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  1. Yeah, maladaptive daydreaming. Although, I don't think I purposefully come up with scenarios that make me genuinely angry, but I suspect that it happens inadvertently sometimes. Like, sometimes I will become super obsessed with some sort of criticism someone says. Although, I wouldn't consider my situation maladaptive, I would say it is mostly immersive daydreaming, meaning it is well balanced with my life. I am able to control it if I want, and I don't really tend use it as an escape from life or anything. I think your goal is basically to reach that stage, and to somehow keep it under moderation. I was never at the maladaptive stage, so I wouldn't really know how to move away from there, but I am sure there are threads you can find on people's experiences online. Something more simple you can do is identify triggers. What causes you to come up with such frustrating scenarios? And why do you spend so much time on it? Does it really make sense to do that, looking at it from a holistic and unbiased perspective? I think some sort of practice which grounds you in the present moment could help here too.
  2. I think it's better and more efficient to let natural light in via a curtain or simply by going outside. The blue-light from outside will naturally wake you up if you leave your curtain open.
  3. Do you use earphones a lot? I noticed that I always have earphones on while using my phone, and surprisingly it has a big effect on keeping me plugged into the phone. When I take them off, it is much easier to leave my phone and it instantly makes me feel more present and awake. Seems to be some sort of psychological thing.
  4. Karma is a specific subset of equivalent exchange, or cause and effect. It's a more personal form of it. For example, if you threw a ball in the air and it fell down, you wouldn't call it karma. But, if you threw it up, and it hit your head, then you would call it karma.
  5. Nice, thanks for the advice
  6. The hype comes from the fact that it very easily gets converted into ketones because of how quickly it gets digested. That's the main benefit. Olive oil is fine too, but it doesn't have that benefit.
  7. Yeah, something like that. It reminds me of when people use the word "placebo" to invalidate an experience, as if to ignore the fact that reality can literally be changed just through your imagination. If you saw a synchronicity in a dream, would you call it confirmation bias? If you won the lottery in a dream, what does that actually mean? Would you explain it away by saying "it was just probability"? Can you see that you are imagining probability and overlaying it on top of that experience? What is a coincidence, really? What is the difference between a synchronicity and a coincidence? Maybe "coincidence" and "probability" are simply the mediums through which the universe communicates with you. They can easily co-exist in that way.
  8. When you fast for that long your body will start using body fat as fuel, since you won't even have dietary fat. So, I don't think so. Yes. Simply consume enough dietary fat. Assuming it's not water weight, if you're losing a lot of weight on keto that means your body is using stored fat in your body as fuel because there is not sufficient dietary fat. I personally haven't had much problem keeping weight on keto, even when I've been combining it with intermittent fasting.
  9. If you actually achieve success in the process, was it ever really bullshit?
  10. This happens to me whenever I change my sleep schedule and start sleeping early. It's really weird. It's like my body isn't meant to have a good sleep schedule lol. My body will naturally start waking up too early, after only around 5 hours of sleep.
  11. Good advice. But nonetheless, her take on it is still inaccurate to what is said in the Quran. A Buddhist and a Muslim can both be believers of God, and it is possible for a Muslim to be more adept at worshipping the ego than a Buddhist. The idea of not marrying people of a different religion is simply a misinterpretation of the Quran.
  12. That thinking is probably instilled into her by her parents, not that uncommon actually
  13. Lol fasting 16+ hours is just my lifestyle now. But I still drink water and do the other stuff. Fasting can be a very eye-opening experience.