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  1. I agree completely with this post!!! So mature, authentic, and truthful!! This is the perspective that will carry you to the answers you are seeking!!
  2. The path of no evidence (intuition) is basically meditation. Stop thinking, and learn to direct your attention all around you. First through your body at differing points, then around your (bubble). If you haven't taken a psychedelic then take one as that could be very beneficial in opening up your senses to a new level. Learn to shut off the mind so you can naturally sense the world around you. As you walk around life is constantly speaking to you, through the birds in the air, through the music you hear on the T.V. through the people that interact with you, there are no random occurrences every single moment in reality is a conversation. The problem is we are constantly speaking so we can't hear the message. To talk to your inner feminine you need to develop your intuition where you can hear her voice. If you are a person who constantly sacrifices themselves for others you will have to answer for that with your inner feminine which is where your feelings lie. This is the shadow work you will have to do to clear through your trauma/fears/ to be able to embody the No Mind aspect of Reality and get instant downloads from Infinite Intelligence. You translate information through what you believe, and you get insights based on your ability to feel which is intuition. Your beliefs are your truth, and your feeling is your love. They are both the two halfs of truth which is absolute truth, absolute love, and absolute intelligence. So your ability to gain insights is based on what level you have been consistent on truth, and love. Most men care more about facts over feelings which is why their intuition is so low. Women are more intuitive because they focus more on feeling. But focusing on facts makes you good at taking in information and processing it and making sense of it. So with intuition but a lack of focus on sense making ability, you will not be able to translate/make sense of your intuition and will be unable to express it fully. If you have knowledge, but lack intuition all you will have is conceptual knowledge but no knowledge that is combined with experience (mystical experiences) and thus cannot truly awaken as you are just stuck in concepts you have no reference point to compare them too. You can't speed up the process anymore than obsessing about it, thinking about it everyday every moment and putting out the intention that your true hearts desire is to awaken as God. If this is the case...life will automatically unfold and lead you there. It has already led you here so far, so you are already on the path. Trust your intuition and sense making ability (logic) to help you find the truth. I'm sorry to tell you, there are many people who will unconsciously confuse you and lead you astray. They are not doing it on purpose but it is all a part of the test to see how committed you are. Best of luck!!
  3. ^Lol Law of One book said Jesus did that. Was that your source? Also Leo is both right and wrong about Spiritual Awakenings. You are limited by your genetics, and they can be reshaped to express themselves differently, but there is a way to overcome your genetic limits which I am surprised that he didn't share. You can download the consciousness of others, which is actually what you do when you speak with them. Essentially we are all in a hivemind right now, when you awaken to God you realize you are actually speaking to everyone you see in your world. You attract people to you who have similar thoughts which is just an inner conversation because there is no distinction between spoken word and inner word. So technically if you awaken as God you can download whoever you want consciousness, a friend of mine recently did this. They had some really deep trips on psychedelics and downloaded my consciousness and I translated their trips without seeing them by accessing infinite intelligence. I just shut down my mind (meditation) and it just CAME to me. I made a whole post on the forums on how to do it. Everyone has access to infinite intelligence, it just will express itself through you differently. So in a sense you are all special if you can realize this. You need to deconstruct your mind and stop allowing yourself to tell lies. There are two aspects of the truth. The truth of what you believe, and the truth of what you feel/love. So you need to transcend all dogma and realize that you create labels, and that facts are things you create to justify a world view. Then you need to own how you truly feel about things and learn that all hate/fear/anger is judgment. If you can become honest, vulnerable, and naked before God, then Infinite Intelligence will flow through you like a Super Conductor. Your ego makes it hard for God to express itself through you. To become the highest expression, develop the instrument which is what your body is. So practice something, fall in love with it and become a master at it. Then become God Realized and you will be one of the best in the world at that one thing. Everyone is capable of this.....but people aren't confident enough to believe themselves of this so they pedestalize others which is quite hilarious.
  4. God is the source of reality. For God to truly understand itself it must put it self asleep and fool itself to believe in others. By believing in others, it loses belief in itself and designs itself by the reaction it gets from others. So then to protect itself God has to create an ego or a sense of separateness by labeling everything as other or different than it. Since God is addicted to truth, God will see the world from its finite perspective it constructed and that is what reality/God's life will be a perfect mirror of its own beliefs. So God walks through its entire body which is infinity and whichever parts it doesn't like it says ewww I wish that didn't exist. Then the parts that God denies treat God in finite disguise the same way God treats itself and that is why Life becomes hard. At a certain point God is led to break character, and try something different because what they are doing is not working out for them. Then God starts listening and taking advice from others which are just the parts of God that God judged separate that God created to teach itself how to change and live. Through this process God is either learning to drop their beliefs, by realizing that beliefs and facts are a separate order since God is the source of all beliefs and facts. If God sees the world from a love perspective then God is learning to see distinction so it can figure out what to focus on. You see if God loves everything equally....then God has no idea what to do, so God needs a ego to figure out what it wants to do so it can express itself from that perspective at the highest level and experience how all of its other perspectives feel about it. If God loves truth it wants to figure everything out so it can control itself and protect itself. When God realizes that everything is love, it no longer needs protection because every single moment in life is seen as love so the distinction between death and love collapses. Why? Because what you call life is what you love, and what you call death is what you hate. As God you love to be in control, you love to express yourself freely, and you love surprising your own self with your genius intellect and creativity but you do not get to ever see it because you are all alone with no reflection or mirror to share it with. So all life is.....is a game where God gets to show itself....why it is so awesome!!! God gets to fall in love with itself by realizing that all of life is equally awesome, while simultaneously seeing the genius in the design of a limited perspective and how awesome and wonderful limitation is as well. Then it teaches itself that limitation how to grow and become a well-rounded perfect expression in limited form which then gives God proof of how awesome it is...which just makes God fall in love with itself more. THIS is why you are here, you are here to realize yourself as God, realize how awesome life is and how awesome you are!!! THIS is why you created Leo Gura!!!! So Leo isn't wrong....he is the most awake motherfucker because once you realize this.....you realize....YOU ARE LEO GURA!!!
  5. ^ You are talking conceptually. You are still not understanding. You can claim imagination all you want, you don't know HOW you are imagining it. There is a process involved that's proof you don't even understand it. You are just guessing and getting lost in conception.
  6. The Masculine Path to God Realization is the longest way....because you require evidence. You will search for every clue, while having to check all your bias, you will have to continually judge yourself and expose all the lies you tell yourself so you can finally see life clearly. Once you reach this stage you then have to have a heart to heart with God to realize that you were only loyal to one half of truth and were forgetting about feelings. Once you can trust God to take control....God will then kill your ego, but will check all parts of you to make sure you are clear of biases/and judgment and then God will truly be able to get inside. This is when you are God realized. The Feminine Path to God is the shortest way but is the path of no evidence. You just feel/faith and an inner knowing/intuition that God is there. The issue here is it doesn't make sense to you what is going on, you can sense a higher power but you can't understand/translate this feeling and can mistake God for some Demon and torment yourself and others. What can help you is learning to develop your understanding by reading so you can make sense of your powerful intuition. Then God will appear to you in a vivid dream and talk to you. If you can handle the lecture, then God will be able to get inside. This is when you are God realized. Two reach God you need to truly understand yourself from one aspect of either the Masculine or the Feminine. Then trust the opposite when it communicates to you that its true identity is YOU. God realization....the hardest therapy...but if you are honest and complete this therapy....then you will realize....all of life you have been communicating with yourself on all levels. Good luck, I believe in you!!!!
  7. Allow emotions room to sort itself out. If you have a friend who is in emotional pain. Don't try to fix them, emotions do not feel they are wrong, they don't need evidence that they need fixing they can feel something is wrong. Trying to tell them what to do makes them feel you think they are stupid. Allow emotions room to express themselves, and then provide feedback in the form of suggestions upon request. When you do this, you can help emotions figure out how to sort through their own mess thus proving to emotions that they are right just for being and were never wrong for expressing themselves.
  8. Life is just God's therapy.....God separated itself so it could see what is there, and all life became a fight/judgment with God's own reflection. So life is hard because its therapy for God to learn to accept itself as its own best present!!!! This...is the greatest comedy!!! It can be no other way!!!! When God can stop judging and taking things personally and laugh at its own hypocrisy then that is when God can restore all its parts into whole.
  9. Everyone you see on the forums...is you....but you don't really know what that means. You see, when you say....oh yeah I know they are me...you don't...no judgment obviously because you will awaken when you are ready.....so no rush!!! But here is a hint.....every time you judge anybody on the forums or in the world....you are truly judging yourself. For example, let's say you have a person on the forums who is complaining saying life is hell!!!! And you are going around telling them, no its not!!! Life is great!!! The truth is....you both are correct!!! You see...the person who is complaining to you about how they feel....they are literally....your true feelings. They are the parts of yourself you deny!!!! So when truth....and feelings collide....oh boy!!!! If you only knew what that means....its a BIG CLUE!!!! Your life is really your mirror....oh man if you only knew!!!! Your entire freaking life.....you have been interacting...with the face, the image of God....which is .....Yours/God's imagination!!!! So remember.....don't judge God's image....God is sensitive...encourage God and let God know that you love them and believe in them....because every part of God you see, is doing the best it can.....just like you and me. We are all parts of God that have disassociated ourself to know ourself by interacting with our reflection....so we each dream a dream where we forget that we are each other and get to really discover how we really feel about each other. Wow we can be really mean to each other when we are unconscious and think we aren't one. But we don't mean it....we wouldn't do it if we really know. I actually discovered...it is impossible for God to be a Devil OH BOY!!!! If you only knew!!! God is only a devil equivalent to how much it is asleep. God's greatest fear.....is to consciously hurt itself. Do you get it? God would NEVER consciously hurt itself EVER!!! That is impossible!!! Why? Because God is love!!! I'm not giving you anymore....especially you logical types!!! You will beg for more in your journey to figure life out!!! Stop trying to figure it out,.....is okay to not know....because.....the part that knows/reality.....is literally you!!! And its more conscious than you are!!!! It knows how to give you the greatest gift....but you call it death!!! But the greatest gift is actually life, its why its called the present!!! God wants to give you the greatest gift....but you men...YOU HATE SURPRISES!!!! That's it....no more clues...take the breadcrumbs.... I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!
  10. You can deconstruct reality enough to find out how you are constructing reality. I'm not going to tell you how, just letting you know its possible to realize it and see it happening in real time. If you raise your awareness you will literally see it so don't think God Realization is the top awakening, realizing how you are literally constructing reality is the highest awakening. When you realize this fully....you lose the ability to offload responsibility on to anything else. Its all you, completely and utterly you.
  11. You should do a video on it. How our reality is just a reflection of our personal beliefs, and how changing what we believe to be true, will change the world we live in.
  12. Criticism, it is the ego's game to hide the truth. The most used method to silence the truth is to kill the messenger. Since most people do not believe in their own judgment, they first need to trust the messenger before they can believe in what the person is saying. But the truth has nothing to do with the messenger. Even the devil can speak the truth, the truth just is. So one of the many tactics devils use to hide the truth is to call the truth teller a hypocrite. Now the absolute truth is....this is really not a problem, life is the denial of absolute truth so if you are alive then you are already a hypocrite. But since most are unaware of their own hypocrisy they fall for this trap and ignore the truth and the devils successfully hide the truth. If you come out and admit yourself to be a hypocrite, you have now discredited yourself. That which has discredited itself, cannot be discredited by others. So now whatever you say cannot be discredited, because you have already removed yourself from the equation by first discrediting yourself. But wouldn't others choose not to listen? Sure initially they may first ignore you, but over time repetition will win over. But what is even greater is now they won't rely on whether they like or respect you to accept the truth. Acceptance of the truth becomes THEIR DECISION, not based on some BLIND FAITH IN THE MESSENGER. By the messenger bringing themselves down to the common man in terms of virtue, the truth can now STAND ALONE! People have a problem with believing in themselves and so they concoct reasons to believe others are better, they aren't better they are just a unique expression. A talkative man isn't better than a quiet man. A dumb man isn't inferior to an intelligent man. A fat girl isn't worse than a skinny girl. Everything has its place, everything has its purpose. Your selfishness and narrow ability to think will mask the place and purpose of each thing. A talkative man rarely listens, and never shuts up easily on cue. A quiet man bothers no one. A dumb man makes a good student, and a good teacher. They will need to learn because they are dumb, and they will teach you patience and compassion. An intelligent man makes a poor student and a poor teacher. He will refuse to learn because he knows better, and he will teach you that you are dumb and should listen to him. A fat girl can help you around the house, she has the strength to help you if you need some assistance with physical labor. A skinny girl needs you to help around the house and will give you more physical labor as she can move nothing. Sure she is something to look at, but beauty doesn't move tables or furniture. This is not to demonize the opposites, but to show that everything is context related. Every identity fits some where, and doesn't fit depending on the circumstances. Life is just an identity game of knowing which identity fits which moment, and which to throw by the way side. Don't allow others to fool you with labels, they are just labels. All labels are just tools to make sense of things, but they never make sense of things because the truth is often hidden from view.
  13. 1. You see what you are. If he is arrogant...then it is just your arrogance recognizing his arrogance. 2. A con artist cannot be tricked by a con artist...because he too being a con artist can recognize the con. To recognize something, is to see your own reflection in it. 3. The problem is....since Leo is you, if you think him arrogant then you think yourself arrogance. 4. Another thing...what is wrong with arrogance? An arrogant man, can never be led astray by others, he can only be led astray by himself. A humble man, is everyone's servant/slave. A humble man will never speak up, he is always peaceful and thus no threat which is why everyone likes him. A humble man is never honest. An arrogant man does not care about fitting in, he speaks his mind regardless. Jesus was often described as being humble at times....and he was. But he was often seen as arrogant. https://biblehub.com/bsb/matthew/21.htm#12 Jesus once fashioned a whip out of chords and drove everyone out of the temple telling them this is my father's house. So....Jesus is also considered arrogant. Arrogance is the belief that you know better, so you push for others to change. Right now your speech is no different than Leo's you just stated you know better...so you too are arrogant. You were just a hypocrite. Which means....you are full of shit. LOL!!! I am also full of shit for pointing this out. The difference is....I am more honest than you, cause I can admit this....you won't. There is nothing wrong with arrogance...but there is something wrong with pretending you are different.
  14. You got it!!!! The no self....would be your subconscious, and your self would be the conscious. That which observes, or is conscious of what is going on could be called the self, and that which just happens....thoughts, emotions, sensations....functionality...the no self. Your no self controls your hands....but as you observe your hands move your self takes credit for it and says I did that. But I could get your conscious awareness to fuse with the no self through hypnosis, and it could move its hands without even knowing how its doing it. One example is breathing...you can put your awareness on your breathing and take a deep slow breaths, or short rapid breaths, and you delude yourself into thinking that "you" breathe. Yet you can go to sleep and NOT forget to breathe. So that is proof you NEVER needed a YOU to breathe. So people will claim to you that....see there is no you!!! They will claim it is a thought. But notice....you can close your eyes, stop thinking...and you are still aware....that you ARE or IS. Even when you have a dreamless sleep which is literally NON-EXISTENCE. You are AWARE when you wake up that you were OUT. So....there is a self. That self....is awareness. It just has two parts. The part that it is not aware of that happens....and the part that is aware...of the happenings. Now when that distinction is broken....it becomes full aware of all its happenings on every level....but now....it has no distinction....now it cannot know itself. It becomes so unified....it just is...... to have knowledge.....you need a relation. What is tall? But a relation. What is hot? But a relation. You get where I am going.....you need an other in relation to a self....to know....self. This you call LIFE!!! We take it so for granted this thing call life. Love is the no self....the part that sticks....what do you think addiction is? Notice how addicts have no control? They can't help themselves....it just happens...LOL!!! They have to exercise restraint, the conscious part....to wean themselves off. We are all addicts by the way with something. You are either a thinking, or feeling addict or both!! Lol!!! You love to think, or you love to feel!!! Or maybe a unique combination of both!! And...you can't help it!!! It is just who you are you say!!! Lol!!! So the ego...is just a unique construction...of God's infinite love. Then it gets so stuck (in love) with its construction...it becomes REAL!!! Realness is Love!! Illusion...is judgment or disassociation. Ever notice how someone will tell you... THIS IS REAL MUSIC!!! Not that fake crap you listen to!!!! Lol!!! Gotta love it!!!