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  1. From my POV Leo is Tom. Do you think that Leo is the old man?@axiom
  2. I pray that's the case. I mean no one can be this close minded and arrogant at the same time. Specially Leo he just can't be so close minded. He did a video on open mindedness FFS
  3. exactly You really disappointed me on this one Leo We all know including yourself, that you are arrogant, but this a new high bro.
  4. you made an apology thread. Were you apologizing for this? Bro WTF?
  5. There's some truth to blackpill... Women have standards. So if you are missing an ear you'll prolly have it more difficult than a guy with 2 ears.
  6. I am at stage orange. Money, cars, women, sports... Super Orange Cheating is NOT OK Even if true. It's a choice at the end, like eating chocolate donuts or exercising. IDK
  7. Yes. I said: -''No'' They said: -''At least hear them out.'' The increase wasn't even tempting. Good decision so far.