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  1. @Leo Gura Bashar comes to Las Vegas on November 4, 2017 – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (http://www.bashar.org/event/bashar-las-vegas-event-2/) if you want to ask him some interesting questions
  2. Here is a good explanation of kundalini from a guru namend Jim Carrey
  3. @Martin123 I want this kundalini experience, I am ready. What is so dangerous about this? If it doesnt kill me then I will go for it! One year ago after 20 minutes of my first session with strong determination sitting a strange energy came to me I never felt in my life. It startet in waves somewhere in my back, I could raise it a bit, play with it, make it stronger. Suddenly I saw in slow motion the wall I was starring at the whole time. After this I was so shocked and then the energy exploded over my body and it was an amasing feeling. The next days this strange energy came in waves many times during the day, without reason. It was so strong I had tears in my eyes. I still feel it sometimes tingeling in my head without reason or when I see something beautiful I think this was one kind of kundalini experience.
  4. do you yoga at home? With youtube? If it is so, can you recommend me a good kundalini-yoga on youtube? I just train every day with random youtube videos on kundalini yoga and could not find a good one where I feel this energy all yogis talk about
  5. I ask me the same question many times. Why is there a sense self in this body/mind ? Is there really no biological reason at all? When there is no reason, why is it programmed in our genetics that there will be a sense of self once we grow up as a child?
  6. "It happened to me after 1,5 DAYS of CONSTANT contemplation." What means contemplation exactly? This is not meditation right? So does contemplation mean just thinking about spiriual stuff? THere is no video about contemplation how to do it so I ever ask me what is meant by that
  7. If there are no yoga teachers around, is it possible to learn just from youtube videos the right pranayama technique?
  8. I want to share you my theory for trolls from my own astral projection experiences and one good book I read about lately (Cooper - our ultimate Reality) Astral worlds are consensus reality of all humans and other beings at that level of vibration of all time in past present future. Astral worlds are illusions like this world. If humans are gone, all manifestations in this world or in astral world, if no longer being observed, are gone back to the universe energy. There exist an group level from people with same culture/religion/dogma where entire citys, lands, new races(e.g. trolls, clowns, elves) are created by the consensus group mind. You can meet them right now if you have the right consciousness- frequency. You can change your frequency with different tools (meditation, drugs, binaureal beats or just relaxing). Every tool can raise your frequency very differently. Therefore ff you produce with the right tool the right frequency you will meet the trolls, which are manifestations from a group level from people with same culture/religion/dogma
  9. @Principium Nexus interesting theory. I also think spiral dynamics plays an role on this. Red people have bad trips and are in hell, green people see DMT-Aliens, yellow people see god/heaven
  10. @Haumea Can you explain this a bit further more? Did I understand you right, that you said psychedelics creates the same vision around the whole world? For example DMT --> all people from all cultures see same DMT-Aliens? lichens --> all peope from all cultures see same trolls?
  11. @Principium Nexus be careful to share this video with us. I researched a little bit about this Nazca alien. it seems to be fake. Lately some hobby scientists make dokus about alien stuff in peru . There was found an alien hand some month before from this pseudo science group (this was fake, it were just human bones ordered new so that it looks like an alien hand). This is not real science, they just want to make some money with this fake alien (for updates in this project you need to pay...).
  12. @Azrael He wanted to ask you, if the people you hang out with (your friends, family-members) noticed somehow your big change in conscious
  13. Here is another interesting documentation about an experiment on OBE with psychic Alex Tanous. This experiment had significant results (114/197 hits) Here is the research paper: http://www.alextanous.org/sites/default/files/172_370278175.pdf
  14. Look at this site: http://www.normalbreathing.com/CO2-deep-breathing-myth.php it has some warnings on deep breathing exercises
  15. @Prabhaker "Yoga has been used to kill the mind; breathing can be used to kill the mind. There are rhythms of breath, subtle vibrations of breath, which can be very, very drastic to the delicate mind. The mind can be destroyed through them. These are old tricks. " Osho "Yogis are, more or less, stupid. Their bodies are healthy — that’s true — strong, but their minds are just dead. You will not see the glimmer of intelligence. You will see a very robust body, animallike, but somehow the human has disappeared." Osho https://meditationawareness.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/osho-on-how-to-stop-thinking/