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  1. Believing is irrelevant. Become conscious of what’s true for yourself, God or no God.
  2. Same name than his theory… Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ctmurealitytheory/ I was looking into the person, not his theory — whatever it is isn’t true. He may be smart; my intuition tells me he’s not deeply conscious at all, though. I could be wrong, of course.
  3. Seems stage blue. They were bashing Leo in their Facebook group with nonsense.
  4. Not an ideal. There’re twofold: transformation and consciousness. One way to summarize the goal: decreasing self increases consciousness. Realizing your self isn’t you. This is what I’m told. What you said isn’t true. You can have fun and be enlightened. Enlightenment is about the truth.
  5. Haha, yeah, Bully Maguire in da house!
  6. The spiritual seeker, to the ego:
  7. Eat fewer but high-quality eggs. Dairy and meat, I’d cut down of. However much you eat of those, make them as high quality as possible. No processed meat. That goes without saying. Also, cut down on the “unreal” food. You’re focusing on eggs as the possible cause but maybe remove all the possible junk you’re eating, like sodas, carbs, excessive fried foods, processed stuff, et al. Look to what you can add to your diet, too, not only what can be removed. Fruits, vegetables, tea, and smoothies are great additions regardless of cholesterol levels. Just some basic advice, a family member also has high cholesterol.
  8. Look up Frank Medrano, Ferdinand Beck, and Tobey Maguire. Lol.
  9. Again, last update was on 2019. There’s a Last Updated Section at the top.
  10. Knowing about one’s own ignorance. Honest lying.
  11. What could be called contemplation: Exploration, research, discovery, understanding. Finding things out. AKA learning.
  12. Twenty minutes adventure.
  13. Hmm… the books on infinity in the book list may help. Perhaps A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe and From Science to God, too, although the former is more focused on science, nature, and creativity than on spirituality. Hope that helps in some way.
  14. Living with my toxic father has been rather difficult, especially as of late. We’re completely different beings. My center of gravity is green, although orange plays a big role in my character, too. I wanted to slowly start advancing into yellow while more deeply integrating orange with my business, but at this point it seems futile; I may postpone focusing on yellow matters. It’s like being absorbed by the individual’s negativity. I feel like I’m backtracking. In any case, he’s the archetype described by Leo in What does it mean to be a fool? from the clips channel. A liar, temperamental, etc. How do you guys deal with these kinds of situations?
  15. @mandyjw oh, this is a completely different perspective. Hmm… I can see how I resist taking full responsibility in this situation and blame him… Compassion on my part could change our interpersonal dynamic. Admittedly, living together is still difficult. I guess our dynamic is more like that of Homer Simpson and Lisa. There’s this basic disconnect between the two personalities that, frankly, the best solution, in my mind, would be to part ways. I Appreciated your wisdom!
  16. Love Poems from God by Daniel Ladinsky.
  17. Well, I have a bias towards a plant-based, whole foods diet. Hearsay taken from Michael Greger: Science says that this is the healthiest diet in the long term —the only one we can say with confidence is “the best,” not only for the individual but for the ecosystem, too.
  18. @Average Investor Thank you, I’ve noticed being really gentle helps (not making him upset with “hippie” topics). @Terell Kirby funnily enough, I haven’t put much attention on this. You’re right. It’s easy to get absorbed by toxicity if you’re not careful, which is probably what is happening to me.
  19. Kick some ass with modafinil and microdosing.
  20. Rarely. I may be using a VPN for accessing random websites and then login in the forum without noticing. Also, my device uses iCloud Private Relay, in Safari. I don’t really now what it is, though; may have similar functionality than a VPN.