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  1. Hit me up and I can give you a method. You definitely can!!! It's not even hard, hit me up. The main thing is many people on these forums don't actually watch Leo's videos. You need to binge watch them, over and over and over, until you get every single last drop of what he is communicating. 1. The first most important thing you need to do is to figure out how to cleanse the doors of your perception. You need to be able to feel an intimate connection with reality. If you can watch Leo's video and become aware that his body is your body, that you and him are in the SAME ROOM, that there isn't any distance. When you can feel that he truly is INSIDE YOU, your mind, and that you and him are one....then you have broken through. 2. He literally describes how to do this on his videos but majority of you only watch his videos 1 or 2 times. Here is something you don't understand....consciousness can gain a ridiculous amount of meaning beyond words. When you listen to someone speak you are not gaining definitional understanding, you are literally transmitting consciousness. So if you just keep listening to something over and over....eventually your consciousness will figure it out. It also happens on its own. ^^^^^ This took me all of a year. A FREAKING YEAR!!! Many of you are wasting your time!!! You need to be doing 2 things, tripping to reach peak states, and microdosing to raise your baseline state. Why? Because you are ASLEEP!!! You are misintrepreting reality, microdosing and reaching peak states constantly allow you to SEE HOW YOU ARE FOOLING YOURSELF!!! You can't learn to swim unless you enter into water. You cannot intellectually learn how to swim!! You learn to swim by continually exposing yourself to water until you get it!! Guess what? What I am saying is the same thing!! Stop tripping to experience love!!! You are love!!! You don't need a psychedelic to experience what you are!!! The purpose of the psychedelic is to give you the opportunity to RECONTEXTUALIZE reality by putting you in different states!!! Guess what happens when your consciousness understands the difference between one state and another? IT BECOMES ABLE TO ACCESS THAT STATE!! You are God!!! This is more true than you being human!!! Understand this!!! Stop wasting time!!!! I did it in a fucking YEAR!!! Leo literally told people how not to waste time.....and you still choose to do it. After you understand that top video. Then watch this video over and over. If you do not gain a similar experience as described in this video....then you haven't really gone all the way. That's it!!!
  2. Being a friend, a true friend is paradoxical. On one hand you should support your friend in whatever they choose to do to the best of your ability, on the other hand if you realize your friend is on the wrong path or wasting their time you should have the courage to tell them. When you are direct with your friends on certain topics this might make you unpopular with them....WHO CARES!!! You should always tell your friends the truth if you think they are on the wrong path!!! This MUST be an absolute!!! Because true love is to advocate for your friend FOR THEIR best interest, even when they don't know what it is!! I would rather ALL MY FRIENDS hate me because I told them honestly how I feel about a situation, versus love me for telling them what they want to hear. People pleasing is not love, it's fear. Do not people please your friends, tell them the cold hard truth. I have followed this my entire life and all my friends know that if they want authenticity they come to me, if they want sugar coating and pleasantries they go somewhere else. Now how you deliver the truth, is important. Sometimes I am too blunt in my delivery and its something I need to work on, you can be direct in an indirect way and sometimes to ease the pain of a truth you can do that. But the truth while valuable will sting regardless but it's better to gently stick the needle in versus jamming it in with much force. If you are too afraid too loose your friends you WILL LOOSE THEM, if you are too afraid to be authentic with your friends you will never enjoy a genuine relationship. So how do you overcome this? Be okay....BEING ALONE!!! Only when you love your OWN COMPANY, can you truly love the company of another. Fear of being alone will make you fail in every relationship to be authentic, self-less, and honest.
  3. Leo come on man you are becoming a broken record at this point. Nobody is awake but me, OF COURSE FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE!!! You are the only thing that exists so you are the only thing that can awaken. Absolute relativity. From my perspective which is the only thing that exists, I'm the only one who exists, and you are just a floating head. Your body, your awakenings, everything that you are is just me talking to myself. You aren't even doing a good enough job at trying to appear separate at this point, you might need to take some acting classes cause your self-deception game is becoming very limited.
  4. Addiction is love, addiction is preference, habit is addiction, your point of view is an addiction. Addictions are only a problem if they interfere with things you are trying to get done otherwise addictions are inevitable. At the end of the day...you are addicted to your own personal self-expression.
  5. Life surprisingly takes care of itself. Impermanence for the win!! Good luck!!! See you when you return!!!
  6. Calling Leo biased is itself biased!! You can only recognize what you are!!! So God in formless state cannot recognize anything, only form has the benefit to recognize any type of difference. What do you think bias is? Bias is a preference for a particular thing. You want Leo to perceive things as neither good nor bad, as thus you are biased. To criticize anything is to be biased!! This is obvious and reveals that you do not do self bias or inquiry work thoroughly enough. Instead of being so quick to criticize someone, ask yourself if you are guilty of the same thing!! THIS IS HOW YOU CATCH SELF-DECEPTION!!! You still have shadow work to do, because you are too easily deluded!! You don't even realize that criticism creates the emotion of humour!! It FEELS GOOD TO CRITICIZE because it gives you an air of superiority. You of course will deny all this because you want to see yourself as good and THUS FEED INTO THE LIES AND BULLSHIT you like to use to feel like "Oh but I'm not biased!" All form is biased as hell, this is an absolute!! You cannot be a form and not be biased!! If I asked you would you like to take a swim in a volcano you would decline!!! It is this B.S. that you have presented which is the reason that humans cannot get along in politics, because they are always looking to ignore their own biases and point at others. This is why I win all arguments about bias, because if you point out mines I ADMIT THEM. I AM BIASED AS HELL and because I am AWARE of my bias BY ADMITTING IT, I can see the world CLEARLY!!! If you do not admit your bias, THEN YOU ARE BLIND!!! So you are a blind person right now trying to teach others!!! Remove your belief that you aren't biased!!! Then guess what happens? SILENCE!!! I only spoke because I have a BIAS against people WHO DENY THEY ARE BIASED!!! It pisses me off because it is chock full of hypocrisy and a denial of truth. Why are so many of you on these spirituality forums denying truth? Go to some other forum, it's like going to a website about working out and denying the benefits of working out on that very forum. When you engage in your current activity you actually confuse people and disrupt progress towards truth. Truth is about looking at what is, and discovering eventually it is ALL YOU. So you are the part of me that I am biased against, the part of the human condition that loves to point the finger without realizing that the moment you point a finger, it points back to you IT IS CALLED THE PROBLEM OF SELF-REFERENCE or paradox if you will.
  7. The shadow is actually the light, it's the light of truth being suppressed. All of your negative feelings are rooted in a lack of control, the fear of death, fear of being alone, fear of not being in control, fear of not being good enough, anger at what is perceived as lack of fairness, etc. This is the truth of your feelings, your feelings are not just the happy ones, but the ones rooted in anger. Through a thorough understanding of your shadow, you discover that it is actually the light and there is no shadow at all, and now since you have integrated it you see yourself and others more clearly. There is a danger here though, your patience for bullshit will need to be cultivated because once you can see your shadow, you now have the ability to see the shadows that others try to suppress clear as day. The more intelligent you become, the less intelligent others will seem in comparison.
  8. 1. Ways I have left behind? Speak for yourself, I've never acted in the ways I have described, that's literally what I just said if you actually read what I posted. But you didn't you projected your own experiences into my post. You talk about ego....yet you intepreted from a place of ego just now, don't be so quick to give advice,,,,until you actually learn to drop your own ego and actually understand what is being presented. 2. Also again I am hung up on accepting evil, I literally just described that when you look at business models all require a sleight of hand, advertising for example requires exaggeration, omission, and a bit of theatre to truly stand out. When you look at almost anything such as dating, this too involves deception as well. All of nature and all of existence includes manipulation and deception of some kind, I'm aware of this but it doesn't make it easy to accept. There is always some deviation from integrity at play for example, white lies are deviation. Even flirting is a deviation because what is being communicated is paradoxical and through the form of subtlety and if the person is too dense they can take it literally and be offended. If you try to be too honest and straightforward all the time, you would be killed or ostracized from society. For example, walk around telling everyone how you feel without any filter at all times will put an end to all your relationships. Truth is the most dangerous thing in the world. The issue is yall don't really understand what I mean when I say truth, I mean perfect and complete honesty communicated in every moment, that standard....will get you killed.
  9. Tough Love is bullying, you have obviously never been in the military or boot camp for that matter or ever played any tough sports. Shaq in basketball bullied his opponents, in football as a offensive or defensive lineman bullying is essential to getting the job done. So bullying is love, in fact being tough on your son or daughter growing up (rough and tumble play) has been shown to have positive benefits in life. I was bullied when I was young and while it did cause some emotional trauma, the payoff was it gave me resilence and the ability to forgive quickly and easily. When you get bullied long enough, you actually stop taking things so personally because holding all that baggage in actually becomes counter productive. Humans crave comfort, and thus do not understand the value of bullying, everything in life has a purpose and the design is intelligent.
  10. The criteria for the human created concept of mental illness. Not denying that mental impairment exists, but I do not believe in mental illness. In fact I have cycled through various so called "illnesses" like ADHD, and psychosis, the issue is when one gets stuck in one of these states. Yes these are states of consciousness you can experience. I've been to the hospital many times and have met the people in the mental wards, many of them are there either from sexual abuse, or some type of spontaneous spiritual awakening, some from minor to extreme drug abuse. The West is currently ill-equipped with dealing with awakening so majority of people who have mystical experiences and have a temporary loss of control get sent to the mental ward for a brief stay and classified as psychosis, but if they start admitting to hearing voices and other such symptoms can be slapped with the schizophrenia label. It's going to take awhile before Western Medicine can ascertain a difference.
  11. This!!!! He could just...not seek any guru and be his own guru. Why are you complaining about someone try to fix you, that is what logic, which is what humans are primarily using to survive engage in. In one sense he is not wrong, don't try to fix people or yourself, he isn't even the first to say it...Allan Watts and other teachers say it all the time. In truth you cannot be fixed, because you were never broken, so why are you complaining about others trying to fix you, let them!!! They do it because they believe themselves to be broken as well lol.
  12. It's impersonal because the first person perspective you have as you walk around does not belong to your human character. Your human character is housed WITHIN the perspective. For example in a video game when you are in a first person perspective it technically is not the perspective of the character but the entire game itself. The character you play in the game is no more real than the characters it interacts with. So what is the TRUE real in that game...the player who is PLAYING the character. So you as GOD are the entire perceptual bubble, the trees, the grass, the air, the people you like and dislike etc. So as a result it is IMPERSONAL, and loves everything being perceived. Does your game shut off when someone kills your character? NO, because your game you play doesn't have favorites, but when you play the character you selfishly pursue the agenda of the character. So to you the character is deeply personal, but others you see who you do not know are impersonal. When you can see all others are equally valid as the character you are playing, then you have reached an impersonal awareness. Easier said than done, this game called life will send annoying people your way just to enhance your patience and capacity to love.
  13. I have a personal struggle currently, well in reality all of my life I have struggled with it. I have been gifted many insights and much knowledge in my life, if I put my mind to it I could become a subject matter expert on anything I apply myself too. But I've noticed I have a certain quality that messes me up....I don't care about survival, so no matter what I learn I resist using it to manipulate to get what I want. I hate all the games that humans play as I see them as unnecessary, convoluted, hypocritical and counter-productive. I've had this issue my whole life, which has stopped me from becoming wealthy because when ever I get close to any business model I see it fraught with under-handed tactics to gain approval, to gain credibility, etc. What I struggle with is the radical acceptance that evil doesn't exist, and that it is a human concept, a projection of the societal conditioned mind used as a means to gain control and ensure the survival of society and all of its interconnected parts. If I don't overcome this hang-up I guess I will just end up living a life of simple means, since I really have no desire to become wealthy even though I have all the knowledge, and ability to actualize that if I wanted too. Such a shame, that manipulation is such a key component to making money. I'm still glad I found Spirituality as it validated my desire to be loving, kind, and compassionate as the fundamental building block of being able to cultivate love for yourself and as a result love for others and life. I respect the right of others to survive I just don't agree with some of their tactics but to each their own.
  14. Seems we have a comedian here. Solipsism is so obvious to deny it is to admit absolute delusion. It is literally impossible for solipsism to not be the case. You have never confirmed anything outside of your direct experience in your entire life. Why do you think loneliness exists? Why do you think someone can feel lonely in a crowd of people? But guess what? If you destroy the psychic barrier that is your human psyche (socialization/education) you will feel the entirety of your surroundings within you. That's right! If you are in a restaurant you will taste all the food being consumed, you will feel the heat of every person, you will feel the subtle ting of the tongue hitting the walls of the mouth of every speaker in the room. THEN YOU WILL KNOW THAT ALL EXPERIENCE IS WITHIN YOU AND THUS EVERYTHING IS YOU!!! Anyone who denies solipsism reveals themselves to be a fraud on the forums and reveals they have not done any work. It's becoming annoying when I see people on the Spirituality forums doing this, because you do the same nonsense that every fundamentalist of religions do, you corrupt the teachings!!! You haven't even tried to go all the way and you come back with the B.S. that you have confirmed something, YOU HAVE CONFIRMED NOTHING!!! I can even use your petty little science to prove solipsism if I wanted too, its not even hard to realize, but it is infinite in depth of how it can be explored. All this is said out of love, you only fool yourself in life, it's called self-deception.
  15. Lol I love your signature, I am Batman. Yes you are, yes you are!!! Also the entire video of the people....they are fools for one reason, they have never tested their premises. Spirituality is a Science!!! It's a Science of testing to see if these things are true. If you go far enough in this work YOU WILL VERIFY that you are the only thing that exists. That's why I laugh at people who make claims of, how do you know what work I am doing. Easy, because solipsism is so obvious, so apparent, that you cannot discover it. It's like oxygen, you cannot easily discover oxygen or the famous analogy of a fish in water. The fish was always in water, that it cannot find water because it is in it. But even that analogy falls short because the truth is the fish and the water are the same thing, so how the hell can the fish become aware of this? Anyway all intellectuals trying to use rationality to disprove Solipsism are too easy too beat in a debate because your direct experience is all you have. If you use that one tactic eventually all arguments collapse. So at a certain point, you will force them to admit....they know nothing. Then if they are brave enough they can venture forth. Why Solipsism is amazing. 1. You created everything you see. 2. You created the human you are currently playing as, as well as everyone you love. 3. Every person you admire and pedastilize....IS LITERALLY YOU! So it kind forces you after awhile...to stop judging the character you are currently living as, and to stop putting limitations on your character. 3. You start to stare and marvel at everything you see. 4. As you do the work more and more, reality starts to appear MORE ALIVE, AND INTIMATE!!! 5. You can gain various spiritual abilities you didn't know you had which makes life seem even bigger than before. 6. Your appreciation for life expands even more. 7. You start to realize the silliness of identity, and how could you ever let something so flimsy as identity ever control you. Identity is a tool, identity is NOT you. 8. You start to realize that all belief systems are just constructs to limit your experience of reality and you start to look at life from a place of unknowing, of exploration, and discovery.