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  1. @Bazooka Jesus why Not just close your eyes during the whole Trip? Is this not the same in terms of hallucinations?
  2. @Kazman Hm your trip sounds like total madness from beginning to end. I am scared for seeing god/reality! How can you see gratitute in this? if everything is me, that is the worst thing I as an human being with an ego can possible imagine. So lonely! I think I need to experience for myself one day. I hope it is worth
  3. @Bazooka Jesus what is your background? Some people react different to this experience, you did it well. Lucky one. Hope one day I will get where you at
  4. how did you get there, can you explain? I am ready for kundalini awakening after 5 years of search
  5. @remember bipolar, maniac, depression, obsession, psychotic,... all these she had with different grades and not always all the time. Depression is maybe the biggest one right now Finding a real haman or healer in germany would be great. Any suggestions are welcome
  6. @remember @remember No not at all, I just compared shamanism with medicaments from psychiatrists and said that shamanism/psychedelics are much more powerful at getting to to the root cause of depression
  7. @remember where did I say it is the only way? I never woud say this. I just said we tried a lot of other stuff lol everything is based on beliefs, you can say this to any method we tried on her. You think a little too simplistic when it comes to healing. She had many traumas and maybe in her past lifes too. So of course you cannot wipe out these with one try, You can release bad energy bit by bit. Everytime something big happened it cleaned a bit from her karma In germany it is hardly to find a healer, any recommendations would be nice. Of course I would inform me about shamanism risks too. Every tool has his own risks
  8. When you mean shamanism = taking psychedelics? No not fully. But even if this did not cure her depression yet, she got some powerful deep insights for her life and with dealing with her actual depression for sure. Of course we tried a lot of other less riskfull things before: meditation (powerful. had one ego death during a 10 minutes session ) holosync (binaureal beats). helped a lot, many bad memories came to the surface. She did this for some months with breaks in between. But it got weaker at the end. When she hear this music, there is really deep things going on in her. She is in another dimension Emotional massage: very very powerful for women I think, I could heal a lot with this. She had many past life experiences during this session, that was scary for me but she was fine Hatha Yoga: After her second exercise she said she felt like the transformation to a super saiyajin from dragon ball. The energy of the whole universe got through her she said, she was the whole earth and the whole sky. She did not do this again, I ask me why her healing stones (also very powerful, but she said the psychedelic experience was much much stronger) more sports and better nutrition (maybe reduced a little stress) psychologist and psychiatrists (was a waste of time)
  9. @remember that is right, in germany there is health care, I just mean for other countries in the world you have to pay a lot. I googled it and costs were 60 $ per month and you need to take it years after years. You are right, after all I am doing the same, very carefully of course. But as I said, shamanism can solve the root cause. Antidepressants and other medicaments like that don't have this power
  10. @remember You are trusting too much these psychiatrists. They just make try and error. Giving my girlfriend medicaments, which are new on the market and therefore making her to a test subject is risky. Furthermore these medicaments doesnt resolve the root cause and are horrible expensive Can you elaborate a bit further? What substance did the one person take, was his set and setting right? Total loss of sense for reality during a trip is normal. Does this person still have this issue after the trip?
  11. @remember Do you have direct experience or are you just saying what other people says? My girlfriend has mania phases and is spiritual gifted too. She had many mystical experiences, still deeply depressed sometimes. I gave her AL-LAD. She was overwhelmed by it and definitively want to try it again. Her depression lifted two weeks later a bit (but not full). This experience cleaned a lot in her and gave her directions what she needed the most in her life: SELF LOVE. So psychotropics can definitively help. Of course I went with her to a psychiatrist and psychologist. Funny thing is, the psychologist gave her 1 hour for talking, said she has maybe special abilities and should contact a shaman ( this is an unusual recommendation for a german psychologist). The psychiatrist on the other hand gave her 5 minutes to talk, gave her a special medicament for free (maybe as a test subject who knows). She had horrible side effects from this medicament and stopped it.
  12. @Baotrader please look for help, you are maybe not addicted yet to heroin but your brain will not forget. Yes it is possible but you are just a human. maybe one time you did too much
  13. @Strangeloop Is it like the feeling when you have a "aha-effect" like you are sitting infront of a puzzle and suddenly you have the solution to it? Then you opend a chacra in your head Did the drug phase had any consequences (positive/negative) for you now? Is this drug phase linked to your schizophrenia?
  14. of course you are struggeling financially, heroin costs a lot
  15. @Baotrader this same reaction like yours to cetus56 had a good friend of mine, a heavy heroin addict, when I told him "I know you take heroin" (I just guessed because he was fucked up) Heroin addicts lie to theirself and others all the time. even when it is not necessary.