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  1. I think a lot of people take Trevor Noah for granted. Just because he is a comedian and runs a SD stage green show. But he is really at stage yellow or at least a large chunk of his cognitive development is.
  2. This one is my latest work
  3. Hi guys! Good evening. I was watching a very interesting interview in which the guest basically explains the possible obstacles of psychedelics drugs if it becomes integrated in our society. In his view were two things: 1. Big oranges companies spreading it like candy. With no concerned with the embodiment of the experience. 2. The new generation of orange/green millennials. Who might been using for entertainment purposes. I would like to know you guys opinions. I've had very few experiences with psychedelics. So it would be a nice oportunity for all of us to learn more about this topic.😉😊
  4. I think Venezuela had some layers of green as well. The problem though is that I think they became too ideological about it and then Chavez started to create a cult of personality about him and his bolivarian socialism that went off the rails and now it became just a way to concentrate/centralize power over the whole country.
  5. Hi guys! I been watching some videos on YouTube and I stumbled upon an old video that shows an ex-KGB member called Yuri Bezmenov talking about his techniques of espionage on foreign countries. It's a very interesting video, however, I could that someimes he rants against the leftists, that makes me wander. So I tried to use the SD to see if I can get some answers. And What I came out with is that he might be critizing the left from a stage blue/orange perspective. Probably because he spent all his life in the soviet era. Which was basically red/blue. That I think he is projecting out and lumping all together with the left . I'm not an expert about it. That's why I brought this topic for you guys so that we can dicuss. Thanks
  6. This one is a good example of the transition from purple/red to blue
  7. @waking_dreams@waking_dreamsanother time I have to disagree on that. This is definitely not stage yellow reasoning. It's very biased. And do not take multiple perspectives. Yes it has some truths in it. But why he didn't put Bolsonaro's agenda into perspective as well? Purposes like giving guns to the whole country and cutting some salaries for the workers? Why did he not spoke about Paulo Guedes? The minister of finance of his government who is a neoliberal free market guy who wants to privatize everything state company? I also think his statement is too biased towards the Congress and the Judiciary. They are also very corrupt. The military coup in Brazil they shutdown the congress and the Judiciary without further warning. And Bolsonaro flirts with the idea of Military Dictatorship. He himself declared that he was in favor of it and of torture. It's seems to me that the guys is a Bolsonaro's voter and try to rationalize in a way to diminish the value of the other candidate to make him look good. That's normal. That's how ego works. The reality of the situation is that we're all fucked not matter what we do. And while we still have a democracy we have to choose the lesser of two evils.
  8. An example of Blue would be Cabo Daciolo. Another presidential candidate. Who is the stereotypical evangelical priest. Who goes to the debates with the bible and praises to lord while speaking.
  9. I have to disagree with the majority of the people here on one point : Bolsonaro is not SD blue with a lot of red. He is a full red with some rudimentary blue in it. Which means that he uses blue value to justify his red behavior.
  10. Don't trust anything you see on the media buddy. Lula was a great president. The problem was that he underestimated the corruption of Brazil and inside his own party. But in a sense he allowed that to happen just so he could govern in peace. Tge problem thou is that it backfired on him. Then the worker's party elected Dilma, which was an incompetent president, and the collective ego of the worker's party has grown more and more until the shit hits the fan. Using the social programs, which has worked in the beginning, but now as an excuse to remain in power. That's how I see the modern polictics in Brazil (speaking as a Brazilian). Now. About the spiral dynamics stage: Before the worker's party went to power , Brazil was stage blue and rudimentary orange. Fernando Henrique Cardoso was the president at that time, he was stage orange. Then Lula came along, and he was stage green, populist and idealist, you see, Lula was an outlier. Even the worker's party couldn't expect that. He invested a lot on social programs to help the poor, and it did work during this time. But also ( as I mentioned earlier) the collective ego of the worker's party wanted to spread more and more of their influence, leading to white collar crime( stage orange). Then Dilma came along, continuing Lula's green program. But I really don't consider her green, she was probably a high orange. And then, during her reelection , she got a monstrous ego backlash. Because a lot of corruption was coming out in the media. And also the worker's party made some alliance with corrupt parties to get themselves in power, like for example the PMDB, which assume the presidency after Dilma got impeached. At that time they also got the president of tge congress with them. And now we have a red candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, against Fernando Haddad, I don't know how to categorize him. In short this is basically an ego backlash of blue and orange against green. It also makes us reflect that. Although these social programs may help benefit the people's country. This is also an example that just good intentions isn't enough. The President has to think systemically (stage yellow). And to develop programs that are sustainable. Because these social programs can cost a lot. Anyway. I think this post is a little bit too long, I'm sorry about that, it's just that is something that we Brazilians are suffering a lot.
  11. Thanks guys for all the elucidated comments!😆 Specially the one by@Serotoninluv ! his view on the Spiral Dynamics model can be seenin this video on his post fight interview. Where he can't grasp the idea of the marketing and the promotion of all this trash talking( stage orange) that happens in the UFC.
  12. Hi guys! This is my first post here in the forum. I'm new, so therfore I don't know if this sort of topic is discussed here. I was watching the fight last night between Connor McGregor vs Khabib and I got shocked to what happened after the fight . When khabib, after winning the fight, went out the octagon and started a brawl with McGregor's team. But after all of that happened, I started to think about the things that Leo used to say abput the ego and also about spiral dynamics. Connor McGregor is a guy who promotes himself with his big gigantic ego and narcisism ( stage orange). Also the whole UFC makes billions of dollars marketing all of this thrash talking before the fight, flirting a little bit with stage red temperament. While khabib, at least on the screens, tried to remain neutral , however, after he won, from my point of view, his ego has flourished, and I could see that even though he had won the fight over McGregor , and kept the belt for him, he was celebrating, or cheerful, instead he still got pissed off and felt that it wasn't enough, so he went off and tried to beat the shit out of McGregor's team, (stage red). That's the way I see it. I would like to read other people's opinion towards that.
  13. I don't know if he is in yellow, but I was very surprised by the way that Bo Burnham analyzed this issue of political correctness. With different layers and different perspectives