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  1. @Leo Gura i am sorry to hear this Leo, sounds a little terrifying to be honest. I wonder how you are dealing with all this super human levels. It seems you may need some good ways to ground your self.
  2. @Tahuti awh! dmt nexus is a site! i didnt know this . thank you
  3. @Jannes seems like a lot of work to deliver to France and take it there in a hotel room... you may as well go to Mexico for a toad ceremony if you want to play it all by the book!
  4. @Tahuti of course we do research! but seeing a few photos online doesn't always justify the details. So wanted to check ut with people who saw it with naked eye! but thank you for taking the time to write all this!! color of 5 meo seems very dear to your heart :-D
  5. @OBEler thank you Obeler, i think you are right !
  6. @Pudgey thank you.. yes i think you are right.. should 5 meo be more white in color? also would dmt spot kit tell me if its 5meo? thank oyu in advance
  7. I met someone who has some 5 meo but he doesn't know his stuff very well! it looked yellow, brownish tint powder.. does that sound right? What do you guys use to test out what you got? Thank you
  8. he felt people were not ready for it as it is apparently a touchy subject for many ..
  9. A lot of them are illegal but they are quite chilled with their drug rules overall and they call it gedoog where most is tolerated and not punished despite its illegal status.I’m terms of getting 5meo, there are retreats etc, you need to do research. I joined an ayaheusca ceremony with om-mij but haven’t done 5meo there. Here is the drug law I. Netherlands hope it helps.
  10. Its such an excellent idea as i think this is the main part many of us struggle with but i dont feel it should be done in the open space as rather than getting your self into trouble you may soon start seeing your favourite Dea****s getting shut one by one.. I dont think you would get in trouble your self by sharing info as long as you are not caught pushing the "buy now " button. And i also dont think police is that interested in small man ordering anything small for personal use. However, open sharing may cause bigger problems for the vendors as they are the target really.. Also just sharing is never going to be enough as you may have to give a full methodology on how to use dark net, onion, bitcoin etc. Lots of work .. Having said that, perhaps DMing each other a friendly message ? I am in the UK, i am happy to connect with others also in the UK through DM
  11. well according to the last video, he can't know if there is another :-D
  12. you mean downgraded from clear light? :-D
  13. have you seen a urologist? if you feel your problem is more psychological, I wonder if you may consider sex psychotherapy? Also that SSRI may apperantly help .
  14. I actually re-listened to it and these are the conclusions i got to ; Although we are all made out of the same consciousness, we are all sovereign in our own right.. we are all gods playing with our own avatars in this collective dream we created as Godheads and we have a duty to awaken each other to recognise our own sovereignty. When you awaken, the reason why you feel you are one is cos you are awakening to your own sovereignty there is infinity number of gods within infinity but ultimately there is one consciousness so again all doors open back to the same room hence solipsism This in turn implies the other exists in its own sovereignty but you can never fully know even as a godhead whether it is existing independent of you or as a figment of your imagination. I felt there were some discreet messages here where he actually was saying we are indeed sovereign beings who decided to cosplay with an avatar in a collective dream and surrendered our sovereignty in the process. Now it's our duty that those who awaken also need to awaken others. This also seems to have given Leo a new purpose.. what do you guys think?
  15. i am glad that many others feel in similar ways about this latest video.. multiple gods are making solipsism look amazing right about now ! The idea of multiple gods takes away the majestic and grandiose quality of what i feel God should be! However, I am yet to watch the second half of the video though!