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  1. Are we really entertaining that God at its ultimate is a two-forked road between nihilism and non-nihilism? Is God a philosopher now? How convenient for the intellectually and philosophically minded. What is this cognitive dissonance? Is that all you see of life and reality? Ground yourselves. This is like imagining a dirt house and thinking "I'm gonna live in my imagination because that's what God wants." What is the most obvious and simplest explanation? That God is a philosopher who juggles between meaning and nihilism? Or that God is being anthropomorphized by a human ego? If triangles had a God they would give it 3 sides. If humans had a God they would give it an existential nihilistic crisis.
  2. The idea of solipsism gave you an existential crisis, and now you are left choosing between nihilism or non-nihilism. It looks really pretty when you add the word "God" in there though. God is apparently having an existential nihilistic crisis, and that is the ultimate intelligence at play?
  3. That's pretty damn accurate as a summation. The "surrender" is really just a clear perception that that you cannot be inside the content of thought. It is a clear recognition of the nature of experience and how it contains itself. Once you see it you can't unsee it, and that is so called "enlightenment."
  4. Ego can only ever be thought. All "I" statements are thought. All "I" statements are limitations because they are divisions and separations. All separation is limitation. You are being aware of thoughts of limitation, like "I am this or that." You, as unbounded infinite awareness, are being aware of the thoughts, but not being in the thoughts. Awareness can't be limited by what it is aware of, because it can't be inside of what it is aware of. You can't read a story while being in the story. Trying to get rid of barriers is like trying to get rid of unicorns. You can't get rid of what is inside of imagination because only something which exists inside of imagination could do that. You are not someone who hunts unicorns. You are not someone who hunts down barriers. You can only realize that you aren't inside of imagination in the first place.
  5. The dreaded E word. We don't use such terms around these parts.
  6. All of which would have to be imaginary. Like imagining blue and yellow unicorns. Finite is thought. You are aware of the thought of being finite, like "I have incarnated into a body/unicorn." You are being the thought, not being in the thought. You can't be inside of what you are aware of. You can't read a story while being in the story.
  7. Ego can't do any of that because unicorns can't do any of that. The ego is any story or statement you make of it. You can't read a story while being in the story. You are being aware of things, not being in what you are aware of. The idea that the ego can return is itself ego. There it is, right there, in the idea: "the ego will return."
  8. Quote from the edited version: Meaning, there is no higher level, because higher level is in contrast to ego/body, which itself is imagination and thought. The entire thing is ego/imagination.
  9. Only what is imaginary can be imagined. If the body is being imagined at a higher level, then the body and the higher level are both imaginary.
  10. Ego is thought. Your statement relates itself to ego, therefore it confirms the existence of ego, therefore it is ego. Because it claims that the body relates to ego in some way. Therefore, the formulation in the sentence is itself is just thought and ego.
  11. "It" will return "next time"? Interesting thought but no thanks. The unicorn population will be dearly missed.
  12. Use hydroxyapatite toothpaste. Make sure to floss regularly, work your way up to it slowly if your gums are weak and bleed easily. Brush your tongue and also the top of your mouth. If it is a natural hydroxyapatite toothpaste, it is essentially going to be entirely edible, you don't have to rinse with water and it is recommended you don't (just spit all of it out without water) and I find that this helps keep the oral microbiome in check for longer (clean, no bad breath). The toothpaste I use has sorbitol and peppermint oil in order to mediate the oral microbiome, so maybe look for those. Control what you eat, make sure it is not overly sticky and carby. It should be something that your saliva easily breaks down and emulsifies. Essentially stick to whole foods. In the morning I eat 1 tbsp of butter and coconut oil and coat the inside of my gums and teeth with it, gives it a protective layer. I'll have 1 tbsp at the end of the day too. Let food be your oral medicine. Chew thoroughly and properly. Should be like baby food at the end. You can imagine you're chewing as if there is a rock or needle in the food. It's important that your saliva properly lubricates the food and mouth. Make sure your mouth isn't dry. Hydrate.
  13. There is just the thought. The thought is equivalent to conditioning. Being aware of the thought "25 years of old conditioning" is the conditioning and subsequent identity which is felt currently, as the thought. You are being the thought, not being in the thought. 25 years can't be thought of, or experienced. 25 years is not caused by 25 years. 25 years only exists from the vantage point of "25 years after." 25 years is thought, in every sense. You are aware of the thought "25 years", you are not being in the thought. Thought is not caused by what happened 25 years ago. Conditioning is not caused by what happened 25 years ago. You cannot experience the cause of experience. Conditioning is felt currently, as the thought.
  14. The idea that mind/ego has a paradigm and gets crushed, is itself mind/ego. Like saying: "How come unicorns keep coming back after having their paradigms crushed?" The idea of an ego, is ego. Don't confuse the map for the territory. Don't fight ghosts. Fighting ghosts is ego. Ego is a ghost. The idea of awakening, going here, doing this and that to rid yourself of ego, is itself ego. Conception. Separation. Division. Look at how the thoughts feel. Look at how the division feels. Look at who is being aware of thoughts and division. You are not in thoughts/division, you are being aware of it. You can't read a story while being in a story. There is no reason beyond reason. Reason is imagination. All is uncaused. You are uncaused. Reason is uncaused. Imagination is uncaused. Imagination can't cause anything therefore reason can't cause anything. You are aware of what is caused, therefore you are not in the cause.