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  1. These Videos require some explanation... It has to do with the notion of Content vs Structure and Going-Meta, presented by Leo, and how vMEME Yellow is capable of finding solutions to problems by going at the root of the cause. In that music example: look at how being able to play just these 4 chords allowed those musicians to replicate many other possible songs that are compatible with this simple formula, saving them a lot of time trying to rehash every new song they find... And the same way goes to Tier 2, they're able to look at the core of the things that they're working on (a.k.a the structure), and remove all the "noise"(content), that are unnecessary to solve a particular problem they may try to solve . So I find that analogy quite illuminating! And that's why I'm sharing it with you guys!πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
  2. Not necessarily... I actually see what you mean. The lower the stage, the more prone one might be to scape-goat, but if we also take in consideration the Integral Method, we'll also see that there are different aspects of life by which one might be more developed than the other, for example: one might be very ethical and trustworthy when it comes to his business and/or with his finances, but he can be a disaster when it comes to being loyal to his spouse, or being a good parent, etc.... The point is: is almost inevitable that we humans might have some hidden traumas that we don't want solve, maybe not right now, and that goes regardless of any stage(of course with different degrees...), and one of the ways we might do to defend ourselves from it is by projecting and scapegoating our problems towards other people or situations..
  3. Scape-goating can be done at any stage. It's the result of an attached and non-purified ego, which the majority of us humans are still plagued with...
  4. This is a very good example of an unhealthy version of vMEME Green. The problem is not the values that they hold per se, in this particular case is that she seems to keep pushing her views on veganism to meat eaters without really addressing the environment that she lives, and she runs with it with full force, and gets repelled 10 times harder, because she doesn't understand that the social configuration can't access things that are out of their level of concern/awareness, so her views and her actions will be perceived as awkward, extreme, and inconvenient, and her message will never get into these people's heads. What vMEME Green "Extremists" can't see is that reality follows a chaotic/non-linear process... maybe the change that they want to see with their collective action may occur not in their lifetime, but from a constant struggle across generations, which sometimes seems that nothing is working (or that it might be even heading backwards...). So to keep pushing these ideas, and ignoring other people's worldviews (that are opposite to yours) can only work to a certain extent, but later you have to go to source of what makes them think and behave that way, and maybe you find out that the solution may not be as ideal as you and your group might have thought of in the first place...
  5. this movie is not my cup of tea... but the plot was very well written, and touches upon vMEME Yellow concepts of non-linear systems and sensitive dependence on initial conditions, but in a very colloquial way...
  6. I'm not criticizing the music genre, but the kind of environment that these guys were in is very vMEME Red.
  7. I would love to watch @Leo Gura having a conversation with Bernardo Kastrup!πŸ€©πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
  8. I know vMEME Blue can be a "triggering stage" in first world democracies, but it's important to look at these stages in their own process of development, otherwise you'll become very judgmental about it, and that will compromise your ability to transcend and include, and reach Tier 2. I'm not saying we should allow any stage's unhealthy behaviors to interfere in our own process of development, I'm just saying to be careful , not demonizing them and not being able to see things from their own perspective, and that video is very good at showing that, I find it very "educational " so to speak... and that's why I brought it here in this mega-threadπŸ˜‰πŸ‘
  9. Street Fighter 2: A masterpiece of Game Design
  10. I don't think it has anything to do with flatline. I do NOFAP for years, and there were times where my sexual arousal went to the roof!!! The difference though is that I decided to work on my sexual energy as well! I chose not to watch porn, nor to masturbate, but that sensation is still there in your body, and what I recommend you is to become conscious of that, and embody that energy by working with it. Mantak Chia has helped me a lot to work with that, I'll recommend you to read the book "The multi-orgasmic man" and to watch this video below, to have a sense of what I'm talking about...
  11. vMEME Orange view of cut spending to maximize profits.