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  1. Enough has been said about crazy intense states of the God head in this forum. Most of you guys (even Leo) don't live in the God head for most of their conscious time. So I want to deepen my understanding of the point when egoic mind "clicks" into the God head. Most of the time it's a random non-predictable moment. But how does this work? And most importantly how does the God mind "clicks" itself in the egoic mind back again? It so mind boggling. It's like you've fallen for a magic trick a thousand times and the magician finally agrees to show you how the trick works. The trick is so simple that you laugh at your ass of at your own stupidity. But then somehow the magician performs exactly the same trick and you completely lost your understanding how the trick worked again. This is so frustrating for my egoic mind. How to you cope with that in the egoic mind?
  2. True. I could listen to them for 24h straight
  3. Wow. The brain is just a little cloud.
  4. So Leo mentioned in the podcast with Kurt Jaimungal that he is writing a book. Presumably about fundamental epistemology and non-duality. So I'm asking directly to Leo here: Are you comfortable sharing any information about what you write and when the book will be published?
  5. Totally reasonable. However most meditators or not superhuman monks, so they occasionally slack off the meditation entirely if they are too sleepy. So this might be a fair method, when meditation won't be done otherwise. But granted, the ultimate goal is without anything besides your mind.
  6. I have a 6 hour road planned for sunday. Lets hope the universe will give us this talk till then
  7. This just amplifies my question. You are the best example of how God can forget about everything. You only have reference to your life. The line where you memory vanishes is probably where you imagine your third birthday to be. Why doesn't God put this line 10 seconds ago and bathes in infinite love. There would be no boredom. Everything was new.
  8. I just rewatched your video "An Advanced Explanation Of God-Realization", and asked myself this: If im infinitely powerful and omnipotent, could i just abandon boredem of pleasure? I totally get the point that infinite blow jobs and infinite pleasure of any kind would seem meaningless after a while. It would lose its worth. But why couldn't i just forget that i had infinite pleasure for eternities now. Why couldn't i dream myself again and again into that moment when pleasure feels new and fresh again. Have you tried that?
  9. A very experienced meditator can be completely aware in the presence of "distractions". Because every so called distraction is just a sound or a picture, which can be observed non-judgemental just as you can observe your breath. However the challenge becomes harder if the sounds and pictures have content. The mind wants to interpret it, hence its harder for you to be free of the mind. Two solutions now: 1. Cope with it, and learn to meditate with distraction. This is way harder and will mostly result in frustration. OR 2. Move out from your parents home. This will turbo-charge your personal development at your age.
  10. Yeah cold showers have a similar effect as well. But this stuff is super impractical when I'm at work flirting with a hot co-worker or at a date. Not to get aroused in the first place is a viable option, but getting aroused is fun. This fun really makes it hard to stay away from sexual thoughts in such circumstances.
  11. Maybe with 11 different, but sometimes several times with the same girl. Just now i was on a date and literally had to say I had stomach problems so i could exit this painful shit. Some girls know about this problem, but most think I'm joking.
  12. To get straight to the point I really struggle to flirt with super attractive women without experiencing "blue balls pain". By this I mean a very annoying pain in the stomach and groin region, which can only go away with an orgasm. Otherwise the pain increases forever. This also happens without having an erection. The pain increases with every sexual impression I have. Especially if there is body contact involved, which is the case in most flirt situations, which lead to something more serious. So every casual, flirtatious situation, which doesn't lead to instant sex, ends up in physical pain. This is especially annoying if I don't even want to have sex right away. So do you guys have similar experiences and is there a possible solution to this fucked up mechanism? I try out every solution...
  13. Neural link will be a further step for science to realize that consciousness is not found in the brain. There are many other signs that this realization is going to happen in the next decades. The scientific paradigm will crash onto itself.