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  1. You call that contemplation but I don't see you open about the possibility that you are God and there is nothing else beside your subjective reality. The Universe is one big subjective of r0ckyreed. Everything else is just to keep you under self-deception and bias. Don't believe me. Wake up and see it. Direct experience of being God trumps every academic theory or mental masturbation.
  2. Can you absolutely know that thats true? Are you experiencing your brain right now? What exactly in your direct experience is a brain? You will never logic your way out of this. Leave behind all the ideas and thoughts. Just focus on what is. Do that with more and more consciousness and you see how the trick is performed. You cannot understand the trick. You can only see it and forget it. Your ego will never understand the trick. Watch your assumptions
  3. The main problem in making sense of solipsism is that you MASSIVELY underestimate your power to imagine stuff. By that I mean especially your power to imagine, things that appear "outside" of you. Like "Leo's bubble" or "Vynce's bubble". You see, You as God would get behind the "trick of others" super easily if Leo and your parents appeared like NPC's in an RPG, who react super predictable. They would feel lifeless and unauthentic, hence you'd intuit that they are not "real". However, at a certain point of authenticity and liveliness you decide to say that appearances are real. Thats the trick. Thats why solipsism bothers you so much. Another way of tackling this problem is to see that there are multiple levels of imagination. The first kind is your casual ego imagination where there are vague appearances of colors if you want to imagine a green snake. This kind of imagination doesn't last very long and changes over times. It also has the feeling to it, that you can control its shape and movement. The other kind of imagination is this right here. Whatever you see right now. This text for example. The trick is now, that your ego can't see how it creates this text. It's just not conscious of it. It cannot be. And there are many incentives to say that "Vynce" has wrote the text and that this website is downloaded from a server and that you are just a biological entity, who observes this independently. But notice that all these "evidences" are just stories made by whom? YOU!!
  4. I remember when you recalled being so conscious that you could see how you actively manifest the will to move your fingers. And even though God doesn't force you to do anything specific, in the end every decision lead to the highest Love possible. So my question is do you think a lot about how "random" events are directing you to infinite Love? In the end, even if you stubbed your toe and are really annoyed about the pain, it was Gods plan all together. But to understand how this relates to infinite Love is not possible for the ego mind. Doesn't this drive you mad?
  5. Christians dogmatically believing in the Bible are examples of stage blue. However the Bible is written from a stage turquoise perspective. It's just all about the interpretation. If you listen to someone like Eckhart Tolle (prime example of stage turquoise) you notice that he picks a lot of symbols from the Bible to describe non-duality. Tragically most christians don't know anything about the nature of non-duality, so the Bible is part of this dualistic fuckery.
  6. This is actually a good test to see how consciously developed you already are. Listen to some weird music, you would normally reject and see if you can find meaning and beauty in it. If you can see why people like this specific music and see if you understand why. One of my favorite exercises.
  7. A true Yellow appreciates the beauty and meaning in all kinds of music. He/She will be comfortable with most genres. Of course there will be favorite music, from their time in earlier stages.
  8. Leo already discussed this topic in his video of how increasing the frequency of experience will ultimately lead to all the good stuff in life. That should sounds intuitively right. But in this post I want to point out one aspect, which seems to be the most important in that regard. That is, that the "territory" of experience always crushes the "map" of thought to dust. And that the lack of "crushing the maps" through direct experience will waste you so much precious time in thinking your ways trough the mental constructs, which you believe are reality. One good example comes to mind when we think of online dating (male POV here). The guy sees all these fancy pictures of ideal women and immediately constructs cozy mental stories, how Natasha, Riley or Emma would fit into his life. Even worse, this mental construction gets reinforced through occasional matches and text contact. Then, after days and weeks of times waste a date might get organized. At this time the mind is on steroids constructing stories how the date will go and how good the upcoming relationship will be, and what kind of pigeons there will be for the wedding. But as it turns out, these dates usually suck and are also a complete waste of time. Weeks of mental work for a little bit of direct experience. This was a major trap for me. The same counts for business, traveling, relationships and most importantly spirituality. Thats because spirituality is 100% useless, if you just perform it mentally. The structure of "map versus territory" is always the same. Direct experience trumps thinking in maps in a ratio of 1 to 1000.
  9. Session Five: 35 minutes After resisting to do more session day after day I set the schedule to do them once a week. Today it was quite easy to perform, but nothing really happened during or after the session. I was very relaxed and had a really still mind at the end. Very comfortable. No deeper insights.
  10. How hippie it may sound. But I'm really looking forward for a world were people are so conscious and done with thought-made-fear, that dancing together with complete strangers while waiting in line for coffee is a normal thing After all dancing, singing, and being are the only things left to do if all problems got resolved in consciousness
  11. When you are God realized, there is absolutely no need to watch actualized.org ever again. Nor to read the Bible, nor to read anything else. This is what Leo's work is about. This is the least dogmatic form of teaching. But you gonna figure that out by yourself. No need to believe that.
  12. @Leo Gura How can they get deeper? How can you ever realize something beyond Love? I know this question came up here a lot, but you also say that you are just a beginner at this work from the highest perspective. From what perspective? Its all Love isn't it?
  13. It's just insensitivity. As a child I was bullying myself. The bully is so insensitive, that he/she just can't imagine that the other is suffering. And the bully doesn't know that suffering of others can be imagined. This makes him/her so unaware of his/her this behavior. Also there is some kind of interest in seeing someone/something suffer. So many people watch gore-content or violent movies, because there is something in undeveloped egos, that makes them feel alive.
  14. Maybe I have misunderstood you but be careful not to judge "the masses" for dumb and "grateful" for Facebook technology. This is so common in conscious developed egos. When Oculus Rift (first VR headset) came out people thought, that "gamers" will now completely lose their sense for reality, because they now have this immersive alternative reality. Nothing alike happened. It was not even a big trend. Another example would be the gene manipulative technology CRISPR. I remember discussions about designers babies and how North Korea can make "super warriors" now. The same with Elon Musks Neuralink. The structure of these concerns stays the same: The most horrific scenario gets projected onto the "masses", without seeing the practicability of such technologies and what has to happen until your parents and co-workers actually implement a chip in their head. There are just too many developed beings nowadays for these horrific scenarios to play out. And the technology is mostly not even 1% as immersive as this dream you are in right now.