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  1. There was another person on the forum who had a very similar problem. I have immersive daydreaming, which is basically maladaptive daydreaming but it is not maladaptive. In other words, It fits into my daily life without much problems arising. I can control it for the most part and I can create enjoyable experiences out of it. I don't think it has had a significant impact on me in regards to anger and terror, but rather it has mostly produced positive emotions like happiness and joy. So, I think it's entirely possible to transform and control your daydreams into something more controllable and enjoyable, but my daydreaming has never really been maladaptive to begin with so I wouldn't know how to make that transition. I actually have had social anxiety and cared a lot of what others think of me, and I think that has actually helped me control the daydreaming, because the daydreaming makes me move around a lot and I wouldn't want to do that in front of other people. I would personally recommend researching hard into it and looking for symptoms and cures. Luckily, the condition is well known enough to have several articles and even a reddit forum on it: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319400#treatment-and-management https://www.reddit.com/r/MaladaptiveDreaming/ https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/maladaptive-daydreaming#treatments But also, at the same time, there is really not much hard or conclusive research done on it. Just from a bit of looking around, it seems that the condition is somewhat similar to OCD, with the repetitive thoughts and movements. Even some OCD medication has seemed to help, so perhaps methods for helping with OCD could overlap and help with this as well.
  2. True. You are actually experiencing nothingness right now, to a certain degree. And yes, you can perceive nothingness, as you have realized. The "nothing" behind you is actually being perceived, that is the only way you can know of it. Try to find the edge of your visual field, you can't. There is no edge. The edge is nothingness, and that nothingness is infinite and expands forever. There is simply a lack of sensation or "nothingness" at the edge. But the fact of the matter is, you are able to perceive this nothingness, and you use it to distinguish finite items in your reality like your lamp or table. It can be very hard to notice this nothingness in the finite domain, especially without a solid experience of pure nothingness or pure consciousness or turiya or whatever you wanna call it.
  3. Yes. It is called "turiya" in hindu spirituality, or "pure consciousness" in other spiritual circles. You can't imagine it though, you can only experience it. When you try to imagine it, you are already putting it in a dualistic container, so it does not work. The experience of nothingness has no duality or finitude present. It's like trying to imagine what having no eyesight is like. It's just absent, but there is still the experience of it being absent. You don't see any colors or shades, it's just completely gone. That's what nothingness is like, but your entire reality is gone along with your eyesight, and you just exist there. If you extend the lack of eyesight to every single one of your senses, that is what nothingness feels like. It's just a complete absence of everything, but at the same time you are perceiving that absence.
  4. I think it depends on intent and what you want out of the question. You should probably contemplate this before every question. Like, what am I getting out of asking this? Does it even make sense to ask this? Is there a better way of getting this info? What's the benefit of asking this person? For example, the question "what's the meaning of life?" could be a good or bad question depending on why you are asking. If you are asking for your own personal insight into the meaning of life, the answer you get will probably be too broad or vague because the question is also too broad or vague. Or, you could be asking for an entirely different reason. For example, you might be asking that question to try and gauge whether the person you are talking to is into philosophy, or how much they know about non-duality, and so in that case it could be a decent question because you aren't even looking for a good answer, but rather some insight into the personality of the person. If you want to, you can simply make your message or intent explicit after the question, for example: "Hey what did you eat for breakfast today? I'm asking because I am curious about your diet, I think it might be related to your health issues." This way, they will feel inclined to give even more health-related info that goes beyond just their diet, because they know the main purpose of your question is to pinpoint their health issues.
  5. How are you experiencing a past and future from within the present moment? You cannot escape the present moment, but you say that you perceive a past and future which are outside of this moment. The perception of a past and future must always take place in the present moment. So, in reality, the past and future are always happening now and don't actually exist in any other moment of time. If the present moment is all you can experience, and the past and future are being perceived from within that present moment, then that means that the past and future only happen from within the present moment, and therefore the past and future can only ever take place in the present moment.
  6. Very similar situation with me. I experienced what they call a "flatline" in the no-fap community, and then thereafter my libido was just very inconsistent all around. Sometimes absolutely no desire to masturbate, sometimes very little, and just overall lots of trouble getting my libido and erections back to what it once was. Very concerning stuff. It is also very hard to tell whether I am back to normal or not, I don't have a good frame of reference. I think it is slowly getting better though.
  7. I really liked the insights. Some gave me chills. Pretty accurate I would say. https://genekeys.com/free-profile/?key-0=15.2.4&key-1=10.2.4&key-2=35.3.6&key-3=35.3.5&key-4=55.2.6&key-5=7.4.1&key-6=25.4.5&key-7=46.4.5&key-8=34.2.6&key-9=49.6.4&key-10=38.2.7&key-11=33.1.6&key-12=12.1.2&key-13=55.1.4&date=21 Jun 2003&time=6:00am&city=Calgary&country=Canada&lang=&admin_division=Alberta&uname=Osaid
  8. Even the ones on his actualized clips channel are great. He must have a bunch.
  9. Stomach, chest, heart area. It's basically a fight or flight response.
  10. Joe Rogan follows Leo on Twitter, if that is anything Maybe he doesn't want to divide his audience.
  11. lmao i had that recommended, so funny