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  1. @BlueOak I found great value in your words and also with all the people that commented in the post. Everything is an oportunity to evolve and learn new things. When you discover the light within you cannot get angry with other people as you see the same one in themselves, your essence is the essence of all beings. It was nice to get roasted in fact I enjoyed it very much, it's just fun to be alive. It's all a game at the end, we play it hard but it's all non-sense, in other words, pure freedom. We just do our best and go on, I thank you deeply for taking the time for this last message, it's a sweet ending. See everything is in balance at the end. Infinite Love <3
  2. All reality and your life is perfectly fine, it's your resistance to it what creates the problem, not reality itself. Awakening is also a game within God. You are not integrating all aspects of your life with what is your vision of reality, you are scattered in one thousand parts and each one is an actor, you act even on yourself.
  3. Yeah corruption is the main problem with all this ideas, when the master is no more it gets crazy. But what has been done for such a long time is what is called guru parampara, which is literally making the disciple the guru and when they leave the body trasnmit all the blessings to the other guru to keep going. He is the 293 successor in this style of government and so kailasa will keep working like this. In fact guru parampara is followed by all religions and even most jobs till 100years ago. The master teaches a disciple and then the disciple is the master and so on. It is proven in time to be very succesful. And yeah I'm done with this post because it seems like I'm trying to sell something or to convince anyone of anything. Just wanted to share that this is happening, that it is the first time a country will be established as the sole purpose of enligthenment and consciousness, and to also invite all of you to take advantage of what they are offering for free. Which in my experience have proven to be very effective.
  4. @Tim R All great major shifts sounded ridiculous at it's time, like black people being human or women voting, all that was absolutely ridicolous at that time. @Space Lizard Lol tantra has absolutely nothing to do with. I'm even surprised you just bullshit the purest path of self-actualization like that. Tantra is all about using all reality to wake up, with absolutely no biases, if eating other human bodies makes you more conscious you just do it. Tantra is absolute freedom and the seeing of all reality as divine and sacred. Seeing all as the one God which can be used to progress in your path with neither aversion nor desire. Please inform yourself about tantra because is a very profound and sacred art/science that has absolutely nothing to do with what is being discussed here. Maybe you are talking about transmissions or magick, which it is true he also uses magick. Because it's a part of reality and he is reviving all traditions also indian magick. If that magick is used for the well-being of all what is the issue. If that magick is used for the transmission of grace, what is the problem? Well, that is not at all what a guru is. If you read the guru gita you will see guru is much more than any gods or higher entities. But it's true that a qualified guru can be manifest those aspects of reality, so that you yourself can experience the same as that deity. To make that higher entity a bridge for you to ascend. It is the highest art of channeling and that is also something he is reviving, that is why he is also doing that. The same with sacred jewerly that you canyourself buy from any source and experience for yourself, the sacred science of rudraksha. Which he is also reviving, therefore he is wearing them. @Apparition of Jack Yeah could totally be but I just use what it works for me man. I'm radically open-minded, whatever it is even if it's absolutely crazy and delusional, I'll try it and have first hand experience to know if that is bullshit or truly there is something there. If tried lots and lots of bullshit throw my life, but hey it's like a river full shit where diamonds are floating. When you find that diamond is from the rarest quality. I like to be non biased and to test if whatever so-called gurus around the world and history are saying something of value, something truthful. And test it in myself, and hey I'm absolutely deligthed with the results I've gotten so far because it allows me to in a position where most people wouldn't just get. It allows me to break free from any conditioning or ideas of what is possible or impossible, what makes sense or what doesn't. Nithyanda was just another weird shit I tried and works astonishingly well. He made me have kundalini awekening in a live youtbe just because it was his will and manifest, which was an intensic orgasmic experience. He has also made me experience unclutching from the body-mind-spirit phenomena, opening my third eye, manifest shaktis from the space of oneness, being healthy and succeding in all areas of my life. I just don't give a fuck about any previous understanding i have and I'm always new and fresh to having all I knew as true be destroyed, because in my experience this is the highest quickest way to evolve and keep going. Is kailasa a cult? Maybe I don't know. Is Nithyananda fake? Maybe, I dont' know. Is sanatana hindu dharma delusion? Maybe, I really don't know. I just know one thing, absolutely whatever works for me I'm going to use to advance in my path no matter what is. And I'm telling you, whatever Nithyananda, Kailasa, and Sanatana Hindu Sharma is proclaiming works, at least for me in my path right here and now. Maybe it's not the final stage but that it works is absolutely undeniable and you can experience it yourself as many others have done in 10.000 years of history and just take advantatge of what millions of people have discovered in their path to awekening. What you are mistakening is the pointer for what is pointing at, all devotion to deities, jewerly, puja, mantras, austerities, meditation, jnana or yoga are the tool to acces the higher states of consciousness and your divine nature. As we are all so different there must also be great difference to acces that same realization. It's just that nithynanda has condensed all those paths and ways in himself and now nobody understands the bizarre result and mistake all that is happening through incorrect discerning. It's just that is all about pure jnana and hey I also love it but I'm more about all paths and discovering all ways to acces to the same exact realization. So for jnana it's very hard to grasp all this worship that is being done to him or the jewelry but it's because as you are the body you think he is also the body, they are worshipping the divine nature which is self-recognised in him, not the ego-persona phenomena. @aurum Of course, but it has been kept secret to the highest mysthics and saint of those religions. Not openly talked and discussed for millenia like in hinduism. There is not even a comparison in the amount of masters that india has produced with other countries. India is truly the land of God.
  5. Also I strongly recommend you to see one of his videos while on psychedelics, otherwise it's very hard to graps him. I recommend you to watch his oneness capsule transmissions, they are very powerful, you watch three in a row and if you are conscious enough it's pretty likely you will start manifesting powerfull cognitions, insigths and spontanious awakenings.
  6. @BlueOak That is not true. The regulations of the country are as per hindu shastras. Also the essence of the country is that you become one and the same with the guru, that you wake up to your true nature. Yeah, the idea is that the country works as the vatican but with enlightenment hindu techniques that have been proved succesfull in the past. It's to revive the oldest civilization still alive on earth, more than 10.000 years old and still going on. Humanity has two options to wake up, at least a bit, one is zen and the other one is hinduism. Zen is great but for me it lacks ground and time-tested technology and sciences. India is the only one that could set up a conscious centric society. The sole purpose is the flowering of all beings in this planet and the enriching of other countries. If you make research about the integral approuch of all dimensions of life to make a conscious society is truly amazing. There is something very important going on, this is the future of earth and the developing of human consciousness. This sooner or later will be the case for all nations, evolution is unstopable and this is the starting point. But hey, I'm the first one who has always said test it yourself. I've tested Nithyananda and he has showered me with so many blessings it's unbelievable. For example chant his mantra, Om Nithyananda ParamaShivoham, with him in a video in youtube and see how you feel. Watch his ecstatic samadhis, where different deities and masters manifest trough them and see how uplifted you feel. It's easy to talk and to discuss but when you connect with a master, the whole world bends it's knees to you, guru pays your karmas, changes your destiny, he takes care of all your life. Guru tantra yoga, guru connection or guru oneness is the easiest path to awekening. Just test him, forget everything and connect with him, I'm telling you all the people who encounter nithyananda and connect with him are radically touched and transformed in ways words cannot convey. Also just give a very short background of his life, so that there is reasearch and not only words: If you don't see that this is an incarnation you are blind lol. He is the climax of all hindu gurus and dharma. As so he has been considered even before he was born and as so has been considered by all traditions in hinduism.
  7. I would argue with you. I watched a picture of him in an specific spiritual transmission and manifested instantly third eye scanning powers I still have now. This may sound ridiculous but just imagine it happens to you, that you are a normal day, watch a picte of someone and boom you can see things you never could see before. In fact, I have to say that Leo has the most beautiful third eye I have seen in any westerners.
  8. @Knowledge Hoarder Well the luxury is sacred jewerly, which has been used for more than 10.000 years and he is also reviving tools that help you in your spiritual journey. Which are in fact, surprisingly useful. I myself didn't believe him, what I did? I bougth for myself some blessed and energised rudraksha and experienced directly it's influence in my system. From now on I'm full of rudraksha and I probably bypassed at least 5 years of sadhana just by this. It's easy to talk but to in fact go and check for yourself what everybody is saying is more rare. I mean it's the first thing all masters say, hey don't trust me try it for yourself. I opened my third eyes thanks to his science and methods. That is the best thing it's time tested by millions of people through history, it's sanatana hindu dharma, it truly works. Almost 99% of all spiritual understanding and gurus are from india, so someone who is reviving and doing all the hard work for the sake of humanity is lovely. The point is that is a very integral and all embracing stand point, most people just one some parts of their lives to be afected by their paths, but hinduism is all about integrating all parts of our existance. Also I'm not biased against hinduism, I tried almost all religions and picked the best from all but hinduism seems a true gold mine, the more you dig the better it gets. I'm just taking advantatge of wisdom transmited generations to generation, I'm not going to reinvent the wheel if it works I'm going to use it. Yeah but I understand that most people are still reluctanct I would also be, but this is such anamazing step in human history that I was sure other conscious beings would have the vision and openmindedness enough to see it. To see what is truly going on and grasp the essence of the avatar of our times. Nithyananda is the guy you would see one thousands years from now and you would say woah, I hope I was alive at that time. But hey avatars just come once in 700-1400 years so we are pretty lucky but as always they are oppresed misunderstood, they make religions of them, false accusations and so forth so on. Just wanted this as a record and sorry if I was over emotional reactive in the other answers but I was in a hurry and also a bit sad not being able to share this great corner stone in human history, Time will speak, he said millions of people arround the world would manifest powers, everyone laughed now it is a reality, I have also experienced such powers. He said that he would revive kailasa and make an enligthenment-centric nation, everyone laughed, now is a reality. He has taken responsability for the awakening of all human beings in this era, everyone laughed... Time will speak my friends, lots of love. Just give him a try, connect with him, I'm telling you, you will understand, experience and realise all that I'm talking here. Om Nithyananda ParamaShivoham
  9. @Space Lizard If you fall with Osho man... you would have killed Jesus at the time. You don't realise how much oppositon they must encounter from the status quo and this is just a clear example. @aurum The same was for me, but literally all my gurus right now I thought they were deluded and cult leaders when I first saw them. Leo the first one in fact. But you just experience for yourself and do research. You will see Nithyanada is in fact the sucesor of almost all hindu traditions and is the supreme pontif of hinduism, and all the non-dual teachings that you praise here come from india. Literally you have to understand that if it's not india, who is going to make such a country? You are just shocking with your social conditioning and some open-mindedness is required to understand the cutting edge. I stand for my words and for what I'm saying you will see tha Kailsa will change and is already changing the world.
  10. @Knowledge Hoarder Yeah but you are being deluded in the sense that you are not integrated with the statement you have just said. If I torture or kill you, you are going to care very much. Only a liberated being can say that. And also from an absolute perspective it doesn't matter if you rule or you do not. You are just narrowing down the possibilities of the infinite. It's like we are playing uno and you say me well in the absolute perspective this game is nonsense, of course we all know it! But we still play and enjoy! Watch leo's episode absolute and relative truth, will open your eyes.
  11. @Seraphim Mmm, all truly enlightened beings either they are not in the world or they face inmense opposition from the status quo. For me it's in fact a clear sign that someone is genuine, that there is something amazing going on there.
  12. Not true, in tibet the state is insterested in economic prosperity. That is why tibet has always been concerned with having so many monks in the population because they are not able to sustain themselves.
  13. I'm overflowing in joy, I would never think this moment would arrive, less to say this soon! The change in a macro scale has been triggered by Nithyananda, Kailasa has everything needed to be recognised as a nation. Kailasa is pioneer in conscious centric society, pioneer in Enlightenment centric civilizational nation. This is the big awakening we all have been waiting for, this is the starting signal, this is just the beginning! A nation ruled by an incarnation/avatar, trained thoroughly since he was 3 years old by enlightened Gurus. This is the future of countries, the next evolution step in human development. All Earth will look like this in the future and it's starting now. This is where all is leading, sooner or later, it's inevitable!
  14. Make research, he is very clear. It's just the best science for enlightenment, sanatana hindu dharma time tested full prove to live the best life. It is a very different type of nation, you are just seeing it with lens of todays society but it's a radically different concept