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  1. When you realize you are in a dream, you also realize that whatever you imagine and feel is what is going to manifest, so then of course you are going to start imagining things that you want and like. But, when you're not aware you're in a dream, you imagine things that you don't want and things that scare you and things that you don't like, because you're not aware it's affecting your entire dreamscape. You imagine yourself to be at mercy of the dream. So, in a sense, you are still controlling the dream while you are not lucid, but in an unconscious and detrimental way. Dreams are very sensitive to emotion and thought. If you are in a dream and you are scared that some monster will appear behind you, then something will appear behind you and scare you. Reality becomes much more dreamlike for sure. You can apply certain principles from the dream realm to reality, like the ones I listed above, and usually it corresponds pretty well. You can actually gain a lot of insights by comparing the metaphysics of the dream world to the waking world and then realizing that it actually works the same way on both ends. Physical reality is also sensitive to emotion and thought, but I would say to a much lesser degree than the dream world, at least from the baseline state of consciousness. This is kind of what it means for something to be "physical". So it differs from dreams in that sense. You have to have to stick to your emotions and imagination for much longer to start seeing that manifest in physical reality. I have also experienced moments where my thoughts and feelings will manifest rather quickly. It seems to vary. It might be possible to get better at doing this, but I don't really know how. You might start experiencing synchronicities or serendipity much more often. Things you are thinking about will just appear in front of you out of "coincidence".
  2. Probably one of the most detrimental limiting beliefs
  3. Right, but there is no other way to write, because language is inherently dualistic. The best you can do is write in paradoxes, that way you can point to something beyond finitudes and dualisms. Perception = existence, is probably the most direct way to put it. Leo actually has an entire video on this exact point:
  4. The beach continues "seeing" itself, without an ego identity to take authority over that "seeing" Is that what you mean?
  5. https://youtu.be/n6iOUW523BE (link isn't allowed to embed)
  6. Apple cider vinegar will help a lot with insulin response. Also eating fibrous foods that are low in carbs and sugar. And going for a walk or exercising.
  7. I just realized he addresses this exact point later on in the video, I myself was in the process of finishing it lol
  8. This might be necessary to truly realize the quote above. Stage orange karma and survival needs should be met first instead of repressed prematurely, otherwise it will come to bite you in the ass when you truly try to transcend to a higher stage. I don't think he would want you to stop pursuing sex and money. I mean, he has an entire 3 part series on how to get laid. Maybe later down the road we will have the position to detach ourselves from such things.
  9. I've come to a similar conclusion. Gender labels are good from a societal standpoint. They're practical. They keep things in order. They're useful. But they are not entirely accurate. Just cause it's useful doesn't mean it's based on truth. Sexual attraction is too nuanced and fluid to really be put in boxes. You will always find some small instance where you're like "OMG did that really just turn me on... but I thought I was attracted to something else.. how is this possible" and then your brain malfunctions because you convinced yourself that gender always comes in strict labels and boxes. It reminds me of animals that are classed as herbivores, but will eat animals in favorable situations, like deers eating birds and squirrels. The label herbivore is useful, but not entirely truthful to the nature of the animal.
  10. Hypnotize into awakening? So like, a guided meditation or this
  11. Nice. Yeah, I get it. The main thing to realize here is that the other guy doesn't know any of this. If you pay attention, you can see yourself constructing this entire story in the moment and then getting pulled in emotionally. You can see yourself applying this entire story to what the guy said to you, and then getting emotional about it. You can actually learn to not do this, and let it go instead. You can get really good at it. Just make the decision to forfeit the emotional treachery you are about to pull yourself into. It's actually way easier and much more efficient to do this. You will feel a bunch of emotional pressure building up and then you'll be like "nope, not gonna even consider this seriously" and then all of that pressure will just instantly eviscerate, because you aren't pulling yourself into the ego's story anymore. It really is that simple and easy. Remember, your emotional well-being is always top priority, above all else. If you are at unease emotionally, it is because of some sort of resistance and misalignment with reality, so there is never a situation where being emotionally unwell will benefit you or make sense. If you deeply understand the importance of being emotionally well, whenever a situation arises that affects your emotions, it will instantly send alarms off and you will be like "woah, I need to let go of whatever story I'm thinking of right now which is causing this feeling in me". It will become natural to you. In a sense, you kind of have to override your ego's desire to be "right" here. Being "right" means pulling yourself into a debate with the person, which is as we said is unsustainable and unproductive. Being "right" means being emotionally unwell. Overall it's just not smart. Being "right" means wrestling with the pig. What is truly right, is having enough respect for yourself to not engage with any of this nonsense. My pleasure. Yep. This is a massive insight.
  12. Don't you want people to be happy for you when you're successful? It should feel very off-putting and hypocritical to do otherwise, use such feelings to guide you. Also, you shouldn't feel jealous at all, because other people aren't you. You are you, and you wouldn't trade your life for theirs. Jealousy is created because the ego skews your perspective on reality into a myopic one. It only focuses on one aspect of the other person's life that you want, and completely ignores the rest of what they went through to get there. You want what they want, WHILE still being yourself. You just want a small aspect of what the other person has in their life, you don't want to completely switch positions, you should feel motivated to add that specific aspect into your own life which you already love so much. If you truly understand what was conveyed above, then there really is no alternative other than feeling motivated to achieve it yourself, and being happy for them to achieve it. You should also be grateful that other people have what you want, cause then you can learn from them and ask them how to achieve it. This is what it means to have a holistic view instead of a myopic one.
  13. Yeah, you understand yourself better than anyone there. This is a fact which many people take for granted. It means that you, yourself, have the greatest capacity of loving yourself, because you understand yourself so completely. You know what they're saying isn't true. That's where the resistance is coming from. What they are saying is not in alignment with reality, so you feel resistance to it. Since you are yourself, you understand yourself better than anyone at that party can, and consequently, you have the greatest potential for loving yourself, because you understand yourself so well. You obviously don't think what they're saying is correct, or else you'd just agree with it. You actually don't need other people to understand you in order to feel fulfilled, that's just a survival habit you've formed. You're using other people as a proxy to feel bad about yourself. The resistance is this: Deep down, you know what they said is BS. It doesn't even make sense. It doesn't really apply to you. That's not the type of person you are. It's literally something the guy said on a whim without having any knowledge on your situation. On the other hand, your ego mind is wracking itself over it, because of survival reasons. Status, what other people think of you, what it will mean in the future, etc. It wants them to change their mind. This feeling of "shit" feels so strong because it's a survival game from the ego's perspective, and the ego takes survival very seriously, and so it elicits a very serious response. The ego wants to prove itself to other people, so that other people understand it better and then it can feel better about itself again. It's possible to skip this step and go straight to the source of love, which is you, not necessarily other people. The ego delegates some of your love to other people for survival reasons. The truth is, you can decide to love yourself right now, but you will notice a feeling of resistance pop up from the ego. "No, you can't just love yourself after what happened, those people need to understand what they said is wrong, are you really gonna let them misrepresent you like that?, etc." You can choose to get pulled into the ego's game here, or just accept that you will never have full control over what people think of you and surrender to it. See, the ego's game is unwinnable. You're not gonna control what everyone thinks about you. That's the end of it. The ego will go insane over this fact and resist it, until you decide to surrender to it and be ok with it. The resistance you feel comes from a denial of reality. Peace comes when you align yourself with reality, which is that you will never have full control over what people think. The reason you encounter resistance in reality is because you trap yourself in these endless unwinnable ego games. Of course you're gonna feel like shit when you expect to have complete control over what some drunk idiot thinks about you. It's UNWINNABLE, surrender to this and realize that you don't have to win or play any stupid ego games, you can just accept and surrender and be at peace with it, and you will ask yourself why you even cared to begin with. You don't need to control what some drunk dude thinks about you to feel fulfilled with yourself. From a more practical perspective, I would advise you be careful with who you decide to engage with and share information with. Be very perceptive. If they don't make the effort to try and understand you, or don't even seem slightly open to it, don't even say anything. It doesn't matter. Why would you wanna engage with someone so immature? You have to have respect and standards for yourself. You should be like "Oh ok, this guy is assuming a bunch of random shit about me. I'll just laugh it off and try to disengage as much as possible". At the very least this is someone you make stupid jokes with while drunk, not talk about serious life perspectives, because what are they gonna offer there? Nothing, just their own bad perspective. Be resourceful and tactful in how you spend your energy and information. It's not worth pouring your heart out to some drunk dude that doesn't understand anything, this will actually make you more emotional and make you even more annoyed when they blatantly disregard what you're trying to say. You have to expect all of this as a possibility beforehand, that way you are prepared. If you try to prove yourself or engage with them, you will be pulled into their ego game which is them pushing their agenda and assumptions onto you. It's like that quote, “Don't ever wrestle with a pig. You'll both get dirty but the pig will enjoy it.” You really gotta understand that these people are STUPID, in the sense that they do not understand at all what you are going through and they do not really even care about what comes out of their mouth. You are doing yourself a disservice when you get affected so heavily by something like this. The proper action is to realize the guy doesn't even know what he's talking about and then not take it seriously. The guy probably forgot about that conversation by now. It's just not worth getting so invested in something like this. The big problem is that you are taking what the guy is saying to you, and you are applying it to the full context of everything that has happened to you in your life. All your hardships. Everything. The guy that said it has ZERO of this context. In a sense, he isn't even talking about you, because he barely has any information about you. He just came up with some idea and assumption about you inside of his head and then spoke. Do you see why getting so emotionally involved is silly now? You're defending a version of you that doesn't even exist.
  14. Notice that when you expect God to be this way, you are putting a limitation on God. God can make things harder or easier. It can make itself question whether it is God or not. That's what it means to be God.