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  1. Before thread gets locked.... First of it all, I basically owe my life to Leo, but... Leo is wrong when he said that I'll be unhappy making a million dollars if my friends make 100 million. My day begins and ends with gratitude. I can see this being right if one is an unaware, ungrateful bastard. Trust me I'll be happy making a million dollars and my friends making 100 million dollars. Trust me on that one. At the end of the day Leo is just another flawed youtuber, and that's ok. Thanks for all Leo!
  2. I am 100% broken. It is very dangerous for me to think that i am not broken. I agree with the serious psychedelic trip. I recommend Xanga-DMT Arc
  3. Hi Forrest! My name is Arcangelo and i am an alcoholic, I have been sober for 8 years! It is possible to quit stuff, i quit porn, coffee, alcohol and TV. I think you need to include alcohol in your list of recreational drugs if you truly wanna get better. This is how i quit alcohol, I already knew i had a problem and i already knew that i wanted to quit. I got sick from tonsillitis, this sickness locked me in the house, i told myself that this was the perfect opportunity to quit, since i couldn't drink even if i wanted to. I quit successfully. For years when i went to the supermarket my mind will come up with the idea of buying a beer, but i never did. Now it doesn't even cross my mind. You can do it, take a vacation and literally lock yourself up. It might be the only way. Arc
  4. At some point the guy was fainting, delirious and couldn't stand up. I saw the full documentary.
  5. It is because dog fights are illegal. Other than that it is the same. I like the breatharian idea, but Ray almost died during that 8 day experiment. He is NOT a breatharian. He just does fasting like everybody else.
  6. You do it by setting the intention (to heal)
  7. No and me neither, and we are both ok Having kids is a very bad decision.
  8. You are looking for his validation, he is not giving it to you that's why you are still with him.
  9. Wow just wow! You just confirmed what my dating coach says about female nature.