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  1. @acidgoofy @acidgoofy ok this sounds heavy. Do you think it is possible with moderate doses of lsd doing it 50 times to have the same healing effect (just slower)? I recognize her trauma feelings are showing up more frequently lately during the day. She dont have access to the memory or cause of it. It is just showing up
  2. @acidgoofy When she meet her trauma, can she then really heal it ? Did it work for you? So far with 100 microgramm she just has various insights about union, god and reality (which is nice, but has no influence at all for her daily life struggle with her childhood trauma)
  3. @acidgoofy yes they give her healing support However this does not effect her mood/Depression or childhood trauma in any signifikant way so far. No significant impact on daily life therefore
  4. @Topann lol you are 24 years old, so young. Do you think you will be exact same dark space when you are 25, or 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 years old? Time will heal
  5. @acidgoofy she just can do it. she channeled so far in following order: Maria magdalena (mother of jesus) Jesus Poseidon Zeus Gaia (mother of earth) She never was religious, or interested in any of these gods until she channeled them. Each of them has their own strength. Maria magdalena for example is warm and give her unconditional love. Zeus is very powerful and gives her strength. She did not know of these gods until she described me exactly how they looked and what their spirit was, then we googled it to find out and it was exactly like she met on LSD. She was totally shocked As she first met jesus, she even did not asked for him. he was showing himself to her. he was a litte sexual to her she felt. Because this was too much she said to him he should go away the first times she met him (it was in a church, no LSD). Later on LSD she had direct contakt to him. As I said, she is not religious she just visit church because it is a quiet place
  6. update: last Sunday she took 80 microgram LSD. Met Gaia, the Mother of earth. No migraine so far. LSD clearly helps agains migraine!!!
  7. @Enlightenment ok that sounds no very promising. My girlfriend took 125 micro lsd on sunday with migraine symptoms. she met Jesus and jesus told her there is a bigger god than him. He introduced her to Zeus. Very powerful experience, she merged with the earth and cosmos. Migraine is gone so far.
  8. @Enlightenment I told my girlfriend about 5 meo dmt. Do you still use 5 meo for migraine? can you tell how often you take it, how much of the migraine symptopms are reduced and how many days it last?
  9. @Superfluo She will eliminate this food problem but it is just one of many problems. the root problem is probably her childhood trauma. Most people with trauma have migraine, there is a link there.
  10. Update: today her migraine came back. she is light sensitive again and is in the beginning of a migraine. She consider to take more LSD next time
  11. @Michael569 Yeah you could be right. We went to a physiotherapeut who did manual therapy on her. he said, she has a very very stiff neck. And her rip bones are not really movable. She has food problems and this has a direct link to her head he said. She has a lot of stress, so her neck is alwais tight. This could also explain why LSD works. It releases her tension in her body. Update: she told me that last week on the day where she took 100 micro LSD, she was at the beginning of a migraine. This was one of the reason she took LSD. LSD resolved the temporary migraine symptoms. However some days later she has some mild headache (but not a migraine).
  12. @Thought Art yes, 5 meo is a miracle. I tried low dose many times. No breakthrough. But even low dose has value. I feel energy in my body at will.
  13. Do this have a biological cause? Did you have an injury? Please explain more where this pain comes from exactly. Otherwise there will be no good advice here
  14. @acidgoofy really? She is 1,50 cm high and weights 47 kg. Highly sensitive. She met Jesus at 100 micro Should She continue to take 100 micro or constantly raising up to little by little until She reaches 500 micro? Is high dose really neccessary to Touch her childhood trauma??
  15. @Javfly33 ok this sounds a little too deep. just releasing childhood energy trauma with the best tool is the goal