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  1. Please. Stop right now spending anything and focus on your mental health. If you don't fall for this scam, then the next one is waiting for you. Don't waste money even if 5k is nothing for you right now. Making good decisions is critical for your growth. Right now I think you are not in good mental health so first fix your mental health.
  2. @shree Wow how on earth did you do that? Smoking worked? That would be groundbreaking! And be careful of NL, chances are 40- 60‰ that it get seized by customs. This is real
  3. @shree how was your trip? Did you try 5 Meo with open eyes this time?
  4. How are you today? I don't cope really. I never had a trip which showed me this directly. Maybe some hints on lsd but that's it. Her last post was about telepathy experiments. This woman is not only very hot but has some good skills. https://www.reddit.com/r/LSD/s/sh2wpcloGy Unfortunately she never posted again after this 4 years old post. Update: I found her on tiktok her username is "nealamee". She seems fine
  5. @Grateful Dead it's a woman. Thanks for the trip report. This trip report was posted a long time ago in this forum and I always searched for it to read again but could not find it. It's one of the best trip reports out therez I hope this woman is well today. .
  6. Your movements are completely symmetrical. Like completely! My girlfriend lies down the same way. Me also. Everyone I personally saw having a breakthrough on 5 lies down in this star like form.Nobody told us to lay down like that. We do it automatically That alone is a mystery
  7. If you do it long-term your brain structure changes to the worse. Look for anhedonia Yeah if you would do it occasionally you would probably have no damage of health much like drinking a beer occasionally. It's all about consuming in a non abusive way.
  8. I don't have experience with kratom but categories it in the same class as heroin or worse.
  9. @Javfly33 no check for "isnt terrible for your health" with oxy.
  10. You don't understand that research in LSD has almost stopped over the word officially since decades so you have no other choice than to rely on anecdotes about this topic. By the way some people here drop acid based off the anecdotes about some random people reaching non duality with LSD. Good luck waiting for a scientific study on threathing a cold with LSD. Maybe in 20 years.
  11. Yeah for close minded people. Here are some cases where it worked: https://www.reddit.com/r/LSD/s/fjPNsFhW0l "I'm losing my mind right now. Because I have been ranting to all my friends about how on multiple occasions i've been diagnosed with the flu then dropped acid and been completely healed the next day. I'm currently sick with covid and i'm wondering if it would be the same." "I've actually experienced something similar! My brother aswell, maby there is something in it? I've dropped with a flu before, and I felt muuuch better the day after" "So my bad symptoms from covid all stopped the day after tripping. Including the random on going fevers, my fiance and I were pretty shocked. As if I did a complete 180"
  12. That's the path of a pioneer. Update: I am already fine after sleeping whole day on 1000 micro vitamin C. So it was a fast recovery
  13. @Phil King I took already 1000 micro vitamin C.
  14. I am having a cold right now (fever, headache, weakness), I read in at least two trip report that LSD can cure that. What's your experience?