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  1. Are you trying to say that there is no difference between the human body and bacteria, and that this idea of self is the only reason I can differentiate it as bacteria? I have a human brain, doesn't this brain hinder my ability to not have an ego? I imagine for something like a bacterium it would be very easy to have no ego because they do not have a brain like me. There is no difference between my human body and a bacteria fundamentally speaking, but my human body has a brain which makes it very easy for me to have an ego as compared to other animals. Is this not true? It's very hard for me to understand this concept for some reason. Thanks for the response. EDIT: Upon further contemplation, I think I might be starting to understand a little better now. People and bacteria themselves do not have egos, but rather, it is awareness (you) that might attach itself to the human body, thus creating ego. But, if your consciousness is experiencing what it feels like to be a human instead of a bacteria, is it still not true that it is easier to develop an ego with a human body rather than a bacterium body? How come you say ego only exists in humans?
  2. @Red-White-Light There are also positive aspects. You could look at it as equivalent exchange. I sell a product, I get money for it. I kill someone, I go to jail and suffer psychologically. That oneness aspect is also a really cool way of looking at it.
  3. My sleep schedule is horrible right now. I feel lost as to what I should be doing in life. I am not getting enough sunlight and haven't been out in a while because of COVID 19. I also feel that I am lazy. But, it's not like i'm depressed or anything. These are things I look forward to overcoming. I can't wait to actually go outside after all this time.
  4. @Thewritersunion Yeah I was about to say, only a week? It's down here till the end of the school year.
  5. Do animals have ego? To what degree? I can imagine maybe chimps having one, but what about bacteria? Does a bacterium really have a sense of self?
  6. @WHO IS Yes, then the ego creates boundaries in order to exist and sustain itself. But these boundaries are illusory. Your ego is your mind tricking you into thinking that YOU exist and are separate from everything else. Anything that helps you realize this truth threatens the existence of the ego, and elicits a hostile response from it.
  7. @Tanuj "Eyes of god everywhere" is a really cool way of describing how reality is self-seeing. Also wow, I should really meditate more.
  8. Existential truths are usually too radical for the ego to handle.
  9. @arlin I never said I was immune to suffering. I am nowhere near developed enough to achieve such a thing. That doesn't discredit anything I said earlier. This isn't about me or my capacity for love, it's about existential truth. Notice how you only seem to love things that please your ego or help you survive. How could this possibly be the highest form of love? Raise your capacity for love so that you can appreciate the love that is around you. Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl put it best when he said: "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."
  10. Life itself is not miserable, your ego makes it seem that way. Suffering is not existential, it is created by your ego. If you were able to see reality as it is (without the ego), you would see that love is all there is. Pure, unconditional love. Your view of love is egoic and selfish. You hate things like disease because it can cause harm in your body. You struggle to love it because of this. God's view of love is more accurate. It is unconditional. God love's all aspects of itself, including mental illness and hunger. God realizes that these things are needed in order for the universe to function. God does not hate these things because it is selfless. If the universe did not include these things, God could not be itself, and reality would not work. Reality would fall apart without the feature of suffering. You do not realize the radical implications that would be if suffering did not exist. Instead of wishing for reality to be some other way, you should learn to appreciate how it already is, because that is exactly how it should and must be for everything to work.
  11. I guess it depends on the person. It might be useful teaching your significant other about spirituality. Or, if the person is open-minded enough, it might change their life and get them into spirituality. But normally, I don't really go out of my way to promote my beliefs. I might hint at it here and there if something related to it is mentioned, but people are usually to stubborn/low consciousness to actually consider your point of view, so I know any conversation I try to make will probably be in vain.
  12. @Peter124 Annihilation of ego = experiencing reality exactly as it is Annihilation of ego = no fear Removing the ego is what enlightenment is, but i'm not sure how long that can be maintained. Seems pretty hard to do that.
  13. @Unwiring You are only touching on the benefits of meditation. The more you meditate, the more you detach from the ego, which is why all those benefits arise. This can lead you to also discover some profound truths along the way. Also, I've heard meditation can raise your consciousness to staggering degrees. (samadhi, etc) There is a difference between material and internal happiness. Happiness derived from material pleasures, as you mentioned, will never lead you to true happiness. Finding peace within yourself will. If you eat chips, you become unhealthy and lazy, and the happiness lasts short term. If you play games, the same goes. This is not true when it comes to happiness derived from meditation, which doesn't require any external pleasure to be happy.