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  1. Love needs no club, as it is all Clubs But Love sure loves to go Clubbing!
  2. @WeCome1 All contradictions are ultimately True.
  3. a wiser man twice said ”God will work WITH you and AS you”
  4. It gets transcended by realizing that nothing itself is transcending
  5. @Enlightement The absolute synergy between implicit and explicit communication with OTHER is astounding!
  6. Amen. This is gonna sound nuts, but I don’t care. I’m learning that I have a talent for telepathic communication. I’m working on honing this badass skill
  7. For real… I can’t wait til I can simply hire AI as my lawyer one day
  8. Silly humans… Nobody here is AWAKE because this is an INFINITE DREAM
  9. Genuine communication requires a delicate balance between bias and non bias. When you directly realize more that All = True, you are able not only to accept, but also love whatever communication is required in each moment.