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  1. There is something very interesting about the different forms of life, from a plant to a fly to a full human. I feel like there are some valuable hints to life you can find in all the organisms. I remember seeing a fly and thinking why did God create something so fragile and meaningless, and then I realized how relative my notion of meaning was.
  2. intermittent fasting
  3. Have you ever had the experience of being unaware? Brains are found within awareness
  4. Yeah for real, they gotta be. Especially in FMAB, its straight up non-duality with a character called God/Truth saying that it is everyone and everything
  5. memory = a thought about something you experienced
  6. You answered it for yourself
  7. @Florian Survival mechanism, you get angry or scared and try to kill or injure what alarmed you because they are a potential threat. Boxing may be different in the sense that you are not only protecting your physical body but also a virtual identity of being good at boxing. It is just some sort of ego trying to survive basically.
  8. I was surprised to see how well this show holds up even today, saw a few clips of it again and got hooked. Uncle Iroh is probably my favorite character. Nice breakdown of the show.
  9. I think anything that comes into awareness can be considered real. You can call it relative or absolute but it is still something that is being experienced within reality. But of course this just comes down to however you want to define "real".
  10. INTP, it is pretty accurate