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  1. Hello people, AL-LAD is my first real psychedelic experience (besides some weed ). I had two Al-LAD trips this year (1x 150 mg, 1 x 210 mg). My setting was sitting alone in my room and meditatating and eating light vegetable food 2 hours before tripping. During my trip I could not sit still. I wanted to move, stand up from my chair. Sitting for hours in chair during the trip and meditating was mostly unconfortable to me, I even got sleepy during the trip. So this was my trip setting - sitting the whole time on chair, looked around, sometimes switching my sitting position. I had no special spiritual experience like ego death just some visuals and interesting body sensations. I ask for advice for a better settig. Do I really need to meditate during the trip for spiritual experiences or can I just do whatever I feel like? Can I do some yoga practices for example? What would be the best to get the most out of it in a spiritual sense? Next trip is planned on weekend with 225 mg AL-LAD
  2. Well, it is always easy to judge someones decision as mistake from a future standpoint. Of course how stupid was hitler, hitler should have known that there will be a president nixon who choosed to break the gold back up for the dollar and that there are better technologys like blockchain coming even in the next 70 years...
  3. After all what I read about him he was not narcistic at all. Society wants to put this picture on him to make him more evil. He wanted to make suicide many times in his life. He even did not wanted to be called "the fuhrer" in close circles, he just acted normal and dressed like normal when no cameras were put on him. He had a very simple life and no luxury his whole life. He had respect for every people around him and loved children. This is not fake if you see videos about him You put your version of moral over his. Moral is relative. It depends on which time you live, what circumstances you are in. In his view there was no excuse for not destroying the financial system running by jews. He recognized all the suffering in this system trough human history and he wanted to destroy it
  4. I am german. I read about Hitlers biography, he was deeply spiritual his whole life: - in early age he was often outside in nature alone for hours, usually at night - he was not drinking, smoking and was a vegetarian at the end - his booklist is full of esotheric/ occult stuff - he had one of the highest moral thinking at early age, he risked his own life to save someone. He was deeply caring for everything and all human problems and wanted a solution for it. As a system thinker he wanted the best for all humanity, even in a hard way. He saw the world problems in the financial systems which were running by jews. He wanted to make germany independent from this system. This is the reason germany was so strong but other countrys did not like this - he said you can learn a lot about nature. For me his whole ideology is based on nature . Most people think hitler was brutal but he was just a man of truh who did not ignore the law of nature. And nature is brutal. There is always a battle for survive going on. Hitler recognized this truth deeply - he had many mystical experiences: one at early age which changed his life for ever. He saw clearly his mission on this world, to be the leader of germany. Some other experiences at WW1 where he followed his inner voice to go a little of distance from his military base. Shortly after a bomb was hitting his military base, all souldiers died, he was the only survivor. He said he learned a lot from war and was the best life lesson because you are always confronted with dead Another mystical experience he had in a museum as he saw the HEILIGE LANZE. There are many others I cannot tell all - He had strong energy, people tell they had a strong vibe when they were around him (even at early times) and and some people saw a halo over his head For all people who are interested in more details, his only youth friend August Kubizek wrote a book about him (The Young Hitler I Knew (1955))
  5. I like the function. it gives some of information. it is also a quick way for saying thank you. if you turn off many people write thank you messages...i dont want to read them maybe you make a function where everyone can decide for theirself to blend the number of likes it in or out
  6. Thanks for your report, especially for your preparation tips. Is it needed to buy a test kit for Al-lad if you buy from a famous RC-Shop which exist for a long time?
  7. @Martin123 there was really no trigger? Can you remember if you were under much stress days before or if you were in a special situation? Did you went to a doctor?
  8. @Martin123 Can you tell how exactly you invoked your kundalini awakening? What exercises did you do and how long did you these exercise? Was it your goal to reach kundalini awakening or did it just happen by accident?
  9. I have no idea, but it sounds like kundalini awakening brings me to the next level. It will not kill me, that is ridiculous
  10. I need good kundalini exercieses. I want to awaken kundalini as fast as possible because what doesnt kill you makes you stronger at the end. Any recommendations?
  11. Hello Leo, you wrote about your family members and your girlfriend with almost no enlightenment background snorting 5-MeO-DMT. What are their psychedelica background? How can someone climb up the ladder of psychedelics to finally take the 5-MeO- breakthrough dose? Just want to hear some examples to get a better understanding of this process, I will not take this as gold standard. I am just curious.
  12. Here he talks on ted, also very good presentation
  13. @Leo Gura Bashar comes to Las Vegas on November 4, 2017 – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (http://www.bashar.org/event/bashar-las-vegas-event-2/) if you want to ask him some interesting questions
  14. Here is a good explanation of kundalini from a guru namend Jim Carrey