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  1. @beastcookie Top! Great to hear your report. If you announce it before and then report it afterwards regardless if it was a success or not is authentic than these rasa reports we read here on this forum. Why? Because there is a bias, maybe only successful RASA-Transmissions will be reported.
  2. Yes you can. With enough Research (which you Did).
  3. Some people recommend taking 2 g kola nut powder 15 minutes before a 5 Meo dmt session so the trip will be a lot smoother. I also read kola nut may speed up the heart rate. When I take 5 meo dmt (7 mg rectal) my heart always jumps up for 1 to 2 minutes then it is ok. Is kola nut powder still recommended even when you get this heart raising issue on the come up? Or could it even be that kola nut powder decreases the heart beating in the come up because it is fear based and kola nut will relax you so the heart rate will not jump up? Are there some people here who take these substances in combination and can share their experience?
  4. @Aaron p Congrats Aaron! Nice work but interesting how you can control the 5 meo Trip. I never heard that. Time for plugging with boofing technique. If this does not show you God then maybe Leo is right and you should experiment with other substance. Every one is different
  5. @freeman194673 report pleaze 👍
  6. Great report, thanks. Is there a possibility to skip this hell part for newbies and just go directly into love? Was this a breakthrough?
  7. Stage orange is like red just more efficient and economical. Like for example a stage orange would kill an enemy with a headshot and moves on. A stage red guy would slaughter and torture an enemy and all his family members for generations. A stage red guy doesnt have his emotions under control and because of black white thinking he acts very simple and primitive from higher perspective.
  8. @Raphael all his videos are parodies and he got many klick baits by getting angry about something. He mimics a crazy kid. He just want you believe he is really angry. But he is not. So you failed to recognize this
  9. @DIDego I am from germany, this is just played. I know this guy. He made some funny videos
  10. I tried today the new plugging technique Calmness shared (Thank you!) and all I can say that it really makes a difference how deep you put 5 meo in your ass. Set: normal mood. was not afraid at all. Setting: 20 hour fasting. Had a shit 1 hour before. 7 mg hcl rectal (administered it standing, put it inside my ass up to the 0,4 ml mark), waited for 15 seconds and then sat on a stool. Eyes opened. Trip: Effects came much much faster than the last try I plugged 7 mg. In my last try where I put the syringe too deep up to the 0,6 ml mark I felt nothing at all. Now effects came after 40 seconds. It was an ugly feeling mixed with fear, then the heart beat was rising again and I was breathing faster. It was unpleasant so I closed my eyes because there I can concentrate more on my rapid breathing. I wanted to slow it down but then I realized I cannot control my breath in this situation very much. It was just so rapid and heavy so I let it be. After 2 minutes this heart beating and heavy breathing was over. I opened my eyes. I looked at the wall but it was a little strange like I could see the air in the room? Is this common on 5 meo? But this was too subtle so I dont know if It was just imagination. After some minutes a little wave of bliss came ( but not so strong, like after a good meditation I get these too). This was pleasant and lasted for 5 minutes.
  11. @Calmness to point 1: Leo said fill up to 0,2 ml . And in the article it is said maximum 1 ml. So Leos recommendation is almost the same, go as low as possible
  12. @Username Maybe your substance lands in the rectum area where it can hardly absorb. Next time dont plug so deep. Here is a good thread how deep you should plug it
  13. @Chris365 ok maximum 1 ml not 0,1 ml. Then the only difference to leos method is how deep you put it in your ass. But this is the most important one as far as I understand this.