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  1. I had tantra sex with a girl who confirmed the experience with me. I instinctively knew how to do it...like I've done it before. Blew my mind I'm still confused lol. I can't do it anymore but that was during a Kundalini Awakening that was triggered by a car accident. That's the best I got.
  2. Trauma, this is all trauma. If your habits are as good as you say its trauma. You need to find a way to release all that pent up anger. I don't know if you meditate or use pschedelics, yoga etc. But whatever you feel resonates best with you, you need to find a way to heal it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAsJvKsd2Xk&t=2s
  3. The Republican Party maintains its position through lies and propaganda and that is how they have won elections. If you look at the past years Citizens primarily put one party in power when it comes to the Presidency usually for 2 full terms. Then they get tired of how the party runs the country and they put the Democratic President in power for 2 full terms. There have been some exceptions, George Bush Sr, Jimmy Carter, and most recently Donald Trump. Outside of these exceptions once you are in you are pretty much guaranteed a second term. When you are in power whatever happens while you are in the seat gets blamed on you. Instead of humanity collectively deciding to take ownership for themselves we like to massive look to some ruler/politician to solve the problems we have. Every problem in society we can collectively solve without government involvement if we come together. 1. Wealth Gap only exists because American Citizens are too busy fighting everyday over nonsense, or using entertainment/drugs to not pay attention. 2. Only vote for candidates who support what is best for the country as a whole not your individual agenda. 3. Create a transparent system in which citizens have access to the leaders and are able to hold them accountable. 4. Amend the Constitution to give more power to the public by changing campaign finance laws. So right now our citizens are just going to vote back and forth between the two parties till either or civilization falls, or we collectively unite. Together we stand or divided we fall. Either that happens will be for the greater good of the Universe so just enjoy the show.
  4. As I said before Democrats only have themselves to blame. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merrick_Garland_Supreme_Court_nomination
  5. Watch this entire video and tell me how you feel.
  6. Wow I am so happy for you man!!! Way to go!!! The Dark Night of the Soul is no joke!!! Glad you made it out stronger!!! I'm so grateful for you for doing the work!! Thank You for sharing this!!! You just illuminated my day with this post!!! Bless you!!
  7. Wise words. There is much judgment on this thread, many hurdles I foresee. But all hurdles are good learning lessons.
  8. I've had two consecutive days of a bird trying to fly towards me and perch on my shoulder. I think every time it get to me it sense some resistance and it gives up. But it keeps trying a couple of times before it gives up. Anybody have any experience with this or hear about this before?
  9. The people on both sides are both hypocrites. Every human by nature is a hypocrite. Human nature is hypocritical, realizing this is actually a part of God realization. You know how reality is a paradox? So is human nature, so is your behavior, so is mine. Upon close examination every human being at one times has engaged in self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is hypocritical. At some time we all have given great advice...that we haven't followed. So once this realization comes to the forefront, then who are we to judge others....we have the same issues. Its called alignment. And the whole point of Spirituality is to become in alignment, not just energetically but in everything. So speak and act in alignment, that is when we jump out of being a hypocrite and self-sabotage and enter into congruence/alignment. So yeah them acting like this I already knew it would happen. John F. Kennedy quote "“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
  10. Mushrooms are good for healing. The thing is, its never the psychedelic its him. Psychedelics are like steroids, he still has to do the work but it can enhance his results. So first he needs to meditate, close his eyes and focus all his awareness on the spot. Then he has to visualize it being healed. Some like to visualize a light of energy going there. The entire time he is doing this, he needs to believe it is working, without his belief it will not happen. He can do this without a psychedelic and it will work but the psychedelic can enhance the process. Look up visualization techniques on healing. The most important part is belief. That's the foundation and is more important than the psychedelic itself.
  11. 1. I didn't put too much blame on endorsements. Literally before the endorsements Bernie was destroying Biden. There were key states they needed and each candidate had specific groups that both Biden and Bernie weren't strong in. When the endorsements came in, and they came in a wave Biden instantly jumped. If Biden was so popular why did he barely beat the worst President probably in History who did the worst job a leader could do in a Global crisis? Trump literally had parts of the Republican voters against him. Had the Lincoln Project running attack ads and he still barely won. History repeats itself. You already know this Leo, its why we all know Trump has a good chance to win again. He literally only lost because of the horrible job he did with the Pandemic otherwise he would have won. On Average the United Stats Political system has jumped back and forth between Republican and Democrats for the President and that President usually gets two terms. The only time they usually lose if some crisis happens that erodes the faith of the voters. Otherwise they win reelection as an Incumbent off name recognition alone. If you look at how the Liberal media covered Biden, Sanders, and Trump there were clear discrepancies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss7tjLZKdMQ Overwhelming Poll Data consistently showed that Bernie held the highest advantage than any other Candidate over Trump. He held a higher advantage than Hilary, and then a higher advantage than Biden. His advantage was also outside of the margin of error as well. So if you want to win, polling data can help you make an informed decision.....unless of course the Democrats are too much part of the Establishment and don't want an Independent running as a Democrat to overhaul the control the corporate donors have over this country. It is what it is, no sweat off my back but yeah the Democrats need to eat this one they caused their own demise.
  12. It is not meant for you to awaken in this life time. So you can go spend another 100 lifetimes. Eventually you will get it. Or you could put the effort in this life time and not have to spend 100 life times. The choice is yours. Waking up is inevitable its just how long do you want it to take? Its a shame The universe (you) have given yourself so many clues yet you fight it. Here is one: "Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down The Stream, Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily Life is but a DREAM."
  13. There is only doubt in you of what happens when your human body dies. But don't worry you will find out. If you want to find out before you die actually put the intention out there. There is overwhelming proof what happens but until you actually put forth the effort you won't discover it.
  14. Go watch his video 3 times and pay attention to every word. Stop looking to others to verify for you what you can verify. You have access to the same video we do. What he is saying makes perfect sense if you actually spend time contemplating. So contemplate, spend time and actually contemplate. The first awakening people have is of NO SELF, that I am not a self. So what does that mean if you as an individual is not a self. They say the Ego is imaginary, well the Ego thinks it is a self. So of the SELF is imaginary then how does that connect to Solipsism? Ask questions and actually contemplate. Spirituality is all about doing the work. We could tell you, but it will just be a concept. When you experience it, THEN you will understand. You can't think your way to enlightenment. I've tried it, it doesn't work.