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  1. This music is much better than psytrance which is mostly for conspiracy theory hippies
  2. Lovely new video on the blog @Leo Gura Aren't t there any restrictions anymore in the US? In my country the clubs are only allowing "Sitting party's" again after a brief period of normal rules.
  3. Yeah it no longer has it place in this subforum haha Guess i got my original question answered in the first few pages though
  4. Seems like this thread has defeated its original purpose and derailed into something else.
  5. This could backfire in so many possible ways. Why limit yourself to those settings?
  6. I see. A To bad Swedens new restrictions ended the clubs once again. Lets hope they will be back soon, they could at least have tried with vaccine passport for a bit longer then 2 weeks IMO.
  7. Is it common in the PUA community to game sober or is it more common to use alcohol as a crutch? Are there any pros and cons to game sober vs drunk? If I go out with my friends, alcohol has always played a big part.
  8. I could partly relate. I have mostly rely on my looks before, many say im good looking but i dont really think that myself. My biggest issue is that i do not take much initiative with women. Sometimes they have to do it, which is very bad. And you cant rely on looks forever.
  9. Where in Sweden do you live? I live near the second largest city and searching for wings.
  10. Yeah. Makes me wonder if its the looks thing after all. But in The Blueprint Decoded, Owen says that looks dosnt matter at all at a high level in game.
  11. If not massively, at least frequently? Otherwise im a fool for listen to him speaking for hours in the Hot Seat. What about Julian?
  12. I would gladly give it all up and focusing on enlightenment but as a single guy in his 30s, its not realistic.
  13. This has to be rumors? Wtf has changed so drastically in the nightclub schene the last 5 years? I presume nothing. The problem of ghosting is real though. And I took his programs partly for that reason. So now even the master himself cant get through ghosting?
  14. I bought his Hot Seat course earlier this year and liked it. He have nuanced understanding about human social behavior which i like. Listening to him can also lift up my mood a little. But these series i posted was kind of disturbing.