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  1. @khalifa Ok sorry for my miss diagnosing. This sounds not like sleep paralysis but like kundalini awakening, which is great news if you are prepared for this (if not, well... there are enough reports how to handle if the symptoms get too strong). Just stay away from any mind alternating drug for some time I think. The kundalini energy will transform you to a higher level being
  2. @khalifa I dont know about the exact happening during sleep paralysis, All I can say is, it will stay for some days or weeks and the suddenly will go away as quick as you can think. I miss it very much, for me just hard training, and forcing yourself to stay awake for hours during night can produce this vibrational stage According to some yogis, a human being just need 3 hours sleep (not 8 hours), be total relaxed during the day so the body will get its restfulness. Eat good, have relaxed body posture, enjoy your super human nature and this vibrational stage as long as you have it. It will go and you will miss it very much
  3. Hey, this vibrating during sleep time sounds like "Sleep paralysis", this is the case when you are so conscious that the mind is active and the body sleeps at the same time. Are these vibrating phases enjoyable to you? To me it was the first times scary but then I got used to it and I enjoyed it very much. You can move your astral body during this time, even get out of your body if you are relaxed
  4. @Riblet RobletThat s quite a lot trip background, can you tell me how much value they gave for your overall journey? Would you do it again or what would you change? What would you do better? You seem like a serious seeker, welcome to this forum
  5. Hey there, There was recently a thread about Practices to do while on psychedelics. I now want to differenciate this a little bit. I ask all Psychonauts here how to they think they get the most spiritual experience out of psychedelics. What practices works best for you during these phases: Setting: Your preparations for the trip, your environment Phase 1: Come up phase Phase 2: Start tripping until peak Phase 3: Come down phase after peak Bad Trip case: What do you do when you suddenly feel fear and panic coming up? When you feel overwhelmed? ------------ For me: Setting: At home in my room in the morning, alone. On empty stomach Phase 1: Meditating, eyes closed, a little Yoga exercises ( a little kriya yoga, downward dog pose not too much because I dont want to get exhausted) Phase 2: Meditating, eyes opened. No Music. No Eating. Phase 3: Random stuff: eating, hearing music, meditating Bad trip case: I stand up, eat some sweet fruits. If this does not help, I take a cold shower. If this does not help I go jogging in the park
  6. @Leo Gura How do you see music as a tool during tripping in general. When should you use it, when it is helpful, or is it jst a distraction and you should just do it in the come up phase?
  7. @Rodrigo SIlva Very good questions. What do you understand high doses? are 200 micgrogram lsd high dose? For me high doses give enormous growth but also a lot of time for integration. Middle doses also have their value but very subtle and often times the trip is boring for me
  8. Do a emotional therapy (its like a massage). This will release very much stuff which is saved in ur body somehow
  9. Very nice report, good to read and thank you! I never tried 5 meo because I tripped not much. What is your background experience before you tried 5 meo?
  10. @Leo Gura Do you see Absolute truth more truthful than relative truth? Or are these two truths existing together hand in hand somehow? In other words: Should I just consider the absolut truth and dismiss the relative truth as just little dream stuff? If this is so, then I would not care about evolution, politics, economic and other beings and myself as human anymore. because there is just one
  11. If I have the choise to choose between 5 Meo and DPT, on which substance should I start with?
  12. @cle103 with what substance did you have your breakthrough to absolute infinity and is this experience good for everyone or could it be too overwhelming and leave you confused or even traumatizing? I trip on mild dose AL-LAD and my baseline consciousness increased A LOT! But I meditate also every day. I think if I would not do this, my baseline consciousness would be back to normal very quickly.
  13. nice post, welcome to this forum. But dont start seeing leo as a guru, What exactly is the point of this thread? There is already another post discussing the blog post
  14. @Leo it sounds like you are dismissing duality. Are you really dismissing duality or do you just want us to be more open minded, more curious about this non duality stuff? It sounds to me you start a war against duality, like alle these people who are living in dualistic world are delusional,. My brother lived the first 15 years of his life in non duality, then his perspective shifted and he was living in duality since then. He was totally shocked as this happened. When I switch to non duality, maybe I will be shocked, too? How do I know if I like non duality? What I know is, that I love to live in duality. I have the perfect life. Should I still pursue non duality?
  15. @outlandish Thanks for your answer. I plan to lie on my bed with closed eyes and just be. But I agree with you that AL-LAD is more open eyed type of a drug Maybe I plan different settings. I never tripped alone on the beach, would this work with AL-LAD? Or could this be too much of visual experience? like the whole ocean is breathing, this would be scary just thinking about