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  1. @interim Well you have read shit modern thinkers in that case, to me and in orthodoxy there are an impressive amount of great thinkers. One has to distuingish between protestants and orthodox theologians, they are like night and day imo. Brahman has nothing to do with Christianity tho 😜
  2. Skip to 14.00 sound issues in the beginning. This will make more sense i can assure you. And this :
  3. Not a core point in faith? Trinity is Christianity in a nutshell, and God incarnated in the form of Jesus, that is what Christianity is. God is one in essence but three persons, Jesus never becomes the Father and the Son never becomes the Spirit etc. And the saints is the ones who follow Christs teachings and trying to actually embody Him and his teachings which is the hardest path that you can walk, Jesus says that the world will hate you and you have to pick up the cross and follow him. He explicitly says go and preach to the nations in the name of the Father , Son and Holy Spirit.
  4. You can not limit the Christian God is what the trinity is saying, you can not say oh it is cosmic conciousness or a universal mind, nothing at all limits God. The Father is the sole arche but creates through the Son in the Holy Spirit. The Father is the ground cause, the Son is the operating cause and the Spirit is the perfecting cause. The Father is not begotten but the Son is the first born, but he was begotten before the world was made and thats why he is co eternal and God as well. Christianity is the only religion with this claim and do not have a similarity with Islam, atleast Eastern Orthodox. God is absolutely transcendent in his essence but we can participate in his eternal energies, which is Goodness, Love, Power etc. No one has ever seen the face of God and what God is is completely unknowable. There is one essence and three persons. Christianity has more profound mystical writings then any other religion ive ever encountered. The Living God has revealed himself through divine revelation and he has revealed that he is both multiplicity and oneness and also transcends categories. I do enjoy other religions, but Christianity is the Absolute transformation of paganism and hellenism, it has been christinized, to call Christianity a pagan religion is totally absurd and shows they have no clue what they are talking about. God is the wholly other, radically transcendent but yet totally present, and the Son has two natures, both divine and human, and the one does not destroy the other, thats why Eastern Orthodox's salvation is Theosis, we become gods in participating in God's uncreated energies.
  5. Absolutely wonderful video! Thanks for the wisdom Leo.
  6. An infinite serie of backward causation is a deep paradox in philosophy which usually philosphers rather have a unmoved mover, because an infinite regress is impossible because contingent being is contingent being no matter if they are infinite, so there "has" to be a infinite causeless cause which has no beginning or end, and is an infinite actuality, which has no limits because it is the fullness of Being. This Being has been called God. Non dual abiding imo shows the infinite's Being which we are a part of, and simultanously the whole in a paradoxical manner. So an infinite time is possible because it would be the Eternal Now as this is.
  7. 🙏👍 indeed, Allah is infinite and so are you
  8. I will look into that book 🙏 thanks for recommending
  9. @Someone here You go from everything is God and what not to being a full on materialists and so it goes week in and week out for you
  10. Happy birthday Leo! I hope you will have an amazing day 🙏 thanks for all that you are doing