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  1. Hey everyone, since one year my 26 years old small girlfriend (11 inches) is chronical depressed. Furthermore she had several big trauma from her childhood, but now she has suicidal thoughts almost every week for months because of her study. I went long time ago with her to a psychologist, he said she should look for a shaman because she could have special abilities. Then I went with her to a psychiatrist long time ago, he scanned her brain. found nothing unusual. she has no schizophrenia. He diagnosted psychosis, gave her pills, she took 1/4 of recommended pill and felt really bad and never took it again. Besides she doesn't drink alkohol, takes no drugs at all just some coffee. My girlfriend is spiritually gifted, can see auras and energys since childhood without any spiritual training. She also sees ghosts everywhere. My girlfriend told me also that there was one situation in where she became the whole room. Furthermore I saw her having a real life ego death in front of me while meditating for just 15 minutes (rarely she does meditating, I sometimes push her), glad I know what happend so I did not intervened, I just hold her in my arms during this and her eyes were complete dead for some seconds, she looked completely through me. As she came back, she told me she were in the ocean and she dont want to talk about because I dont understand it anyway. There was also some situations where she had clairvoiance abilities. She also is very sensitive, feels pain extremely strong. Also when I give her a massage she can enter past lifes easily. When she uses healing stones, her reports from these sessions sound stronger than any lsd trip I ever had. Overall I think she is really tripping naturally all the time. I gave her 2 years ago first time 35 μg AL-LAD. She was back then in normal mood. She said, she almost had no effects at all, just had one moment during the trip where she had a little panic because she had a very deep insight but she forgot it. Now she want to try AL-LAD again in stronger dose. I think about giving her 75 μg AL-LAD. But I dont know if it is too strong for her. I know I have many responsibility for her, nobody can give me the right answer here. I just look for some people with similar situations like my girlfriend. Are there some people here with depression who took some psychedelics? Maybe also some girls here, who did this? What was the outcome? I know everyone is different but maybe I can learn something.
  2. Start with friendly soft psychedelic like ALLAD
  3. @inFlow honestly, I have no idea. Thought maybe someone on this forum played with this stones Edit: My girlfriend use these stones to heal herself and she describes effects similar to a strong dose of lsd
  4. @inFlow the theory about healing stones says so that you always need to charge these stones with energy after a session. they even can save your negative energy and then become negativ itself. It needs then extra effort to charge them to positive energy
  5. Has it value to use healing stones or crystals as a technology to enhance consciousness / heal the body in a more profound way than just placebo? There was a study of 80 persons who meditate with real and fake stones without knowing. both reported same effect on them. I think this study is not really valid because if I choose normal people who are not in tune with spirituality it will have weak results. Is there more to it? Has anyone tripped with these stones/ used in combination with psychedelica?
  6. what about other tools beside meditation/breathing/music playing to reduce nervousness before tripping? I heard cola nut powder also helps, any experience?
  7. @Sombra no one knocks on your door. As I said again, just your ego tries to scare you so that you stop to go further. it is a test if you are ready for the spiritual world or not. if this simple trick is really freaking you out, you are not just ready for this stuff. I know exactly what you mean, this happens when I use my hair dryer sometimes. My brain translate this sound into weird heavenly orchestra music I heard during some out of body experiences. This again is your mind playing tricks on you. That is nothing paranormal going on, just your mind interpreting this stuff. So dont take this seriously. Can you tell me about the ghost stories?
  8. @Sombra can you exactly tell me about your poltergeist activity? I had experimented with out of body experiece a lot. There were many situations like somone is knocking loud on your door. But this is just your ego defense mechanism which tries to trick you so that you stop this activity. I just laught when this happens, I can see through this simple trick my ego plays.. I ask me if this poltergeist activity is just your mind tricking you or something outside
  9. @ivankiss Thanks for your post, very good to read. You must have deep break throughs I am a human right now, not god. Period.
  10. Do you still have reduced short term memory up to this day? Are you really sure this comes from 5 Meo DMT? If it is so, do you recognize an improvement of short term memory over the years back to normal again?
  11. Finally I realized, I god fired as a programmer because of ADD (not ADHD). I need to fix this, my focus is jumping around, multitasking all the time @Leo Gura I look forwarrd for your detoxification video I have a ultra clean diet and do 5 x a week sport but never tried to detoxify intentionally
  12. @Commodent I just ask me if there is one in this forum who could do that
  13. @Annoynymous sadghuru propagates that it is possible for almost everyone to drop sleep hours to just 3 to 4 hours
  14. @Aquarius the difference is, this woman dont need this "sleep hygiene" and she dont need these rules like no coffe or chocolate after 3 pm. I dont want to trick my body with such hacks, my goal is that my body really just need 3 hours sleep regardless what I do over the day