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  1. Just putting it out there. You can agree or disagree however much you want, I don´t really care. I will not read, nor respond to any comment here anyway. But I think this post can save many confused young men out there, trapped in this spirituality rabbit hole bullshit. Honestly, listening to Tate has made me realize many things, made me re-evaluate many life choices, and he has shown me how stupid I´ve been, wasting all this time on pointless bullshit. The guy is honestly not NEARLY as stupid as he seems. I´m not worshiping him or idealizing him, but when it comes to advice SPECIFICALLY tailored to men, and maximizing potential of MEN, there is not a better guy on the internet to take advice from. He really is the epitome of LIVED LIFE. Experience completely trumps knowledge from books, and the guy has experienced more, than most of you have or will experience within thousand lifetimes. Most of you HAVE NOT MOVED AN INCH in life. I left like 2 months ago, and most of you are still THE SAME. Doesn´t that bother you at all? Are you REALLY, ACTUALLY about that self-improvement, or are you not? Taking some stupid mushrooms, or meditating won´t change your life AT ALL. Tried that, done that, waste of time. Same with books. Why read a story about mongolian steppe warior pillaging villages and towns, when you can ACTUALLY travel to Mongolia, and ride a steppe horse/shoot from a bow yourself. Seriously, think about it. The entire philosophy of this channel is wrong. Turning inwards, DOESN´T improve your OUTWARD experience, AT ALL. All of you here, who achieved something of significance in your life (although lets be honest, it was probably not that impressive), achieved it, BECAUSE YOU TOOK ACTION. ACTION IMPROVES YOUR LIFE, THEREFORE ACTION=SELF IMPROVEMENT. Action equals happiness. This is important. This piece of information alone, could have prevented couple of suicides that happened here. Having an EGO, and justifying that ego = happiness. Trying to get rid of ego, taking mushrooms and thinking you are God, IS NOT HAPPINESS, and never will be. I could elaborate further, but I won´t waste my time debating, when I could be making money, or work on my money making skills. I´m doing pretty good now, btw. Honestly, I urge guys to leave this forum. There´s really nothing of value here. The only thing you can discover here, is a bunch of mental masturbators, and, if I have to put it bluntly and brutally, losers. Yes, I have said it. From society´s POV, a lot of you are basically losers. And since living in a society is literaly a necessary part of human experience if you want to survive, we might as well objectivelly call you losers. Anyone worth a shit, has long left this forum. Or is seldom online here.
  2. Isn't this like a second post of yours, worshiping this guy's balls? Does he pay you to do this, to exhaggarate his achievements, or what? What are you even getting out of this? Weird.
  3. Those feelings are definitely mutual. Would not get sad in the slighest, if you GTFO
  4. Nice I think that was his true reason for invading Ukraine this year - he reached the age of "niceness", and wanted to celebrate in an epic way, with lots of fireworks.
  5. For sure. Not arguing against that at all.
  6. Man, all these generalizations are starting to bore me. "Women are attracted to this, men are attracted to that, blah blah blah" Not saying it's not true, but it's just being talked about, and "mulled over" so much, to the point where it seems to be almost autistic. God damn. Just gonna say one thing: chemistry is the most important factor in relationships, in my opinion. Sexual chemistry, that is. Regardless of which exact personality traits, or physical traits, or whatever the fuck, may cause this chemistry to exist, the fact is that without strong chemistry there's barely any relationship, just some bullshit half relationship - half friendship. If I have a girl, a gf or a long term partner, or whatever, and we're not fucking every time we see each other, then I consider that to be a sign that something's wrong. You best believe we'd be at it all the time. Rabbit style. Higher level relationship issues, like obvious personality incompabilities, different goals, various red flags, abusive behaviour, and what have you - all these are fixable to a big degree, and if it's not fixable, you still have the option of leaving the relationship - it's not like the other person is holding you by physical force - or at least, most of the time that's not the case. Chemistry on the other hand, cannot be built, or at least built easily, AT ALL. And you can't even know whether you really love the person, before fucking that person. Therefore, we can conclude that chemistry is the most important in relationships.
  7. You should start a Youtube series on Sv3rige, would probably make you some extra views?
  8. Jesus Christ man. You really are obsessed with this topic aren't you? Literaly you are wasting more time talking about masturbation, than you ever have wasted actually masturbating. It's time to chill bruh. I don't even like talking, or thinking about this topic anymore. It's just such a low level topic. If you wanna have a trully productive and meaningfull life, you need to think about high level shit constantly, not low level shit. However shitty your life may happen to be at the moment, as long as you keep thinking positive, meaningfull and high level thoughts and you keep taking consistent action, everything will turn out OK eventually. I literaly haven't felt the need to jerk off for months - even though the sexual instincts are still there ofc. But I just don't touch my dick. I only touch it in the morning, when I'm washing it, and also when I'm peeing. THAT'S IT. Incorporate this rule as well: just don't touch your dick unless it's necessary, EVER. And actually do shit during your day - don't just lay in your bed, watching Youtube or Netflix on your smartphone or notebook, while gorging yourself with popcorn.
  9. Nah, I think she wants to play ping pong.
  10. Collectivist would probably answer something like: lack of universal basic income, racism, sexism, xenophobia and all the other kinds of "people phobias", lack of care for both social and natural enviromental issues (crime, gun violence, school shootings, as well as gloval warming and polution), stigma around mental health issues, stigma around sexuality, etc. Individualist's POV would look something like this: lack of people taking responsibility for their lives, victim mindset, excuses, being an uninteligent robot NPC sheep, lack of purpose and meaning in people's lives, lack of work ethic and persistence, lack of strenght and not enough of "getting shit done" attitude, etc. One thing that both individualistic and collectivistic POVs tend to agree on: lack of proper education Have to take a bit of a break, to answer the rest of your questions? too much brainpower needed, me not ready
  11. I'm not sure. Entire society needs to move up another stage on spiral dynamics. We need better education, less ego, less judgement (ironic, comming from me), more awareness and consciousness on how reality really is instead of how our survival agenda wishes it to be, and actually MORE colectivism - but a positive colectivism, not the miserable one, or the individualism we have today. Working together and helping everyone with fulfilling their survival needs, instead of being colectively miserable and sad, or individualistic and indifferent to suffering of others.
  12. You are correct, of course. The thing is, I am trying to escape the "Tim" life myself. And it's a struggle. So from my POV, if you're also not trying, if you're gonna be a sheep that's sleep walking throught life like most of people, then what's the point of me even talking to you? It's not like I'm gonna change your mind - or at least, it's very unlikely. And the thing is, as cruel as it may sound - society needs Tims. Current society needs miserable people, otherwise it would fall appart. Someone needs to clean the floor. Someone needs to be a cashier at the store, etc. Someone does need to be overweight, or unconfident, so that certain brands can make their money off these people. But it's not gonna be me, that's for sure. You know what I've noticed? Most people that are on the self improvement journey, make conversations with me effortlessly, and I make them my friends almost effortlessly - while everyone else that's stuck in the same stupid normie patterns, either talks to me only a little bit, or completely ignores me. It's almost natural selection. Shitty people stay away from me, while quality people stick to me. And it doesn't even matter how long I've known them, or whether they're just online friends - literaly, I just made like 5 new friends throught Instagram, THAT ARE COMPLETE FUCKING STRANGERS - while people I've known for years, or even 10+ years, ignore me when I try to contact them. The only difference between these people, is that one group is trying to improve, while the other one keeps being stuck. And you know what? I'm glad. Fuck them. It all boils down to whether you want to improve or not. You can't really MAKE someone want it - he/she has to want it.
  13. Damn. So he's got nothing to lose anyway. So we're fucked after all?
  14. I am not really afraid to introspect - I am trying to debunk my bullshit pretty much all the time. But I'm afraid to take action in the real world, and take action regardless of how I feel. Beautiful music, by the way. I like the instrumental in Changeless
  15. Deleted my previous posts, that were putting forth arguments against your claims - cause I'd actually want them to be true, not gonna lie? That would be a dope ass world if majority of women responded in that way to EXPLICIT sexualization from the get go, rather than implicit. I don't wanna actually block myself from this possibility