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  1. Bruh. Let me know when one of Ralston's disciples creates an online forum thread complaining about how he's scared that he's going to live forever and that his life is ruined because of his teachings.
  2. What happens when you do a cold shower? There are certain things that normally help with brain fog as well, like proper diet and sleep, take care of those as well. Don't overeat, give yourself time to digest things. Certain teas and hot beverages might help, what kind of effect does coffee have?
  3. Pretty sure he said that when he was high or manic or something. It was posted during his peacock thread lmao.
  4. No one gets sexual pleasure thinking about propagating humanity, lmao. Or maybe you do, no judgment. Too kinky for my taste though.
  5. You don't know it, you experience it or become aware of it. There is no need to consult knowing. You don't need to know that you are seeing the color red. You just see it. Your eyes don't know anything, they just see things. It has that clarity. Experience does not need you to know. There are more practical measurable signs too. Your social anxiety vanishes. You don't react fearfully to thoughts anymore. Energy levels change. Etc. No, it doesn't operate in that realm at all. It is not a philosophy or insight to integrate, and it is not something you can rationalize to yourself. It is like hearing sound. You can't assume the perception of sound, you can only perceive it. Sound does not lie to you or delude you.
  6. Speak for yourself. Yeah, I always say it feels like I just stepped out of a shower. Maybe much of the population is on a spectrum of POIS, or placebo fueled by shame and judgment.
  7. I think you misunderstand what I said. I didn't deny this part. I am saying not to make an identity out of it. All identities are partial and false. That's ok. Better than thinking you do when you don't. Sure. But don't assume that it is possible to go deeper, or that infinite love even exists. All of that is rumours you have heard from other people. Take it with a grain of salt. Anything that isn't directly experienced is complete garbage when it comes to this work. It is just an idea for you. If you want my own advice, this awakening is about as good as it gets. Next is getting it permanently in the sober baseline state and then living the rest of your life. If you adopt any radical or complex ideas about reality thereafter it is likely just a result of you losing yourself in your intellect, this is almost unavoidable when you rely on psychedelics too much. Keep in mind the simplicity and the profundity of that simplicity that your awakening carried, don't forget that. Existence is simple and profound. Don't get bogged up in intellectual bullshit. Be careful and good luck.
  8. I think a big trap is contemplating magical and mystical things when it is actually the very human things you need to question. Why do I feel social anxiety? Why does this memory make me feel embarrassed? Why does this thought make me feel fear? etc. All thought-based delusions ultimately have an anthropomorphic flavour to them since it all comes from the human capability for intelligence. You can sniff out metaphysical delusions by looking at what someone says and seeing how "human" it feels. I don't think it is useful to inquire about yourself in relation to nebulous topics like "freedom." If you are being honest and practical, that thought form never really occurs in regards to a self-image. When it comes to self-referential thoughts, what does occur are things like "I am jealous of this person", "this makes me feel sad", etc. Question the thoughts that you actually find yourself caught in, not the impractical overly philosophical stuff. The stuff that is genuinely relevant to you and your emotional state is where your ego actually occurs. That is where you look and question.
  9. Yes. The curiosity only serves a practical use, which is learning about it and recreating the phenomenon, if you want. All thoughts are equally thoughts. Doesn't matter if it is a product of your brain or whatever. What matters is what it experientially creates.
  10. Some parts seem partial, but close to the Truth. The fear from the second part comes from an inaccurate perception from your ego. It is a result of intellectualizing the first insight. The ego putting its reigns back by questioning the experience. "But wait, if I'm this, that means I should fear this!" Of course, you cannot imagine biology. No shit. It's just imagination. You can only think thoughts, not things that aren't thoughts. Don't ascribe any type of identity like "I am creating and imagining everything" to that, that's a trap. Don't forget this part, it will save you a lot of headaches. Yes, and it is possible to live the rest of your life from here if you inquire into what you are, that "recontextualization" can occur sober, and that is enlightenment. Don't be gaslighted into thinking otherwise. What you describe sounds very similar to actual enlightenment, but I also see many concepts floating around. Pretty good all things considered. You're at a place which isn't that ungrounded. This is probably about as good as an awakening can get. Can you really find an answer which will explain your experience? Why create questions out of it? All questions are made by you, and you can stop making them too. Notice how once you had this desire to question the experience, fear started to arise, very curious. Also, be careful, many people parrot terms like "consciousness", "infinity", etc, but they are talking about something completely different. Always compare your own experience of those things to what other people say.
  11. Yeah. Welcome.
  12. If you are focusing on the right thing, 1-6 months. Took me 1 month of self-inquiry. Those two time frames are within the scope of possibility. Many different things work for different people though. A bit hard to measure what life events helped towards the realization, but that is measuring all the time spent in serious self-inquiry. If you are following teachings or teachers that don't know what they are talking about, it can become a serious red herring and waste a lot of time. It can feel like you're making a lot of progress, but you're not. You get a lot of smart and clever ideas about reality, which feels like progress, but they are simply ideas and unrelated to what you are.
  13. Yes, you're right. Everyone needs to know that the reason he hasn't uploaded is because he hasn't found his alien camera.
  14. Absolutely, that is by design. The "real life" in that scenario is simply what the ego thinks of it. Until you have solved that mystery, you have not correctly identified what the "player" of life is, and therefore you cannot play the game properly. Once you realize what you are, you can finally properly perceive life and see it for what it is. Imagine trying to play Super Mario while thinking you are Bowser instead of Mario, it will be very harrowing and confusing. Bowser (self-proclaimed) will say: "What kind of life is this??" Basically, it is a completely natural and intuitive sentiment to chase the murder mystery first, and then life after. You cannot do the latter before the former.