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  1. Thanks for your report, especially for your preparation tips. Is it needed to buy a test kit for Al-lad if you buy from a famous RC-Shop which exist for a long time?
  2. @Martin123 there was really no trigger? Can you remember if you were under much stress days before or if you were in a special situation? Did you went to a doctor?
  3. @Martin123 Can you tell how exactly you invoked your kundalini awakening? What exercises did you do and how long did you these exercise? Was it your goal to reach kundalini awakening or did it just happen by accident?
  4. I have no idea, but it sounds like kundalini awakening brings me to the next level. It will not kill me, that is ridiculous
  5. I need good kundalini exercieses. I want to awaken kundalini as fast as possible because what doesnt kill you makes you stronger at the end. Any recommendations?
  6. Hello Leo, you wrote about your family members and your girlfriend with almost no enlightenment background snorting 5-MeO-DMT. What are their psychedelica background? How can someone climb up the ladder of psychedelics to finally take the 5-MeO- breakthrough dose? Just want to hear some examples to get a better understanding of this process, I will not take this as gold standard. I am just curious.
  7. Here he talks on ted, also very good presentation
  8. @Leo Gura Bashar comes to Las Vegas on November 4, 2017 – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (http://www.bashar.org/event/bashar-las-vegas-event-2/) if you want to ask him some interesting questions
  9. Here is a good explanation of kundalini from a guru namend Jim Carrey
  10. @Martin123 I want this kundalini experience, I am ready. What is so dangerous about this? If it doesnt kill me then I will go for it! One year ago after 20 minutes of my first session with strong determination sitting a strange energy came to me I never felt in my life. It startet in waves somewhere in my back, I could raise it a bit, play with it, make it stronger. Suddenly I saw in slow motion the wall I was starring at the whole time. After this I was so shocked and then the energy exploded over my body and it was an amasing feeling. The next days this strange energy came in waves many times during the day, without reason. It was so strong I had tears in my eyes. I still feel it sometimes tingeling in my head without reason or when I see something beautiful I think this was one kind of kundalini experience.
  11. do you yoga at home? With youtube? If it is so, can you recommend me a good kundalini-yoga on youtube? I just train every day with random youtube videos on kundalini yoga and could not find a good one where I feel this energy all yogis talk about
  12. I ask me the same question many times. Why is there a sense self in this body/mind ? Is there really no biological reason at all? When there is no reason, why is it programmed in our genetics that there will be a sense of self once we grow up as a child?
  13. "It happened to me after 1,5 DAYS of CONSTANT contemplation." What means contemplation exactly? This is not meditation right? So does contemplation mean just thinking about spiriual stuff? THere is no video about contemplation how to do it so I ever ask me what is meant by that
  14. If there are no yoga teachers around, is it possible to learn just from youtube videos the right pranayama technique?