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  1. @Kingston epic Trip report!! I hope you will Taste one day the feminine Version of 5 meo (5 meo Malt)
  2. @Leo Gura maybe you use too strong Tools with tryptamines. Normal people who never tried psychedelics will think krya Yoga is powerful until they get blown away with 5 meo Still there is great Value like health with these practices
  3. @Holymoly on Minute 3:23 he talks about neurotoxic effects of Mdma. He goes not very deep
  4. @taslimitless what Do you mean with "pretended"? You mean people go there for social reasons rather than spiritual reasons?
  5. @Holymoly it is top combination. some Friends already tested out. This is a save combination. Take 5 meo 1,5 to 3 hours after Mdma. Directly after the peak is over But because Mdma is neurotoxic alone you should not do this often
  6. It must be very hard for Leo being the only human on this earth so far accessing these ultra rare states of consciousness. Even if he is not the only one, so far he did not met one so it is his right to assume that. I wish more people on this forum would appreciate his pov.
  7. Hmm ok I thought more of after 5 meo Trip is over (after 30 minutes) taking ketamin Why are you taking ketamin first and then in the middle of ketamine Trip taking 5 meo? Because of ketamines fear reducing effects or because of the reality dissolving mindfuck?
  8. @r0ckyreed I also experienced consciousness as a field. But I experienced it also as a bubble, I looked at the sky and I felt like the sky is inside a Glas Bell and there is nothing behind the sky. Both experience I had in one lsd Trip. I dont know but the field experience was total awesome, I felt connected. The bubble experience was horrible and also very solipsistic.
  9. @Leo Gura some people on dmt report about aliens who create this universe right now out of pure Joy and creativity together and they share between their work. But you did become one of them. Thats something I never heard before. Although I read Trip reports of people who can create universes during their trips
  10. @halfknots not for the faint of heart? Why so? I plan with a Friend who is a beginner doing small dose 5 meo first (4,5 mg rectal) and 30 Minutes later 20 mg nasal ketamin r Or is it better to do ketamin first and 2 to 3 hours later 5 meo
  11. Please this should be not a discussion about doing 5 meo better alone because it's powerful enough and combining with stuff is dangerous. I known. We are all extra careful and this is advanced and not for beginners when doing such things. When you ask me why I am Interested, It's all about curiosity. So has somebody tried out doing a 5 meo Session and 30 minutes later taking shrooms? Is it save doing ketamin 30 minutes after 5 meo? How will 5 meo experience have an effect on the follow Trip? Lets say you just did a low dose 5 meo (under 10 mg) and didnt have a breakthrough and then trip again with another substance
  12. @r0ckyreed no man, dont get paranoid. In your shrooms are no fetanyl In your 5 meo or classic lsd also no fetanyl. This makes no sence
  13. @Carl-Richard Leo said in his solipsism video that your personal perceptions are the only things that exist, and that therefore other people do not have their own perceptions. Dont know if I misunderstood him but I remember he said exactly that. Overall I agree with you. This solipsism topic is one of the most confused and in this forum it is not well explained and leads to misunderstanding. I wish Leo could Adress once again in a video this solipsism with New language which is more clearer to understand
  14. @LSD-Rumi oh man this sounds so total mindfucked I dont know if I could handle that crazy stuff on lsd. I always keep it therefore low dose on lsd
  15. @LSD-Rumi interesting, that your acid trips changed over time to become more clearer. Thanks for your insights