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  1. Good decision. Now completely stick to it. Porn isn't going anywhere. You can waste your sexuality for decades when you are old on porn. Now is the time for real intimacy and sex. Here is what made be get laid pretty easily. Working out Doing a job or activity that made be proud Having a strong social circle and friends to go out with Meditation Self-improvement habits, like cold showers, reading books, journaling ect. Cold approach, no matter the outcome Notice that all these don't directly get you laid, it's rather the self-confidence that comes with them, that gets you laid. If you continuously stick with this, you automatically will have sex sooner or later.
  2. One awakening is not enough for proper integration. I noticed that every additional awakening made it easier for me to integrate God consciousness into everyday life. I can not really explain how that works through words, but you will sense the truth in it, if you have another awakening. Spiritual growth is not a one hit wonder. It takes consistent practice at the base in combination with infinite high states every couple of weeks/months. Keep going, it will all make sense
  3. Why make a drama about it? There is nothing unnatural about discovering ones feminine side. Embrace it and integrate it into your idiosyncratic sexuality. Also there are many good teachings how to surrender deeply. I found the best teacher to be psychedelics and difficult life situations
  4. @Pateedm Super important point! Thank you @Space
  5. Everything will be explained there. However I recommend not to eat too much. Especially when your mind is thirsty after new sensations like food, you will eat just because you are bored. However a full stomach won't let you into deep awareness. Definitely a point I want to improve on next time.
  6. Just travel to the Netherlands. They deliver it there in 1-2 days.
  7. No, it does not depend. Being infinitely consciousness cannot be compared to some "other infinite conscious state". Correct. In this relative domain, the ego has infinitely many options to corrupt and manipulate the left over consciousness from Love/Truth awakening to its survival game. My/Your baseline level of awarneness and ego dissolution will massively impact how you remember your awakening. However, in the direct witnessing of Infinite, omniscient, all comprehensing consciousness, no distinction between Love, Truth, Consciousness, Infinity and God can be imagined. These words all point to the same thing, which cannot be described ever. Since its infinite This absolute "I'm right and you are not" talk always sounds so opressive and arrogant, but awakening gets so massively corrupted by the ego mind, that its necessary to have some clear words about it.
  8. I've struggled with this as well. Here are some pointers, which help me tremendously. 1. Have more and deeper contact with peeps. You might have noticed, that your social anxiety would go away if you "warmed up" with people in a emotion-evoking environment, like: Festivals, boulder sites, cliff jumping, traveling, working a demanding job. Meta perspective: everything outside of your/their conformt zone will glue you and "other" together. 2. Treat them with a mindset like: "how can I give this person the most love possible in this moment". For me this usually means to introspect, what answer or reaction feels most authentic to me. Because anything other than "most authentic" would not be as valuable as they deserve it from me/you (hint: you are God, so you have the ultimate responsibility to be true and authentic ) For example, when writing this post, I introspect as often as possible, if what is being written feels really true and authentic to me. Because anything other would not be as valuable. I would feel not really true and loving to you. This approach can also mean that you sometimes don't react and keep your sovereign peace. Whatever feels right in this moment is what is right. 3. If social anxiety hits super hard, focus on your bodily feelings. Have a sharp connection to the feelings in your hands, feet, face and everything else. If you practice this enough, you will see how every social fear is just hot, dense "thought-air" and is completely avoidable, if you stay present in your body. Wish you the best fam
  9. This drama really shows how dependent you guys are. Its like a chicken herd running after their hen. Leo is not your hen. Reclaim your sovereignty.
  10. It might sound a little "Leo-arrogant" like, but no. At the absolute, there is nothing "else" and not "different experiences". There is absolutely no distinctions between anything. You cannot even abstract a thought, if this is "this or that". You are Truth, you are Love - this is what comes closest in terms of words - still lightyears away from the actual thing. Of course, your ego can say different things about it afterwards. Maybe someone had an awakening to reality as "infinite consciousness" and was so shocked and mystified by this experience, that his ego thinks, that he experience Truth and Love as well. But actually these two cannot be separated and will always come together. They are not some feature of consciousness, they are the fabric of consciousness itself.
  11. Infinite Love and Absolute Truth are completely the same.
  12. Then she will find out that the highest life purpose is to love this moment right here now now now. Not really something you can make a living out of.
  13. Edit: There are not egoic limitations, if your ego is abandoned.