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  1. Me
  2. Active Listening: a very important skill to develop in life (and some of the toughest ones)
  3. When a healthy (pun intended) vMEME Orange meets a healthy vMEME Green, this is what happens.
  4. The first video is really good for understanding vMEME Purple value system. The second one is more of an immersive experience into their lives.
  5. Just that lifestyle by itself is very vMEME GREEN, but also her value system has very strong Green qualities... but what I liked about her is that she not over idealistic... she shares a lot of things in common with Green beliefs, but because she's very grounded on first hand experience, by multiculturalism and getting to meet with the locals, that she doesn't become judgmental towards the attitude of other people, even if she doesn't like it.... That a very educational video
  6. This video might be up for debate... The reason why I brought it here is because it gives me some "greenish vibes", like the kinesthetic nature of these songs, as well as the musicians presentation, which I find it quite chill... with a sense of style that's kinda new age.
  7. I found that post extremely offensive, and very untrue. since 1988, under our final constitution, our voting process has been working tremendously well, even Bolsonaro, who is now contesting the validity of it (without providing any real evidence), has been elected by that same process during his entire 30 year long career as a politician (his sons included). Do you really think that our country exists just to give you bananas? Well.. you should read more about Brazil, we are one of the leading exports of soy, meat and we also have large oil reserves and one of the largest natural reserves in the world, which is the Amazon. That kind of statement of yours is actually very discriminatory
  8. That's actually both... What these extremists groups truly believe, in the back of their minds, is that "we don't accept democracy, cuz we're fascists, so let's storm the democracy" But they can't say that out loud, they probably aren't even aware that this is what they're doing, so they justify in their "conscious mind" by saying "the other side cheated, because communism is something that most people won't go with"
  9. I was actually think about posting this on the Mastery Mega-Thread, but because Christopher Nolan is a vMEME Yellow director, and his explanation on the "Memento" film was very "Construct-Aware". I found that it would be a very good example to put it in the Spiral Dynamics section instead. 😉👍
  10. Don't underestimate our country just because we are 3rd world.... We have one of the most strongest and resilient institutions in Latin America, and since we've developed our voting machines, in 1996, our elections has been fair and square, and been recognized even by other International organizations as well. HOWEVER, what really fuck us up is the amount of corruption that happens pretty much everyday, both in politics and in our society as well, to the point that it has been appropriated by our culture as being the "Brazilian Way", which is a way of taking advantage of some flaw in the system in other to benefit oneself.... But we have a lot of transparency, that keeps track of all the daily activities of the president, the ministers and congressmen, as well as to where the federal budget is being directed to, the kind of resource that a lot of latin american countries lack off... This is precisely the kind of thing that Bolsonaro was trying to undermine throughout his entire "Administration "
  11. A lot of these revolutions ideed has mobs infiltrated in it. HOWEVER, if you look back at these revolutions, you'll see that there was an exhaustion in the model of government, and this was a consensus by the majority of the population, which came up with a new and POSSIBLE system of government to overturn its predecessor... it's not all rainbows and butterflies, but it's something that's a trend in history. With Bolsonaro there's no real plan or proposal to any of those, he advocates for military dictatorship, which is clearly unsustainable in our current society: there's a lot of corruption, TORTURE!, extra judiciary killings, censorship, and they don't have to oblige to any other power besides themselves... The only reason Bolsonaro incites his followers for that is just to remain in power and don't get prosecuted by his own crimes
  12. These terrorists are the leftovers of Bolsonaro supporters... they give less than a shit about democracy and even patriotism at this point. For them is much easier to go on these riots, and staying around military headquarters, than to realize that they have been tricked by Bolsonaro this entire time ... It would be an existential threat so painful at this point, that makes it impossible for them to reconcile it in their own consciousness...
  13. Everybody knew this is going to happen, and no one did anything to prevent that from happening...