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  1. @Leo Gura Did God also told you to force feed awakening to your stupid students? Nobody will awaken if you try to kill the Buddha with a crowbar. Sometimes I really wonder why you don't just shut the forum down for your own good. You don't really seem to enjoy the stupidity of your students. But maybe thats some sort of thing I will get if I have my own students I just thought a fellow God like you would use its time more enjoyable than ranting with buddhist apes haha
  2. Sitting on a rock at „Lago de Atitlan“. A volcanic lake in Guatemala. Probably the most spiritually charged place I’ve been to.
  3. WIth this simple trick you can 10x the variability and creativity with ai art.
  4. I just discovered that one can just combine the imaginative powers of the most advanced AI to get even more creative outputs with midjourney. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
  5. Yeah had multiple experiences like this. I even tried shamanic breathwork in a dream, which was surprisingly potent. I’d love to have this more often.
  6. I often feel a little uneasy when Leo's speaks in such a sharp, super contemplative manner about interesting phenomenons like shizophrenia or rational thinking. Yet at the same time, he goes back to to full "black and white" logic with sentences like "businessmen and scientists have no souls...". As if reality suddenly becomes this easy linear thing where you clearly have to decide what you want: rationality, business and straight forward thinking OR you can have spirituality, open mindedness and so on. While giving one the idea, that these aspect are conversely exclusive to another. I want to give you an alternative take: What if, reality is about the balance act of combining these aspects of reality. What if you really have to make and effort and be intelligent about how you co-exist in both worlds, given the circumstances. What if, there is not simple black and white logic that "all X cannot be Y" and "Y cant be X because is has always been like that". "Thats just how reality is". That sounds so dumb sometimes haha. I really wish for us all to see the possibilities of bringing different states together. Not always and not equally, but more and more. At the end of the day, we are Infinity, so there is definitely a way, with enough intelligence, to combine these states into one: You. Thats the blog post I'm referring to:
  7. Hey guys and @Leo Gura, I'm deeply studying Susanne Cook-Greuters 9 Stages of Ego Development model right now again. I'm currently searching for some concrete human examples of the post conventional stages. Especially for the: the Strategist stage the Construct Aware stage and the Unitive stage. (For you Spiral Dynamics fan boys these are the stages yellow and above - However they seem to be more nuanced and differently modeled than SD.)
  8. Also, you sometimes made the me get the notion that God realization would weaken the gravitational pull towards a more materialistic life Purpose such as women, building a beautiful space, or not having to think about money any more. In my perspective I can choose whatever materialistic goal I find deeply desirable and the entire universe wants it too. So there has not really been a decrease in materialistic desires, but a more conscious increase. By that I mean, I see how I potentially harm others around me with that approach. But at the end of the day, harming others a little while embodying my deepest desires seems legit to myself as God.
  9. One question about that: Did your life Purpose changed when you realized yourself as absolutely sovereign god? I would assume your life Purpose would have been a little culturally conditioned before that happened. At least that's what I noticed.
  10. Hey guys, I'm currently preparing for a 5-meo ceremony tomorrow. Today I got into a very minor migraine state and took a anti-migraine substance called "formigran" with "naratriptan" in it. For migraines it works surprisingly well and I would recommend it for everyone struggling with migraines. However since it interacts in the serotonin system I wonder if anyone here knows if there could be some interaction between the substances. Thanks for the information ✌️
  11. As a German myself I came up with a whole theory about how big crisis's affects countries in a good way long-term. Examples would be Japan and Germany, which got horribly destroyed, even with nuclear power. No they are the leading in many ways. And countries like Greece or Spain for example struggle a lot to keep poverty rates at bay, while they have not lost any significant wars for decades. Might be worth to investigate on this further.
  12. That would be dope. That would lift also the image of Actualized.org from "male, lone wolfish, maybe cultish" to awakening interested people, which are settling for "community spirituality", because they feel more authentic there. Let's see if Leo can deconstruct his personal style here to have a more authentic and deeper impact.
  13. Every profile has to have a consciousness scale, which is by default locked at 0. Of course you can increase the value by buying Leo's personal brand 5-meo. Plus points if you murder a materialistic scientist hehe
  14. Your ego is your sense of self. Your life history. Your memories. Your name. Your profile picture. Your personality. Your trauma. The stories you tell yourself and others what you are. And of course your Ego is also what you are not. You are not the people you hate. You are not into that music or that kind of food. The ego is separateness. All this is happening with the process of thinking. When you are completely still and aware of the actual world in and outside of you, there is no life history, no memories, no name, no thought. Thats why the ego is illusory.
  15. More options to personalize ones profile. Like different pics, favorite books, attached blog posts - in general a more intuitive and user friendly profile interface. A bit towards the likes of social media sites. And of course to allow larger files being sent. I would even pay a little bit for such an option.