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  1. But have you done that? how do you know? and what is your idea of 'gravity will still exist'. What is that concept
  2. What is it that you want friends for? Like, what do you want to do with your friends? Like seriously, anything from mountain biking to going to the beach to clubbing. Find that. Go do it. Meet people there. Do it with them. Now you have friends.
  3. @Nickyy Or is it just that Bernie is healthy green, and pathological green would On the other hand from what I've learned I think you are right about that. A
  4. @Bno Kyle Kulinksi would certainly agree with what you said.
  5. have you tried pick up?
  6. Good to know. I suppose it will probably produce the same type of purification then, not just physiological effects.
  7. I've done shamanic breathing for about a year or two on and off. I find that it just doesn't work for me. I either breath too fast and can't go very long at all, or too slow and get nothing. I just tried the Wim Hof method and it was great. I can get as deep as I've gotten with shamanic breathing at the end, but throughout the whole 20 min. The pauses in between rounds just make it so much more effective. I plan on doing this every day, however I am concerned there is a reason Leo did not teach this method @Leo Gura Will the Wim Hof method produce the same emotional/spiritual purification results as shamanic breathing. Sorry if this is already a thread, when I searched Wim Hof, or similar keywords, nothing came up.
  8. But they aren't flying?
  9. @remember What is 'the logo question'? and how is that a joke, disgusting, or discriminating? I dated a girl that was taller than me once. Overall, I think the anecdotes prove height is definitely not everything. I'm in the same position as him and i wonder because I wonder if I could be even better otherwise.
  10. Now that would be fun
  11. I went to the Bernie rally in Minneapolis last night. Has anyone else been to one? What did you think? I thought is was interesting and enjoyed it. Can't wait to see a Trump one and compare them lol.
  12. Shadow dance is a great book, full of practices. Plenty on youtube, but none from Leo. This girl comes on this forum.
  13. Definitely means you have some trauma. Shadow work. for sure. trust me when that's gone you will be so diffferent
  14. Hey I'm also 17. When Leo mentioned in the course that if you are young you might need more experience, i thought about it, and it clicked. I definitely think you should move towards what you have, even if you are unsure, in a way that gives you valuable life experience. That's what I'm doing.