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  1. What is the ultimate function of science? Is it to explain its invented distinctions? What are its epistemological assumptions? Will science ever get the Truth itself? What’s the relationship between direct experience and science? How does science reconcile direct consciousness of the truth of something? Will science one day be able to transfer one’s awareness from one body or object to another, what does this say about awareness? What is the ultimate form science will take? In other words, what are its limits? Except fact-based findings, is there something more science could offer in the future? Science can’t explain reality, life, consciousness, the lack of empirical findings regarding the self, etc. Or it can only explain and talk about things, but not get the nature itself. Will it ever be able to?
  2. Holding meaninglessness as a negative is still operating from meaning! Let’s put it this way then: life transcends meaning, you’re free to create whatever purpose you want to create, or not. And then you die.
  3. “1 - 5: God” - Leo Or 5meo.
  4. Canary Islands, Spain
  5. I like the Ashtavakra Gita. It’s as concise and straightforward as they get. Ramana Maharshi held it in high esteem. Maybe Ellam Ondre, too, which means All Is One. Who am I? by Ramana is also great.
  6. Well, The Venus Project is taking action, planning to create a center for resource management. Their plan is to eventually create a city based on a resource-based economy and its values, with technology and architectural designs by Jacque Fresco — the creator of the RB economy. Pretty interesting and intelligent thinking behind it.
  7. How do you research and create your videos? What’s the process you follow throughout the week?
  8. Are you conscious of the nature of consciousness? I think he means what we might call awareness.
  9. “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” ― Haruki Murakami
  10. “Energy of the microwave.” I usually turn it on to make a sandwich whenever I want to release my negative emotions.
  11. Contemplation into emotions and hatha yoga. Any form of exercise will help. Maybe start with less intense activities like hatha yoga or tai chi. They will help you develop body awareness. Peter Ralston has an online tai chi class—he’s a master martial artist. Yoga has helped me solve similar problems. Usually your body starts to hurt due to lack of movement (exercise) and bad posture in the first place. If you’ve been sedentary for months or even years, maybe it’s time to change that. Feel the body. A lot of times exercise, good nutrition, sleep, meditation, and breathwork solve the problem. Maybe try the Wim Hof method or take ice baths/cold showers.
  12. This is what I would recommend. I also have an unhealthy sleep pattern, usually going to sleep at 3:00AM and waking up at 01:00PM. Also try to experiment with L-Theanine, CBD oil, and melatonin. What causes your insomnia? I can see how it relates to my lifestyle: having dinner late at night, drinking coffee or tea at 7:00PM, using electronics in my bedroom, lack of exercise... Maybe a glass of red wine helps one in a while but it’s better to stick to a fixed sleep schedule. Going to sleep at 12:00 and waking up at 8:00AM seems like a god one. Wake up at 8:00 and exhaust yourself with physical activity throughout the day. Limit naps to 25min at midday or in the afternoon. And all that.
  13. Is that possible? Survival still demands identifying with something... Maybe “to study the self is to forget the self“?