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  1. @Hamilcar "the fact that there is no single valid proof?" Lol, there are so many proofs out there even in science you must be totally blind not to find them And let me tell you first hand experience, If you ever encounter a real paranormal experience, most time your first reaction will be to deny this experience. The egos world view will be deeply shattered by this and it will find any silly explanation that this paranormal stuff never happened. You will forget very quickly and go on with life as nothing happened. So most people with paranormal experience dont want them to exist at all. At least that is my experience with these people, they even dont tell anyone. And go deper with astral projection, that is not just some funny dream stuff. I had so many paranormal phenomena experienced I needed a break from going astral to work through these stuff. I even had a full blown ego death experience on one of them. At the end, there is no difference between astral world and this world, its just another dream in consciousness
  2. @Joseph Maynor can you tell me some examples what you mean with improperly interpreting the trips? On psychedelics I think I could see reality more clearly than on anything else, because of loss of concepts. But this is just my experience
  3. @laurastarla what keywords do I need to find this reddit post? I hope it is not banned already @astrokeen look for psilhuasca
  4. @Leo Gura well I think you should study Hitler again. He had no personal hate against jews, not at all. He used hate against jews to manipulate the masses. Nevertheless he also saw a problem in them because they controlled the financial system back in these days. His main goal was to liberate human mankind from this financial system. If there would be another option than killing all jews to destroy the financial system he would take this option, then he would not kill one jew. But there was no other option in the middle of a world war. “Mind and soul ultimately return to the collective being of the world. If there is a God, then he gives us not only life but also consciousness and awareness. If I live my life according to my God-given insights, then I cannot go wrong, and even if I do, I know that I have acted in good faith.” Adolph Hitler
  5. @Leo Gura Hitler was not blue at all, thats how media wants to see him. Read the biography from his only friend August Kubizek. Hitler hated school system as he was young, disliked religions. He knew instinctly that most german people are red/blue and used to manipulate them. He gave different speeches to different people dependend on their classes. He loved the war, because it teached him so much about reality. there he had his deepest insights always being close to death. It seems he had paranormal abilitys because of his consciousness level if you research a little more, dont want to go out too far here. He is an good example of yellow/turquise I thing, he was a strong system thinker thats for sure, not enlightened but very close to enlightenment I think. His idea of swastika he had from buddhism. He was not possessed or fanatic about germany at all , that s just media. in his view it was even good that germany was defeated at the end. He admired many cultures not only his own. He was thinking about the world as the whole, wanted just the best for humanity from his own view. He had deep love for everyone, most for children and animals No one should know who he really was, Hitler knew this at best. Because red/blue people wont like this. And today winners write history so he is just the cartoonish evil guy
  6. @Kallan Thank you, it sounds like you are over the dark night of the soul. I also went through it after my first lsd trip. I needed to stop from spirituality for a month. Since 2 Weeks I am back, I feel normal again and most of the time I am not aware that all of this is illusion. But still life becomes so more awesome after dark night of the soul, I also start to see some hidden truth in almost every form of art. Nature looks mysterious. And we still need to live our life so meaning exist in some way in some level, at least for the ego. But I know it doesnt exist on deeper levels and I am ok with it
  7. @furashido @Saumaya can you elaborate what things needed to settle in in these years? Do you (your real self) wish sometimes to be fully identified with fake ego again without knowing the truth? Can you as an enlightened one also use the ego to enjoy ego desires like reading interesting books, watching funny movies, eating sweet things, being curious what else is to know about yourself (like infinite intelligence?) Or are these just sensations no one enjoys, desires no one is looking after? or are there both at the same time your fake ego which enjoys these things and your real self which just is ? is it like watching a movie, constantly knowing noting is real, just pixel moving? but then there is no immersion into the movie, no fun, no exitement
  8. I ave this same sensation during the day. I dont know how this energy is called at day. At night it is called sleep paralysis. I can do this also at will. When you make these vibrations stronger at night you can leave your body and go into the astral world. These vibrations are a sign for it that you can stand up and do an obe. Worth to explore
  9. Was there a time where you also went trough this phase (or should I better say "dark night of the soul")? I am also like @Betterself in this sometimes depressing state. I even considered to quit enlightment after the discovery on a trip, that everything is dead, life is just a dream and I am the only one. But I could not surrender, I was identified with my ego the whole trip. Hardest part in my life to handle the truth with an intact ego. Now I am back on the path, somehow my mind adapted to this new perspective as you said. Still depressing when I think about this stuff. I hate this truth. Most people on this forum see the beauty in it, enlightened beings can joke about it and are blissful. Still I dont know if it will be worth for me to go after an ego death experience. Will there be an even worse dark night of the soul waiting for me?
  10. can somebody help me with this, I want to speak from the absolute perspective: a stone is something that appears in consciousness. It is not conscious, not self aware, just something that appears in consciousness a human being is something that appears in consciousness. it is not conscious, not self aware, just something that appears in consciousness. The only difference is that consciousness is identified with this human being. Do I understand this correctly?
  11. Maybe this books guideline helps your friend: The Psychedelic Experience A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead-Citadel (2000) it is short, good structured and gives perfect settings advice for LSD. It gives you as the trip sitter as well as the tripper a guideline, how the tripper can experience god. Give a report if it worked for your friends. For me alone it helped a lot
  12. It was lab made hcl version, the toad version has some visuals and is therefore not so straight forward to infinity like synthetic 5 meo. But of course both are same effective. This is what I heard, I never used these substances
  13. @Sukhpaal @Sukhpaal I thank you for your answer, now I understand. Life is perfect, nothing changed. Just that it is a game. its funny that the most thing I like in this world are video games. But they are not real. Therefore I love already things which are not real. I like it Want to play another round and another round... to infinity
  14. @Sukhpaal as a functioning ego I cannot understand how this "experience" you had was also wonderful and that you as an ego also want to surrender totally to this "nothingness". In this nothingness there is nothing going on for eternity, isnt it? But right now there is also nothing going on.. For an ego, how can it be wonderful to know that there is nothing? To see at your girlfriend and to know that you are looking at a dreampicture made out of nothing and no one ever experience this, even yourself?
  15. @Kallan Thanks for your reply. What you wrote made deeply sense to me. I know how you feel. This realization that nothing is real, nothing doesnt matter and no one exist, this feeling I had in a online video game I was lost in for so many years. It was a depressing feeling. I quit this game. So you see everywhere the illusion. I hope you can still get lost in it. Like watching a movie I dont want to be 100% aware during the movie while thinking that this is just a movie and nothing is real. This would not be fun anymore. Can you still get lost in illusions?