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  1. Hate anime? No way, tell a sensor to watch Death Note Also, I'm guessing its not anime in particular, but shows in general? Or do they prefer shows with real life people over animated stuff? I bet they also hate books as well then, assuming the title is accurate. Idk much about MBTI tho FYI.
  2. Nice list. That's a cool website. I like the character feature. I'm motivated now to study MBTI so I can identify other types and look them up lol For any INTPs reading this: https://www.pinterest.ca/search/pins/?rs=typo_auto_original&q=intp&auto_correction_disabled=true
  3. Well, it seems quite a few of my specific quirks and mannerisms are common among the INTP type, whereas before I thought it was arbitrary and unrelated. You're right when you say it's super specific, unlike a lot of astrology posts. This is like astrology for smart people. A lot of the posts were describing specific quirks or mannerisms or phrases, which was funny to see articulated in a post, but it was also behavior I myself was mostly aware of, I just never bothered to associate it with being an INTP, so it was more entertaining than useful. But there was also some insightful stuff about how we interpret and react to stress and other challenges in life. Overall, I'm pretty impressed.
  4. recently binged Pinterest's posts about INTPs and that was quite the experience
  5. Gotta be Runescape for me as well
  6. I have also felt lost or confused. Like I am stuck in some state of limbo where everything is the same, and no "real" passion to pursue. I was constantly obsessing over this idea of finding a god-given "life purpose" or talent to pursue, and I was running all these different ideas through this litmus test of whether I enjoyed or liked it. If I thought graphic design was an interesting endeavour, and it felt boring or didn't click for me, I would just say "oh this isn't my purpose". I had a chat with my brother about this, and he told me that you don't find a passion, you create it. Think about all the things you are currently passionate about. Were you aware of them as your passion since birth? As a kid were you like, "I want to pursue this exact thing". No, a lot of your passions only became your passion when you became really good at them and worked hard at them. You weren't always good at them, and it is possible to have a passion you didn't like at some points in time. Some things you are naturally very good at, and so it is very easy to become passionate about them, some are harder to get good at, and so developing passion there is harder. I'm even just talking about things like being passionate about video games, people get very passionate about certain video games, and yes that is a proper example of passion. Being passionate about a video game is a very specific passion, it's not something you would say is a god-given passion since birth or whatever, but it is indeed a passion. This shows you that passions are created by your interests and skills, and whether you decide to pursue them or not. I'm rambling a bit here, but realizing this has made me slightly less lost. Now I see certain endeavors like creating music or writing books or creating graphic designs as opportunities for creating passion.
  7. is it cheating if it moves
  8. Certain fish oil supplements will have some sort of seal or label showing that it went through a purification process to remove heavy metals, like the IVO label for example: https://ivopure.org/ivo-testing-practices/#Promise of Proven Purity https://www.webbernaturals.com/en-ca/omega-3-500-mg-softgels/
  9. So, instead of everything being predetermined, everything is determined right now. Kind of empowering. I like it.
  10. Would be nice. But Leo already has such good in depth videos about the ego so not a big deal if not. He has multiple episodes on the ego actually. Ego backlash, how survival works, what is the devil, how does authority work, etc.
  11. Lol you will develop fetishes or do "nasty" things if you are horny enough. I mean look at anal. I would even argue the normal sexual activities are gross to a certain degree, but sex isn't really about being "clean".
  12. Basically answered for yourself. You're wired to think. Habit. Survival. Pleasure. Comfort. Identity. << all things that thinking accomplishes. It's useful and important for survival. At a young age you realize that thinking does a very good job at helping you navigate reality, and so starts the rabbit hole.
  13. Pretty much the same result after my first 30 days. No urination problems but my prostate was clearly under pressure. No fap needs to be done carefully and seriously, not forced though.
  14. You have the coolest pictures ever There is something satisfying about using something more accurate than words, AKA pictures and visuals, to showcase your ideas and personality. You're basically finding a way to tangibly plant an aspect of yourself into some other form of creation, like what you see visually.
  15. How much were you edging during this. Was it pretty moderate? I would expect such a long period to fix things, seems like it kind of did for a bit. Interesting, so that's some progression. Maybe