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  1. Well your subconcious is GOD, not the brain subconcious but your real subconcious πŸ˜‰
  2. @Vittorio thanks alot for the recommandation! Will check the books out! As you say, i should start writing a dream journal of some sort! And try to interpret the dreams, dreams is amazing but sometimes they are scary too πŸ˜…
  3. Hey guys! So lately i have been reading The mind illuminated, really nice book, and been trying out the meditations in there and getting more serious with my meditation and doing longer sittings everyday, one thing ive noticed is that i am aware every night now in my dreams, i remember them and im dreaming really lucid and cool stuff. Feels like im training my awareness to be aware in my sleep. Anyone else who had similar experiences?
  4. They ofcourse can become concious of GOD, everybody can. And in my experience psychedelics do show what it is, tho you can't hold on to the whole experience hence a spiritual practice foundation is crucial.
  5. If really is infinite and we create our own reality in a way, then every paradigm/theory could in theory be all correct.
  6. It goes beyond language in that sense, my breaktrough experience for example, i couldn't communicate the insights , not as how i really experienced it. It is so different of a experience then normal waking state. But you know deep inside that this stuff you experienced on a trip is something you known forever you just forgot