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  1. I predict that couple of months from now, Leo will reach a new level that make this Alien theory a complete joke and how foolish we are who thinks that Aliens are so advanced next to this new entity thats the most awake entity which ever existed.
  2. How come someone like Rupert Spira dont fall into these traps. He seems so pure, wheras Benthino & Shunyamurti dosnt. Is Rupert more evolved, embodied. Or am i just projecting?
  3. How the fuck could these two people claim enlightenment and still be responsible for running cults?
  4. How come covid misinformation threads were closed and not this one?
  5. Has this something to do with de demoting of Nahm?
  6. Studies show its because of vivid screen colors. Try and make it in Grey scale and see If it make any difference.
  7. I think he meant that a dedicated thread about someone equals platforming of that person.
  8. The reason i made this thread is because its a new trend in spirituality to peddle theories like Rogan, Brand and Infinite Waters. I have noticed this a lot since covid. And this is a place that is very spiritual but also rooted in reality. I like to hear from others on the path how to avoid noncense and distractions like this.
  9. 2 million subs is not a few. Russel Brand who i also mentioned has 5+ million subs.
  10. Wow, this post made me more inspired than ever to restart my spiritual practice. ?
  11. Its funny in a way that he accuse mainstream media for fear mongering and then goes on and say that a evil cabal is behind both covid and the war.. Now thats fear mongering??
  12. Yeah. Then he started talking about the "Inorganic ones" and how they control us and even Putin and other world leaders.
  13. Thoughts on this? I know people here have talked about him before. I belive this is conspiracy bs, but how would i know for sure? Also, have someone watched Russel Brands recent content about this topic? How does he differ from Infinite Waters here?