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  1. get the damn book and start the damn techniques. Hardcore is a confusing word. the book has advanced information, it's long, but it's also fun and helpful for everyone. you don't have to go on retreats yet although it'll be hard not to after reading the book. You can just do a daily practice. get the damn book. great damn book
  2. I always try self inquiry during dreams. Never got anywhere except extreme anxiety.
  3. It's great you are doing this series, this election will be my first chance to vote and I want to do it right
  4. why brains do not exist really opened my mind although at the time I just took it as a new belief
  5. I've had levitating dreams my whole life. step 1. fall asleep step 2. levitate with willpower
  6. this post blew my mind because I'm reading man and his symbols right now. As far as I can tell Jung doesn't talk about that kind of stuff. He isn't a nonduality teacher. He is still a genius and I highly recommend him. His take on archetypes, mythology, and psychodynamic theory is very good.
  7. read: Integral spirituality, ken wilber.
  8. @Leo Gura I've been watching JP's classroom lecture playlists from youtube, and they are really good. They are definitely systemic thinking. If you checked those out, e.g. 2016 maps of meaning lectures, I think you would see that there's more to him. It sucks that he's being such a devil. Check out this video of JP extremely passionate about the environment: what changed?
  9. or get some fun job to work 3 months a year so I can save enough money to live and eat healthy, and spend the other 9 months meditating/traveling/working on a life purpose. Then do that for maybe a decade or 5 years, before finding a long term life purpose. I'm 17 and really don't think I can figure out my life purpose yet, it's too soon. I like psychology but I don't need to go to college for 8 years and get into a bunch of debt to learn it, information is free. The only thing that would get me is a place as a professor or a clinical license, aka safety nets and not my full potential. thoughts?
  10. e.g. frank yang, not enlightened but does conciousness work. He talks a lot about the two, I would say he integrates them
  11. I just had my first mystical experience about 20 minutes ago. Up until now I've had mild weird effects while meditating but this was crazy. Been doing kriya for 6 monthsish. About a month ago I went from 36 KP to 72. Usually when I do a routine, I'll have one or two pranayamas where this thing happens. Once I get the energy to the top of my head, before I breath out, my head feels fuzzy and consciousness (like being conscious of my body) moves from the body to my bindu or focus point. It feels hot and vibrating. I can still feel my body but much less for a second or two. I usually crave this experience, it feels really good. For the past week (since I got back from a 1 week break of meditating while traveling) I didn't have this experience, until yesterday, when It happened a couple of times. Today it happened just a few pranayamas in, and then happened about 10 more times. When I had just a few pranayamas left, I went really slow and decided to hold my breath at the top for about 15 seconds, which usually gets this thing to happen. After about 5 seconds nothing happened and I was about to breath out when it happened but like X100. It felt like energy shot up my spine. I totally couldn't feel my body for idk how long, I'm guessing 15 seconds. I think the technical term would be out of body experience, subtle realm, or something. All I could feel was just this one intense vibration, no sounds, sights, body feelings, etc. I had thoughts because I was thinking 'what the fuck oh my god'. Then after I'm guessing like 15 seconds I could feel my body again (which happened to be drenched in sweat) and it took about a minutes to feel it all the way. In that minute I was breathing normally instead of Kp's, and my heartrate was very high. I'm really excited because this is the first time something really blew my mind just from meditating, and yes, I know I shouldn't make a big deal about it and just let it happen, which I tried my darnest to do while it happened.
  12. To clarify, yes I know and of course unconscious or shadow stuff often comes up on trips, as in dreams, but moreover, are the entire contents of trips, things that don't appear to be some emotional release or past trauma, such as symbols, from the unconcious.
  13. Jungian and Freudian psychology both place a huge emphasis on dreams as being vehicles into the unconscious, dreams are composed of symbols from the unconscious mind. Do psychedelics use symbols from the unconscious too? It seems like such a basic question, does the content of a trip arise from the unconscious like a dream, or is it arbitrary, like we used to think dreams are. I tried googling it but I can't find shit, would really appreciate resources or knowledge if anyone knows.