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  1. Yup I signed up! 100 pages into the ebook now
  2. Thanks so much, so cool to talk about this journey with you after 8 years of listening and applying things. I am signing up for it today. Been taking mushrooms a couple times a month, lots of high doses and some deep breakthroughs. Still cold approaching too. I've been meaning to go back through the life purpose and work on the mindset stuff and everything again. Seems like at this point it will be helpful to integrate that again now that I am actually on the quest.
  3. Well said. To be honest I have a lot of money for my age, 50k up instead of in debt while graduating just from jobs, my farm business, and scholarship. I've worked very smart to get to this point and now my life purpose will be a lot more attainable. All of that money is going towards the farm, its simply an allocation of resources. In total, I think I'll spend under 5k on education over the next few years, so this is just part of that. The tiny house itself and basic farm infrastructure will require money too. Overall, I'll need about $110,000 invested over the next few years to get to a point where I can quit my job. Nearly halfway there, now I just need to get going on spending it, so idk why im hesitant haha.
  4. Yea that makes sense. It's a lot of money but I keep coming back to how fundamental it is. The sooner I can live on the land, the better I can actualize my life purpose. I've been brainstorming for days and was on the edge of buying it and figured I'd see what the people on here think. So, thanks. P.S. Can't wait to get out of Aliso Viejo in May this place is weird.
  5. The course would help a lot, it comes with everything I would need, ebooks, video series, etc. I think it would be very effective and better than piecing together the resources myself. I would say an 8, I still have to learn the skills myself. It would be a lot more comprehensive, and so would be a lot more effective to actually building a house that functions, and lasts. I think it makes sense to buy it, I just wish I didn't have to plan so far out. Thanks for the response Leo, I took the life purpose course like 5 or 6 years ago and am still going strong, things are finally going to become real over the next few years.
  6. It is specifically for straw bale. It is $1150 My life purpose is around sustainable farming, I've got 20 acres and want to get a tiny house built asap to help make farming there practical. I am going to be traveling a lot, and so this summer will just be doing some infrastructure projects on the land, a shed, outdoor living space & kitchen, compost toilet, etc. In 2025, after the snow melts (northern climate) I want to build this home. Here is my pro con list: Pro It would be good to build my own house asap, it would be much more efficient for learning. I want to build my house in early 2025 so after I graduate college in May ideally I would be ready to build in like half a year. This workshop is a months worth of rent, and could help me save a whole years of rent, or having to live with my parents without my own place. Workaways (an alternative learning method will be impractical when I need to work, where I will make that much back in 1.5 weeks. For that half year I want to road trip, work, and road trip again before spring 2025. Meet cool people and other builders to learn from. Con 1150 is a lot of money. It would take 55 hours of working for $20. Other options exist like books, workaways.
  7. Leo, what exactly do you mean by calling critical race theory stupid, but alt right responses are more stupid? For example, a more specific explanation would be that you think it is partial and can be turned into an ideology. Just curioys what your thoughts are, or anyone else's.
  8. Dosed 1 week apart. First trip I did at home, the next in a very beautiful desert. Tripping at home and just closing your eyes and not moving is great, but this is something you can do in a chair or hammock in the middle of the wilderness. A place like the suburbs is not optimal, but a quiet and beautiful place is ideal for tripping. Anyways, I had an ego death that happened after i thought i was actually dying. it lasted around an hour, classic awakening not too special. Lots of weird alien language and communication stuff. And glossolalia. In contrast, the trip a week ago, was all about my life, and didn't break through.
  9. 22 I've been watching since 14 though
  10. LA, yea. big city. Weird place tho, lots of rich motherfuckers and lots of weird shit goin on out there in the dating world. @Princess Arabia Absolutely amazing read!!!! I especially resonate with the part about always having the program running in the background. It is not healthy to put so much effort to get yourself into it, when you can just do it spontaneously, without thinking, premeditating, planning, making yourself nervous. I am so happy that this can be my new way of life. Now every time I see someone I am attracted to there is a chance of us getting along. It is just a better way to live life. Also I think hearing things from a females perspective is so important, especially I love to ask my female friends about my interactions so i can learn how to make sure noone gets uncomfortable. If I wasn't getting laid idk what I would do though. I'd probably be very frustrated. But in that case what else are you gonna do, just go approach. But don't put so much pressure on it. It definitely helps when you are already getting laid by girls to not be so worried about what will happen, and to just give it a shot anytime.
  11. What are you doing on this forum like get out of here with the blue values omg. Notice that your arguments do not come from an understanding that this kink somehow actually hurts people, but from an emotional moralistic outburst.
  12. Bro I really think you should go get a real girl, the doll thing sounds sad. Maybe do 2000 approaches and if that doesn't work then you get one before doing 2000 more. But if you havent taken massive action to actually meet this need then you don't need to settle.
  13. Haha no haven't even gotten a date. But that's to be expected at this point. I've been getting laid thru social circle so i figure it shouldn't take too long to get there from this. Starting off I was sweating out my goddamn ears, so nervous, it was incredibly hard. Now I feel barely any anxiety especially after the first few, and I've been having some good conversations and girls being flirty back. @Miguel1 That's impressive. I wish I could find an environment with really high volume, because I still can only find so many. @Princess Arabia For real, I don't even like going to the club that much, but when I do I just go with my friends and then if i see an opportunity do some quick approaches. But it doesn't need to be a not fun thing. That ruins the point. For me I like to be productive and chill at the beach anyway so I just do it while there. @PurpleTree I am very clear in intent haha. Which is harder to start with, but It's been going better recently. I sometimes use the classic like "I saw you and thought you looked great and wanted to meet you" or just make it clear within the first 30-60 seconds why im there.
  14. I think you have a valuable insight. It is definitely crucial to do real screening and actually practice inner game. But it can be done. And for someone who is starting, approaching can actually be incredibly difficult and a massive step.
  15. for real haha be careful just getting enthralled in ideas.