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  1. @Brivido Did you integrate the experience and insights from 250 micro LSD well? I made the same mistake. I really wanted to know. My first time lsd was 210 micro, way too high if you are not prepared (I thought I was). after one week everything was fine again and I felt quite normal, but then I got mild flashbacks on daily basis after some trigger points (some spiritual texts) and when my life turned bad (family problem). 1 year later I was fine again. Made break of psychedelics in these times and was too afraid to took them.
  2. @Brivido what was the reason for this bad trip on lsd? was your dosage too high? set and setting not right?
  3. @Periergos "It dissolved rapidly in water then I plugged it exactly as Leo described it in his how to plug video." NO his ass is different. Use the right plugging method. you need to put the syringe in the right place (3 to 4 cm), only there it can be perfectly absorbed https://www.reddit.com/user/WeirdOneTwoThree/comments/98o55b/guide_to_per_rectal_administration_of_opiates/ Please update with this new technique. Plugging need some tries
  4. @jayfrost321 What psychedelic did you use in what dosages to get these positive effects? Why did you stop psychedelics? And why do you consider to take psychedelics again if they gave you such positive state? If I were you, there would be a clear YES to psychedelics
  5. @Bazooka Jesus Order just these https://www.amazon.de/dp/B003ODVE8W/?smid=AI2DVT22UJGSQ&tag=idealode-mp-pk-21&linkCode=asn&creative=6742&camp=1638&creativeASIN=B003ODVE8W&ascsubtag=MFOyQZ9zNvB4sgN2dKWCzA&th=1&psc=1 with these syringe, nothing is left in the syringe. You save some 5 meo I hope you got your 5 meo not from a street dealer. Be save Good luck
  6. @Bazooka Jesus Ah finally you try 5 meo dmt Stick to plugging plz, it needs some tries to do it right (I needed 15 tries). I sent you messages one year ago how to do it right. Most important for plugging: you need to have an empty stomach and empty ass you need the right syringe where nothing is left in them https://www.amazon.de/dp/B003ODVE8W/?smid=AI2DVT22UJGSQ&tag=idealode-mp-pk-21&linkCode=asn&creative=6742&camp=1638&creativeASIN=B003ODVE8W&ascsubtag=MFOyQZ9zNvB4sgN2dKWCzA&th=1&psc=1 MOST IMPORTANT: You need to stick the syringe in your ass on the right place (3 to 4 cm, so on your syringe the area should be 3,7 to 5,2 ml) and put the 5 meo solution there. Only there can most asses absorb 5 meo most efficiently. Good luck
  7. My girlfriend took today 100 micro LSD rectal for first time. It was strong and a little shorter in duration. However she had nausea like other trips before. So rectal does not prevent from nausea I think
  8. @Zeroguy She considers not to take MDMA anymore and just sticks with high dose LSD. Hope she find one day love. Her self love is broken.
  9. My Englisch is not so good, what was proved to be more beneficial than Mdma? She Did Mdma two times(70 and 100 Milligramm Mdma crystals) , just sitting and see whats Happening. It was a little healing but nothing profound to her. How to blow to infinity? She Did 350 micro gramm LSD and went to the Light, but it is nothing there She said.she had the feeling that She is God in this space. Even that was nothing special to her
  10. @Gianna I tried it out and it is too weak compared with lsd It is fine to mimic psychedelic effects with other Tools. However they are so weak it takes long time and patience to get resultes
  11. @Gianna yeah. Seems like the best option for deep, integrative, trauma healing if you don't know about psychedelics. Do these experts tried psychedelics on their patients? Surely not
  12. @Michael569 thanks, but she is total ready and it seems difficult and nasty with lsd so she is on her way to heal
  13. @Gianna really? did you experienced on your own? how long did it take, how strong was your trauma A save bet but I heard you need years to heal with this.
  14. @Jodistrict can you elaborate? which plant , how often did he and how long did it took to heal his trauma
  15. @The0Self Also on the first try? I thought how often you use it is the problem. Ok thank you for warning me, can you give me some resources or a list how not to do it? "You just have to know how not to use it and I guarantee you, you aren't entirely aware of the dangers -- almost no one is". That really waked me up, thank you. So many party people take NO in Amsterdam, buy it in club or on street and consume it for fun. This gives the impression it seems not so risky