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  1. For me, when i realized i was IT, it hit me like a ton of bricks in the face, just an obvious realization, like nothing has been clearer ever in my life than that moment. Tho I do feel that the GOD Head is something different but maybe not
  2. Not absolutly sure about his explanations but ofcourse it is a possibility. Only thing that I feel certain of, is that everything that makes up the universe and our self is known and experienced through subjectivity, or awareness. Reality is awareness in that sense. No matter what any scientist or philosopher claims there is only experience, thats how we know anything is at all. So the question then becomes, what will the experience be after total ego dissolution, since the ego Adam will be gone, what will then I as pure subjectivity experience? That is a cause for some worry but I dont feel anxious about it. Come what may. And if the case would be that it is complete annhilation then there is no one there to know anything anyways and that is not a bad thing either. But something in people's GUT is saying hey thats not true at all, some deeper part of us, which people mistake for fear of annhilation, which is a wrong interpretation of that feeling, it is more a primordial feeling of , nope subjectivity never ends so cross non existence of that list. Fear is more the part that the church instilled in people of eternal damnation, burning in hell for eternity, that is what has dominated the world for a long time, then science as opposition of the church comes a long and says hey no that is wrong when your dead your dead, and that created relief in people from the horror of eternal hell. Instead they created nihilism and total meaninglessness, which is now time to transcend and to realize that life has meaning and to enjoy this particular life time cause something else will take its place after this particular experience is gone. Haha a bit of a rant here but
  3. Its fine brother! Try to let thoughts go, try not to care about the results either, just meditate and be curious, and I would even recommend stop reading about spirituality and what other people claim they have done and what not, only focus on you. 30 min meditation upon waking up. Trace the "I" thought , where does it arise, what is it? Work on Just seeing without labeling, be present as much as possible. Become aware that experience is happening. Talk to yourself , like what am I? Are the me only thoughts? Etc. See if you can lock in awareness. ✅✌
  4. @machiavelli It just simply shows the unlimitedness that conciousness is, it can be anything and it does not matter at all if you are the only one seeing it, since you are your own authority. If my hand turns into a tentacle and you are beside me and you do not see it does that invalidate that experience? It is reality too. Proof is something which can only be provided if you are doing the same kind of thing that Leo has done in this particular subject. Just look at your dreams and you realize the power inherent in Mind. You create a dream world with imaginary characters and an imaginary story. There is really no limit to what conciousness can display but that does not necessary means that you as a thought process aka ego can control anything. If it happens it happens, just shows the unlimited nature of the screen which can project an endless amount of different movies. If we could manifest anything we ever wanted, would that not break the game? The laws of nature as you put it is not other then Mind, but not the individualized mind, GOD mind is the "objective" world and you are inside it. People with multiple personality disorder has been shown to dream all of the personalitys from different points of views in the dream, like if I were 5 different personalitys i would dream from one point of view and the others would appear as characters in the dream and act accordingly, that to me is evidence that there is one single Mind that we are "personalitys" of, thats why we dont control jack shit, but through deep awakenings we can remember that we are the one Mind. Reality is precisly this way because it enables us to experience inviduality, as the one Mind you have no limits, as an "individual " you have limited capacity, this is GODS mind we are playing in here.
  5. Desire for twoness. Actualized by thinking. One infinite eternal unchanging immortal imagines the opposite, finite time change mortal. But it is an illusion, the senses decieves us. The one is looking through the eyes.
  6. Yes perhaps there is something to that 👍 So essentially we are the non experience, experiencing everything else. That which is changeless must experience change in order for there to be reality i guess, nothingness experiences everythingness
  7. If you investigate conciousness you notice that all that there is to it is , experience. Some are longer some are shorter, some are funky and lucid and some are rigid. Call it dream or call it not a dream, experience happens and will always happen in one shape or form. Reality is made out of different kinds of experiences. Can you imagine a reality without experience? 😁 Then the duality about reality and dream collapses cause it is all the same, just different flavors of experiences.
  8. Atheism- materialism - realism is a metaphysical position, science does not need to have an understanding if the world is for example conciousness, it can create and do science without it, it is scientist who interpret according to there paradigm, and as we know materialism is extremely common in the world today, unfortuneatly people dont question this absurd paradigm.. I suggest @trenton you look up Bernardo Kastrup and Donald Hoffman if you are into science but different than the materialism paradigm
  9. @James123 Conciousness is experience. and there is no limit to what experience can be. You die every night and create a dream character and objects, there is no limit to experience hence infinite. Why reality is consistent is because of memory, for remembering the day before. Sure we are the unmoved being behind all experience but it is still conciousness nature, to dream. To experience. There is no limit to it. Not knowing vs knowing is a duality which is not valid. Deny knowing all you want but it is inherent in being. Reality = experience Conciousness = reality = experience. And according to your logic you are an infant and do not understand anything. You are knowing all the time without an effort. Just as you understand my words here without an effort. Nothingness avoids its own nothingness and void do you get it? Nothingness is infinite forms. There is no end to creation since Nothingness is endless. Everything we do is to avoid the void or else there would be no creation. We are kids in an infinite candy store. But ultimatly we are beyond experiences, changeless reality is what we are
  10. Thanks alot for all you are doing Leo!!🙏
  11. @BipolarGrowth Not concious of that at the moment. ive had awakenings before where it was clearly recognized that all was imaginary, and there have been experiences where subject object sorta collapsed into some sort of just being. But it is growing on me, more meditation and so forth and will incorporate more psychedelic sessions as well to breakthroughs.
  12. All you ever known is perceptions about the world and thoughts/images/sensations about you and your body, there is tho one thing that has been aware of all these things as far back as you can remember, and if you look, you see that you changed radically throughout the years but one thing has remained the same, that one thing is what you refer to as "I" Which points to conciousness. And the funny thing is, the most intimate and personal and even shared thing we humans have is conciousness but science has not figured out this one thing, hence the hard problem of conciousness. But it is only a hard problem of conciousness when looked through the materialists paradigm which naively assumes that we only see a copy of the world and even that our real skull is far beyond all the stars and the world that you see because this is just a representation and fake and the real world of matter lies outside us, which we never will be able to verify. Science is studying behaviours of nature and what not, but it does not say anything about the underlying nature of things. Science can actually create gadgets and technology without knowing the true nature of things. There is where philosophy actually comes in. It is extremely dangerous when scientist assume that Science is the best and can explain everything and make assumptions on stuff they have no clue about. Science is studying the content of the perceptual screen but it does not study that which is underlying all of our phenomena. Thats why we have the worldview we have because intellectual elites have assumed that the metaphysic materialism is the one true one but evidence for a long time has proved otherwise as well, also why we are obssesed with things and material stuff, metaphysical materialism do not help raise the well being of mankind at all. They assume electrical currents in the neurons in your brain can account for conciousness and experiences like smelling a rose and tasting choclate etc. But they cant account for any experience at all or show how it is done. Hence the hard problem of conciousness. Nature and the universe is mental in its true nature. You can have awakening experience where it is recognized that all is conciousness, conciousness is fundamental. Everything is Mind.
  13. That is a way of looking at it! Never seen it that way tho. Since love is the most powerful thing there is, it would make sense that GOD is like that 👍
  14. Hey! So I do not deny that teaching, I have had breakthroughs before where it was recognized that everything is imagination, i am all alone and the best word that just came up was GOD and some more unexplainable shit happend that night that shook me to my core. But some philosophical questions then arises imo. The definition of GOD is : Omnipresence Omniscient Eternal Infinite And so forth. But non of us here has the infinite power to create whatever in an instant. Why is that? No man has the full capacity of being truly the definition of GOD. Sure the attributes we have are finite and can be resembling of GOD. But they are not infinite power etc. Is this a valid question or not? If its not, why?