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  1. That's crazy how serendipitous. Let me know if you come for a visit! I'll be in college here for 3 more years. Currently working on starting a university psychedelic club. SUA is a cool college in a class today we talked about science and religion and compared how they were structurally similar. Both beg the question/circular reasoning, similar structure of their creation stories. Seems like some good quality green maybe yellowish. Edit: @Leo Gura did you go to aliso niguel high school(right by me)? did you know about Soka university of america?
  2. Just moved to Aliso Viejo. It's free and pretty spacious.
  3. I remember this guy from youtube. Maybe this is still good exposure.
  4. Got the johnson vaccine a week or two ago. M-rna scares me. Flu-like side effects for 2 days, fever fatigue headaches etc. Weird thing was that an hour after the vaccine (before any other side effects) I had a pinching tightness in my left chest (same side as shot) that lasted for a few hours. Then it came again more mildly for two days after in the evening. Now I feel totally find other than I never used to get headaches EVER and now I have gotten a few since the side effects ended.
  5. Same here, 5-7 -5-8. Where I am very few men are shorter than me and most are around 6 ft or more. I used to think like you did, and I was never with anyone, but now that that's changed I realize my height is a negligible factor. I hope repetition will help you realize that you are deluded thinking height is the problem.
  6. I'll start outlining the small bets I've taken. First, I started/expanded my backyard garden. It was small but fed me most of my vegetables. Next, last September, I went WWOOFing (volunteering & living on organic farm) for a month. Finally, this summer I am running a market garden (Eternal Harvest Gardens, eternal.harvest on instagram) on borrowed land. I'm doing CSA style weekly delivery boxes. The first time I took the course, I learned a lot about how to have a life purpose, and myself, but I was torn between environmental and healthy food production and psychology (Psychedelics, Jung, Positive Psychology, etc.) I applied to college as a psychology major. I took the course again around 7 months ago, and it became apparent to me that my small bets related to farming were indicative of what I want to do. I've switched my major to environmental studies. I am driven enough and clear enough that normally I wouldn't go to college and would just pursue my life purpose, but I am getting a full scholarship + being paid extra, and I might need to work a job in the winter for a few years to get things started. The Life purpose course is extremely high quality and I would have never gotten where i am today without it. I learned so much from it, but it was the actual work that got me here. The exercises were a great start and set up a psychological foundation, which has led me to take lots of action. At first I was very unclear what I wanted to do. It is not like this simply helped me have a positive mindset. At first I was lost and the two ideas of being a psychologist or farmer came from nowhere but my contemplations and looking at what I enjoyed. The course took me from very confused and yearning for a life purpose to very clear. Now I simply must continue actualizing this. Some great books I would recommend for anyone interested in this career path are The Market Gardener by J.M. Fortier and The New Organic Grower by Eliott Coleman. They will help you get started on the path to mastery. I'm still not sure of the exact details of what I want to do, but that's okay for now. I will continue to work on market gardening and perhaps move into buying 4-10 acres, and also building a permaculture food forest for selling food. I would also like to integrate pasture raised poultry into market garden plots (builds natural fertility, great synergy). Thanks so much Leo for an amazing course!
  7. frank yang for sure!
  8. @Michael569 I think perhaps that could have to do with it. I think it is pretty good. I eat pasture raised raw and fermented dairy, I make and eat lots of lactofermented vegetables. My digestion and bowel movements are very good. Around 4 years ago as a newly pubescent boy I took antibiotics daily for I think multilpe months for acne. It wasn't even that bad of acne, I wish I hadn't done that but I didn't know any better. Also used an acne skin cream until a year a go I realized it was an antibiotic and full of other chemicals, then stopped cold turkey, acne got worse for a bit, now it is so much better that's its nearly gone. Apparently that has a lot to do with microbiome. Should I take probiotics to repopulate or has time and lots of natural bacteria from the diet had time to help? Also, I've allergies my whole life. I bet my microbiome wasn't that good as a kid, because of standard american diet. Nice website! @Girzo Yea, antihistamines work wonders. Higher risk of dementia and alzheimers is worth it for me because they make such a difference. If only there was something I could do about the pollen. Wearing a mask does that but its so uncomfortable when its hot out and im gardening. After raining, my allergies go away as the air and buds are clear of pollen.
  9. @tuckerwphotography That article was amazing and the most helpful thing i have found about the vaccine as of yet. Thanks!
  10. @Michael569 Very interesting post, its been a while now and spring allergies are in full swing. Paul stamets medicinal mushrooms didn't seem to help. I might try moducare. @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj I have a bunch of extra pasture raised meat, might give this a try soon. Would a week be a good test time?
  11. @Thought Art Why? I think the biggest reason would be the degree (environmental studies) would be a safety net for a decent job. Might be good for saving money before I can garden/farm full time. @okulele Good advice, will sit down and think for a while this summer. Long term it's hard to tell, is the degree or the young-person-time more valuable long term. @SLuxy Looks like good stuff
  12. @Forestluv Very well said Also, I have very bad seasonal allergies, which makes me worry about anything to do with meddling with my immune system. From my research I don't see any way the covid vaccine could cause harm to my tree and ragweed pollen allergies. Leo is getting it while having hashimotos, he also seems not worried about this.
  13. Hard to sort through anti-vax concerns, most of it is nonsense, but obviously there is some (probably low and less than covid itself) risk. So, are you not concerned that these pharmaceutical companies are not liable for any negative effects while they have a past of knowingly not stopping drugs that do have negative effects for money?
  14. @SLuxy That's very helpful I look forward to watching that video. You're definitely right about limiting beliefs I should watch that course soon. This is overall a very positive situation with lots of potential I just need to see it that way more and not focus on and exaggerate the limitations. Thanks!