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  1. You would shoot someone just cause they're holding a hammer? I mean, they were both holding it. Which one would you choose to shoot, then? You have to go for de-escalation first. You can actually see that the guy started panicking more when the officer said "drop the hammer". He even replied "nope". He basically realized his opportunity for harming them was slipping away. I would argue those words actually prompted him to attack Pelosi. So it's not as simple as saying "drop the hammer" louder and quicker.
  2. Apparently unavailable now lol
  3. Interestingly, I've seen multiple accounts of people with POIS saying that masturbating differently fixes or reduces their symptoms. There seems to be something different happening energetically. I have also noticed that you retain more sexual energy or libido through different forms of masturbation, to the point where you can climax multiple times.
  4. Coffee withdrawals? Is that some term made up by the Matrix? Nice try Agent Smith, but I'll stick to drinking copious amounts of coffee, as real men do.
  5. You only scored 17? Pathetic. I got 18. Get on my level, bro.
  6. @Leo Gura Case in point, Andrew is now ranting on Twitter about how caffeine addiction is for real men lmao:
  7. It seems to be very environment-dependent. They use honey as a bio-indicator. Depending on how it is processed, some honey will have a certain heavy metal and then one honey will have an undetectable amount of that same heavy metal, just because they used some different equipment in their processing. Otherwise, the amount of heavy metals found are all well within "safe" levels. Note that any heavy metals you don't see in the chart were undetected across all honey. Here's a chart from this study: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23311932.2020.1764182#:~:text=Honey is known to accumulate trace metals%2C cadmium%2C nickel%2C,(Hernández et al.%2C 2005 As for pesticides, I would say they are the bigger problem, although I still wouldn't be that concerned about it. They are very common in honey but the amount varies a lot depending on the environment it is in. If we compare the amount of pesticides in honey to something like fruit, it isn't really out of the ordinary. In fact, it probably has less pesticides than fruit. You'll probably get more pesticides in strawberries than honey. Not to mention, you don't really consume that much honey to begin with, you only need a small amount. You could also go for organic honey which ensures the area the bees are in don't have pesticides and that the bees are at a reasonable distance from industrial agriculture. Otherwise, most of the environmental toxins are absorbed by the beeswax, not the honey.
  8. Taste-wise, maybe. Honey is probably better health-wise though. Also, there are different varieties of honey. Most common is from clovers, which is the golden one you typically see. But, I've had some from blueberry bushes and buckwheat. Buckwheat honey tastes like caramel combined with molasses, the taste is amazing, especially the one I have right now. Not all buckwheat honey tastes exactly the same. The taste and composition of honey seems to be very dependent on the environment specific to the bees you get it from. I've also had a clover one that had a natural cinammon/petrichor type of flavour to it, which is up there with buckwheat for me. Buckwheat honey is black, looks like straight caramel/molasses and tastes like it too.
  9. I remember @Someone here ran a poll here to test this exact point and the majority said it doesn't decrease their energy levels. They literally just don't bother to comment on these threads.
  10. Oh man, you should see Andrew's take on psychedelics. He literally says something like "true spirituality is survival". It's like the devil himself is speaking lol.
  11. Right. This tendency to construe morality seems to be seriously exaggerated in the mind of a psychopath, though. And the way they go about construing that morality seems to be different, it's much more flamboyant and self-centered. A normal person smoking a cigar who wants to construe morality might say: "Well, one cigar won't hurt me. I can ween off the cigar anytime I want anyways. Plus, all my friends are doing it as well." But, someone like Andrew Tate would completely double down on it and make himself seem like some sort of hero for smoking it. He would say something like: "I know exactly why I am smoking this cigar. The reason I smoke this cigar is because it makes me seem more manly. Who cares if it's shortening my lifespan? I don't care. There are risks you need to take in life and this is one I'm willing to take. Plus, cigars are proven to increase testosterone (yes, he actually said this)." He would exaggerate the shit out of his reasoning and macho it up.
  12. I've always had this impression from Andrew that all his ideologies and tenets that he preaches are carefully crafted around his psychopathic behavior. They're just so unique and idiosyncratic sometimes, and they fit in perfectly with his own unique behaviors. You'll notice that he preaches morality and ethics for the most random and mundane things, almost like he's created a compulsive habit out of it. For example, he has an entire monologue prepared for why smoking cigars is ok but smoking vapes isn't. He's trying to make it seem like his psychopathy is logical and coherent and moral. It's his form of PR so he doesn't look absolutely insane in public. The order that he pursues his morality in is backwards. Normally, a person comes up with morals and virtues that they should follow and then they try to approach the world with that lens. With Andrew, it seems that he simply acts impulsively and selfishly, and then afterwards, he realizes he needs some sort of moral code so he can fit in, and so he crafts one around his actions. To him, it's just a tool for fitting in. It's like, in his mind, it's completely impossible for him to be wrong, so there must be some sort of moral logic he can conjure up to explain himself, and he just brazenly sticks with that.
  13. Primary: 2.6/5 -- (a lack of empathy for other people and tolerance for antisocial orientations) Secondary: 2.3/5 -- (rule breaking and a lack of effort towards socially rewarded behavior) I think my scores are pretty average according to the graph.
  14. Or, if you want sugar that isn't refined, just go for honey. Cutting refined sugar is really easy. Make sure the honey is legit though and use it in moderation.
  15. 18/40 Your score was higher than 73.1 of the sample. I'm not even a celebrity, though, so I don't even have a good excuse for the score