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  1. Read this article about how the Supreme Court has outlined the limits of what Police are legally required to do. https://www.findlaw.com/legalblogs/law-and-life/do-the-police-have-an-obligation-to-protect-you/#:~:text=The U.S. Supreme Court has,boy from his abusive father. When I first learned this in college years ago it blew my mind. Now I already know the flaws in the logic of the Supreme Court but this is just to show you how construct awareness works. For example a woman sued the police for not protecting her after she filed and had processed a restraining order. The Court ruled the Police did not have duty to protect her or her kids even though she had a restraining order filed. Crazy huh? So what is your opinion?
  2. Shhh it will take some their entire life to figure this out. Sex is a direct practice to spiritual awakening. At an altered state of consciousness you can become conscious of no self and all is self awakening in one fell swoop. If the materialist paradigm was not so massively accepted sex alone would awaken majority of humanity. It's one of the greatest and most powerful forms of devotion. The wise Spiritual Practitioner can use porn and sex as a spiritual practice. The funny thing is some discover this COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT. A forum user shared a trip report by a girl fooling around with sex and discovering this while high.
  3. What you are missing is you can die without physically dying. For example 5 MEO DMT trip is the same as physical death. THAT is what you are missing. So you can awaken Globally by going Infinite and through that the relative is dissolved into the Infinite. When Leo talks about total awakening and degrees he is talking about the Absolute creating a relative concept and teaching it to you. This teaching is intuitive. I'll give an example. Let's say a person never got to see or experience a waterfall. Then they have a spiritual awakening that causes the relative world to cease to exist. In this Absolute Potentiality they experience what it is like to be a waterfall by becoming a waterfall. Waterfall is a distinction within consciousness, it is relative. So first they became pure potentiality which is total, then they actualized that potentiality and experienced Waterfall Consciousness. Since Reality is an intelligence they can intuit things about the gravitational pull and the molecular structure of the water without having to study it in a lab because they WERE the waterfall. When they come back to being human that intuitive knowing of Waterfall Consciousness is given back to the Human Consciousness and the Human Consciousness does its best to transmit this knowing in the form of language using the existing models that it has for explanations of reality. What I just described was why Being is Prior to Knowing, and how Being and Knowing are ONE. A scientist studies a waterfall, but his knowledge will always be limited, but if he became the waterfall, then his knowledge expands because it's direct. Just like everybody who meets you experiences you as an OTHER unless they become you. r0ckyreed is a specific type of consciousness. Anyone that you deal with will never get or understand you completely unless they can drop their consciousness's barrier they have constructed and experience themselves as you. This is possible and completely destroys the materialist paradigm. Until you experience this for yourself you are stuck in the realm of speculation which most on this forum are at. They guess and try to logically explicate what is possible, but nothing can substitute an awakening. Awakening is pure insanity to the non-awakened mind because it is the realm where there are NO RULES. Logic....is a set of rules, Reality doesn't have to follow rules.
  4. This video was uploaded to Youtube 2 months ago so if someone has already shared it I apologize I did not see it. But here it is if it was shared newly for the first time here. ^^^Notice he still sees visions on 5 MEO.
  5. I'm not blind I understand you are talking about the relative, my push is the relative is not that important when you discuss Spirituality. If you were talking politics or something else that deals heavily in the relative I got you. But do you really think some difference in opinion is really going to impact Spirituality? Do you know how long Spiritual schools have been arguing and fighting? As long as religion has been arguing and fighting. Also I have bias against this traditional Eastern Spirituality of certain people being Avatars. Sure some people are more spiritually gifted than others, but hard work can still raise many normal people to comparable levels. The biggest issue is idol worship or what I call Guru upliftment where humans start worshiping and putting Gurus on a pedestal. This is the biggest trap in Spirituality. Notice why so many Gurus are against psychedelics, because they even the playing field. With proper inner work and assistance from a psychedelic for instance, the human Guru can become irrelevant. Combine this with Spirituality being about your true nature....how can you even have a ranking system in the first place? Sure the depth of the knowing/intuition gained from the practices varies from person to person and the understanding but again considering it's all God....what's the issue? There are no chosen ones or avatars that is human spirituality bullshit and I am sure Aliens would shake their head at this excessive desire by humans to denigrate themselves to uplift someone up. I get it, it's love, it's a form of devotion. But it's imbalanced. You don't have to stop your devotion to yourself to devote yourself to another. To be in balance you have to do both simultaneously. P.S. This was an intelligent breakdown so I'm not taking anything away from your post. But the so called Avatar and those Guru's don't know anything special that needs reverence because the source of their information is the same source of your information. When it comes to the inner wisdom, you are just as capable as them. Their gift is the ability to be unaffected by personal issues as much as the average human, and their ability to change their states with relative ease along with some possible Spiritual Gifts. But again, you go far enough in this work you will discover that EVERYONE is actually born with Spiritual Gifts, some just unlock them easier and some have more than others. And lastly the projection bit was me letting you know that any resonance you have with another has NOTHING to do with the other and EVERYTHING to do with you. Notice how depending on what state you are in, your experience changes? You can watch the same video and the experience of that video can change depending on your state. So that is what I am pointing too. Whatever resonance you have with this practitioner YOU are creating it based on your state. Now I'm not taking away its authenticity, I'm just saying we are always modifying our experiences to fit our paradigms and a big part of this work is becoming aware of this. This is why most people don't awaken because they attribute their resonance to an other. It's your own creation. Our biggest culprit is human language is so relativistic it puts us to sleep to this fact.
  6. The part I find funny is someone will watch National Geographic and watch animals get it on and everything is fine. As soon as you watch humans do the same thing they demonize it. It's so funny how powerful self-bias is. Many people on these forums have judgments about human sex they need to work through. As long as both people are consenting watching them have sex is fine. It's amazing how so many on these forums just create toxic ideologies. So much ego on here. If it was up to them sex scenes would probably stop being in movies as well. LOL.
  7. It's not rigid it's what is true. You are an empty void dreaming yourself as your current human self, looking up to some guy that you are dreaming and making a big deal about him. From a certain state of consciousness you would become aware that you are him. So all of this is not deep or esoteric, it's just a happening within consciousness that you are observing and reacting too. There is only one being here and it's you.
  8. 1. Being on the forum cannot be anymore of a limitation than you uploading videos on Youtube. There are rules you have to follow to disseminate information. 2. You didn't get almost banned for claiming to be Jesus because Leo himself called himself Jesus. Hell we had another forum member telling people that he alone is Jesus and is the key to salvation. 3. If I haven't gotten banned you are not gonna get banned. Nobody gets banned unless Leo signs off on it anyway. 4. You have been engaging in a lot of passive aggressive tactics in an attempt to present yourself as superior, Leo has done the same but he balances it with releasing content. If you release content then people will understand that you aren't just boasting but are actually trying to assist them in the awakening process. An ego wants to boast for attention, the opposite would be a surrender to facilitating the awakening in a way that resonates with those you put the information out too. You won't get everyone on board but you will get some. Love is a connection, that seeks to raise and empower what it connects too. Also this guy claimed he was Jesus and wasn't banned... ^^^^And he was claiming he alone was Jesus and we needed to rely on him for our salvation. Everyone is Jesus....so much delusion in him.
  9. We can communicate with reality, and it communicates with us unknowingly until we raise our awareness so we do have so control over how things get done, just not direct control. So the human identity can communicate with reality but reality chooses how it will unfold. And yes who we have become is important to how things unfold. Got to maintain that realism LOL.
  10. If you think watching sex has a negative impact I don't know what to tell you.
  11. Welcome to the first day of your life. Yes! Reality does what it wants and the human identity must bow to its unlimited power.
  12. All according to your preference. All of existence is a projection. So what you feel from them is your own projection being reflected back to you.
  13. Solipsism doesn't negate your question. Solipsism directs the question to you. So what is the cause of your awakening. You say its suffering, but other dream characters suffer and don't awaken. So investigate, you also tried to say genes but to me that is an easy cop-out. The study of epigenetics says GENES change over your lifetime, so that answer is a lazy answer. Look up identical twin studies if you want a better understanding of what I am talking about. So the answer I think is environment. What you are exposed too. So actually investigate your awakening, what the events that happened and how did they relate to it happening?
  14. Leo releases videos and blog posts that explains his spiritual progress. You have not done a sufficient job of explaining yourself thus you cannot be understood. Until you communicate in a manner that people can understand then you will be misunderstood.