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  1. @integral Thanks for the Update! I thought She had covid. Because my girlfriend had most of the Symptoms "brainfog, White space, no visuals" after 3 weeks of covid infection. This would also explain her difficult to breath.
  2. @Leo Gura what toxins Do you mean? Can you elaborate? It is just 3 grams. Some heavy Metal toxins or what
  3. @Yali It may be a problem with your technique. Please try again, at 3-4 cm is best absorption boofing technique: https://www.reddit.com/user/WeirdOneTwoThree/comments/98o55b/guide_to_per_rectal_administration_of_opiates/
  4. 30 minutes before swallow 4 blue Berry big ingwer pieces (raw). This prevents getting nausea
  5. @Kalki Avatar can you link some Videos? I am just curious. But still dont know where to start and what to learn from this thread
  6. @Kalki Avatar so where to start? Enter his ashram? Whats the point here
  7. @Razard86 and is your life after such an surrendering to ego death/transcendence forever changed or can you be normal again quickly? I wish I never knew about ego death. Makes tripping always not enjoying anymore because I know deeply the ego death experience is lurking around the corner and can happen any minute.
  8. @Razard86 of course if you can surrender. But what if you feel you cannot surrender and need something to calm down, to hold onto. If your breath is there for you and if it is possible to just follow your breath in this Situation. Thats what I ask me.
  9. @acidgoofy woah, very heavy. I never had an ego death. Do you think it would be possible to follow your breath even in the middle of an ego death/transcendence? Would this be problably less hell? It would be good to know if you have this Option, like an anker when a big storm arises. Just to breath trough and have faith that you will come out of it in a good way
  10. @WokeBloke I try to help. He means technically it is the same material (consciousness). Therefore you can say it is the same.but of course there are differences relatively speaking
  11. My girlfriend Was suffering for about a year on heavy Migrain. She could not go out (just for 30 minutes maybe) because the sun would give her immediately Migrain. Migraine happened even in her room for 2 to 3 times per Week. Then She took 150 micro LSD and on the peak She could feel a blue Lightening would go through her head. She immediately felt healed after this. The migraine Symptoms were reducted to 90% after this for about a month. Then it came a little back and She took lsd again just to be safe. She Was again healed from migraine for some other weeks and so on. Now She takes regulary once a month lsd and her migraine never was a big Issue anymore. Therefore lsd saved her life. There was one Event where She had starting a Migrain while traveling (6 weeks after last lsd consumption) . She took a microdose lsd and ate something cold(ice). After an hour, no Migrain anymore. This is the proof. Normally a Migrain attack goes over 6 hours, maybe even to the next day. Thank God that lsd exist. Thank Leo for introducing psychedelics. So thankful..
  12. @ValiantSalvatore he Was not explizit. Maybe just more body awareness to trigger healing Mechanismen I am just open tp the possibility that when you become God, you also have the Power to heal. Like Jesus Did. I ask me if this is somehow possible with any psychedelic and which of them would be best
  13. @Leo Gura I never took ketamin but what I read about khole seems to be something very very profound. However you are right compare to 5 meo and others ketamin must be inferior. Also because of its tolerance and Potential damage to its body.
  14. This topic is not what he can do otherwise. Of course he Do such things like Massage, Reha and so on. I ask here specific about which psychedelic is best for body healing
  15. @Thought Art Did you plug the syringe 3 to 4 cm in your butt? This is very important, because in this sweet spot your body absorbs maximum. I failed plugging 5 meo many times because I did not put it 3 to 4 cm in. After that the results were incredible Read also on reddit for more background https://www.reddit.com/user/WeirdOneTwoThree/comments/98o55b/guide_to_per_rectal_administration_of_opiates/