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  1. Your college courses will probably not be anything like Leo's videos in content, with academic psychology or philosophy. Can you look at the course materials?
  2. @ZenBlue That was perfectly said. My intuition is definitely telling me not to go to college, at the least to put off making that decision for a year. Given that I don't want a career in academia or the corporate world, and I'm pretty sure of this, it just seems like educating myself, without college, like I will on this gap year, is so much more valuable. Thanks <3
  3. @remember Thank you! I think you were mostly replying to my other thread, so I'll go on about that here. I do plan on going to a few different places at least. Also, I plan on getting better at my spanish. Good point about tourism. It defenitely is a lot different to do something useful while traveling, or to get immersed in the culture.
  4. @Wyatt I've looked into and considered WWOOf, and I might use it. The only thing is that I want to volunteer at places that do permaculture, and meet other various requirements like having good people. WWOOF could help me find this, but just contacting these places works too. @Average Investor Yea the whole debt thing matters a lot. I might just go for it(college) if I don't have another very compelling path. Have fun traveling by car! that sounds really interesting!
  5. Seems like a great opportunity, and definitely in the right direction! Awesome Sahil All I gotta say is it's good to be open to doing something else, or letting this unfold in anywhich way
  6. Where do you go to school? This isn't going to ruin your plans. Worst case scenario, maybe you take a year off to get your health improved. What do you eat? Have you looked into naturally working with your ADHD? And Hey, maybe if you don't like this type of learning, it isn't for you. Much love
  7. Let's start a list of places to volunteer, intern, live, and learn. I am biased to Latin and Southern America, where I have researched I'll go: is a wonderful resource. Use the map function and explore. Most of these places I will list were found on here. Raw Vegan places Fruit Haven community in Ecuador, spiritual, Raw Healing Mastery youtube channel. Volunteer for -nearly- free! Terrafrutis Sister community to Fruit Haven, similar Rawtreat Family homestead in costa rica. More: Dancing Rabbit: one of many cool places in the US Apricot Lane farms: My Biggest Little Farm Movie is from here, California, permaculture farm, have to be 21 years old Costa Rica has Yoga Farm, which is open from January to July, I believe, beautiful location. Bonafide has internships and you can volunteer. Rancho Mastatal has 2 month interships and 1 year apprenticeships. Very cool place. Pacha Mama is a spiritual workshop community which also does a bit of permaculture, volunteering available, very cool looking place. nature, people. Wilderland is in New Zealand. Dope place to learn Source Farm is decent, if you happen to be in Jamaica Spear Grass is cool, a family place in Australia. Zutut Ha looks cool, Mexico. Lots of cool places in Mexico but I hear it's dangerous. Is this true? Vila das Borboletas is an up and coming place in Brazil. They speak Portugese mainly, but English and Spanish too. I talked to the guy who runs it, very nice man. Panzenu is a cool looking place in Columbia, I talked to they dude, very nice as well. Permatree is a hardcore farm in Ecuador. (lots of work) This thread is also designed to help answer my dilemma seen here.
  8. Let's start a list of places and organizations and ways to do meditation retreats, so that the aspiring sage can scroll through his or her options. I'll go has wonderful vipassana meditation retreats all around the world, I intend to go to one this next summer now that I'm 18. That's one downside, they reject you if you're younger (at least in Wisconsin). These are donation based, and so always affordable. This is your standard 10 day vipassana retreat. -Sat yoga institute. This place, run by Shunyamurti, has retreats and is open to volunteers. I applied to volunteer. -Camping. Yes. National parks. Siberia. Whatever you like. -Renting a place. Many options. This thread is also designed to help answer my dilemma seen here
  9. For all you know, Jesus was a mushroom
  10. This is a huge decision to make, and so I would really appreciate any help and advice I can get from like-minded people. Thanks I am 18 years old, and a high school senior in the US. I will be graduating in June. I have done everything right, really high grades, really high standardized test scores, good applications, and have applied to around 18 colleges. I have heard back from around half of them, and have gotten into all of them. Some were more selective, like Reed College and Soka University of America, but most of the elite ones I applied to, like Johns Hopkins and Stanford, don't release admission decisions until late March. I could enroll at a school this upcoming August, 2020, but at most schools, I could easily defer my enrollment and start August 2021. I've been doing this type stuff for around 2 years, meditating, kriya yoga, a 10 day retreat, psychedelics, holotropic breathwork, personal development stuff, reading books, etc. etc. I think this has naturally brought me to hold a more integral view of the modern university system, and I'm sure you have great insights about it too. For a while I thought I wanted to do psychology, I figured that anything to do with meditation and psychedelics would fit within that department, and so from whenever to a year or so ago, I thought I would maybe become a researcher or professor. As time passed, I became disenchanted with this idea, and have now got to a point where I see no way this could be my life purpose, with the limiting structure of such jobs, and the whole academia thing lol. I have taken the Life Purpose course btw, and I came up with either this psychology idea, or another one, about permaculture, sustainable and healthy agriculture. Ultimately, I decided I need more life experience to determine a life purpose, or at least a small bet. So this permaculture and gap year thing come together. I am almost 100% certain I will take a gap year after high school. After reading books about health and the modern food system, researching these things, etc. I think my life purpose may be to help transition the earth to a higher consciousness food system. I am deeply inspired by ecovillages, permaculture farms, such as Joel Salatin, the ecovillage of Raw Healing Mastery on youtube. I am also inspired by a countless amount of other ecovillages that exist all around the world. I have researched these extensively, when thinking about a gap year. I have also applied or reached out to dozens of places in Latin and South America, such as Rancho Mastatal, the Sat Yoga institute, the Yoga Farm, among many others. So, to explain this gap year thing: I am pretty good at Spanish, I want to travel around Latin and South America, volunteering/ living in 2 to 3 different places, for a few months each. I imagine myself, with my 15 months, spending around 8 learning permaculture and experiencing it, this will be my 'Small Bet'. I will spend 1 to 3 months in meditation retreats, such as those run by, the Sat Yoga institute in Costa Rica, I could also do some camping, which would save money and be flexible within my schedule. I would spend the rest of the time saving up money, or just chilling and self actualizing, treating the remaining months as a regular student would treat the summer between high school and college. This whole gap year could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000. I have around $4,000 saved up from working, and I plan to work more to save up more. My parents have also said they would be willing to help, which is great, so I think this could be very affordable. I believe this would be well worth the investment, as it would give me great experience and time to decide on whether or not I want to go to college. I hope that this whole broader context will make clear what the benefits and costs of college would be for me, but let me explicate. I got a huge scholarship at Soka University of America, $34,000 a year, and it would cost only $18,000 a year. This would be a little over half the cost of the state schools for Wisconsin and Minnesota, where I reside, and around a third the cost of many elite institutions like Reed College and Johns Hopkins. This is so affordable for my parents, that I would not even go into debt. No debt would eliminate one of the worst potential cons. A pro would be that I might simply have more opportunities, depending on what my life purpose ends up being. The biggest con of college would be that it could stifle my growth. I could learn and grow so much towards my life purpose in a gap year of a big small bet with permaculture, meditation retreats, and reading on my own. I worry that college would take such a great deal of my energy and time, although summers would allow me a few months for meditation retreats and other woke shit. I have noticed that I have put a lot of emphasis on making the 'right decision'. I think it may be a better mindset to emphasize that either way, I can do great things, work towards a great life purpose, and neither decision will ruin my life. So overall, I don't want an answer to some specific detail, but overall advice given all that I've said. On the other hand, here are some pointers: Should I go to college? A gap year may help me figure this out and buy time, but still, given what we know now, should I go? Is this gap year business a good idea? Cost? Time? Dangers? Do you have any recommendations for places to go? I have spend a lot of time researching this question, and have realized there are so many options. If anyone could point me to good ecovillages, farms, or places to meditate, I would greatly appreciate it. Latin and South America is the idea, but hey, if you know of a majestic place in Hawaii or India, maybe that's the move. I think I will start a thread in the High Consciousness resources for a list of ecovillages & of meditation retreats, if they don't already exist. Any kind of help would mean so much to me, and I so deeply appreciate you if you just read this whole thing
  11. Ramaji activated shaktipat something Ramaji is a dude
  12. @Rahul yadav I can't get a solid high paying 9 to 5 with that!
  13. Where do you live, because there are psychedelic societies in a lot of cities. I went to the one in mine and met the coolest people I've ever met.
  14. homemade is probably the cheapest option