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  1. @Dazgwny this is no comedy. Just Do 5 meo and you will See yourself
  2. @Thewizardking woooah unbelievable. I hope you can vizualize one day
  3. @Aaron p it will speed up everything, yes. But I only can speak of lower doses. 5 meo helped me a lot in many ways. Try it out for yourself!
  4. @Thewizardking how Do you masturbate if you think of a girl? Just by words in your head? I can vizualize her fully naked and can interact with her.almost like watching real porn but visualization is more background I dont See with my eyes these visualizations in Front of me like I would on psychedelics (or like watching a porn Video)
  5. I would recommend microdosing lsd which makes you more emotional unstable but only at the beginning. You will grow with every week. You either Deal with your emotions or you should never ever take a normal dose.
  6. @flume which psychedelics are better for healing in your opinion? And May I ask what your experiences were with mushrooms? I See great Potential here but I must confest, just Did it 3 times. Mushroomes/Truffles trigger deep Emotions
  7. In Germany it is illegal because you cannot drive a car with it. Good reasons, but with alcohol you cannot drive, too.
  8. @Carl-Richard Go to 2:10 there lies the answer
  9. @Knowledge Hoarder dont say that, I heard from people seing molecules in air on lsd.
  10. How about 100% empty space
  11. @Leo Gura Shocking updates ? Great! A video blog would be nice to see! Love these Hope something like the 5 meo MALT enlightment plan. If you invent something, that could up and down-regulate the consciousness in realtime like with a new vapor device, so that anyone can test their comfort zone in a save way without overshooting, this invention would be godlike.
  12. @Raze can you summarize what the content is? Not everyone has time to watch 1 hour Youtube Video
  13. @Sine can you tell what mania He suffered from? I cannot grasp how someone so highly spiritual and wise man decides to end his life. Maybe He had an secret illness (cancer or something like that)
  14. ring fit adventure for nintendo switch. this is so fun!
  15. Right now I as awareness experience my bubble. Do you mean the awareness right now can just experience my bubble and not yours, because there cannot be two awareness? This would mean if awareness wants to experience your bubble, my bubble needs to end? Like linear switching from one bubble to the next? I dont get it, why cannot every bubble be contained in one awareness? So that this awareness experiences all bubbles simultaneously? Why it can just experience one bubble at this very moment