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  1. please summarize, I dont want to view this video without central message
  2. Any tips for others who are not as far in their journey to skip this hellish nightmare part (maybe also called dark night of the soul) in the beginning? How did you come over it? Through psychedelics again?
  3. I dont have ADD/ADHD, I already informed me about. I am total addicted to internet surfing, open 10 tabs, switching from one to another. Maybe I will quit this
  4. I do kriya yoga I do meditation I do psychedelics (AL-LAD) I have ultra clean diet I do regular exercises I do Holosync I have various massage tools for stress reduction I quit porn but still I am addicted to multi tasking, I feel very creative compared to others but I loose sometimes the big picture and my thoughts drift to fantasy land. I daydream and come up with absurd ideas, this is sometimes pure entertainment . These dreams can come true sometimes, so I take them seriously ----- Maybe I need this neurofeedback machine. Or another biofeedback machine out there. Tthat would be the next step,
  5. Hello people, I need help. I am a multitasking , highly distracted, daydreaming and overthinking and overanalyzing person. And I am a programmer who needs to focus on coding. Sometimes I go into the flow state and everything is fine. But often I think about something else and loose focus. I make then many mistakes.. I meditate regulary 30 minutes with do nothing tchnique(let my mind wander until it is quiet). I need some bigger techniques. Any advice which can really help to concentrate better during the day? Before I try nootropics I want to solve this with natural techniques first
  6. @Leo Gura What about other biofeedback devices, did you test some of them? Maybe there exist already a good machine out there or is in developement
  7. @JakeHoyt this is just a false awakening. pretty normal phenomenon
  8. whoareyou I appreshiate your topic. I was often in astral realm, I know for myself and from other astral travelers how quickly the ego deludes himself in some fantasy stuff. I NEVER experienced paranormal things in this plane, really, it was just more realistic than a dream. But I could easily made up some stories to believe this nonsense my ego wants to tell me
  9. dont be afraid of strange noise, this is just your brain shuttiing off it s auditory center. Every night this happens to every one, you are just conscious of it during this time so you hear it
  10. @Mikael89 Hey first accept that you are not a real man right now. second: Deep in you you know you have the possibility to be a real man. So it is possible. third: dont try to be more like a man, this would be ridiculous. To be a man is a by product of something deeper in you which needs to mature. You still are like a little boy. You cannot fake it to be a man. Work on yourself and forget about being more like a man. At the end as a byproduct you will be a 100% man. For sure
  11. @khalifa if energy is too strong then you can make it lower with anti spiritual behavior(heavy food, no meditation etc) Of course you cannot go back once activated. better be a friend to this force and behave spiritual again
  12. @Danioover9000 Could you film how Crysty moves an object for us and post it here? You already said she can move objects. That would be mindblowing Still very intersting this girl whatever she might be. I think some entity from astral realm
  13. @khalifa "The Die-offs/dark nights are a “biochemical process” which secondarily brings about the dissolution of the operational personality structure for “a period of time”. The brain is undergoing such a catastrophic neurological meltdown and renewal, that the ego personality and functionality is temporarily completely non operational. Depending on ones inner resources at the time and whether one is essentially imbued with a biological faith or has a tendency to fear, depression and self-hatred—this will determine whether the incapacitation is navigated positively or simply adds to the burden of an already diffcult life. The psychologicalemotional story one gives to interpret this autogenic “biological” event, is secondary to the chemistry, and yet is absolutely key to whether one can use the down cycles to further ones spiritual growth, or simply cause an escalation of our primary suffering. For every up there is a down, so it is understandable that depression might result after the over-stimulation of the brain’s pleasure centers and increase in endorphins, during the bliss of kundalini. Depression could also result as the left-brain loses its normal adaptive function during the frst few years of the major cycle. Loss of left-brain prefrontal lobe function could lead to paranoia, frustration, self-pity and other negative emotions. Kundalini restructures us to a higher order, enabling us to live a spiritual life in the material world. The Die-off’s in particular should be regarded with awe and gratitude as very good news. They don’t last long and we do not transform without them. The old must die for the new to be reborn. So the highs and lows of the kundalini cycle should be celebrated equally" From the book biology of kundalini (Jana Dixon). Best book I have found about kundalini, highly recommend this.
  14. There is only one study to this: "In 1939, Dr. Myerson measured circulating testosterone in men and exposed their various body parts to UV.[x] After five days of chest exposure, testosterone increased by 120 percent. When genitals were exposed, testosterone increased by 200 percent! Can you imagine the increase in tanning business if that information becomes well known?" Has some of you experience with this? Sounds very powerful