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  1. The essence of creativity is not-knowing. Contemplate something until you achieve that state. From there creativity becomes a more natural process.
  2. @Tarzan Buymoda.
  3. You can do both, no contradiction. You can be an enlightened pianist or surgeon and; Enlightenment isn’t that; it’s about realizing (becoming conscious of) your true nature or the absolute nature of reality. The Truth is already the truth no matter what you do or don’t do. How could anything you do change or influence the Truth? Make a distinction between the relative and the absolute.
  4. Really? From the research I’ve done and from people’s testimonials, I imagined it was relatively safe to consume. Where did you find that info?
  5. @IJB063 Months ago I bought modalert from — I live in Spain. I think they deliver to most countries and ship the drug from Singapore or India. Micro1p sells lion’s mane mushroom among other things
  6. @Mind of a beast You’re welcome
  7. I’d say Ramana Maharshi. Peter Ralston also seems deeply conscious but who knows? He doesn’t have a fancy Indian name though. Jesus or Buddha, too. Gautama as a legend symbolizes complete enlightenment. Maybe such individual existed. You can’t get more enlightened than completely enlightened.
  8. Samadhi by SantataGamana and Peter Ralston’s work. I recommend you start with The Book Of Not knowing.
  9. But this is not consciousness, this is psychic or paranormal or an altered state. Infinite or absolute, Whom would you communicate with? What need would there be to communicate, given that communication requires relationship and subject and another? Maybe you wouldn’t be conscious of what “other” is. I don’t recall Jesus or Buddha “communicating” with others the way you define it, except for the normal talking. A body making sound, another body hearing.
  10. @Leo Gura Hey Leo, contemplate love without the drugs and achieve samadhi with it. And then tell me what’s the sound of one hand clapping.
  11. Oh, psychedelics and contemplation are my recommended resources. Master Samadhi — a fancy way to say direct experience.
  12. Let’s create a distinction: possibility and probability. Don’t confuse those. Is it possible for anyone to become a genius? Absolutely. There’s no reason to think otherwise. If we’re truly committed and our actions reflect that commitment, then yes. What Da Vinci or Buddha did is an indication that it is possible for a human to accomplish such things. Is it probable? How likely is it to happen? I don’t know. Making the commitment is your responsibility.
  13. I’d take into account that mastery is not limited to any technique or method
  14. @Chumbimba I think he is, at least on the consciousness apprenticeship program.