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  1. Ken Wilber's wig pizza + Buddhist rats topping.
  2. Better not to gossip and disparage others based on rumors about their lives.
  3. First we'd somehow need to realize the nature of what we're talking about, which is consciousness.
  4. Not familiar with this topic. Perhaps someone else can offer some help.
  5. I'm not convinced he's conscious of his nature at all. Nobody with that wig can be enlightened.
  6. Taking up an invention and being familiar with it is not the same as being able to reproduce it in your experience and actually understanding it. Insights and discoveries are made by individuals. Ways of thinking get created based on those, and then adopted by the rest of us. However, we miss the initial creative component of such invention. We live as if familiarity implies understanding, yet when we look closely, we realize there're a lot of things that we fail to grasp, yet adopt as a given. We forget that it took a genius mind like that of Newton to make a breakthrough into the principle of gravity. We now say that it's obvious; "everyone knew that objects fall down." We're missing something fundamental here. Examples: It's like confusing Archimedes shouting "Eureka!" with the insight that he had Picasso's art died with him (the ability to create that art) We are somewhat familiar with Ancient Greece and Skepticism, yet pretty much no one is able to think like that We take on the invention of language and assume we know what is it because it's so prevalent and paramount to our survival Any ism falls into a particular system of conjecture, while the core experience that precipitated that creation is missed
  7. Blueberries, oreo and weed.
  8. — Ibn Arabi
  9. Dodo and red cabbage pizza.
  10. Pain is a process. What is it really about? Leave God alone.
  11. Anything done mindfully and with attention works. It's about you being conscious, looking into stuff, rather than the activity bringing you consciousness. You could start by asking what's in front of you (in your experience), like: What is this emotion? Wash the dishes, walk, play, write, do Tai Chi, cook.
  12. No! Chicken is not meant for pizza. I'm gonna die on this hill.
  13. Not the first time The Simpsons would get it right.