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  1. I don't really notice any energy boost from it unless I'm really tired, I mainly just drink it for the taste. I drink 1 cup a day. I have gone cold turkey with coffee before and had no problem with it, surprisingly.
  2. Lack of confidence just seems to be another type of fear, where you have thoughts about being inferior or getting yourself into a situation where you are undervalued. These thoughts happen because your ego doesn't feel justified in its value under its current paradigm. So maybe you could say confidence is just a lack of fearful thoughts
  3. Even babies are able to see ghosts. When you grow up it seemingly becomes harder. It could be a sign of spiritual maturity, but only in one specific area. It is still possible to see ghosts while being at a very low stage of development I think.
  4. Valid. This is just intuition I think. I feel the same way. If you are scared in a dream you will manifest monsters. If you are happy in a dream you will manifest things that make you happy. Similarly, you will attract things in real life which reflect your state of mind. In the dream world, it is much more easier to see this. Don't forget your mind = reality. It's not some matter of probability that you do or don't get COVID. Probability is just a story the universe relies on to carry out what it does. If you got COVID inside of a dream, you would be questioning what it means, not saying "oh it was just probability". << See how foolish it is to do that?
  5. The ego got defensive when you threatened it? shocker
  6. A "fridge" is literally perception. That's why it can't exist without being perceived. Until you perceive it again it exists as a concept inside your head. The thing is, if the universe did have an extra layer for whatever reason, it would be completely undistinguishable from having just one layer. Something has to be perceived to exist, so in the end it is always one layer no matter what.
  7. I think the author for FMA actually had to lie about being a guy for her work to get noticed
  8. Yeah that's literally just a story you're imagining every time you see the color green. It's not even in your experience, it's in your imagination. You're not gonna know the color green better than directly experiencing it. To answer the initial question though, it's not possible to confirm everyone sees the same color. This is a pretty famous problem.
  9. Yes it can, I have experienced it before. It's called turiya in Hindu philosophy.
  10. Sounds are just as baffling as thoughts IMO. Throw out the story of soundwaves going into your ear and you're left with an experience that is completely intangible yet clearly there, similar to thoughts. To answer your initial question, thoughts are exactly as they appear to you. When you look at a lamp there is no need to ask "what is a lamp?". The essence of a lamp is right in front of you! You won't get closer to what a lamp is than direct experience of a lamp. This goes for basically everything in your experience. From a more relative position, thoughts are very intelligent and intuitive. What you think of is usually based on your surroundings and subconscious mind.
  11. Yeah it's fine, better than refined sugar. All I'm saying is that I think it will be harder than the traditional keto diet. Our bodies are very good at adapting to this stuff though, so in a few days you probably wont feel anymore symptoms.
  12. Carbs and starches all end up as glucose one way or another, so I still consider them as sugar The symptoms seem very similar to what you would get from intense cravings. My guess would be that because you are still getting a small amount of glucose intake from the carbs and starches, it is making it harder for your body to stop craving it. It's like giving a coffee addict 5 sips of coffee daily. To answer your initial question, when it comes to intermittent fasting I will have headaches within 4 days of fasting and then it will go away. I think @Username is right on the money
  13. By "attractive" I think what he means is what your intuition guides you towards, not what is most comfortable