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  1. @Villager Albert I don't know if he is He didn't leave any clue that hes joking
  2. @Octafish Read this article - its interesting and is related to your topic https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/02/27/why-facts-dont-change-our-minds I generally think arguing with people is pointless You should win via your actions and not through your words Do what ever you need to do to get what you want
  3. @Soulbass ok
  4. @hyruga I'll look into it - thanks for the recommendation
  5. @BigDogRaven No problem buddy - hope its of use
  6. @hyruga Gotta change your habits man Spend most of your days in front of a screen It fucks up your head I recommend making a schedule or some sort of habit tracker and changing your routine
  7. @7thLetter No problem buddy, hope its of help I think most people crave social interactions, even those who are more introverted, we all want human connection, that's why your making this post We are social animals, just because your more introverted it won't change that Just make sure not to pigeonholed yourself as this one thing Personalities can change drastically Of course you think the Myers Briggs test describes you accurately But give it a few weeks and if you take the test and it give you a new type you'll think that accurately describes you Because all the types are just cool dudes - there is never a type that appears in bold saying YOUR A DICK Myers Briggs are built to seduce you into liking your type - that's how they get money out of you when you buy the full "analysis" I mean at the very start of the courtship make it fun Be with people, be doing fun stuff and invite her to join you And don't care if she does or if she doesn't Then if she joins you, then you can tell her that you're attracted to her E.g. after a few drinks then you can say something like "You are so fucking hot its insane" Try to make it funny and be entitled when you say it - have the balls to back it up - and assume shes attracted to you See now you've established that your attracted to her So you're not pretending to be her buddy Auspices just means you covertly playing the buddy, but you really want to fuck her Anyway, if you've done all that and succeeded she knows were you are coming from So if you invite her back to your place for whatever reason (come up with some ideas to inviting her back e.g. come see my dog, come smoke a joint etc...) she knows why, its not because you are buddy buddy See, but you didn't make it clear out of the gate - that way it seems organic Side Note - Never befriend a girl you are attracted to See this is where you fucked up buddy Read these two web pages Semen retention might be a good thing - I'm unsure But I am sure that porn is the cancer Because that is what fucks with you neuro chemistry and your male libido If you have to have a wank - no sexual thoughts - just sensation and as quick as you can like a savage just to get the poison out of your system So you can think clearly - but no porn ever - this isn't me being a sexual puritan - this is you sorting out your head And you got to be aiming for at least 90+ days to really see results https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/rebooting-porn-use-faqs/what-if-i-masturbate-edge-or-watch-porn-without-orgasm/ https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/rebooting-porn-use-faqs/what-if-i-masturbate-edge-or-watch-porn-without-orgasm/what-if-i-recondition-my-brain-by-watching-porn-without-masturbating/ Godluck
  8. @Thought Art Yeah, I think that book gets mentioned in the video, I haven’t read it yet buts it’s on my reading list I’ll be sure to check it out
  9. Nothing in life is fair "Fair" is a bullshit construct
  10. @Stenne Hey Buddy Personal opinion, but you gotta embrace shame and guilt If you've done something that you should be ashamed of or feel guilty for, you should feel those emotions But here's the main caveat The emotions should only be felt with your permission and for deliberate effect The moment shame becomes a cancer or a burden it should be cut out The way you do that is by realizing you shouldn't feel ashamed And at that point fuck anyone who says that you should feel a certain way You're a big boy and can make your own decisions in how you feel for your actions When we embrace deserved shame we build self respect Shame is therapeutic Its going to be Painful, but embrace it The self loathing, the self hatred, don't avoid this pain, but push threw it, embrace it, the shame and guilt are necessary They're necessary for becoming a better man Shame is there to stop acting in way that will continue to debase you Shame is the back of your psyche telling you to stop being pathetic Listen to it If you try to avoid shame you don't learn from your mistakes The more shame, the more guilt you can handle and push through the better because these are therapeutic emotions "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger." - Friedrich Nietzsche "Terrible experiences make one wonder whether he who experiences them is not something terrible."- Friedrich Nietzsche I wish you the best with what ever you feel shame about Godbless
  11. @Preety_India I know There's a reason we're called the master race Because we are coveted
  12. @Light Lover Actually yeah your right They don't get horny Guess my premise is now fucked Never mind Side point I got an interesting fact Did you know women don't shit either They only poo bubblegum 100% true Girls are just sugar and spice and all things nice
  13. I'm going to break the mold cause I'm cool Sieg Heil & White Power Kisses & Hugs xox
  14. @Light Lover Hey man You know in a few days bitches are going to start getting horny and breaking out of quarantine You think some pussy bat disease is going to stop the human propensity towards breeding
  15. Also check this out - found it another post - trippy as fuck