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  1. TLDR I like healthy food production I hate college should I drop out or stick it out? To start off, I found the life purpose course amazing. I took it twice and it took a lot of work, but I went gradually from having absolutely no sense of life purpose and being nearly completely clueless as to what I wanted to do to having a very strong sense of live purpose that consumes most of my thoughts. The first time I took it I was a junior in high school, now I am a freshman in college, and just finished the 3 months of contemplating my life purpose every morning (an assignment I started around the time I finished the course). My life purpose statement is "I cook and farm ecological food, making people and the earth healthy" I care about beyond-organic, permacultural, biodynamic, regenerative, sustainable and healthy food production. I love gardening and cooking as mediums. My vision for the future long term involves a farm with a restaurant, where I make an impact by changing peoples minds about food production. I love ecovillages and am interested in having a community surrounding this. I'm open to how this will actually play out, any of the above might take place. I've gone through a series of small bets, and am now on a pretty big one. Gardening in my backyard last summer wasn't an intentional small bet, but still was a great one. Last fall, I went and worked on an organic farm for a month. This summer, I am starting a market garden. I will invest around $1000 or less into it, so am keeping it low budget and a learning experience. I've found a great place with people letting me use their land. I have a full ride scholarship, I in fact get paid extra, it is absurd but I'm very fortunate. If it wasn't for this I would have dropped out a while ago, I think I definitely have enough discipline and determination to do much better without school. In my case, the money and degree security seem worth it. I think I will stay in college just to be safe, but I have been having doubts. My classes are sometimes good, im taking a sustainable agriculture course next semester, but overall, college is soul draining, unenjoyable, and now is starting to really get in the way. To really pursue market gardening I need springs and falls for harvest. This spring college is online and im working 20+ hours per week getting starting. This fall i will go to college and my harvest will be fucked. Might have to catch a flight back. I feel as if I could be doing so much but am wasting my time with school. If I was working a job I could find a stable place to live and start market gardening spring through fall and get to a point where that's my living in 3-4 years. I was very excited to hear Leo's advice, but his video on the topic ended up suggesting basically that if you have enough drive it's not worth it, it's hard to factor in the value when I am actually making money from college. Thanks! Lots more to say lmk what might be helpful info.
  2. so, y'all buying? anyone buy early? you holding? I love bernie
  3. Great essay Leo, so well written and insightful thoughts.
  4. Can't find anything about 'our' Don Beck liking Donald
  5. Is it true that it will turn you into a Genetically Modified Organism? Asking for a friend not sure how MRNA works.
  6. @Leo Gura And yours depends on you giving us accurate insights into the nature of capitalism. Yay! @Girzo Exactly. I remember reading Memenomics and how Said Dawlabani praised whole foods as a yellow corporation. It fit his model of conscious yellow politics. Interesting. I might reread those sections in light of Mackey's position on Joe Rogan. I wonder if there's any contradiction in there.
  7. I am listened to about an hour of the podcast with joe rogan, and about 53 minutes in, in very clear yet not explicit terms, Mackey describes spiral dynamics. I was curious about this because mackey gave a 2006 speech about spiral dynamics. It is apparently also present in his new book. He clearly thinks he is describing yellow capitalism and criticizing green socialism from above. I was really shocked by Mackeys positions on Rogan, and am glad to see Leo's response. Nevertheless, I think Leo missed something when he said that Mackey doesn't understand human development. He has been working with spiral dynamics for a long time, from 2006 to 2020, as we can see.
  8. I love Frank Yang! This was a great video. His last one too, Re: had so many great concepts.
  9. @Average Investor yea I ordered some masks that will block out ragweed. I was tested so I am pretty sure it's just ragweed and tree pollen. When I'm inside it's pretty much fine. The problem is being outside. My life purpose is sustainable agriculture so this is an issue. At this farm I will be going to, I won't have AC or any filter. Maybe I should get one before going. Yea, I am avoiding those. I tried one this year and it didn't even help. @Michael569 I already have a bunch of Paul Stamets mushrooms including a mixture of 5 types and lions mane, I will try this. Great advice thanks @Brian Wolfe I know lol @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj That's fascinating maybe in a few years if nothing else works. Carnivore scares me. Thanks so much everyone!
  10. The past month has been pretty bad. I went to live on a farm for a few days and had to leave because I was mentally an physically exhausted, and sneezing and blowing my nose constantly. I have been mostly inside, but at my home the ragweed isn't as bad. I will be going in a couple days to a farm for a month. I won't have air conditioning, and am worried I will have to wear a mask/ventilator thing 24 7. I have been struggling for my whole life, some months out of the year I am just out of commission and unable to do what I could otherwise. Any advice would be appreciated. I eat very very healthy, organic at the least, lots of permaculture biodynamic food. I've been vegan and omnivore, cut out dairy, I've tried allergy shots for like 4 years, helped but didn't last.
  11. depending on how much money you make this can even be a way to save more money than you would make spending that time working. I spent many hours building gardens earlier in the spring and now I grow almost all my own vegetables, with no chemicals. After this its very low labor. I plan to long term solve this problem by living in a permaculture farm or ecovillage
  12. Same! I have 4 of those jugs and I go to an RO place just 10 minutes away and then add pink himilayan salt to remineralize. Apparently according to Paul Chek you should add clay to it too. Does anyone know what type of clay that is?
  13. Big ENFJ (as oppposed to INTP and I thought the last video was the best video I've ever seen
  14. great idea!!!! would be very helpful
  15. @roopepa great video. doesn't seem like we're doing it right tho but idk