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  1. Don't limit yourself, you can make genuine connections with people in any city, you dont need clubs, and it's probably better that way anyway.
  2. Yes I've had similar experiences where they give me an option. Once on DMT I was so relieved to not die.
  3. Years ago I use to be able to look at my profile and see by the font (bigger letters) which threads had had new responses. Now I manually check them and often miss things. Is there a setting to make it so I can see when people respond to a threat I want to see when people have posted something?
  4. @undeather @Leo Gura maybe not cleaner but healthier. RO is not healthy, it just gets rid of the bad stuff. I drank it for a few years but you don't want to do that long term. Better to find some source of uncontaminated spring water that has all the minerals in the right ratios and molecular structures
  5. @Leo Gura Can you at least give us warnings or say if you would take anything you've said back? Like would you change your advice, how can we avoid such a thing happening.
  6. nature regenerates itself very quickly too. But ecologies are very sensitive and it's not so easy to restore native habitat the more it's gone. Eventually we need to do it before it's too late, and I don't think technology is the answer, we have the resources to do it now.
  7. @Hello from Russia Yes you are supposed to just sit for at least 10 minutes after kriya
  8. Ecological destruction in general is much more of a big deal than higher temperatures. The worlds ecosystems have been 97% replaced by human settlement and agriculture. Nothing like a small fraction of people we might lose to higher temperatures.
  9. very curious what permanent damage you have incurred especially since you advocate for them. It's very challenging mentally but physically I haven't had any issues. The other day on DMT I lost the need to breath and didn't breath for a very long time and just eventually did even though I didn't feel the urge to. Like while doing wim hof but for 5 minutes. And after that I just didn't feel the need to. It was so strange. I met god, realized it was myself, and once I decided to come back into the ego I felt the urge to breath again.
  10. hm I've been having this exact question I found one that does mushrooms with me and is very into being healthy and devleopment and stuff. For a while she said that she never wanted to go that far with spirituality but last time we did mushrooms she realized an ego death might be worth it. I'm 21. Over the last 3 years I've influenced her a lot, I think you just need someone who is openminded and wants to grow, stage green is a good place to start.
  11. yea those are good ones! I like to rewatch the actuality, perception, and how to do self-inquiry videos.
  12. Idk man.. I've experienced total breakthrough transcendence of boredom and addiction on psychedelics. and I was still in this physical body. Even had peak experiences where I thought, 'this it it, i've cured all my addictions forever' No reason one couldn't theoretically attain that level permanently, pretty sure Jesus or Buddha was mindful enough to not get sucked into tiktok.
  13. I had no idea it was a conspiracy theory, I thought anyone who cares about their health and looks into it would surely realize EMF's are harmful. I don't even know how to argue something so clear. I'm really not trying to have a study war. there are thousands, to decent standards. Look at the sleep studies if you want the highest standard of cause and effect scientific method stuff. "A number of studies have reported that RF-EMF exposure of animal models increases blood-brain barrier permeability, impairs intracellular calcium homeostasis, alters neurotransmitters, and increases neuronal loss and damage in brain tissue4,5,6,7,8. Epidemiologic studies have linked RF-EMF exposure from mobile phones with neurological and cognitive dysfunctions" number of studies have,%2C6%2C7%2C8.
  14. @KaoDeo Yea I think you said it, use the medulla if you need to. No harm in it, but sometimes I can just go straight to ajna.
  15. @Soul Flight I guess you have to be ready to go through immense suffering and death. But that's not a bad thing. This isn't for those who want to dip their toes in the water anyway.