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  1. @UnbornTao Keep going bro!
  2. It's time. It has come. I'm leaving the forum. I will keep looking to new videos. Thanks to you ALL. Thanks @Leo Gura, keep going! Love & Peace.
  3. @OBEler Thanks for that. Brain is like a reality constructor. It is a powerful machine. Who knows...
  4. I don't do psychedelics but it is a interesting article. What do you think about? Is Machine Elves/Alien Consciousness just a delusion?
  5. It was on purpose to get her angry to leave this situation. Anger is a valuable resource to break apathy.
  6. Pickup is the hook. You can use pickup to attract not to maintain a deep relationship.
  7. @Yimpa I tend to simp for Ralston/Jed Mckenna. They know some shit that we don't.
  8. It is a parody 😂 Andrew Tate calls himself "Top G". He is "Bottom G" a feminine version of Tate.
  9. How do you deal with your internal world? Do you think your internal world is more real than your external world? You are doing it. You are responsible for it. If you think, feel, sense, perceive, emote or whatever process you can think of, YOU ARE DOING IT. IF YOU ARE DOING IT, YOU CAN STOP IT. NOW. Wake UP!
  10. Search for Cyberbunker on Netflix. Amazing documentary
  11. You should not approach in just one place. Make a list about your city: 10 top places/spots to train your daygame skills.
  12. Bottom G is funny... I'm laughing at this sh*t for hours