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  1. I wouldnt listen to the atheistic clowns in here parading as wise, they are nihilistic and have deep issues with themselves judging from their posts, they are afraid of God and hurt and instead goes around to denying and saying stuff which is absolutely meaningless really. Those denying God are clueless and are using logic and philosophy and language which they deny as well so it is self refuting and they have no business here really other than draging others down in the name of " truth" which is exactly what the devil does. It is a philosophy which is destroying everything in its process and it does not lead to truth either but to death.
  2. Foolish pendejos says there is no God.
  3. I contemplated this topic just recently and wanted to share it with you and hear your thoughts about sleep. Is it not so that everybody loves to sleep, atleast the majority of people? Why so? Because you disappear? And recognize that sleep is necessary for your survival, you are sleeping for like half your entire life more or less. And the majority of people dislikes waking up. What does that say about this? What do you think? Why do we want to sleep? To cease to exist? Is life suffering? We want it to continue but we love to not exist at the same time, and not existing is the most pleasing " experience " we got.
  4. Why is reality ordered? Why is it behaving in a certain consistent manner , that it is intelligble? How come you can make sense of the symbols appearing here and actually grasp the question? If it is just appearing out of nowhere , why do it keep appearing as a consistent flow so to speak?
  5. What if, God is actually Other, and not Self? Appearence can appear without a self because you are not the generator of appearences either, existence IS. Creation is continous, from moment to moment. But to actually notice and be hyper concious of God's presence is totally possible, God is Existence as such, and it is deeply personal as well. You need to sustain your existence, you need to eat, shit, etc, but existence as such, does not need anything, since it is the generator of contingent beings. God is not some man in the clouds, God is the foundation for the idea to even appear in the first place. Non existence is not real for God, but for a contingent being like us, who stands between nothingness and infinite Being, it is possible.
  6. Yeah I agree, I also think that there is awakening and enlightenment because there has been plenty of moments of recognition of truth, but it is slippery. I also feel that, truth does not necessary entail no self either, or a nihilistic view of reality, it is still something that is missing from these views/experiences. I believe that the great theistic traditions have the answer and the path to follow for a joyful life and also as a map to transcending egoic needs and to abide in Truth, but I feel also that the classical approach like in sufism and christian mystics and what not, have been lost in todays traditions, but there is ofcourse a few really profound thinkers and teachers left as well, just have to sort the wheat from the chaff. And also ive noticed that profound philosophers have the ability to also penetrate and show you the truth through thinking. Thinking, logic etc, is to demonized in spirituality nowadays, because it is sometimes easily seen through with the rational mind that some of the beliefs of certain traditions and groups is simply horseshit and can't stand a rational inquiry into the principle of their beliefs without crumbling.
  7. The desire for knowledge is the desire for the True, Good and Beatiful, AKA God, unfortuneatly most people have no clue about that because they are longing for the infinite without knowing it, and instead go chasing their desires for sex, food, drugs and what not, but it will never quench the thirst, only God can.
  8. Look up the book, language of creation - Matthew Pageau. Great book about how the bible makes more sense looking with the view of ancient cosmology, what the writers actually meant, how connected the stories are etc, you can not look at the bible through a modern lense and understand the significance of it, but the usual reaction is that it is a bullshit story deluded people made up. But the case is that, it is not that simple and obvious once you dig deeper into the bible.
  9. Have you ever considered the possibility that enlightenment might just be a "religious" fiction too?
  10. Haha profound!!?
  11. What do you want to discuss? What is the discussion about if we remove the dogmas of the forum etc?
  12. Your knowledge is that knowledge is appearing. Knowledge is real i would say, is knowledge not unavoidable in some sense? You claim is that everything is appearing, which is a form of knowledge, knowledge about appearence appearing. What knowledge illuminates is that everything is appearance according to your view, and that knowledge is a random mirage, which is a knowledge claim.
  13. Why do you think that? On what do you base your view?
  14. That was a great post and good formulations with words. I agree both with you and @Leo Gura I believe that psychedelics surely open one up to a direct and hard hitting insight into reality, even for people who have no clue, plenty become spiritual or religious after that kind of experience. And meditation and contemplative prayer is also a tuning of the mind to the Mind of God so to speak, albeit through a longer process, like purification, which ultimately leads to this union with God. Psychedelics is really good for people who is sceptical of the claims made by meditative and contemplative and religious traditions, who believes that it is delusion and pure fantasy etc. Psychedelics is a good gateway to serious practice with meditation and through that a laborious path towards sainthood for lack of a better word, which transcends both meditation and psychedelics in my view, it is the fruit of the practices. I also believe that @Leo Gura has gone further with the psychedelic path then any other that we know off, and perhaps he is right in what he says. I believe the issue at hand might be that certain traditions do make metaphysical claims that is a direct contradiction towards God and Love for example, and I think that it is here the problem lies, that God is ACTUAL, pure act, and not some nihil emptiness void without divine attributes, pure existence and pure conciousness coincides and is revealed as the infinite act of God.