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  1. I assumed I was one of the few throwing out psychedelics but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Thanks for the support guys
  2. God mailing to himself a package of himself... with no package.
  3. I just got Scattered Minds by Gabor Mate, I also suffer from ADD. That book may be useful.
  4. Wonder, question. Ask: What am I? Become in touch with the sense that you don’t really know. And keep contemplating until you get it at deeper and deeper levels. Psychedelics might open your mind and inspire you to go all in.
  5. Contemplate and go for the Truth, your concern is hardly relevant. I’d stop intellectualizing too much and go directly after the truth. Direct is the way to go, and contemplation is probably the most straightforward method for that. Meditation can be beneficial, but waking up is about the Truth. Do not conflate the search for Truth with beneficial mind states.
  6. I think it’s useful to acknowledge ego’s subtle (and not so subtle) resistance mechanisms to this type of work. Here goes a short personal anecdote to illustrate this point: 2 years ago I tried 5-Meo-DMT, three times over the period of maybe a couple of months. All trips were a breakthrough for me, beautiful but terrifying the first few minutes. In retrospect, I did one of the stupidest thing that can be done: I threw away pretty much my whole batch of the entheogen (0.4g) mainly due to fear. So radical self-honesty and vigilance over self-deception is a must. Notice how you procrastinate, get distracted, and try to justify it by making good excuses. Be honest and above all keep going. Keep becoming conscious.
  7. I think these treatises will resonate with a lot of you guys. They also represent what I think will turn to, at least in essence. Avadhuta Gita: “Why do you run here and there like a hungry ghost? Separateness and Oneness do not exist for “you” and “me.” There is no you. There is no me. There is no universe. All is Self and Self alone.” “Dear child, why do you roam the world like a ghost? Behold! You are Self—that which cannot be divided. Do not crave the world. Be happy! You are Truth. You do not move. You do not change. You are the ever-free, the unshakable One. In you there is neither attachment nor aversion. Why do you seek objects of desire and cause yourself to suffer?” Ashtavakra Gita: “Not seeing Self, the world is materialized. Seeing Self, the world is vanished.” “You can enjoy and work and meditate, but you will still yearn for That which is beyond all experience, and in which all desires are extinguished.”
  8. Hey Emerald, this sounds interesting! What’s in store for me? Would be fun to do one for yourself and show the results on this thread
  9. @Insightful27 Have you purchased Leo’s booklist? Read God is Nothingness and SantataGamana’s books for learning real yoga. Maybe start a blog, post whatever you’re interested in. Hope that’s useful.
  10. Check out Vernon will slap you in the face (lovingly) and tell you to wake up.
  11. @Girzo Maybe, I don’t really know. What about Buckminster Fuller and Nikola Tesla? We don’t have the science yet, but the book I mentioned is a useful resource—assuming the author’s claims come from experience and not just hearsay. In any case I just wanted to drop that should anyone do further research into the topic. Personally I’m going to continue sleeping 8h/day.
  12. Have you checked out Ubersleep by PureDoxyk? Apparently people like Da Vinci and Buckminster Fuller slept very little every day — 2 or 3 hours — taking six 20min’ naps in a day, one every X hours. The author of the book tried the Uberman Sleep schedule. And certainly Ramana Maharshi for example, when deeply immersed in meditation, could go by with basically no sleep at all. I haven’t tried any of these sleep schedules though. May be worth a try.
  13. @Leo Gura I’d say that fear isn’t what prevents us from climbing cliffs without a harness; Knowing that we could/would die is. Nothing against fear btw.
  14. “Only what is eternal is worth striving for.” All the best, Kieran. You wrote an inspirational post indeed. Thank you.