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  1. Hi the other day I consumed 4g of semi-dried psilocybin mushrooms. Trip report: Psilocybin = Healing That's it. Yesterday I signed up to become an electrician. I must learn to do something besides flipping burgers at McDonald's. Today I am on day 5 of an indefinite T-Break from weed.
  2. Yes kinda but mostly I feel frustration.
  3. Thing is that when you receive this gift there's a responsibility to share the message: We are all connected, what you do to others you do it to yourself. I was going to say something like: -''This is not my ego seeking for attention.'' But everybody enjoys attention so I guess there is some ego trap involved too.
  4. I no longer identify myself with my body or with my mind at all. Fear of death has diminished. Almost everything I guess. Life is just a game. Is just like a video game. We are all playing a character, but we are not that character we are infinitely more, way more.
  5. I do care. I guess I care a little bit less about everything because now I know that I am not a human being.
  6. Spiritual Awakening Experience It was a feeling of: -''Wow, I get it. I finally get what Leo and other masters has been talking about forever.'' I shared it in my journal as soon as it happened. Yes it will take forever to integrate.
  7. IDK how things will turn out. I am not enlightened, but I remained enlightened for about a week after my SAE. I woke up the very first time I smoked Xanga-DMT
  8. Last year in June I woke up sort of speak. I am celebrating my S.A.E. with this thread.
  9. Good for you. I'll take that all day long versus not attracting any women at all.
  10. Wrong Wrong The redpill is true. Hypergamy is a real thing.
  11. That was not directed at you, it was directed to the guys in this forum that scoff at psychedelics.
  12. Heard that drug propaganda guys? I had my spiritual awakening experience after smoking Xanga-DMT. It took me less than 15 minutes. Exactly.