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  1. Please Leo, make a video on the philosophy of science! Which mentions both its progress and its shortcomings in modern society. Pleaaaaaassse....
  2. The whole movie is really a case study of the vMeme Red. From the moment it rises (in this case, as a regression from blue), to its peak, and finally when it ceases. It is hard to watch, but it's definitely worth it.
  3. Elon Musk himself I consider him at vMEME Yellow. but in this particular interview he has shown some vMEME Green ideals.
  4. Self-development from a more yellowish perspective. The Integral Model
  5. The Cult of Scientism
  6. Very High Level Conversation
  7. vMEME YELLOW/ORANGE smugness
  8. Stage Yellow Art
  9. In the beginning of my self-development journey. Anthony Robbins was one of the key figures in my first steps toward growth. Today I'm not much into success oriented self-help, but I'm still grateful about all the things that I could learn from him. And then there's Sophia. The first AI Robot that is able to interact with humans and the first robot that has a citizenship. At first, when I read the title, I thought it would be some sort of clickbait video. But I decided to give it a try. And to be fair, I really enjoyed it: the questions were very well addressed as well as the answers... So I thought it would be interesting to share this video with you guys and have a discussion about it. I would love to read what you guys think of it!😊😉🙏
  10. I totally agree with what Leo said on this remark. I was totally blown away when I read the book "Integral psychology" by Ken Wilber. It also helped to understand with a lot more depth the things that Leo has said in his videos. I don't have to follow him blindly in order to appreciate the wisdom of what he is trying to teach. Remember that thinking at tier 2 are not attach to a cult of personality. Because they are conscious that they can always learn something from someone. Even if it is an lesson of what not to do...😉