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  1. @Serotoninluv You are totally right. Let me re-phrase: One day i had to bike for 15 hours: That day i got a really good taste of what turquoise is about.
  2. Hi, one day i was really pissed off because some dude was trying to scam me (he paid at the end) but i was really angry. What i did was watch Leo's video about How to Deal with Strong Negative Emotions. It helped so much that i think Leo kinda saved my life that day.
  3. Hi, yesterday I quit weed indefinitely. I'll keep you posted.
  4. Hi, I label myself as orange/green/yellow, and I am mountain biker. When i bike for more than 2-3 hours i start reaching turquoise levels (I think). It's some kind of samadhi or something. This happened to me last sunday: I go into some samadhi but then i am back to the normal me. And when i come back i am like: -''Well, that has to be what being turquoise is like'' The wind, the forest and the water talks to you, but without words. You can zoom in in any object and see God, Infinity, The Absolute whatever you wanna call it. One day i had to bike for 15 hours: That day i knew what turquoise was ALL about. Can't really explain it. It's a little bit like being AWOL. Exactly.
  5. I had a hydrocele in my left testicle, I had surgery too. How did you manage to not having erections while you were sleeping?
  6. No, i was not addicted to gambling i was addicted to a poker strategy forum. I used to be a poker grinder. Poker used to be a game of skill like chess or pool, not anymore. Corporate greed turned it into a slot machine + all the A.I. cheating, scamming and colluding. That's why i stopped playing, and also the fact that i was not good enough to make it a nice profitable career. The worse that happened to me was that i was a slight winner. When you are a winner you just tell yourself: -''OK, I am a winner, all i have to do to be a baller is play more and work on my game.'' I would have rather being an undisciplined losing gambler. Because when you are a loser you know you are a loser, so you know how not to waste your time following pipe dreams about one day being Dan Bilzerian LOL!
  7. This is sarcasm right? You also said: ''...of not wasting your time with people who annoy you...'' Hold on this is how i deal with toxic people. Leo says that life is to short to deal (waste my time) with toxic people. It works, I got rid of almost all of my friends. I do not miss them. If anything i would have liked to get rid of them sooner. I know how it is and what it is to be addicted to a forum: I was addicted to a poker forum, boy that was toxic...
  8. Hi, I trained 7 hours on the bike last week. This week: Mon: 1H recovery ride Tue-Fri: 1 hour flat per day Sat: Rest Sun: 3 hour+ easy ride.
  9. This sentences tell me that you are becoming addicted. Weed addiction is the worst addiction in the sense that you don't notice it being addictive and you don't notice it fucking up your life. I smoke at least 1 gram per day, and i started just like you: just one little joint on the weekends....
  10. My body is not my low consciousness state, at all. My body is a gift. I probably waited for a long time (something close to eternity) to be given this gift, and i don't know if i will ever be given another body. My body can be used for all sorts of things including super high consciousness activities. And yeah, i came back to finish what i started. Life is a game, just like minecraft. I came back to play the game, and to play it the best that i can. I waited a long time for it to be my turn.
  11. Hi, I am no longer a human being, I am more now: I am pure spirit, i am an interdimensional being. I was given a human body to move around here (in this physical dimension). This life is a game, it's a gift where nothing really matters except for probably developing loving connections with other beings (human or not). I feel like i have been awaken. For the first time i know what i really am, and i am not human. I am contained in this human form while i am physically awake. I am pretty sure that every night when i am asleep i go to some other places (dimensions) This is weird because a part of me says that i have to keep this to myself. That if i share it i will just confirm everybody's suspicions about me being crazy. Another part of me knows that some people will know exactly what i am talking about because they have been awaken too. And some other people, the most important group: the ones that are about to wake up, those are the ones that need to hear the message: You guys are not your body, you are so much more than that. You are spiritual beings, you don't have a form. You were given the gift of life, cherish it, enjoy it, get the most out of it. Do not sweat the small stuff, and guess what: It's all small stuff. You guys are complete already, you always were. You guys are eternal. We are all connected: what you do to yourself you do it to others, and what you do to others you do it to yourself. Peace and love to you all See you next time!
  12. No. I am a spiral wizard (at least i wish) I take note on what level of the spiral people are and talk about appropriate stuff with them. For example: -Mom, Aunt and Grandma are blue so i talk about food and family with them. -Dad, Boss and Uncle are orange so i talk about money, women, success and sports with them. -It's pretty easy to talk about almost anything with green and above people. They are open minded. Sometimes I make the mistake of talking orange, green and tier 2 concepts to my blue relatives. I end up annoyed and frustrated. Sometimes I make the mistake of talking green and tier 2 concepts to my orange friends. I end up annoyed and frustrated. I end up telling myself: -"Wow, I wasted a lot time and energy there.''
  13. Every time you close your eyes in this dimension, you open them at the other dimension.
  14. @Anderz = troll
  15. Hi, on June 23rd i am going mountain biking to some indigenous territory with the minibus guys. It's gonna be Great! The place is called Golden Grain. It's a 60 km round trip that starts at a watering place called Adriano's. This trip is only for guys that have done previous rides, it's sort of exclusive haha! Hmmm... Now that i think about it. It's gonna be as tough as usual. They just want proven people. I shouldn't be laughing yet.... haha! I got the message today. When i go on these rides i compose a to-do and a to-carry list, it's very useful. That's a tip in case you are planning a nice ride yourself. I am getting new tires for this ride, i might even go tubeless but idk. I am gonna tell the guys at the shop where i am going, so they can tell me what tire to use. I am getting new gloves too. I'll let you know when my bike is at tip top for the ride. My baby is like a race car every single detail has to be perfect. See you next time!