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  1. I would recommend you to watch this guy's channel about synchronicity. Really interesting.
  2. Oh yeah, definitely. Whenever I give full control to the universe, I experience rows of synchronicities. When I'm searching for them, most of the times I don't experience them. Just go with the flow and surrender the egoic need to control things.
  3. So it's almost a month ago since I started taking 3 capsules of ashwagandha a day and I must say that I feel slightly better mentally and in general more positive. My monkey mind is still annoying but there are definitely more moments when I just observe the chattering without identifying with it and after a while it fades away. I don't know if this change is due to ashwagandha, I will continue to do so for three more days and then take a break for two weeks as I travel to Nepal. I'm looking forward to the coming weeks!
  4. I think Rupert Spira is a great example of a teacher who combines wisdom with a good pinch of humor. I really appreciate him.
  5. Is it really worth the effort if you end up with a girl you impressed with a fake version of yourself just because you played the game right? Stay true to yourself and if the girl doesn't react she's (probably) not the right one.
  6. Beautiful sacred geometry ❤️❤️❤️
  7. @Leo Gura, do you experience any synchronicity in your life, especially when sober, but also while tripping? I wonder that you have never been talking about this phenomena since it's a great example and proof for the ever existing oneness around us in my opinion.
  8. I love to talk to friends and suddenly start to laugh without reason, but simply because you complement each other so well
  9. You're right, the problem nowadays is that everything has become such a huge competition. People don't show their true self, hide behind their false mask and want to project an image of themselves how they would like to be perceived in public. Just look and observe people on Instagram for example. This shit is so toxic and in the end they all end up being lonely and depressed because they might get the impression that they can't keep up with other people who get more likes or whatever.
  10. I do not eat meat and also supplement it with high doses. Since it does not occur in plant foods, it is definitely necessary to have no deficiency symptoms.
  11. I'm not sure if you can control your thoughts, but I'm very sure that you receive most of your thoughts through the morphogenetic field. You are like a radio which receives thoughts, just tune to the right station and you'll only have positve thoughts. Edit: The moment I wrote this comment I had a thought about my mum, a few seconds later she called me. Question: Did I control this?
  12. @pluto My product is definitely organic but still I'm not sure, there are countless providers, each of which guarantees that it meets the highest standards and quality, but you never know if it's all right. I also supplement vitamin b12 and omega 3, but I do not want to be dependent on it either. Of course, a healthy diet and lifestyle are fundamental, but there is again countless interpretation of what is right and wrong. By the way I'm vegan.
  13. What about headaches as negative side effects?