranperez
  7. I’d say geniuses have more difficult childhoods than the average person, not the other way around. That’s my observation. Da Vinci is an example.
  8. @Preety_India better to start your own cult. kidding.
  9. Haha yeah. On the other hand, let’s consider that his appearance is inconsequential to his depth of consciousness. There have been pretty ugly/creepy zen guys (masters) throughout history.
  10. @Windappreciator what same stuff? What do you mean?
  11. Fair enough. However, distinguishing charlatans from authentic teachers is a skill that can be improved. Is the teacher spouting beautiful-sounding words, just entertaining his students? Or is he actually coming from authentic experience and communicates for people to grasp things for themselves? Big difference. Feel it. People get caught up in the social aspect of the teacher. Charisma, smartness, big following, whether it entertains or validates your worldview, etc. are insignificant in making the above distinction. Ramana is better (authentically and deeply enlightened) than most, IMO. So I study him instead.
  12. @RedLine Thanks for bringing that up. Do you know where I can find that reference? Was it in a book or a video?
  13. Yep, seems like it.
  14. Which ones? INTP here.
  15. I’d simply like to share one by Rumi. Here it is: A Gift To Bring You