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  1. This actually really makes sense. I wonder, can one actually become conscious of how he / she as God is imagining the bubble of experience in that very moment? Wouldn't that be Awakening?
  2. Good point. Have to contemplate this further, thanks.
  3. but does that mean that such a thing like enlightment does not exist at all, or just that we cannot picture it? sounds to me similar to the issue with God. After all, God exists, yet any picture or concept of it, does not capture it.
  4. Ah yes, 100 % agree. Sometimes inventing too many new terms overcomplicates things.
  5. Toxic masculinity is the harmful one. Healthy masculinity is protective, empowering and just.
  6. Hey, flouride is one of the things people keep saying how bad it is for you, but I'm not sure if that's actually true or just fearmonguering (I even heard it can have a negative effect on the brain lol). Surely it must be good for your teeth, otherwise dentists wouldn't use it all the time. But about other effects on the body I have no clue. I'm sure people here have more knowledge in this topic.
  7. I know this from my own experience. Both my parents are very loving and supportive but they tend to be negative as well. This negative world view then creeped into my mind of course and lead to great suffering. It olny got better once I moved out. I still see them of course and then everytime I notice the negativity that comes from them. But now it's easier to shield myself against it and not adopt it, since I just see them a few hours and then I'm gone again. So my advice is to create some distance, moving out can already improve your relationship alot (sounded to me like you still live with her). Doesn't need to be far away, just somewhere where you stay in your own space without the negative effects on you. Don't blame yourself for feeling frustrated or angry. Also you probably won't be able to change her. It's good that you talk about it with her, but the real change must come from her.
  8. Interesting thought, but I would say no. Burning through Karma applies to cravings or desires one has (as you mention). Life Purpose is the meaning you create for yourself and which is based on your highest values. And true, your values might change over time, but I guess that's more because you are getting older and becoming more experienced in life overall. After all, the concept of burning through Karma's only goal is to ultimetly let go of stuff that keeps you in the relative domain, so to speak. With your Life Purpose it's different. You do not try to overcome or burn through it. It has no other goal, other than sharing your gift and what you see as important with the world. Although you could say that in theory it's possible to reach a state where you are so detached from life that nothing matters to you anymore and there is no more passion or purpose. But I doubt this can actually be achieved by most humans. And I definetly would not recommend going about your Life Purpose with a goal like this in mind.
  9. We love you, man. Your work has had such an enormous positive effect on our lives. There're no words to describe the gratitude. Besides we're all still human. Everyone has the right to have some flaws^^
  10. Very cool video by Curious Archive. So much fun to check out games, which stick out and are not shooters or your standard RPG.
  11. Don't worry, you will not go insane. It's interesting that your body / mind gets anxious about this. Have you tried sitting abit with this uncomfortable feeling? Maybe it will go away after a while. Personally I find the fact that I can chose which thoughts to make my own and which ones to ignore, is the most freeing thing of my life. It simply means you can chose freely what you want to value in your life. What do you want to treat important. And what is not worth your attention? Try to see it, as a great opportunity.
  12. It will definetly replace alot of people's jobs and throw the entire work industry on its head. But this is not a reason, to feel desperate or fearful about it. It will be an enormous chance for people and society. The main careers it will probably destroy in the digital area (programming, art, editing of any kind, etc). But to be honest this change has been happening for many decades already. Basically since everyone's got access to digital cameras and cameras with phones, images became more and more meaningless, cause everyone was flooded with them. It might be a similar effect in other areas as well, such as programming, as an AI can throw out an entire code in seconds. However this will also bring opportunities, although maybe it's a bit hard to see yet since we just at the very beginning of this revolution. Also, I'm sure that once the market will be drowned in AI created content, alot of people will eventually want to support and buy from real artists again (if they can afford it). Just because something is cheaper, does not mean it will entirely wipe out all competitors. People value quality and sustainability. More and more people buy more expansive organic foods from local farmers to support them. I believe that there will be similar trends with AI technology. There will always be opportunity to work and to do business. We just need to be able to adept.
  13. Ok sounds like this doesn't come easy to other people as well. That's a bit of a relief^^ I'll practice it more often, thanks!