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  1. This is my last post btws bye and thanks I am doing this for no other reason than that I wish to.
  2. Have any habits or important factors in your life changed in this time?
  3. Maybe a trans women doesn't know what its like to be born a biological women. But a biological woman doesn't know what its like to be born a biological man with gender dysphoria either. Also calling a man a woman or a woman a woman is completely subjective in its truth. If we are going for definitions like Carl Is describing I agree with that as well. We can identify with our biology and whatever concepts we attribute to it. But in the end we are just believing in ideas. It is possible to have a definition that works without being attached to it. And what “works” will always be context dependent. Why should we limit ourselves with these categories of identification? I don’t even mean inventing new ones. I mean abandoning our identification with concepts.
  4. Do you mind clarifying your intent with this post?
  5. @lisindel Yantra can activate kundalini. And you will have the guidance of yantra along side it. Maybe you will be guided with transmission too. Idk. How well it goes depends on your ability to surrender. Activating kundalini will permanently change your life. Especially on a psychedelic. You could have the permanent addition of entities and other such things to your experience. I said be careful with yantra and psychedelics too. I have met more than one person who severely regretted activating it. I even know someone who went insane. I’m not trying to scare you. It doesn’t cause issues for everyone, but for some it does. I don’t know what you can handle, or how you are wired. It comes down to you.
  6. @lisindel I don’t recommend shaktipat with DMT. I think that it would be too much for most people. DMT is already too much for most people. Kundalini and DMT. I could see that ending poorly if you have little experience with both. Your experience of reality could change radically. That could be the best thing ever or the worst for you. I don’t know. Take it slow and be gentle with yourself. As you become more accustomed to these things you’ll get a better sense for how much you can handle.
  7. @lisindel I was using Gareths transmission videos. I feel the energy and resist nothing. No matter how uncomfortable. It is possible to do the same thing with yantra. If you are having a hard time experiencing the energy I’m pretty sure greenwoods made a post about increasing sensitivity. That would likely help, all of their recommendations so far have been legit for me. DMT entities are pretty normal on DMT. I’ve talked to dragons, angels and aliens on DMT and some stuff that I don’t even know what. It is all your mind. Can be useful and fun. But can also be a distraction from God Realization. If that is what you are trying to do. Have you ever used DMT before?
  8. I’ve noticed that if I don’t resist at all when experiencing the energy I enter samadhi, and it feels like everything within me clears. And the different kinds of transmission are distinct in their effects for sure. Beyond awesome. Thanks again for sharing this.
  9. @Matthew85 Same. We can always go deeper. I’ve been having quite a few awakenings recently, But if I took some pharmuasca right now it would certainly be way beyond. I was condescending towards you, I’m sorry.
  10. @Carl-Richard I will learn to be big brain the way you are some day
  11. @Matthew85 I don’t think you are understanding that this one mind is right now. I know it is only my mind. I think you misunderstand what this means. Right now. It is right now. God is formlessness. Oneness is formlessness. Form is formlessness. It isn’t you and I. You are identified with the I of ego rather than the formless Isness of God. You are talking to yourself right now as is. You just aren’t conscious of that. These are your words. And if you cannot see that, it is because your are still convinced that you are something separate.
  12. @Carl-Richard That Sadhguru video goes into detail how we are identifying with our biology too much. I agree. Our biological function is one thing. Creating an identity of man or woman around that or anything else is essentially self defined. If somebody told us that we are a man when we are young and we agreed, it was still us who agreed. We decided yes this dick makes me a man for whatever reason we agree with/invent. Its just as easy to identify as a woman with a dick because a woman is an imaginary construct. My answer is that people have certain biologies. And people with those biologies can be feminine or masculine leaning. However you define yourself is up to you. Deciding that either way is man or woman is made up. It is possible to have a pussy and still be very masculine. Deciding that you are a man because you are masculine in behavior is just identifying with a concept that turns into a self fulfilling prophecy. Men and woman are defined differently in cultures around the world. Why should there be a set in stone definition for what a woman is? The problem with sports is that people are identifying as men or women. Imaginary concepts. It should be broken into biology for who competes. So a trans woman would still compete with men. And really I would want to get rid of such words and be like. This person fits this biological criteria and this person fits this one. This match is farish. Which raises another interesting point. Some men are naturally stronger than others. So having people compete based off of biological capability has its own issues. Weight classes could fix that. It will never really be fair. On average a man is still stronger than a woman living the same lifestyle. Biology wise. Men and women are still made up tho. Just some ideas.