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  1. @Proserpina It makes biological sense that females are more selfish. Men are replaceable, women not. she is the one who give birth to life. A woman need to take care of herself first and only so there is higher chance of surviving her children. a woman is physical weak compared to a man and also lacks on other deep connections. she never experience real companionship, it is total shallow how friendships are between women. If a girl gets too beautiful she will be bullied from other girls. if a girl gets fat and ugly, other females will support her to stay in her ugliness (because less competition for men). Look at facebook, when a bad looking girl posts her ugly body only women will compliment her how "beautiful" she is. They are all lying to her, so she can think everything is ok with her. No improvement welcomed
  2. @OneHandClap ah really no proof? Then why always men give their life up for saving someone elses life? In a life threatening Situation a woman always think about herself and her children(which She See as a Part of herself).not ONE thought of any men. Well studied. But no one wants to hear this truth
  3. Women have Different Brain chemistry. They are solipsistic by Natur. Their ego is stronger. Maybe all these existential crisis which happens to men are not a Problem for them.
  4. @Leo Gura ok I understand you But even when you cannot capture whats going on, these Videos really mirrored a Part of the profoundity you experienced. At least for me (and the people I showed). One of my Friends tried lsd after seeing this foitage and experienced God first time. He then said, Leo was right. I stay by my opinion that these footages can have extreme Value for some even if they capture just a tiny bit of the awakening. But also noobs misunderstand.. Too bad
  5. @Leo Gura Ok I hope you did not misunderstood me. You never did something for clickbait in the degree of like frank yank or connor murphy. I just feel you are afraid of the shitstorm out there so you are willing to give up your authenticity to protect yourself. And also your raw awakening videos, because you want to give your whole work a clean serious image (which in reality is mostly chaotic and messy). I just think, in the end you do more good with releasing footage of how real awakening can look like. Not like the story of sadghuru, going on a beautiful mountain, on the sunset realizing he is god. This is too stereotyped..
  6. @Leo Gura See it positive. Connor murphy (and even frank yank) posted some of the craziest raw videos about awakening and earned really heavy shitstorm from the whole youtube community. However you look at his channel now, it doesn't really matter at all. He is going back to do normal pickup videos (mixed with spirituality) and the people see and like his videos like before he went crazy. During his crazy period he lost just a little people on his channel (0,02 million maybe?). He still has 2,38 million people follow him right now. Your raw footages will never be as crazy as connor murphys video so you have a buffer. So from the story of Connor Murphy and Trump also you can learn: you can be as authentic and crazy as you want. You get maybe a little shitstorm, but in the end IT DOESN'T MATTER! You even get more famous.
  7. @Leo Gura I would pay a lot for your unfiltered raw awakening videos. So much value! I know you will get misunderstandings but if you share them on your blog only... Tribute also to Connor murphy who also gave raw footage of awakenings. These footage are so powerful like the first step on the moon footage. please do some more if you can handle the shitstorm of unconscious people
  8. dont recognize this at all. examples please... (not just Tolle)
  9. I also think he was serious first, but then he was realizing that he is full of bullshit and then defends himself as just trolling around this thread should be banned
  10. @SS10 you need to understand, that not everyone in this forum recognizes that you are just trolling around. This forum should be troll free, so less misunderstanding.
  11. @Jannes you will not get your mom to meditated. She wants a psychedelic experience so give it to her. No Meditation needed. No Spiritual theory needed. Just give her and stop your monkey mind for looking for excuses not giving her the substance
  12. @Jannes then what is the Problem with giving her a small dose the first time so that She can test the water? I even said that before, I must repeat again until you understand. And ask you seriously what is even the Problem with a negative Trip? Maybe some negative energy must be Releases. Then thats what it is. To be Real, It sounds to me you really are not very mature if you always just see Value in the positive. Leave the psychedelics to your mom. Maybe She knows better than you even if you are more experienced
  13. @Jannes man... You are total over thinking. She doesn't need any Spiritual background. it is not necessary. I think it is even better to have no spiritual background at all (=less spiritual garbage in your head) . Just have an open mind, nothing more counts. And every one has a Spiritual side. She is a woman. Woman have great Intuition, dont dismiss this. She is old age and that said She is mature enough, maybe much more than you. Just give her this Chance. Dont hindern someone, who wants to Explorer consciousness. She can have a good Trip or a bad Trip. Accept that, it is ok that your mother can have even bad trips. She will be fine at the end. Ps:I am from Germany too and Experiment with truffle
  14. @JuliusCaesar crushed powder I would also test. But if you buy the whole mushrom, your senses are the best test. No need for extra work in testing these. There are thousands of people buying these every day from the magic mushroom shop. If something is wrong, this shop can close. Furthermore there are good pictures on the internet how they should look.
  15. @Jannes give her a good dose the second time (first time small to test how she reacts). She wants an psychedelic experience. I know you feel very responsible but it is her choice. If she want to overcome fear of death the dose must be a good one.