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  1. Insight from life purpose course LP section exercise 5, 3 passionate events visualization. I realized I specifically get very very enthused and passionate when I am discussing psychology with others in a teaching way, two events came up, one was me discussing a book I was reading and the other was me talking with my friend. Both cases involved teaching interested people, and both involved what I believed to be fascinating psychological concepts
  2. you dont have to have an acount to use paypal you can just use a card number
  3. That's how it works. The cognitive lines of development are a prerequisite to any other lines of development, e.g. you can't have green moral development(post-ethnocentric) and blue intellectual development. This survey is cool but it is an oversimplification. I'd peg myself at yellow cognitively, with mostly orange and green on the other lines. yellow moral, green psycho-spiritual. I have some orange tendencies such as stimulation addiction that I'm working through(mostly there) that I don't know how to categorize. and then there are various psychological models that don't correspond with spiral dynamics.
  4. shrooms are not (neccesarily) more visual they just have better visuals
  5. I want to be able to do a 10 day vipassana this summer, so I'm working my way up. Two days ago (friday) I realized I had a pretty free weekend, and decided to go for it. I still had about 8 hours of homework, just one of the cult like qualities of our pathologically orange education system im only half kidding . Friday I did Kriya in the morning before school, and did 2x 1 hour vipassanesque self inquiry sits. Saturday and Sunday I did my daily 1 hour kriya, and then 4x 1 hour sits, so a total of 12 hours from when I got home to now, sunday afternoon. I always do kriya at 6 am soon after I wake up, and did my 4 sits at 730, 10, 1230, and 3, with a little leeway. It was hard, but not that hard. I did almost SDS style sits for all of them except the very last one sunday, just a bit ago. I got really bad ass pain and sat on the floor then went back to my seat. Right now and today I have felt very restless. It is very very challenging to sit for even 2 minutes without getting up all ancy, opening my eyes or thinking a lot. I feel very uncomfortable in my own skin, and also feel a deep sense of emptiness, not the good kind. I was expecting this because 1. I've done this once before(3 sits /day + kriya for 3 days). and 2. I've read about it appears to be 3 characteristics stage from MCTB2. Overall I learned I need to do this more, or the 10 day retreat will be impossible. Or that's just mEgo making a big deal out of it to scare myself.
  6. great work! I did the same thing but less hardcore lol
  7. and when the human dies, what experiencer dies with it? point to the experiencer.
  8. What you're describing is the 6th and top layer of maslow's hierarchy of needs: self transcendence. It seems like this isn't coming from a neurotic place. Having children is on the 3-4-5 layer depending on your motives.
  9. here's from my experience. It won't make you happy. Work on self-actualizing and this sadness will drop away. then you can freely pursue whatever. Now strike a balance between that and filling the lower end of your hierarchy of needs(maslow's)
  10. @peanutspathtotruth I'm not too sure about the idea of a trans personal degree anymore. The reason I wanted one is because I want to integrate psychoanalysis and psychology with meditation, stages of insight, etc. (Imagine running a retreat where you're not only deeply realized but also a Ph.D in psychology, and can therefore help people awaken while also navigating their "stuff" skillfully as it gets in the way). But anyway the trans personal psychology schools seem very stage green, just not what I'm looking for. They have failed to meet up to my fantasy of being all about ken wilber's works (ken wilber is a big inspiration and does the type of work I would like to do). I think I can get this integrative facet in a career from reading on my own, which I'm already deep into. @Shiva Good point and my thoughts on this are threefold. 1. Suck it up, knowing all that shit will be helpful when I'm really learning the stuff I want to. 2. My masters and Ph.D would involve me expanding on it to take it in my own direction and 3. I will go to a college that meets my desire as close as possible.(there are lots of varieties of psychology bachelors these days, e.g. there's even some chose your curriculum ones). @SgtPepper helpful post thank you. Of course I would end up covering psychoanalysis very deeply, since I would get a graduate degree in it. also yall psychoanalysis is so cool: transference is very cool. check out this video that explains one facet of it. you can just get a sense for how intricate and genious it is Dream analysis is also cool, very cool. I'm reading this Jung book on dreams rn. that dude analyzed 2000 dreams a year apparently.
  11. ill check this interview out, there's a great interview of ken on Buddhaatthegasstation on youtube btw!
  12. hey yall I've done a bunch and I mean a bunch of research and I think I want to be a psychoanalytical therapist. The theory gets me so fired up. My friends who are in AP Psychology talk to me about what they are learning(you can't take the class until I'm a senior, next year for me), and I feel so passionate about it, like I get filled with so much energy I can barely handle it and want to sprint outside. I'm suprised the LP course is pointing me towards a normal job, although I would start my own practice and be able to spend at least half of my time on retreats, so it wouldn't exactly be wage slavery. Here's a good link for basic info, I'd get a Ph.D in some sort of psychology, e.g. transpersonal, clinical I would be able to help people, and after having some experience I would be able to do work integrating my mastery of the field with spirituality.
  13. I smoke weed about once a month, sometimes more often, sometimes not for a long time. When I do, I have no tolerance, and smoke as much as I can physically handle. Then I lay down and contemplate I've had some fairly deep -mostly relative- insights, sometimes as much as psychedelics, but not very blissful ones or super deep ones.
  14. this was a joke that RSD Julian posted on his twitter, which caused a huge media scandal. This is the chart for emotional abuse they teach you in sex ed in highschool, trust me, i learned it last year.
  15. yea fuck psychiatry lol