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  1. It’ll hold up in court Rape is okay if done in self defence
  2. Amen That’s what liberty all about What is freedom if not the fucking freedom to rape @Opo You know what I’d do if Uncle Larry starting raping my bride and soon to be wife I’d rape Uncle Larry Its rape self defence
  3. They’re a bunch of pussies lol All Uncle Larry is trying to do is bring the party to the wedding Cant fault the guy
  4. Hey @Forestluv I’m not pissing In anyone’s punch or starting any fist fights I’m just talking politics in a politics section of a forum I didn’t know it was a crime to be arrogant on this forum, in which case I’m guilty, that’s not gonna change Consequences for what, saying Im a libertarian lol Also this is fine, don’t take something seriously when it’s meant for humour, that ain’t the one whose cracking the jokes fault, take a joke or take a shuttle P.s. Uncle Larry seems like a lad, kinda guy I want at my wedding
  5. I say it in tongue and cheek really I’m a firm believer in irrational self confidence Well white supremacy is a no no Shouldn’t be
  6. @Boethius I think it was because as Leo read this thread and he construed me as being as you said Which was not my intention, but you know sometimes there is a place for being provocative and to arguing. “You keep acting with obnoxious arrogance and closedmindedness in the politics sub-forum. This is your final warning. If you don't correct your attitude, you will be banned. Be here to learn, not to spread an ideology.“ I am here to learn, and you know how I do that, by voicing my opinion and having people tell me where I’m wrong, not by shooting me down for expressing my views “obnoxious arrogance” Thats just my personality my man And it’s not arrogance if it’s true “closedmindedness“ Im not closed minded, you’re the one acting closed minded, it’s not close minded to express an opposing view Are the screenshots below open minded? That was 9 hours ago, guy only asked a question What’s closed minded is turning this forum into a echo chamber I’m not trying to spread anything If you want to ban me ban me I don’t care, I’m not walking on egg shells every time I make a post because I might offend your sensibilities, it defeats the purpose of the forum If we’re gonna play these stupid games just cut to the chase and ban me already @Leo Gura
  7. Lol I’ve got 5 points for this thread Thats 14 points on my account I don’t think I’m long for this forum lol Guesiing it was this guy @Boethius tsk tsk Anyways if I get banned bye bye people
  8. @Opo I don’t know Fascism is extreme right wing jingoistic authoritarianism So the opposite would be extreme left wing peace loving libertarianism
  9. When Mr FBI man sees you’ve scored low on an online fascist test
  10. Lol mr fbi man may be watching you
  11. I agree, a lot of the question have loaded premises But these are the best quick tests ive been able to find on the internet so far The leftist value one was so bad that it’s uncompletable with all the loaded questions
  12. @Roy Most people share some similarities with fascism, it’s just all about degrees
  13. @louhad Its seems you’re taking things personally bud lol Ive never said I understand everything about politics or society, I’m just giving my opinion I’m sorry if I’ve offended you
  14. @Boethius Buddy I’m not picking a fight lol What it’ll achieve is it’ll show your political scores on a fascism test Just trying get the nogging jogging Case and point