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  1. Hi, the other day I smoked weed laced with DMT, it was awesome! The set and setting was not good, so it was just a recreational thing not an actualizing and spiritual experience. We smoked 2 joints. With the first one I was totally on board with smoking DMT. At one point of the trip I saw myself levitating. DMT is crazy because it doesn't affect your mood/personality. You are the same, only that you are totally tripping out of your mind. The geometric patterns and the colors were beautiful. We where looking at some palm trees, at one point they where moving violently. I only smoked like 8 hits of the 2nd joint, but it definitely was enough to trip. DMT is intense. After the DMT I had some psilocybin instead of the LSD. Pro Tip: Always take off your shoes when smoking DMT. I took the LSD the day after. And the day after that I made a very smart business decision. LSD secondary effects are great! 2 days later I took the best psilocybin EVER! It was only 1 gram and it was incredible. I am getting 3.5g's tomorrow (if I can). So yeah I am keeping busy. I scored a B- on my 8th electricity course and today I finished my final paper from the 9th course. See you next time Peace!
  2. And WTF If you are gonna escape you step down from the fucking vehicle. OMFG!!! I am sorry. But...() people need to obey the police, if they don't wanna get shot. The police is gonna think that you are reaching for a gun and kill you. It's a survival situation. You can not be like: -''Oh wait what non lethal weapon should I use while this guy goes back into his vehicle and pulls out a lethal weapon and kill me. The lady grabbed what she could and did what she could. This is not a George Floyd. Arc
  3. Come on guys. JFC. WTF is going on? If I was a black man in the USA and a cop tells me to do something, trust me, I would do it. What are they protesting for? I am sorry but enough is enough.
  4. Check this one out: How legit is VICE in your opinion guys?
  5. Hi I am gonna smoke some DMT in a couple of hours. And then I am gonna take a quarter of a tab of some really good LSD. It's gonna be Great! See you next time Peace.
  6. In some countries you can even enter an apprenticeship (make money while you learn)
  7. Look into becoming a plumber or an electrician. Pays good and you can become your own boss. You become useful to society, people appreciate you and you will literally be a lifesaver. I am gonna be a certified electrician in June. I am a college drop out btw. Arc
  8. Move out. You should have pressed charges on her. Chances are there's gonna be another knife episode.
  9. Take a tab@fridjonk
  10. I agree 100%
  11. I don't see the misogyny here. Where is the toxicity?