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  1. ^I get it. My opinion is that it is not the teacher's responsibility. Because I am at stage orange. Emerald's opinion is that the teacher is responsible. Because she is more green than me. I get it.
  2. Yes they are. So cool that you said this. I agree we need to get rid of them. No I didn't. I already told you IDK. No the teacher is responsible for his/her actions. I disagree. Thanks Danny. This is what I am talking about. NICE! Welcome to the future. No more rapes, theft or murder EVER AGAIN. The way I see it: It's either 1984 or anarchy. It's complex, there is no good solution. We have to choose the lesser of 2 evils. Arc
  3. I am. I rather that than the alternative. We are living in 1984 already and it is getting worse and worse. It's like a black mirror episode everyone being nice and saying nice things because they have to. I am a simple man. This makes sense. This also makes perfect sense to me. If people are dumb enough to do stupid shit let them suffer the consequences. So what? No one thinks for themselves anymore? If I hear trump talking stupid racist shit will I go and storm the capitol? No, I am not stupid, I will stay home and watch the news while I smoke some quality weed. IDK But I know that the social media companies DGAF about the very real danger of demagogues and hate groups spreading propaganda. They just care about the money. I very strongly disagree. What are you talking about? IDK Arc
  4. If I was a Trump supporter I would have been disheartened to see that Trump didn't march with me to the capitol. He should have marched like Martin Luther King did, that would have given him a lot of credibility. But he didn't he is a coward.
  5. I have direct experience of the fact that I have never been born and that I will never die. I have direct experience that I just exist. But I can not explain it. But I will try... When you wake up you realize that you are an inter-dimensional immortal probably eternal spiritual being. You realize that this game of life you are playing right now is too small compared to what you truly are. It's just like playing a video game: Are you super Mario, are you Zelda? No OFC not. Am I Arcangelo? No OFC not. I was given this life, this vehicle as a gift. It's my turn to play. This time I get to use the Arcangelo character, that's all. We don't identify with neither the mind nor the body any more. So yeah Arcangelo was a fetus, and was born and was a beautiful baby, and Arcangelo will die someday. But I am not Arcangelo. It's just like a video game man.
  6. This is... With those black gloves he looks like a super villain. Watching those guys sitting on Nancy Pelosi's chair...WTF?
  7. I agree. It doesn't matter Yes. Don't be too hard on yourself. Keep writing please. Subbed for life! Arc
  8. I disagree. The rule is there are no rules.
  9. Getting back with your ex is like reheating McDonald's french fries in the microwave.
  10. ^Winner Mods close the thread now.