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  1. I took the course in ~1 months putting a couple hours into it each night. Although the price you pay is for 1 year. It costs $1500. Well worth every penny in my opinion. There's a live workshop every weekend through zoom to go over what we learn in the course and the community is next level.
  2. @Aaron p I just went through a seriously powerful coaching program a month or two back. It's called Ouroboros by a guy named Jordan Bates. Got my first client 4-figure client within a month and a half of taking the program and have many more warm leads. All through using facebook as a medium to get on calls with a bunch of people and then when you resonate with someone you ask if they'd like to hear about your offer (just a basic landing page that takes maybe 3 hours to create).
  3. Thank you Leo and @Serotoninluv, these responses really helped me start to clear up how to approach openmindedness in my life and while doing research on various topics.
  4. How can we live a life with a radically open mind without going down some obscure path and believing everything that falls into our laps? And how do open-mindedness and skepticism relate, cause they seem like opposites but they also both seem valuable to have in one's life?
  5. @Manjushri If you're serious about getting out of your depression, a good start is this 8-week course You've probably already practiced most of what is talked about in this book, I myself had been meditating for years but when I finally was humble enough to admit maybe this basic mindfulness guided 8-week course would help that's when things really took off. I haven't had a depressive episode since and things are going well. The book called "The mindful way through depression" also gives so many insights into why depression stays with us. I guess I don't fully understand you when you say that you feel fine but still have thoughts about wanting to die. I've had plenty of those thoughts but usually, that shapes my mood and puts a filter on my entire experience even though I don't understand why I'm having those thoughts. But from experience, realize that being tired from depression requires taking action because being tired and being depressed-tired are different things and the best way to overcome is to change our relationship to thought and to stop believing in our own thoughts as much as we do know, and also to stop resisting is a huge thing and instead feel fully into it. The mindset shift I had is that all people get feelings of sadness from time to time, which is the root feeling from which depressive thoughts arise. But by resisting this sadness we create this monster called "depression" which grows and grows and grows until it becomes too much to handle. The mindful way through depression centers around this idea called "being mode vs. doing mode" of mind. Meaning when we are constantly thinking about the future in which we're not depressed and what needs to be done this is counterproductive because this is showing us that we're currently faulty. Instead, we can live from being mode which is just experiencing whatever it is in the moment without judgment and this can help us overcome depression if we stick with this approach for long enough. Through basic mindfulness training, amazing things are possible. But I will note, the proper mindfulness techniques must be performed otherwise the entire practice can just perpetuate your depression if you think that meditation is just a way to get into a certain state of mind. Whereas in reality depression is just a mode of thinking in which we have persistent thoughts that we don't want to be wherever we are right now and want to be somewhere else.
  6. As I watched Leo's latest video on the Dangers of Spiritual Work it really resonated with me. What if I'm just not ready to pursue awakening? So I've been wondering, how exactly can I go about reflecting and turning inward and understanding what it is I actually yearn for and which of my yearnings have been placed by Leo, culture, etc. I know Leo's life purpose course is a great one but I'm not ready to drop that kind of cash as a broke college kid until I know that it's really going to have some impact on how I go about my life. One great resource so far that I've been working through is this article: Wait buy Why's Guide to Picking a Career but I want to go deeper and am wondering I should just spend more time in solitude so I can understand better what I actually want and not what external sources are telling me that I want. Thanks in Advance
  7. @Gabriel Antonio Good point, didn't really think that through. I think it would be more truthful to state that we all have creativity but that creativity is suppressed as we grow older and the curiosity muscle is just gaining our innate curiosity back. Thoughts?
  8. @Sahil Pandit What do you mean by survival paradigm? How we're so disconnected from our survival instincts, and understanding our survival mechanisms? Not sure if this was what you're going at, but I think we're so disconnected from surviving like we live in these temperature controlled boxes, we have so many different ways to stimulate ourselves and make ourselves feel good whereas in the past we needed to work to feel good. And like living off the grid or just like running and performing physically exhausting tasks can help us get back to our survival paradigm and feel good through work not just easy habits in modern society.
  9. What might be a few things @Nahm that can be gained from ego backlash? I'm sure there are many, but just curious about a few example so I can understand ego backlash better and not have such a negative perception on it.
  10. @Nahm What do you mean by disrupting the diet?
  11. Please feel free to share other spiritual lessons that are similarly epistemology lessons, I would love to hear them.
  12. For example, the teacup metaphor in buddhist traditions. Paraphrase: The master pours too much tea into a teacup so that the tea overflows and the student doesn't understand why he's doing it, then he says that you need to empty your mind to understand what he's trying to teach and your mind is like the overflowing tea." Isn't this the same as epistemology?
  13. @Sahil Pandit No it was actually very helpful. Even though we're trying to go deep and always have these very deep insights into the nature of self and stuff, I think basic gratitude can be extremely helpful. It's not the end all be all but I think it's very practical and can give people a little more motivation to take action. Would you say this could also mean that you can maybe develop a sense of how good your life is comparatively, because we so often forget what completely what other people have had to endure through history and even today in certain countries and we get so caught up in our lives and the small problems that we actually have.
  14. So just sitting down and doing the work even though you don't want to might be the way out of mild depression? Chronic Depression or diagnosed mental illnesses is not what I'm referring to, just wondering whether a good way to combat a recurring sadness and low self-esteem might be to just take action even if you don't want to?