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  1. that's a very good decision! I also heard very often that particular red meat is bad for your body in the long run. However, if we are honest, all meats can cause some diseases later of course. So maybe it makes sense, to eventually cut it all out (I'm also not there yet lol). But it's always a great first step to take more responsibility of one's health.
  2. Haha what a cool dude. It's great to see that this message made it to the mainstream (even though those guys probably didn't get it, but some who watch it sure will). A few years ago when I first learned from Leo about this Enlightment thing and that you are God, I met a young guy (maybe 16 back then) who I was open minded enough to talk to him about it. He actually told me then, that when he was a child, he once asked his mother if he actually was God, cause he had a feeling that he was. His mother just told him that he is stupid and he shouldn't talk like that. I was always so amazed by the fact that a child can get this, probably because young minds are not really that caught up in the daily bullshit and they still manage to see life as miracle.
  3. Yes, in the beginning when I started taking it, it had the same effects that you describe. So I started taking it daily. However I noticed my body started to build a tolerance towards it (similar to caffeine for example). Don't know how it works on others over a long period of time. So now I just take it only every now and then.
  4. Don't take those things he said personal. Mentally ill people are just not his main target group, that's all. Also you can view it this way: if he wouldn't have been so good in keeping distracting people out of his life, wouldn't be today the way it is, and thus probably not as helpful Personally, I find it very grounding and helpful when Leo reminds in his videos, that his work actually comes AFTER all the basics have been covered (finances, relationships, health, etc). To me this helps me to prioritise what to work on first and what is the most important at the moment.
  5. Haha yea that sums it up pretty well! Anyway, thank you for sharing, I wish you good luck with that situation! Thank you for sharing! Yes, love is really the only way to deal with this. It'll give understanding and patience. To me it also helps when I remind myself, that she is also tolerating all of my own bullshit (I can be sometimes a challenge myself).
  6. I wouldn't worry about this. This kind of fear is usually based on insecurity, not on actual looks I also don't like my face too much (big forhead like you, big nose, etc) but I feel very comfortable being bald. I started losing hair in my early 20s and I made the mistake of not cutting it back fully, I first trimmed it to a few cms and it looked terrible haha. A week later I decided to go "all in" and cut it all away and I'm doing it ever since. I have a few friends who also decided to shave themselves completely but purely out of fashion (I think it got popular during breaking bad or something like this haha) and even though they all have different looks and different head shapes and so on, in my opinion it looked good on all of them. So in my experience it is very difficult to look bad on a man (and lots of girls like it too ). Also actually many guys who were also getting bald complement me for shaving all down, they say it's very bold or brave and that they don't have the courage. So it's kinda funny, they wanna do it cause they know it looks better than the few leftovers they have, but they are just too scared and leave always maybe 5cm on. So don't worry too much, I understand its scary at first but you will see it's really no big deal actually. It will probably make you actually look more mature and masculine.
  7. I haven't finished the course yet myself, but that is hard for me to believe, since Leo always provides good exercises in his YT-videos. You need to do them for a long time and maybe several times. Like mentioned above, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Your life purpose should already be important enough that even without the course you spend day and night thinking about it... not just for 3 hours. This kind of life changing insights don't come in one afternoon, it's a long process. I understand not everyone likes his teaching style and the way he presents it is not for everyone, but to call it boring I feel is a bit unfair. There's alot to take away and to learn from it.
  8. Thanks, I'll check those out!
  9. Thanks, i mispelled that. I'm guessing it's borderline. Yes, therapy is a must. But I'm not sure how far something like this can be cured, so I guess to a certain degree I just have to live with it. And I need to know what would be an appropriate way to respond and react to this kind of behavior.
  10. Hey, I'm amusing for a long time already that my wife could suffer from borderline disorder (actually some of my friends hinted about that), since she is showing a lot of the typical symptoms, like extreme mood changes in short periods of time, sometimes impulsive aggressive behavior (although she seems to get this more under control over time), idealizing people at times and then when they do the stlightest mistake reacting as if they had cheated or betrayed her.. stuff like that. Does anyone have experience with this and can give some tipps how to deal with this kind of stuff in a relationship? I already noticed it's a big help when I don't respond to her moods where she is just obviously trying to pick up a fight, cause I know it will just escalate, when I join in. So I kinda learned to stay calm and quiet and sort of "sit it out". I understand those things are nothing she is in control over and that they just come over her without really giving her the chance to control. So I don't wanna blame her for this behavior, but it is difficult of course and I'm not sure if I can stand it forever (I'm also sometimes in bad moods of course or don't have the mental energy to show enough tolerance of this). Also obviously I don't just wanna cut her out of my life because of this, since this would be very harsh and unfair punishment. And (obviously) she also has aspects and qualities in her personality that I love about her Any advice would really be appreciated, since I don't really know anyone else with this problem and I'm kinda stuck with it! Thanks!
  11. Very sorry to hear that. The key is to do little baby steps with the confrontation. You don't need to achieve some sort of moral victory against the next bully right away. Maybe one small sentence at first like "I don't like how you treat me." or something like this. Or if talking is still too much, maybe just walk away next time someone is rude to you to express your discontent in that way and see how it makes you feel. Outside of these situations you can work on building more self-esteem and self-worth. Excersize, meditate, be kind and loving to yourself. Overtime you will slowly get the courage to call people out if they disrespect you, simply because you have enough respect for yourself. All the best!
  12. 100% clean eating is extremely hard! If you can do this for several months, that is huge! To me this has never been a goal that would be very desirable, since it's quite extreme. I think a long term goal should be to be healthy overall, not focused on eating. Healthy eating is of course part of that, but not the only thing. You can eat 100 % clean for a year, but if you don't have a good habit of working out for example, that will also be bad for your body. So maybe try overall physical and mental health as a goal. With this in mind you might end up eating mostly clean, get some excersize, etc. Don't underestimate having having some sort of fun or pleasure from time to time (that can also include having a bit of ice cream or chocolate). If it is within reason, there is no problem at all, in fact giving yourself some sort of treat, can actually be good for your mental state. The trick is to do these sorts of unhealthy snacks conciously and to really enjoy them in that moment and then to know when enough is enough. So maybe don't be too harsh on yourself if you still give in to some urge sometimes. If you still want to get completely rid of it, watch yourself in the moment of "cheating". Observe your behavior and try to figure out what the underlying reason is why you need it in that moment. If you do this often enough, you can find, that there will be a "weak" moment where you, when watching yourself, you can let go of that urge and be okay without giving in.
  13. I'm also extremely passionate about writing and storytelling, but I can assure you from your first post, that you have worked much harder on it than me (you said you write daily for three years). That's extremely impressive, keep it up! Let me know how it all works out for you!
  14. Hey Leo, I haven't watched your latest video on how to become decisive yet (so maybe you already give answers to my video suggestion there). But maybe this topic is still worth a video on its own.
  15. You should definetly read alot, and not just in the field that you write about, but in a very broad field! Read stuff that maybe doesn't seem very interesting to you at first and see if there is still something you can take from it. Reading alot is a great way to build up your vocabulary! Over time this issue about you struggling to find the right words might solve itself. Also don't try to force a specific style of writing. Let go of any ideas you might have about how you should write. Try to get in the flow while writing and don't judge the outcome. The more you practice and the more you read the more it will improve. You need alot of patience for this process.