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  1. Took it a couple years ago and got enfj, took it just now and got enfj- A amazing how consistent it is. 86% extraverted 66% Intuitive 86% Feeling 71% Judging 58% Assertive This confirms an idea I've had related to life purpose that I eventually want to become a political or social leader, my personality is ripe for it, if I could get a couple decades of life experience and development under my belt
  2. This is very long but I just tuned in like 10 minutes ago and this is so insightful, I really like this style.
  3. i did watch the whole video still though they seem like cool people, what society needs more of
  4. Go fuck 10 other girls. seriously though, have you considered other people? imagine if you could have a relationship as good as what you had but she is cool with personal development and meditation
  5. thank the jesus i printed it
  6. This is a great technique! A lot of stuff can come up and it will take a lot of will power to work through it, but I think that means it can actually cause results. In my experience it does
  7. I apologize if this was already posted, I tried multiple searches and scrolled through the forums, and I haven't found it. I was shocked this wasn't on the blog or on here. Johns Hopkins opened a psychedelic research institute with $17 million in funding. That's a big deal because it means there will be a broad and deep body of research, and it will be more accepted ^ for more info
  8. don't be fooled by golden showers. it's not real gold
  9. Oh wow i like the cream one
  10. Lots of good points. I think Leo should address them seriously. I think he has a great impact on a large majority of people but there is a certain dissonance that arises from him not being 'enlightened' as in embodying his insights and not having them be just peak experiences.
  11. I bet JP sears has a video on this
  12. @Matt23 too cold to consider lol Soka university of America. Buddhist inspired, very cool looking. great location. Stage green and up Edit, looks very promising, they have almost all of ken wilber's books in their library. Reed college. very stage green PItzer college, very green. I could list a lot more good ones that are still very orange. THese are the most spirally developed and conscious ones I have found. Edit: Buddhist universities.