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  1. We must believe in free will, we have no choice.
  2. @Leo Gura Will there come a new refreshed video on free will in the near future? Maybe that would answer some questions, because this topic seems to be constantly coming up in this forum.
  3. Health means that your body, mind and spirit are in total balance.
  4. A shaman is someone who swims in the same ocean as the schizophrenic, but the shaman has thousands and thousands of years of sanctioned technique and tradition to draw upon. Terence McKenna
  5. How can it be that consciousness creates the brain and not vice versa, if someone loses consciousness, when he has brain trauma?
  6. @mandyjw On the one hand, I think that you have to cope on your own and not depend on social contacts to be content and happy. When I look at the society, I only see lonely and dissatisfied people who sacrifice everything in order to gain affirmation in order to increase their own self-esteem. But that's just distraction and does not solve the basic problem. On the other hand, it would of course be nice if you could talk to like-minded people. Ultimately, I do not want to blame anyone, because everyone is right where they need to be in their development ...
  7. Berlin definitely has a good vibe. I'll be back soon and I'm looking forward to it. You can really feel it.
  8. I know that feeling, too. Whenever I try to talk about spirituality my parents think I'm crazy. I showed my mother Leo's videos about enlightenment and she got really mad about it and said I should better get some friends or a better job and gain more money instead of wasting my time. Indeed, really sad. It's nearly impossible to share these things with your friends or family if they are still stuck in their dream world.
  9. People are too busy with themselves to think about other people for more than 5 seconds.
  10. Maybe a bit off topic but I would be interested to know why someone drinks cow's milk, but finds it disgusting to drink milk from other animals like dogs, cats or camels for example? Where is the difference? Personally I don't consume any dairy.
  11. @Serotoninluv My pleasure ✌️
  12. Crazy synchronicity, an hour ago or so I was asking myself the exact same question. Anyway, John Lennon changed a lot through the years. I think at the beginning of his career his main priority was to become rich and famous (orange). After achieving this goal, he got depressed and became very introspective, because the success didn't heal his childhood traumas. When discovering cannabis and LSD for himself, he eventually got into spirituality, meditation, sang about peace and love, etc. (green). This is just about his life in the 60s, the 70s were also life-changing for his development but I don't go into it too much now. In the end, his whole life was an up and down, I would find it inappropriate to put him in just one category although green would be the best fit if you had to choose one stage.
  13. @Schahin I've heard the same, the video is bound to come soon! I'm curious, too
  14. @Gili Trawangan I don't believe in a physical objective reality but that doesn't necessarily mean that solipsism is true even if we are all one. I know that right now I am consciously sitting here reading your sentences and writing my response and I could never ever prove it to you.