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  1. That's all I see. I ask the same as Russ: Is this what you want?
  2. Thank God! This gives us hope. Finally some common sense. It's a breath of fresh air man.
  3. haha! xactly you get it.
  4. ^Yes, no, maybe. There's no way of knowing for sure... Maybe being offended is a decision. Isn't it? The word n****r should be used as freely as the word beaner imo.
  5. I agree.
  6. I agree. But they use it like black people use it. It's like saying dude to them. I will never be offended by the word beaner. I am a beaner BTW
  7. You don't say it in front of black people. Because you might get killed. White people nowadays call nizzles (the fact that I censured my self here is ridiculous) to each other regularly. We are all (and will always be) racists, whether we admit it or not.
  8. Context Silly thread.
  9. Is not even funny anymore. WTF?
  10. ^Blame it on the environment, change your environment, cure your depression.