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  1. Golden Grain trip report: I got picked from my dad's house at 4:45 am by the organizer. We arrived to Adriano's at 630, and we started the ride at 7:20 am. I burned a couple of matches at the very beginning trying to stay with the leading pack but I thought to myself: -''You know what? fuck this shit, those guys are riding to fast and I will probably pass them at the mountain'' So I started taking it slow and going back to my original plan which was to take it easy and start burning matches 3 hours in into the ride, not before. So i did that and every single rider passed me. I arrived last at the first check point, there i started to take things more seriously and was able to pass like 12-15 riders by checkpoint #2. When I reached checkpoint #3 the elite pack was there I could have just skipped checkpoint #3 and try to arrive with the leaders, but i didn't. I did my routine at the checkpoint and went downhill with one of the guides. At the main downhill I forgot to unblock my suspension and did the whole downhill on a rigid bike, and i was still able to keep up with the guide. I am truly The Lord and Master of The Downhill. The whole ride took me 5 hours and 20 minutes. It was great! Cycling tip of the week: Maintain your right. See you next time.
  2. Hi, i gotta have this here. I know i am not naturally aggressive, I am no cat. But if i am gonna be a goat, i am gonna be like this goat.
  3. Hi, the hype is real for this Golden Grain ride! This area is known for it's abundance of magic mushrooms, so OFC I'll pick me a couple if i spot them. I cope me some new Maxxis IKON tires + some Biogel Louis Garneau gloves. These tires are easy to put on and easy to get off, i got them at a good price from my best friend. I made a research online and decided to stay using regular tube tires. Already got the mineral pills and a couple of gels too. My bike looks like a Ferrari F1 car with those new tires! Every thing is all set ,and it's gonna be great! I'll leave you with the cycling tip of the week: Stay in your lane. See you next week with a full trip report.
  4. @Not me Thanks!
  5. Hi, sorry for the low quality post. When i wrote it I was just bitter and jealous about some of you guys having a relationship, so cool, that you decide to live together, . I still think is not for me though. I was redpilled by my dad who went through 2 divorces, and by seeing what my mom's marriage has become, and by seeing my aunt marry 4 times, and by that 50% statistic. Sincere Apologies Arc
  6. Yesterday I achieved this. I slept the whole night on my back, when i woke up i expected to be nighttime and it was daytime! Yesterday I smoked with my best friend. And today i got more plant medicine. I trained 6 hours on the bike last week. The hype is real for this weekend's 60km ride at Golden Grain. This week: Mon: 1h recovery ride Tue/Fri: 1h flat/day Sat: Rest Sun: Golden Grain Ride
  7. I view them like they are asleep.
  8. Getting married is super dumb. Incredibly stupid. We are natural polygamists. I will never get married. Why would you want to eat vanilla ice cream for the rest of your life? I wanna try all the flavors and the new ones that come up. Us men, what we really want is sexual abundance and variety. Marriage comes from a scarcity mind set. Clearly you gotta be super undeveloped to even think about getting married.
  9. Yes. Absolutely. People will bring you down, ask you difficult questions, and tell you that is not possible. That is better to play it safe and bla bla bla. This will de-motivate you and make you doubt yourself and your abilities.
  10. Hi, I quit porn a while ago. The way i did it was realizing that i was confusing the map with the territory. Those are not girls they are pixels in a computer screen forming the image of a girl. The way i did it was realizing that when you watch porn you are training yourself to become a cuckold. You feel attracted to porn, actresses meaning that you fantasize about them being your girls then you go watch and jerk off to SOMEONE ELSE fucking your girl. And finally the most powerful one was hearing horror stories about guys unable to get it up without porn Watch the self deception series Leo talks about porn in those. Watch 30 ways society fucks you in the ass Porn has been fucking you in the ass @saish Cut that shit off immediately. (If you want a better life)
  11. No i never said i was self realized (whatever that is) I am not enlightened and honestly i am not sure if i ever wanna be, even though it is inevitable as some people say. I had an awakening experience, which is different from being enlightened or self realized. Honestly today i was bothered about what jesus said buddha said because i didn't take my medicine. When i am on my medicine IDGAF. I don't even post that much as you can see. Peace.
  12. Do both, but instead of a 9 to 5 get a 9 to 3 and work 2-4 hours a day on your own thing whatever it is. At least that's what i am doing. May i ask why do you want a family? Why do you want more responsibilities? Why do you want to limit your self to eat vanilla ice cream (sex with the same woman) for the rest of your life? Makes no sense to me. Maybe you were brainwashed by your culture into thinking that you want a family? Peace.
  13. because of this: ''True atheism leads to God. Atheism and theism go full-circle and the entire circle is God.'' -Leo Gura This happened to me before my awakening experience. At 32 yo I became an atheist. At 38 yo i had the realization while meditating that nothing is everything and everything is nothing. So If i say: ''God doesn't exist.'' (like all atheists do) I am also saying: ''God is nothing'' Which means that i am also saying: ''God is everything'' At this point i am like: -''Oh shit God does exist!'' For example: -Right now there is a little girl being raped in some part of the world. The way theists see it: There is a god who is watching this, but can not interfere with the freewill of the rapist. Even though he loves the rapist and the little girl, and even though he is all powerful. Girl goes to heaven, rapist goes to hell and burn forever IF he doesn't repent. And there is an even more twisted scenario where the rapist goes to heaven and the little girl goes to hell. This point of view made no sense to me, so i decided to drop it and become an atheist. The way I see it now: Long story short: God is raping himself. ''For a Christian, the final obstacle will be to throw away her notion of God and Christ -- to finally realize the actual God. Only after this final step will you become a true Christian in the way Jesus wanted.'' -Leo Gura Translation: For a Christian, the final obstacle will be to become an atheist -- to finally realize the actual God. Only after this final step will you become a true Christian in the way Jesus wanted. Right?
  14. Is atheism necessary in the path of spirituality?