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  1. I don't even know a chick that would go on a dinner date with a guy she just met😀 That's not very casual at all. Anything else than grabbing a coffee, I'd consider a loss😄
  2. Part of me still wants to be in a fighting shape, however. And learn some cool moves😄 I guess I can't let that part of me go, just yet.
  3. I'm not even much of a fighter, mentally. I guess that's why I don't like being violent, and I generally like to avoid physical confrontation. Although, I sometimes like to get into a verbal one😃
  4. I gotta say though, I'm proud of myself that situations like this are not happening to me anymore. I have increased my self awareness astronomically during last 3 years, so now I can control myself very well. Gotta give credit where credit is due. Impulsive anger or sudden bursts of sadness are largely a thing of a past now, although I still am a bit insecure. This incident wasn't the only one where I went violent, btw. It happened 3 more times I reckon, although none of those included other person. Just something like a wall or a metal pole. Always under the influence of alcohol, of course. I'd never do that shit sober. Returned home with bloody knuckles. Yeah, not my proudest memories.
  5. It's that much more sad, when you realize that this guy used to be relatively healthy, lean vegan. It's never a pretty sight, to watch someone else's decline.
  6. I got job offer in Linkedin, lol. Some IT position with flexible hours. Looks like the only part of the profile that recruiter understood was the education section. Otherwise she wouldn't have sent me such offer😀 although flexible hours are nice.
  7. Ah. What the hell. I'm doing it😄 "There's a price for everything in life", as the saying goes.
  8. I really like this website. You can get your books reviewed pretty professionaly by reviewers, and you can also get paid as a reviewer, with ability to read author's book for free. However, it doesn't work for me, because I can't get Amazon unlimited in my country, and that's how you get those free books, by getting Amazon unlimited for free😑 that sucks. Writing reviews and reading up-and-comming author's books, would help my writing immensely. Despite that, I was thinking, maybe by paying, I could get extra motivation to write better reviews, thus actually earning more money, faster. Perhaps I should do it anyway. Hmmm.
  9. Finally and resolutely, I came to decide, that the language I'll be writing in is English, and English only. Thus, I'll need to pick the publisher accordingly. My biggest language bariers: 1. Proper understanding and correct usage of times (past simple, past participle, etc.) (not those exactly, but you get my point😀) 2. New vocabulary and phrases, that I've never heard of before. Those are my 2 sticking points, pretty much. Evetything else is peanuts. Btw, just so yall know. Don't judge my writing skills or understanding of grammar from these posts. I basically give zero fucks about grammar here🤣 I'm sure I have plenty mistakes. Once I write however, I'm much more carefull.
  10. There's about 99% chance I'll delete every single post I've made on this website, once I actually make it somewhere. But untill that day, I'll continue to post.
  11. No fake growth here btw. I'm basically working on everything, except dating and socializing. I still have a huge problems in these areas. But, it is what it is. I just find socializing and talking to random chicks excruciating. Not only it takes fuckton of energy out of me, but I'm always extremely nervous. Every little interaction feels like climbing Mount Everest. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.
  12. Excuse my cringy comments btw😄 but sometimes, anger makes me insane. As one (un)fortunate guy almost found out, couple years ago. Funny thing is, he probably thinks he came victorious out of that exchange, but really, he's lucky I didn't start hitting. I'm not fond of proving my martial proves to people who haven't trained, btw. I realize there are people that would fuck me up in seconds, and I also realize there are people who are equally easy pickings for me. I respect levels. I should never get this side of mine get the better of me. I should know better than that. Heal inwards, so you can prosper outwards.
  13. If only I could have all the people that hurt me in the past in a locked room, for 24 hours. I would make their faces look unrecognisable after I'm done with them.
  14. Dude, you should never take your sister's opinion seriously on ANYTHING, EVER AGAIN lmao. "Can't stop thinking about you" wtf is that🤣🤣🤣 You did fine overall however. We are all in this together, taking punches and learning lessons as we go. Don't make a big deal out of it.