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  1. Spiral Dynamics Stage Green Examples Mega-Thread
    Spiral Dynamics Stage Green Examples Mega-Thread
    Green longing for Turquoise.

  2. 1 month Monk Mode
    1 month Monk Mode
    4:30 wake up, no drugs, nofap, 20 pages of a book a day, no electronics except for work, clean diet 3-4k calories, mass training every other day, 1-2 hours meditation. With the goal of making 25K cyall in november. 

  3. IFS Therapy Result
    IFS Therapy Result
    This is a recording of our session. If you want a sense of what the session is like this can be helpful.
    @UnbornTao I think this is a great resource as well

  4. Resource list
    Resource list
    I really like teachers who talk about non duality and the importance of our own conscious presence. 
    So teachers like Rupert Spira, Loch Kelly, and Ekkart Tolle. My favorite teachers is Rumi.
    I've recently gotten into this PUA dating coach John Elite. He has a lot of incredibly insightful things to say about a lot of topics. And I think there is a subset of spiritual seekers who would be better off listening to this guy, then more conventional teachers

  5. Three Card Tarot Readings (Non-Psychic)
    Three Card Tarot Readings (Non-Psychic)
    Mind you, I’m not psychic. But this is what the cards seem to reflect.
    With all the reversals, I get a potential sense of stagnation in your work path, spirituality, and creative drive.
    But fear not. There are stars in each of the cards... and the middle card is actually called “The Star”.
    So, my recommendation is, if you face with blocks or stagnation, find your own “North Star” once again. 
    The Hermit is a good archetype to help you turn inward and find your own North Star.

  6. What is the healthiest diet for humans?
    What is the healthiest diet for humans?
    Any appeal to ancestral diet is redundant by default in the current day and age. Natural selection always favours the most immediate survival to achieve a state of reproduction over longevity and disease avoidance. This is called hypothesis of antagonistic pleiotropy (the theory is of course way more complicated than that). The genes responsible for the ability to produce offspring even at the cost of decline of longevity and rapid ageing would be favoured by the evolution. 
    Basically whatever the ancient people ate, would have favoured the immediate survival and prevention of death before was one able to mate and reproduce. It was also literally anything that was available at that time. Mostly plants in spring and summer and mostly meat in autumn and winter once foraging would have become impossible. After offspring has been produced, what happened to the previous generation (once offspring achieved the age of self-dependence) was not important. 
    We have now moved past that. Infant mortality is less than 0.5% and most people will live beyond the age of peak reproduction achieving longevity that would not have been possible or achievable thousands of years ago when our ancestors lived. And so whatever they ate at that time is completely irrelevant to our diet today. We have moved past antagonistic pleiotrophy and over generations, the genes favouring longevity has been switched on more and more as we have achieved abundance of resources and food never before available so the body does not have to be in state of perpetual survival anymore. Ofcourse this also means other genes sich as those of more pro-oncogenic states have also been switched on as well as those responsible for aggressive detoxification and cellular proliferation such as NRF2, mTOR, Pi3K and all the other fancy names that are sometimes linked to chronic disease simply because our lifestyle is so so different to what would have been 10,000 years ago, yet another reason why ancestral diets have nothing to do with that we should eat today. 
    Rather than appealing to our ancestry which was driven 100% by short term survival we should take advantage of the research we have today into a variety of food categories that helps us determine which food groups help prevent the most fatal of all diseases (means diseases that kill 8 out of 10 people) which is heart disease, cancer and diabetes. That data we have albeit sometimes inconsistent show that there is a clear indication that mostly plant-based diets with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, legumes and wholegrains are the best diets for chronic disease prevention and all-cause mortality reduction. Whether one decides to include sources of saturated fats (such as meat or eggs) is an individual choice however at very small amounts it appears (at least based on the evidence today) that they do not contribute to negative health outcomes. In small amounts. 
    Once that threshold is crossed , disease risk rises pretty much immediately. 
    Of course this does not take into account alcohol, smoking, toxins, sugar and junk food and trans fats which everybody pretty much agrees on that they are harmful. 

  7. List meta-sources here!
    List meta-sources here!
    Here is a couple of book lists I found online.
    Orange/Green basic productivity/self help book list:
    Blue/Orange entrepreneur/success book list:
    Favorite books from various successful people:
    List of all books ever mentioned on Tim Ferriss podcast, filtered by guest:

  8. List meta-sources here!
    List meta-sources here!
    I have been enjoying the conscious media resource library at Conscious Awakening Collective or www.coawco.com

  9. List meta-sources here!
    List meta-sources here!
    Meta-source as in sites or wikis or dictionaries or people pulling from a bunch of other sources and a wide range of disciplines. 
    I found this to be a great resource thus far, reaching a lot of topics from learning to business, persuasion, storytelling, strategy, creativity and much much more (it’s enormous).
    Here’s for example Joseph Campbell’s ten commandments of reading stories.

  10. Top Relationship Resources
    Top Relationship Resources
    Hey there,
    Today I was reading Ken Wilber's The Religion of Tomorrow book and I was struck with so much gratitude for you @Leo Gura... it's just a gift that I'm even able to understand almost everything that this book says. You have given me so much and I just felt like sharing some love with you. 
    I noticed that I have never shared many precious gifts that I have found along my path with y'all, in an area that I think the actualized.org crew is needing lots of resources, which is relationships (my life's purpose is to teach people how to have conscious, authentic, healthy relationships - I'm a therapist). 
    So here we go, the best resources I have found after years of pursuing this relationship path:
    Best teachers + books + seminars (stage yellow/turquoise)
    OTHER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOKS: https://www.learningloveinstitute.com/books-we-recommend/ (great books on sexuality and tantric practices - life-transforming)
    I have tears in my eyes just thinking about these two teachers: Krishnananda & Amana... this is love at its purest. I hope some of you have the opportunity of meeting these teachers, they are the most loving human beings I have ever met. Their teachings are deeply rooted in non duality (they lived with Osho for many many years - they have a very interesting life's story). Even though they call Osho their master, they are the 1st ones to say "Osho was full of shit in many situations".
    I recommend to start by reading their book: Face to Face with Fear – Transforming Fear Into Love or Stepping out of Fear – Breaking Free of Pain and Suffering.
    They try to communicate in a very simple way and give people very simple models for healing. 
    You can solve ANY relationship problem you have in a therapy session with either of them, which costs something around $170. Another amazing thing about them is how their business doesn't revolve around money, their seminars and sessions are fairly cheap compared to most teachers.
    I cannot recommend this work enough. THIS IS GOLD!
    Best way to practice authentic relating based on meditation and find a community of people that you can feel deeply connected to
    https://integralcentered.com/aletheia/ + https://integralcentered.com/ken-wilber-on-authentic-relating/ (Ken Wilber's take on authentic relating)
    I highly recommend circling. It's an amazing way to see your relational blind spots, to feel absurdly connected to other human beings, learn communication tools and etc. It has it's some pitfalls, like not exploring trauma and how to heal wounds, but it's an amazing tool to growth.
    A good introductory book on circling: Circling and authentic relating - Marc Beneteau (even though the author is fairly undeveloped).
    Most big cities have a live circling group these days that you can attend.
    Other good resources
    Podcasts (yellowish): https://relationshipschool.com/podcast/ and https://www.neilsattin.com/relationshipalive/  (there are some false teachings in these podcasts, but many useful teachings and resources).
    Relationship courses + trainings: https://relationshipschool.com/dpir/ - I have been studying with this teacher for the last 2 years. I have spent $25k on his courses and I find them to be a very good base for a healthy relational life. He's mostly yellow, but he's still very stuck in some orange toxicity IMO - he can be very manipulative, greedy and etc. I have done trainings with him because the most recommended teachers - learningloveinstitute - don't offer programs as he does. I still highly recommend this material (especially if you are still in orange or green), but you should know that some of the stuff that he teaches is based on falsehood IMO. I'm leaving this teacher soon and completely focusing on the Learning Love Institute one's.
    Another downside is that it's very expensive.
    Other interesting authors and books:
    Already Free: Buddhism Meets Psychotherapy on the path of liberation - Bruce Tift (yellow+turquoise)
    Mindsight - Daniel J Siegel
    Gabor Maté
    There are many more that I could list here, but I actually think it's best for all of you to focus on the ones that I have already mentioned (too much information can be distracting). All the people that these 2 podcasts interview can be good resources.
    @Leo Gura if you are open for feedback: I think that the relationship books in your list are pretty bad lol , which makes sense because you were mostly on stage orange when you created this list (I think).
    The way of the superior man: this book can be very shaming in my opinion and is male chauvinist (even though I loved it when I read it years ago and it has some beautiful insights). My perception today is that it has very poor relationship teachings. Chapters like: Don't force the feminine to make decisions, Praise her, What she wants is not what she says, Her complaint is content-free, She wants to relax in the demonstration of your direction and etc are pretty bad (very blue/orange). Real relational teachings teach you to be with your wounds and emotions, there's very little of that here. I think Deida is a case of someone that maybe has done lots of waking up (maybe not even that), but hasn't done much growing up.
    The 5 Love languages: IMO this is stage blue relationship garbage... the 5 love languages are actually feeding people's egos/shame in most situations. Even though it has a "positive effect" in the short-run, it feeds falsehood in the long run. Example: someone's love language is Words of Affirmation - if you go deep enough, you'll see that the person was traumatized into thinking that he/she is only worthy, lovable when receiving compliments from other people. It's like telling a model that she's beautiful, she'll feel good about it, but it's feeding her shame instead of dealing with it.
    Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus / The 7 Principles That Make Marriage Work / He's Just Not That Into You - these books are very orange and don't give actual tools for people to heal their relational wounds and move towards healthy relationships.
    Let me know how this lands for you! 
    If anyone has questions or wants more suggestions and advice, let me know!
    Relationships are such an incredible way to deal with our shadows, especially long term partnerships. And of course, such an important part of life that cannot be avoided. I hope this helps some of you to grow up in the relational area of your lives. 
    Lots of love fellow seekers,