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  1. I have only one objection with regard to this analysis: - the population aging might be a problem to our workforce only if we consider our current model of development. but, given the fact that A.I is spreading more and more into workplace, requiring less and less workers to make the same tasks and having the same results, and these projections being somewhere around 50-70 years into the future, so maybe, within that new paradigm, this age gap might come across as being very advantageous.
  2. Very good example of vMEME Orange Corporate Dickery
  3. Another good example of how modern brands exploit their fan base
  4. The adjustment and/or application of new technologies, in a society that is constantly evolving like ours, requires a vMEME Yellow level of thinking, in order to fully actualize it.
  5. This video is very educational at understanding the clash between different value systems on the Spiral Dynamics Model. This is basically a clash between vMEME Green and vMEME Orange, on the topic of Gender Identity. I recommend you guys to look at that debate from a Tier 2 approach, and see how both models are partially true in their own perspective
  6. WARNING: the psychological conflict contained in this video might be triggering to some users. Viewers discretion is advised
  7. A very good example of the "aggressive " side of vMEME Green. The death metal band Cattle Decapitation. Which talks about environmental issues and animal rights, and blaming us filthy humans as being the cause of all these problems, which is very stereotypically Green. Cattle Decapitation "The band has a quite large fanbase among animal rights/liberation supporters due to their beliefs, album covers, and lyrics, which usually focus on prioritizing animals over human life. The band originally consisted of all vegetarians, but Josh Elmore and Travis Ryan are the only vegetarians in the band now." (WARNING:The content of this song and video might be shocking to some users, viewer discretion is advised) Cattle Decapitation - We eat our young (lyrics) Homo sapiens have made it perfectly clear We can't control ourselves Living a life perfectly fine with blindly multiplying Conscious of ruination coursing through our own bloodlines Is this not a cesspool, our toilet earth That we've crafted for our progenies? And in this landfill where we lay down our births A future rife with variants of disease... Who even are we? What is our endgame? What's with this army that survived when "the end" came? Ah! The fleshy architеct! Bold in design but fucking out of its mind With self-indulgencе and a self-worship Birthing in stifling numbers as the planet worsens We cannot care We never cared We wouldn't dare We've upped the ante as the most invasive species of life that ever shat on this earth That learned to shit in its hearth That ever bore living birth, that taught its offspring to drive its own hearse Straight into the dirt Brought up to be so inconsiderate Living in delight of belligerence Through example they're taught indifference Pieces of shit, point blank - deliberate Full of contempt rife with disinterest Legitimately fucking ignorant Litter my seed? Never considered it Own world we obliterate We eat our young We eat our young We eat our young We eat our young We eat our young We eat our young We eat our young We eat our young
  8. I found this video on Leo's Blog. A very good example of how vMEME Red prostitution works , and the psychological tricks that pimps do in order to get the girls and keep them around.
  9. To this I have two questions for you: 1- do you really know the values of vMEME Purple? 2- Why did you completely ignored vMEME Red on your post? Your view is incorrect, Purple is a very primitive stage (by society's standards), we rarely find these people around in modern cities, we might catch a glimpse of it in infants, due to their early cognitive development. The manosphere is basically vMEME Blue and vMEME Red values on masculinity, applied in an vMEME Orange environment, and it has some echoes with conservativism because of the Blue MEME that it carries. Where did you got that information from? This sounds very random, and very sexist, which is totally not the case, not from that early stage of development. Even if a vMEME Purple tribe go to this, they don't have that level of sophistication of subjugating women in order to please men, this is what the red pill believes as being true... Purple tribes make very little distinction, even of self and other, everything is shared by everybody, they don't have the gender roles that we perform in our modern civilization... in the tribe ,everyone, LITERALLY EVERYONE have to sacrifice for the tribe, that is what their ancestors believed, and what mother nature wants. I hope you understand my criticism, and I recommend these videos if you might have questions about it
  10. A very good example of how someone can get trapped into a vMEME RED/blue group, and how to escape it. P.S: I say these groups has some blue in it, because they believe in some (distorted) moral code on how society should be organized, that doesn't involve just the fulfillment of their selfish needs, but that is completely polluted with hatred, bigotry and egocentism, which allows them to justify their actions by means of force and violence.