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  1. Hahah i will send one right away πŸ˜‰ oh no wait you do get a check from me every month, through patreon πŸ™πŸ˜‰ 5 meo is unavaible in sweden as far as I know, but not regular dmt, so that is atleast a bit comforting 😜 I think i have to go to another country, tho i don't know if I want shamans with me when I do it πŸ˜…
  2. Hi all! So the bigelow institute for consciousness studies held a competition about the survival of conciousness after bodily death, so people sent in essays about the topic, they have now announced the winners of their competition, all from scientist to academic philosopher sent in their essays about the survival of conciousness after death, the first winner recieved a 500,000$ check. It was a really great initiative by the Bigelow Inistute, among the winners were Bernardo Kastrup, I will share the links to the essays so you can download and read them yourself. It is 29 essays, I have read Bernardo's and Pim Van Lommel's, both have great essays. If you are interested in topics like this i can warmly recommend reading them, take it in any order, they are free to download πŸ‘ It is through science, and reasoning, and mystical experiences and NDE'S that they have come to the conclusions that conciousness is fundamental. Which might on this forum be a no brainer, but still, it is amazing that the discussion is opening up more and more, it is really fruitful and necessary in this day and age. Please do share your thoughts after you've read some of them πŸ‘ Cheers πŸ™
  3. Thats true and a different view of reality which in some way is 100% DIRECT, and not based on assumptions which my argument was, I assumed that there is more to reality then my direct experience, I can think it up but perhaps i can't verify it. Even tho, I dont see why reality as a whole would have any limit whatsoever, except that it is imposed on itself. To me the only valid metaphysics is GOD, all else makes no sense, but I still imagine GOD to be other then me, and perhaps it is there where I am deluded. But in my book God is the unlimited one, but as you have said in the past, it is also unlimited in how it can limit itself to appear as the experience i have right now. So I guess at the end of the day that, I am God. But I feel extremely limited in my creative ability when compared to Infinite Mind, even tho iam creative, but the deepest part of me i suppose is the creative mind of God, it just appears that this is not so in order for it to be a beliveable reality like this is, even tho this also feels like a dream sometimes.
  4. Yeah well ive had some unexplainable experiences that got EXTREMELY solipsistic, I mean that your significant other disappears and it is just you talking to yourself, which to me is insanity, but it was during a trip and that insight has not happend again. There is some valid points to your argument, however it feels a bit untrue anyways, but I might be wrong or deluded in saying that perhaps, but do you really feel that others are npc's? But there is certainly totally weird synchronicity's happening when you become more aware of yourself and your enviroment, like thinking a certain thing and that thing appears in exactly that way out of the blue, but it is extremely subtle most of the time, but at that point it becomes more solipsistic actually, which is scary πŸ˜… But I don't know what to make of it at all, it feels like there are others here, alive and living their own life for example, but that might just be the illusion, but I do not know how i could be the only one and still not know 1% of reality or how the dream works lol.
  5. Yeah I see where your coming from, πŸ‘ formlessness is the most powerful imo. But I would suggest that there is an uncaused cause, an unmoved mover which is pure ACT, that which has the power and actuality to actualize the big bang or actualize "potential" and energy is in constant motion through change, since it also is potential and actuality, like for example it has the potential to expand as the universe, hence it can't be the unmoved mover. Alas there needs to be a necessary being. A being that is its own existence, since we can't really regress into infinity with beings that is necessary upon eachother, and matter is not a necessary being, since it undergoes change, then it has potential and actuality's. What is changed is changed by another in some way. But a being that is necessary in itself can not and does not rely on anything other than itself. But neither you or me are necessary beings, because we can possible be and not be, as is the same with every thing in the universe. So then we have something or " no thing" which is prior to and necessary in and of itself, that being is GOD. But notice, it is not really being, since it is not in competition with other beings, it is rather beyond being and non being. And what we can deduce from the uncaused cause is that, it has the power to actualize, and since it is pure ACT it is active power without potentiality, hence it has to be infinite in power or unlimited. But this is not some unconcious source either since unconcious matter produces unconcious matter, I would suggest that GOD is an infinite mind, but also recognize that we can not really pin down GOD as what he is, we can more or less only say what he is not. He is not matter, he is not energy, he is not parts. It is pure Absolute Existence, unchanged, immaterial, infinite.
  6. Let me ask you this, how can infinite potential become something without "something" that actualizes it? How can this " nothing " ever become something? Take wood for example, it has the potential to be set on fire, but something hot like a match can actualize that potential, and a human is actualizing the potential for the match to be set on fire etc. The wood does not set itself on fire, so we had to actualize that potential. What then actualizes this nothing into something?
  7. @wildflower Hey man whats with the attitude of yours, there is no need in being aggressive.. I explicitly made it clear that I spoke from my own experience, and to me nothing comes close to an DMT experience, thats all. I did not say anything bad about meditation if you read my text again, and I did not state it as an " objective " fact either, I said how my experience has been with meditation and how it differs from psychedelics, to each their own, meditation work better for others and psychedelics work better for some. But to state that " Until you've achieved full absoprtion Jhana, you don't know what your speaking about, so you should refrain else your misleading people" is circular logic, you are using buddhist views on meditation to validate buddhist views on meditation as a measure of truth. That if something is misleading.
  8. This anti psychedelic propaganda is more damaging rather then doing people a service, especially in the metaphysics circles and spiritual circles. Psychedelics is and will always be an insane source of wisdom, insights , healing etc. There is nothing which even come close to a full breakthrough experience IMHO, there is no drug or meditation that is so out of this world as a breakthrough experience with psychedelics. Please note that I speak from my own experiences since that is the only measure i can compare with. But if you are immature in your mind and then goes on to do psychedelics you are setting yourself up for alot of self deception. Every practice is in a way necessary, they build on eachother, I dont understand this either or mentality that is destroying more then it is helpful imo. Psychedelics is mimicking death more or less, even science can show the decreased brain activity during a transcendental psychedelic experience. Also i want to add that why is enlightenment the only measure of truth? Why is it important? It is just an ego game if you think that an enlightened being somehow knows truth more then an philosopher/mystic which is illuminated by insights and direct awareness of GOD etc. Intuitive and discursive knowledge go hand in hand i would say, and they both together produce a wholeness to truth. Also i want to add, why would a silenced mind be more true then a contemplative mind which can deduce certain truths about the world we live in etc, that is a bias which plenty of spiritual people fall into. Balance is the key i would say. You can reach GOD using logic and reason as well, and let me tell you that you do not end up in some nihilistic emptiness/nothingness of the atheist philosophy's, which to me is completly illogical and unrational, you end up at the uncaused cause, completly unlimited in scope, closer then close, there is nothing in this world that is even remotely close to the majesty of GOD. But paradoxically, there is only GOD and nothing else, but GOD as it is in itself is not the limited human that we are at this particular moment, this is an creation.
  9. Agreed! He is adjusting to the audience, he still has some materialism thoughts, which is nothing wrong per se, but I dont believe he actually believes in that worldview but he has his audience and the guest's he has on, but give it a little time and it will be the new " cool" with a mind based ontology and Jordan will come around as well, but he is playing it extremely careful and strategic imo. I also do believe that Jordan will come around to Christianity in a way, but not the dogmatic part of it, as did i as of late, it is an extremely profound tradition, especially the mystical side of it, but the Church is also a mystical place imo, and they have profound wisdom about life, God, community etc. Since ive digged into Christianity i am suprised in a positive way of their Theologians and Mystics and Philosophers. Take St : Thomas Aquinas for example, what a mastermind and brilliant philosopher which truly makes an impressive argument for the existence of God. Christianity is a profound religion, I came to it after years of hearing bad stuff about it, Ive been an atheist and raised in an atheistic family whole my life, got into spirituality and as the path has progressed i came to the Christian worldview, and I was suprised to see that the badmouthing from culture about it was plainly ignorant and did not even represent what Christianity is or stands for. But ofcourse there is bad eggs within the Church and the Tradition, but then again, there is rotten eggs in any institution/tradition, from religion to politics to spirituality, that's just how it is. I would say that, true Faith is extremely profound and is not to be confused with a shallow belief. Faith opens the door to the mystical is what I would say, there is something about true Faith that is so misrepresented in our society, it is a way to know or a kind of unknowing with trust , which imo transcends rationality, BUT! They complement eachother like the hand to the glove.
  10. They also talk about mysticism, psychedelics etc, it is great to see Jordan acknowledge Psychedelics as a way towards GOD. Extremely profound conversation in my opinion.
  11. Thanks bro for your answer! πŸ™ I read my post again and it felt like my post could be interpreted as if I was being offensive, im sorry if that was the case πŸ™ With the Jesus part was just that I actually find it reasonable to believe in Jesus without needing to experience it 100%, because his words resonates without being necessary a mystic, but you are Def right that the non dual Christians is extremely important in this day and age, we have some extremely " woke " mystics in the Christian tradition. I always enjoy your posts brother, you are certainly a wise man! There might be some minor disagreements but overall we agree on most things πŸ™ Thanks for your time and keep spreading the word.
  12. You came into existence and can just as easily go out of existence, you are not a necessary being at all, you depend on your enviroment for your survival and couldnt survive without this planet etc. i would suggest that faith is much more profound then what some might believe, cause remember, it is your belief that Christians somehow got some "fake" happiness from believing in Christ, it might be true for you but not necessarily for others, there is something deeper within Christianity. But ofcourse not all of the Christians is a true Christian so I understand where your coming from. Meditation in this context shows that direct experience certainly is different then a concept based philosophy etc, but at the same time, thoughts do represent reality and the rational mind is extremely useful and transcends the limits of the body, through reason we can come to conclusion and test it in the real world or investigate reality, that a Meditation practice somehow is more "important" then deep contemplation about the nature of reality is solely a preference, since thoughts is also included within reality and thoughts and imagination is a creative power. Meditation is awesome, but so is prayer and contemplating etc. If you truly study the Christian doctrine, as unbiased as possible, I believe that it would deeply resonate within the deepest part of you. All I am saying is that, there is something of ultimate goodness in Reality and Christianity is based upon that, Jesus said i am the way the truth and the life. One can find out that what we are is nothing, funny enough is that christian doctrine is creatio ex nihilo, creation from nothing, so it would be reasonable that we are nothing, because you cant know GOD as he is in himself, but to say that it is just empty phenomena does not explain anything at all, how does it arise from "nothing" and is ordered aswell, why dont you turn into a tree, why are you who you are? how can you even comprehend reality? Don't take these things for granted. You cant read my thoughts, you cant create a galaxy, you cant create out of thin air, you are an agent with causal powers, but you are certainly not the ultimate agent with limitless causal powers. So you might see the illusion of a concept based self which is in constant flux, but you do not wake up to a female body all of the sudden, you are you, no matter your internal "state" you are still you with a certain family and a certain body etc, you did not create yourself from nothing, your parents caused you, you can paint on a white canvas, through your mind you can create, but your mind has limits, you have to use resources around you to produce anything substantial, you need to eat to survive etc. You dont know what goes on in andromeda galaxy, why would you even know what the ultimate nature of reality is? Through meditation? You are constantly being maintained by GOD moment to moment. You are not Jesus either, what have you produced for the goodness of others that is even remotely near what Jesus has done? Contemplate that.
  13. Thought is an illusion says thought? Illusion is a thought about an illusory thought. Strangeloop.? But actually, via meditation its seen that thought is just a story that appears, but it can also be extremely efficient tool for creating ? thoughts is creative tho! It is not all bad ?