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  1. Sup? @Majed haha! Enjoy the above locked thread.
  2. @StarStruck You are the prize.
  3. I met other Stephanie at the ATM, I was at the bakery. Calling her on Tuesday to set a date...
  4. I only do day game, 6 days a week. In a fairly crowded city. I approached Stephanie at the bus stop, for example. I met Kimberly at a grocery store. I flirted with Paula at Subway (the restaurant) and got her number outside. I met a girl at the same Subway... Just to name a few...
  5. Back to pick up...
  6. Main event is on May what are you talking about man?
  7. Says A LOT about's collective ego
  8. There you go again posting while high...
  9. hus·tler /ˈhəs(ə)lər/ Learn to pronounce noun informal•North American noun: hustler; plural noun: hustlers an aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter. a prostitute. I did!
  10. Good effing post. No lies no sex, let's just be real this one time. Just keep your lies as small as possible.