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  1. Two really great books imo!
  2. 🤣🤣 "Everything is matter" - Matter
  3. @BipolarGrowth Yes ofcourse they also have valid paths to follow, great practices etc. But their metaphysics and claims about reality is not at all what the doctrine said. They have mistranslated teachings in an opposite way of what it truly says. If you want to learn more about it i suggest you go to the High conciousness page and look for my thread there about Original Buddhism, thats some nice information to begin with atleast 😊 Im not saying that the theravada or other schools of the "No Soul" sect within Buddhism is shitty or something. They have valid practices and can lead people to valid insights.
  4. @BipolarGrowth Alot of complicated buddhist dogma from the branch of the theravada, buddhism today is famous for everything the original never taught. They completely destroyed the notion of the Soul in buddhism and they are what is called MARA. Theravada aka " this is all thereism" The buddah never taught no soul doctrine. This is one interpretation of a teaching, the original buddhist teachings was exactly the same as Advaita Vedanta. Atman, anatman. Brahman. Godhead = Brahman. ANATTA= NOT "MY" SOUL. It is VIA NEGATIVA, NETI NETI. It is not a denial of the eternal. Tathāgata = arrived at the Absolute/Brahman. Accordingly to ancient pali, the nikayas. Theravada is a secretarian doctrine which is in no shape or form even close to the original teachings of Gotama.
  5. This is just more mental masturbation, he can talk all day about neurons and GOD being a brain thing. But the way they look at conciousness has not produced 1 single evidence of how unconcious dead matter became this, not 1, not even in theory. And conciousness is the one and only thing youve ever known. They go to great lenght to sound smart and that they are really close to figure the universe out and how the brain produces conciousness. But get this, it is all just a fiction and a show to keep the money flowing into research.
  6. @Tim R Did a good job explaining this, and it is really all you need to know. I feel imo that this is reality, it includes this exactly as you are experiencing it. There is a bit of a dangerous thing to feel that reality or your life is an illusion, it is not, but ofcourse it is to but not in the way that you think. Some teachings holds that maya is a illusion and false and should be disposed of but that is imo a bias, true nonduality holds everything within it. It is still here obviously, it is good to focus on material things in life like self help and reach success in your own definition. Since " illusion is all that there is" it is the game in town. To create, to experience, to live, to enjoy and to suffer. Like Tim said, there is plenty of time. As a matter of fact eternity is what this is appearing as "Time". Life your life man! Go create, you have an immense power to create and make things happen. Check out @Nahm threads about the dreamboard and so forth. A balance is good to have, to both transcend "life" but make the most out of it to. Start a mindfulness practice 👍
  7. AWESOME WORK!!! 🥇🙏
  8. @OneHandClap Oh but the Buddha did indeed speak about the thing pointing to GOD. Brahman. If he had to name his teaching it was the path to the Absolute/Brahman. The Buddhas teaching was no different then Adi Shankaras/Advaita Vedanta. It is the theravada who is completly insane to interpret the teachings of the Buddha in a way that is like materialism. It has never taught a soul less teaching. Atman=brahman. TATHĀGATA = Tat refers to the godhead,brahman etc, it means TAT TVAM ASI. THAT THOU ART. Agata means going / traveling/ arriving at. So the full meaning of the word is that one has arrived at the Absolute. Or one has become brahman.
  9. What a lousy argument to be made. Why would one do such a thing even if death is imaginary?
  10. 👍 this advice is really something to take seriously imo
  11. Great question. Does not Ruperts ideas go way back? Atleast more then Donalds? I think Donald has an intellectual honesty in what he is doing. He is one to firstly admit that he is probably wrong but science is about finding ways and keep exploring the unknown, and he is one who will try to open the door for more science to be done on it. He want to bridge spirituality and science into one thing. There is ofcourse crackpotterie in both science and spirituality, but both ofcourse have geniuine insights which is worth exploring from his point of view. I feel that Rupert has had an issue with materialism science for a long time and is more religious then Donald, so I think that Donald is more respected by academia. Sheldrake is tho a smart man and has some pretty solid ideas. But it is the "paranormal" which has gotten Rupert into the argument with academia i believe
  12. Donald 😁 More scientists will come out with stuff like this in the near future i believe. He is also a writer and member of Essentia Foundation, a non dual interpretation of reality according to science and logic and reason. I think bernardo kastrup is one of the founders of Essentia. Donald Hoffmann is certainly open minded and was one who had the balls to stick his neck out.
  13. True philosophy is the quest for truth and to know what the nature of reality is. There is plenty of figures who knew the true nature of reality who was true philosophers. Etc, Shankara in india, plotinus in greece just to name two.