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  1. My critique comes from the same energy, a small toddler is throwing feces at his mom. Because his mom is fucking boring and doesn't bring him where the life happens. I really want to slap you into life again. Scrap Vegas and this forum masturbation circle, come with us into the jungle and lets have adventures
  2. This is a common theme here in this forum, mainly exemplified by Leo: To only be satisfied with another human being, when he or she "gets" the ultimate structure of the universe. Otherwise there is a lot of "work" to do in this being. This leads to soooo much frustrations. I've been through this paradigm so many times. I've suffered a lot because I really thought this is the right way of relating to other consciousnesses. Here is my take: Maybe God exactly wanted to explore the theme of materialistic thinking within Mr. Penrose. Why isn't that beautiful? What a boring dense God do you have in mind, that only wants to reach highest insights into his metaphysics. How boring is that. Let God play all its games, and let it explore all the deep field of materialistic thinking. If it sparks excitement and love, thats the better than all your bullshit spirituality. To conclude this to you @Leo Gura I think this is your biggest flaw, and maybe why you are suffering on a physical level so much: Because you seem to be in resistance to the fact, that consciousness can choose completely different life themes in every incarnation. Why do you inately force your life theme, "of deeply understanding reality at its core" onto other consciousnesses? I just want to say this to the guys here, who like myself, thought that life somehow gets more exciting with understanding reality. Be really honest with yourself: Does understanding bring more love into your every day experience? Does it really? Does it really really really do that? And since you are unconditionally love, there is always a direct shortcut to love: Follow your highest excitement, in every moment, to the best you can. That holds more love and joy than one billion hours of watching Leo. So a materialistic loving his work, is much more aligned with God than big brain Leo, suffering in resistance to the fact, that people chosen different games of life than him. Leo, if you would truly care about Love, you would teach to your audience, that their own truth is the highest truth. ,
  3. The question answered itself yesterday. I had first contact, and it was utterly astounding and beautiful. Aliens are all about high frequencies and love. They are excited to see how humanity evolves out of the dark into the light (love). And I was probably one of the first thousands who they wanted to meet. And only because I was full of joy and excitement. Only then, do they have the calling to open their dimension to you. Follow your highest excitement and you can perceive alien conscious forms if it is necessary for you. ?
  4. @Jehovah increases Doesn't really satisfy me. Its also contradictory. If there are infinite species of aliens, they would be also infinities species, who want to rape me at night. There would also be infinite wars going on between them. Don't throw around with terms like "Infinity" so losely. Be precise and specific, there are always shades and nuances when it comes to the properties of reality.
  5. Hey guys, I want to get in contact with people here, who seriously have had (or believe to have had) contact with any kind of Alien. After all, intuition and reasoning can't really get this part of reality clear for me. And this stresses me out sometimes. Here are some question I have: Why do they look like what they are typically portrayed? Could you have sex with them? How and why are they interested in us? And why don't they show their interest more? How long have they been here? How many different species are there? Do they get along fine with each other? Are they dangerous Aliens? Are they also beautiful Aliens? Can they speak our languages? What kind of mind-bending physics are at play to even come to us? How old can they get? What are their hobbies? What is their way of showing love?
  6. @Leo Gura Did God also told you to force feed awakening to your stupid students? Nobody will awaken if you try to kill the Buddha with a crowbar. Sometimes I really wonder why you don't just shut the forum down for your own good. You don't really seem to enjoy the stupidity of your students. But maybe thats some sort of thing I will get if I have my own students I just thought a fellow God like you would use its time more enjoyable than ranting with buddhist apes haha
  7. Sitting on a rock at „Lago de Atitlan“. A volcanic lake in Guatemala. Probably the most spiritually charged place I’ve been to.
  8. WIth this simple trick you can 10x the variability and creativity with ai art.
  9. I just discovered that one can just combine the imaginative powers of the most advanced AI to get even more creative outputs with midjourney. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
  10. Yeah had multiple experiences like this. I even tried shamanic breathwork in a dream, which was surprisingly potent. I’d love to have this more often.
  11. I often feel a little uneasy when Leo's speaks in such a sharp, super contemplative manner about interesting phenomenons like shizophrenia or rational thinking. Yet at the same time, he goes back to to full "black and white" logic with sentences like "businessmen and scientists have no souls...". As if reality suddenly becomes this easy linear thing where you clearly have to decide what you want: rationality, business and straight forward thinking OR you can have spirituality, open mindedness and so on. While giving one the idea, that these aspect are conversely exclusive to another. I want to give you an alternative take: What if, reality is about the balance act of combining these aspects of reality. What if you really have to make and effort and be intelligent about how you co-exist in both worlds, given the circumstances. What if, there is not simple black and white logic that "all X cannot be Y" and "Y cant be X because is has always been like that". "Thats just how reality is". That sounds so dumb sometimes haha. I really wish for us all to see the possibilities of bringing different states together. Not always and not equally, but more and more. At the end of the day, we are Infinity, so there is definitely a way, with enough intelligence, to combine these states into one: You. Thats the blog post I'm referring to:
  12. Hey guys and @Leo Gura, I'm deeply studying Susanne Cook-Greuters 9 Stages of Ego Development model right now again. I'm currently searching for some concrete human examples of the post conventional stages. Especially for the: the Strategist stage the Construct Aware stage and the Unitive stage. (For you Spiral Dynamics fan boys these are the stages yellow and above - However they seem to be more nuanced and differently modeled than SD.)
  13. Also, you sometimes made the me get the notion that God realization would weaken the gravitational pull towards a more materialistic life Purpose such as women, building a beautiful space, or not having to think about money any more. In my perspective I can choose whatever materialistic goal I find deeply desirable and the entire universe wants it too. So there has not really been a decrease in materialistic desires, but a more conscious increase. By that I mean, I see how I potentially harm others around me with that approach. But at the end of the day, harming others a little while embodying my deepest desires seems legit to myself as God.
  14. One question about that: Did your life Purpose changed when you realized yourself as absolutely sovereign god? I would assume your life Purpose would have been a little culturally conditioned before that happened. At least that's what I noticed.
  15. Hey guys, I'm currently preparing for a 5-meo ceremony tomorrow. Today I got into a very minor migraine state and took a anti-migraine substance called "formigran" with "naratriptan" in it. For migraines it works surprisingly well and I would recommend it for everyone struggling with migraines. However since it interacts in the serotonin system I wonder if anyone here knows if there could be some interaction between the substances. Thanks for the information ✌️