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  1. A couple of books to look forward to by Bernardo Kastrup: - Science Ideated - Decoding Jung’s Metaphysics (already on sale)
  2. @allislove “there is no trying…” just kidding straightforward and grounded. Thank you.
  3. My mind, perhaps mind in general, prefers to keep this work intellectual. Don’t know why it resists serious contemplation/experiential inquiry. It’s much easier to keep it intellectual, just reading Ken Wilber or similar and believing what is said. Just something I’ve been noticing for years now. I know Leo posted a video on resistance. But maybe this communication helps people notice overlooked resistance in their lives. Intellect is a secondary aspect of consciousness work
  4. INTP books usually portrait this personality type as the “philosopher”, one that highly values metaphysical Truth and understanding. I think we’re the more intelectual type, for better or for worse. INTP books: The INTP Quest and The INTP by the same author.
  5. Better to ask first: What is Consciousness? Who am I? What am I really? What is that (‘that’ being your experience of the object )? Maybe there’s nothing ‘there’. Then maybe the assumptions from which your question is made are seen as fundamentally false.
  6. @Leo Gura I prefer to call it Bliss, not pleasure.
  7. Also distinctions, conscious learning, and education. The creative nature of existence.
  8. @AlphaAbundance Scrivener? Naah… @Aaron p not about the book itself, but about how little the majority of people care — in a global sense. Or I misinterpreted Leo. @Leo Gura What about publishing a shorter one first, like the one on psychedelics?
  9. That’s probably a safe assumption to make. I don’t know of any, sorry.
  10. Andrew Cutler is often mentioned in this forum relative to that matter. Maybe it’s useful to try his methodologies.
  11. Just play Ratchet and Clank