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  1. this video has a lot of everything, but the majority of its content is vMEME Orange
  2. A little extra:
  3. @Preety_India You're right, t's not a big deal. And you're entitled of your opinion as well as I am. I still don't think that Joe Rogan runs a cult-like channel like Alex Jones, but regardless of his intrinsic motives, the misinformation is being spread by anyone who watches him... When I wrote about that as being strawman/ad hominem argument, I wasn't addressing it to you, other people in the forum were making similar associations, and there is no problem with that because, as I said before, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and they can bring other facts which might validate their own positions @Preety_India if my commentary was seen as provocative to you, I want to apologize, it definitely wasn't my intent and it is important to me to have this kind of feedback in order to become more aware the next time something like that might happen in the future...🙏
  4. There are good trustworthy media, they just are not mainstream media...
  5. I don't really think that Joe Rogan is stupid, he's just biased... There's a difference in it: a stupid person is generally not able to develop critical thinking, While a biased one might possess some critical thinking, but he orients his reasoning process to suit his own preferable beliefs, because he's not able to metacognize (a.k.a self-reflect) enough to see his own projections into a topic, specially if it's something which he doesn't have enough expertise about it...
  6. This is a short but very educational video, which shows all the steps of the framing problem by what Joe Rogan got it wrong in that clip. It's really worth watching 😉👍
  7. As I said in another thread about this same topic. Joe Rogan is an open minded vMEME Orange and vMEME Green, but he still has a lot of biases which prevents him to go to Tier 2, like this Libertarian appeal for self-reliance, individual responsibility and freedom. I totally disagree that Joe Rogan is the same thing as Alex Jones, Joe is far more conscious than him, and to use the fact that Joe Rogan is friends with Alex Jones in order to justify their argument is really a strawman and an ad hominem attack... yes, he's friend with Alex Jones, which is vMEME BLUE/orange with a lot of vMEME Red, but he's also friends with Graham Hancock and Dennis McKenna, which are quite vMEME Green, this is actually an evidence as to why I think Joe Rogan is an open minded individual... The Problem with Joe Rogan is that he's not able to actualize the role of society and government in our lives, because he thinks from a very atomized perspective of the "free thinker" who questions everything.... Society and Government operates via Consensus, sometimes it happens organically and some others it has to be created some boundaries... and at some times this sucks... but in this particular situation, a health and sanitary crisis, the government needs to adopt very strict measures to have the public opinion working in their favor, because if we have too many variables on how people should behave, the situation then becomes (even more) chaotic, and we would not know what's gonna happen next... I'm not saying that this stuff is either good or bad, what I'm saying is that it's inevitable that this dynamic is going to happen...
  8. Have you watched Democracy Now? I find it the most trustworthy news channel, which does real independent journalism
  9. crazy vMEME Green video... Watch and enjoy!😉👍 #IWillGiveAShit
  10. Wow that a very concise and very informative video about this topic!😲 @Hardkill thanks for sharing!🤩🙃 And @K Ghoul I hope you find/create a job that is fulfilling for you and that it serves your life purpose!😉👍
  11. this video is very interesting. It shows the cultural clash between vMEME Blue Christianity and vMEME Purple ethnical minorities in the Region of Nigeria.
  12. I don't live in America, so I can't talk very much about it... But I find it interesting the way how the pandemic change the perception of their workforce, now having to work and study at home, they see that there are more opportunities than before(and with more flexibility) so that they feel no need to be attached to a job and a routine that doesn't suit their lifestyle anymore, and therefore becoming more picky... Am I right?... Honestly I don't know much about America's idiosyncrasies when it comes to work... that why I brought this topic, so that we can discuss about it!😉👍
  13. this is not a single video, but an entire playlist! 🤩😉👍