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  1. ask your mate tom, he went through astral surgery and it really helped him. he said this in a comment so he doesnt talk about it in his videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXSF1F_RFRUVNXX4QmB6vmw/videos
  2. I think the black magic your brother is talking about could be real. I heard of astral surgery and it helped someone who had a bad trip with ibo and lost his soul or whatever. Now he is total fine Let your brother speak here, even if he sounds deluded it could be a real part in it.
  3. Thank you for sharing your experience. Interesting that you think it could be dangerous to other spiritual techniques. Could yoz elaborate? I am from Germany and also interested in Reiki but dont know where to find a good one
  4. @Shin women are loyal (as long as you are the best they can get) women can love (it is just love based on survival needs) women are hypergamous (if they have the chance to it ) whats so comical about?
  5. Lol what projections do you have about me? where do you read out of my text that I put women on pedestal or that I dont need them? Also I dont talk about how to deal with them, this teachings belong to "Pick up". I talk about Red pill my friend And before you project on me that I hate women, I love them very much. Nature is beautiful
  6. your personal perspective may be deluded. You want to beliefe. You dont want to see the ugly truth. So you use a filter to make the world endurable. nature tricks you out. You are a slave for women, nothing but an object. Thing is, you like to be a slave to women. In reality they only care about you as long as you are useful to them. Nature cannot make unconditional love for women, because of ying yang. love energy goes from men to women to children ( which women see as parts from theirself, so women cannot really love them also). Women need men to survive, so love feeling is based on survival. And survival is a dirty game. If they find a better men with better genetics and they dont need you as a provider, you are out of relationship in one week. Should I destroy your bluepill world? Go check out for yourself with your personal perspectiv Google "Why I love my boyfriend" and read what women write, what they really love about their boyfriend. Now change wherever the word boyfriend appears with "slave" and read again. It is the same Welcome to the red pill. Yes it is an ideology, but a usefull one. it will save you a lot of pain and money
  7. I was MGTOW for some time, it seems total logical at first, just survival needs. No love from women, just what they can get out of it. But Red Pill is always in developement. They now discover the spiritual side and even the most influencers like therational male talk about ,something is missing in their red pill theory. It is not just survival (and therefore no love) , there can be a deeply loving spiritual bondage beyond survival. I think it is like spiral dynamics. Most women can fall easy on red level (survival mode on steroids) in the right situation. All women are on red level somehow. But they can develope further
  8. What exercise did you do when it happend? How long do you yoga already? Thanks for sharing your experiences!
  9. @Paul Almost everybody says this, sadghuru for example, leo also. I have my own personal experience also. Another example from an interesting interview lately posted in this forum: So reality is a paradox, not logical.I think your logical conclusons limit you. Your little human brain cannot grasp reality with logic. Furthermore you hold on false beliefes which seems so true for you right now, It will pass. Because truth will at the end destroy false beliefs. So count on that there is truth out there which is too good to be true, you just did not realized it yet Your kundalini may be activated. I highly recommend the kundalini book I told you. The process is well defined, after dark nights there is bliss. but then some dark nights come again, but I think you went really through the hardest part so it will be better. Many tips are there how to endure dark nights Welcome the dark nights, you will grow A LOT when you go out of it and you will be rewarded so keep going, So much change right now in your life, that is a good sign
  10. @Paul92 I read all your latest posts and I see a lot of growth in you lately. Everyone knows that they live as individual souls. So some nasty zen masters concentrate only on the message "You dont exist". Because the other thing is total clear. Should a zen master teach other people: " Hey did you know, you are an individual being and you exist?" You exist as God and you exist as individual soul (yes a part WITH God, not AS God. As a real human being) at the same time. This is paradox, but it is the most perfect solution to this whole universe. You are immortal (God) and mortal (Paul). So as Paul, take life serious and dont throw it away.
  11. @Paul92 how was the talk with the girl from the church about god? Right now I think you are a little bit trapped in ideologies called solipsism and nihilism, your mind tries to contextualize your experience. Have faith that you can get out of it,. Then slowly come back to spirituality when you are grounded. It will be better and better. @Leo Gura lately some people here in this forum go a bit nihilistic and solipsistic. Even though you adressed this problem already in many videos like that video about ideology, maybe it could help here or in one another video to clarify whats going on
  12. 3 steps to enlightenment: 1. The mountain is a mountain 2. The mountain is not a mountain 3. The mountain is a mountain again Give yourself time to find out. Everyone goes through this process. There is delusion, confusion and craziness on the way. Illusion will be reality again and when it comes back you will love reality 1000 times more. Take deep breaths and have faith
  13. @Paul92 I feel you! Evn when I did not experienced your situation exactly I can understand you, because of same thoughts. I think you are in dark night of the soul. I researched a lot after grounding mysellf and intellectually (not from experience) I understand we are one and also separated individual human beings. both is real! From the very recommended book of Jana dixon biology of kundalini: "The Die-offs/dark nights are a “biochemical process” which secondarily brings about the dissolution of the operational personality structure for “a period of time”. The brain is undergoing such a catastrophic neurological meltdown and renewal, that the ego personality and functionality is temporarily completely non operational. Depending on ones inner resources at the time and whether one is essentially imbued with a biological faith or has a tendency to fear, depression and self-hatred—this will determine whether the incapacitation is navigated positively or simply adds to the burden of an already diffcult life. The psychologicalemotional story one gives to interpret this autogenic “biological” event, is secondary to the chemistry, and yet is absolutely key to whether one can use the down cycles to further ones spiritual growth, or simply cause an escalation of our primary suffering." "The Die-off’s in particular should be regarded with awe and gratitude as very good news. They don’t last long and we do not transform without them. The old must die for the new to be reborn. So the highs and lows of the kundalini cycle should be celebrated equally" Hope you will recover, take care of your body and mind. eat clean and do sport, take supplements like fishoil, magnesium, vitamin d3 to ground yourself first. No spiritual stuff so that it will not confuse u more. Then when u feel ok slowly get back to spirituality. let me know how u feel after month.
  14. @FoxFoxFox I thank you very much, finally somebody who talks about it. When Leo talks in his videos like he knows everythig, it is very dangerous and scareful when you believe everything he says. Sometimes he says that no one should beliefe him, they should figure out for themselve. Problem is, that your subconscious mind still takes everythig what he says about for real on some level . Furthermore he sounds sometimes dogmatic about his experiences of truth, he gives the same message over and over in many of his videos. These messages make someone like me with little experience confusing and dogmatic too. Still he is ine of the best teachers for me, his content is high quality even with some bullshit in it, But as he said in one of his best videos, "everyoe is full of bullshit, including himself" :)
  15. Thanks for the very profound report ! What was your psychedelic background? Did you have some insights you got from 5meo from other psychedelics before? Were there also some insights wich you needed to correct after 5 meo?