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  1. The media does not treat this "just for show". They treat this as a serious attack and will support Israel in this undoubtedly. I just hope they won't justify everything in the name of "self-defence" now.
  2. This is a really good insight, thank you for sharing.
  3. If you lose a war how do you want to continue your fascist regime, expand for more territory or continue the Holocaust? Of course they would have continued their insanity. Don't be naive. Mao and Stalin didn't start a war with the entire world (and Stalin was on the winning side of WW II anyway) that's why they could continue their bloody regime and more people died to it. Why the need to compare them to each other? Why the need to defend and downplay Hitler?
  4. Only because the Nazis were stopped before they could cause any more harm (which they most definitely would have). Why are they the "bigger" fascists? They were all horrible. Why would you distinguish between those dictators? Be mindful not to use whataboutism or relativizations to defend Nazis.
  5. sorry for not clarifying. I can see why this is not a good choice of words I simply meant that at its core each religious message is simple. Love one another, treat each other with respect because you literally ARE them. Obviously that's as far away from Nazism as it could get (because the discussion before was about the common ground of Nazis and conservatives). But as Leo already said, people think too little and follow too much, and they rather talk about the superficial stuff of religion, so all these teachings sadly become pointless. And people who claim to follow Jesus teachings fall into these right-winger traps.
  6. @Yimpa The german nazis had the audacity to use footage of soccer fans as well as Rammsteins song "Deutschland" (which is ironically about their conflicted relationship to the country and why they cannot love it!) for their anti-gay propaganda!
  7. This austrian dude Martin Sellner is a great example for this I think. I was just thinking how it's a shame that religious people today need to be the boring conservatives that they are.. if they would actually follow Jesus teachings (or whoever elses) they should be cool hippies!! Every religious leader used to be liberal / progressive.
  8. To divide these complex movements only into the categories "liberal" and "conservative" is way too simplistic in my opinion. Here in germany in political debates we mostly use the terms "right" and "left" which also misses a ton of nuances. People are a mix of both, left people can be conservative (to a much lesser degree than right people tho) and right wingers can be liberal (at least economically). A TRUE Christian should disagree with Nazism. My history teacher told be this story how his fundamentalist catholic grandfather hated Hitler, because Nazis ignore fundamental christian values obviously and their leader becomes some weird God-like figure (same in North Korea for example). I always saw it that their is a ton of overlap between conservatives and Nazis, so Nazis have to be conservatives as well by nature. But they have perverted the conservative world view (just like they perverted anything else they touched) and took it too a degree where a normie conservative (even a right one) should not follow them.
  9. Jack Black has been training since childhood, but he also was just born to be in front of a camera
  10. damn, you are right. What a sad guy he must be.
  11. Same here, I only knew this guy from his thumbnails because they annoyed the hell out of me. One video was enough to prove for me that there's no substance behind his channel.
  12. Leos video to watch out for actual cults wouldn't exist Real cults often have some kind of scheme to squeeze out as much money as they can from their followers. For example through a rank system where you need to pay money to "level up" and the higher your rank, the more "wisdom" and "truths" you will get. Also cults often build their own little society on some piece of land, far off from the rest of the world, where they make sure no one gets in or out without their permission, because it's private property. And cult leaders usually promise peace or heaven after death or whatever, and all you have to do is follow their teachings. They give easy answers and solutions and like to blame a certain group in society for everything that's wrong today.
  13. That's a fascinating point to think about. How might a collective society on those stages look like? It's still hard for me to fully understand those stages even on an intellectual level and in individuals
  14. I see both in human nature, the urge to compete with others and also the desire to be social and to help others. Maybe on the level of economy and technology / innovation, but in areas like environment I don't see how socialism should do worse than capitalism. IBut I will keep this in mind, maybe I'm missing something. True, I also don't think it would be possible now. It would just lead to chaos and suffering for people. But who knows, maybe in a few centuries? There is absolutely a different stage of consciousness / mind needed in humanity for it, and it could still be possible then. A stage green socialism would look totally different that those things tried in the past. The socialism I was talking about was more one coming from stage green, compared to our capitalistic system, which I see more on stage orange, so it would be "higher level" in terms of Spiral Dynamics. Although I'm not sure, if that is enough to call it better.