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  1. The true hindu democracy is very interesting. Each government position can only be voted by those who understand of that. For example, the economy ruler is voted by economist, the agriculture ruler is voted by actual farmers and agriculture scholars and so on. In my opinion it's a nice middle point.
  2. In my research I'm aware that Daniel M. Ingram has found at least a couple of people that has done so. That is all I could find.
  3. This is a question I've been contemplating for a long time and after leo's 5-MeO-MALT video I'm really curious to know other points of view. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the term "Complete path", in my understanding it is a path which itself is the beggining, procces and end to full God-Realization. In other words, if you wanted, only by that path it is possible to attain the highest realization. I must say that it is very rare to find someone serious in this work that doesn't combine multiple paths, however I also think that it's a very interesting concept to understand. Some complete paths are: Meditation, Devotion and Service, Yoga... Another thing to understand is that if someone wants to really do it with just one path, it's not gonna be a normal meditator, or a regular yoga practicioner or a merely devotional person. I'm really talking about very advanced beings in those paths, so advanced that for them there is no difference between their regular life and their spiritual practices. I say this just to point out that even though they are complete paths, you must be absolutely inmersed in them to even have the chance to attain God-Realization. On the other hand, only by that complete path it is possible to do so. Imagine someone seriously decides to take just the path of psychedelics to awaken, from absolute normie to fully wake up, is that possible? In other words, are psychedelics a Complete Path only by themselves?
  4. To put it in simple words all efforts of final enlightenment are like trying to kiss your own cheek. However, all that effort is required to arrive to that realization, because reality is profoundly paradoxical, it's a key understanding.
  5. Your arguments don't hit the spot but what is true is that what you search cannot be found. Can the seer be seen? Of course not, that is why nothing that you realize is actually yourself in a core understanding. That is why no answer will ever satisfy you, because it is the one who is doing the game the actual end of the search. Is the eye that all sees and cannot be seen. You can't awake for the eye sees awakening and ignorance. Also as it cannot be seen has no centre, nor realization, neither understanding. For if you truly search yourself, you will find nothing which is actually true, because the seer cannot see itself. You cannot see yourself. Also as existence is profoundly paradoxical that means that also everything is the eye itself, looking at itself, the singularity point. It's the consciousness itself, Truth itself, Love itself, that all pervades, all sustains and all nurtures, playing with itself enjoying itself. In that sense, is ego who meditates, ego who does mental gimnastics, and ignorance who expects to get somewhere else from where it is. How can your true self meditate, how can reality itself achieve or be more than reality itself, it arrives a point where you hit rock-bottom. Which is that enlightenment cannot be achieved, that is why it's called the doorless door, no-one can cross. That is itself the great mistery. If you happen to find yourself here I recommend you Robert Adams, if you don't find yourself don't check him because you will missinterpret everything.
  6. @vizual Yeah, the "I'm running the consciousness olimpics" killed. Also when u get the gold medal nobody knows was also very funny.
  7. @ndm678 Be aware of your breathing. Mind and breathing are one and the same, if you focus on breathing mind dissapears, if u get lost in mind breathing dissapears. The most effective method for me is Soham, So taking air in, ham taking air out. Soham is the sound the breathing makes naturally, so it's very easy. @LarryJustin Accept yourself, love yourself. You don't need anyone's aprouval. Accept the fact that you can't live to anyones expectatives, not even yours. Accept the fact that you everybody can't like you, accept that people may dislike you are hate you. Accept to be rejected or laughed at. Accept the possibility of great failure, lost, pain and suffering. Accept your fears in the moment by awareness, feel them fully, feel your fears, breath through your fears and then let them go.
  8. Yes, I would like to thank him for the videos about survival and fear. It has been the key for the rest of things. All the super advanced topics he talked about came clear when I worked on my survival mechanisms and it's tool, fear. All the work now is just flowing easily and I'm enjoying my life. However knowing him he doesn't like to read this kind of posts because he doesn't want to depend on outside aproval or that his happiness/work could depend on the comments he received. I remember one of his videos where he talked that he was a bit sorry for not being grateful for all the great comments we posted.
  9. @Guillem12 In this case it is pretty clear. Go alone 1 week into a rented house with the only intention to figure out what u wanna do with your life. No distractions, no phone, no tv, no books: just you by yourself. Have a real talk with yourself. Choose what YOU want to do, choose your path, your way. Nobody can really help you, it's your unique thing that you have to discover.
  10. It's the eternal dwelling in the beingness of existance. Check yourself, soak into that ever-present presence, that I amness in silence. The fact is that they are eternally anchored in that. So in their presence, you go beyond your identifications and survival, your wantings desires and needs, and you find that you are, you are conscious that you are, and u see it was always there. It does not look in any particular way for the fact that everything is, it's not the form of the gold what matters, what actually matters is that everyhting is gold and the gold is beingness. Stop searching for a second or projecting to the future what you think this is and see for yourself. Make your mind come to the now, feel the now, and go deeper, use the question who I am, that points outside the place from where that question and deluded answer may take form, and check your own presence, you are yet nobody is "issing". How can u lose this? It is now and you are always now and you always are. The point is are you anchored in that realization? Is consciousness pointing to itself rather than losing in it's shape? That is an enlightened being, the one who as sugar is dissolved in the ocean of God. How it looks like? Well as the whole ocean. Check again the reality which is existing, which is, that is in fact how enlightenment looks like, from the seer, the procces of seeing to the seen. However, to make that jump is hardly imposible. That is why guru exists, the one who is existence, reality, infinity, truth and love, while being conscious that it is all that.
  11. @Aaron p Well it depends of the market, search for yourself rudrakshas are not that expensive. If u are interested and u really want to get the best results, this is the combination I would recommend u. 108 rudraksha beads japa mala. Then buy 4 more bracelets, one for each arm and leg. I recommend the bracelets to be in combination with other crystals. I recommend crystal quartz (better than white), some strong protection like onyx or obsidian, also very much recommended those that bring a combination of crystals for each chakra, lapislazuli is also a good choice. On the other hand, other very good crystals are malachite and Kyanite. And now entering in the top crystals we have Cavansite and Moldavite, very very strong I recommend them to wear them in a Gold chain with the symbol Om in silver and the Tetragrammaton. Regarding rings, I strongly recommend the atlantis ring in three metals (gold, silver and copper), however barely nobody in the whole world knows how to forge it. And also I recommend to have one ring at each hand and pick the finger that more calls you. Over the years I realized this is the best of the best, they have the most impact in your life, in all dimensions, from body, energy, mind, emotional, to spirit and beyond. I leave some links here of the places I trust (be careful because 90% of what u will find is fake that is why most people thing they don't work):ón-deseos
  12. Yes they definately work, I'm quite an expert. So ask me anything if u want. For all those of you that don't believe try to buy some moldavite, the most powerful crystal, it's so powerful the first time you touch it gets you high. (If you actually do this buy a grounding stone because otherwise can be very dangerous). However the most powerful crystal is not a crystal, it's called Rudraksha which is a sacred seed. If u buy one rudraksha japa mala expect your whole life to change.
  13. Medically u are good to go, but if u know something about the spirit behind any psychedelic u will know that they are not cool at all with alcohol. Alcohol gives u they state of animals that is why u enjoy it, it's this easy animal happiness, they low down your conciousness. On the other extreme, u have psychedelics which put you in God mode and superconciousness.
  14. It's a very good one. This is my favourite one: It brings me to tears. I'm very grateful I saw this video in my lifetime.
  15. @Leo Gura Oh beautiful method, thank u very much