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  1. An interesting example of what could happen when vMEME Green becomes too idealistic to the point of backfiring at them.
  2. Mine
  3. vMEME Blue Conservatives be like... (watch until the end)
  4. "Silver... or Plumb"
  5. it's not you, it's just business as usual...
  6. a vMEME Yellow problem regarding nonlinear systems and sensitive dependence on initial conditions
  7. The majority of the Art Market today is a dirty business, in which curators and gallery owners run the show, but I will have to disagree slightly with the idea of intrinsic value: All that Art has is intrinsic value, but when he mentions it, in that context, he's talking about a price tag that can be well stipulated and regulated, and, although in that sense is true, it completely misses the point of the holistic value that Art has in our World (as an expressive manifestation of our collective and/or individual consciousness).
  8. Wow! that Tupac's speech is very vMEME Green!😲🤩👏
  9. Yes. It also bugs when you embed some YouTube video, it doesn't exhibits...
  10. Following the same thread The next one is a case study of one particular song, also from Animals As Leaders, called "Monomyth"
  11. Roman architects and engineers really built an empire that lasted for thousands of years (still today)
  12. At the same time the romans developed environmentally friendly concrete, they also built their pipes with lead, which is extremely threatening for your health.
  13. This is high level vMEME Orange Kleptocracy.