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  1. There is a pinned thread called "Nonduality wars not allowed here" and then Leo himself constantly bashing other Non-dual teachers whos style is different from his or maybe Ken Wilbers who is also kind of a spiritual elitist in many ways. Just because someone has high IQ and talks about complex models does not mean they are any more awake than a teacher who does not do so.
  2. @universe If someone saw me in person they would not think im apathetic, its just something i feel deep inside sometimes. But my mood shifts a lot so iam not in apathy for long periods. Maybe sometimes i feel that i dont living up to my full potential, would be a better way to describe me than apathetic
  3. @vladorion No not at all. I would say that i was in fact better with women before i started my spiritual journey because i was out partying more and mostly lived my life by SD stage orange norms. Then i couldnt stand that lifestyle anymore and hit a low point in my life. Spirituality has been like a coping mechanism ever since. But i feel that i have more practial issues i need to solve in my life and relationsships is only one of them.
  4. @Regan Seems legit! I will definitely check that book/channel! Thanks!
  5. @universe I definitely need to work on my emotions because i have lots of apathy and low self esteem because of ADHD and failed attempts to medicate this diagnosis.
  6. @Emerald I have been diving into pickup material recently, something i have never done earlier in my life. Mostly because of that i feel that i still have insecurites about the opposite sex, despite having had girlfriends and what else for long periods in my adult life. I went heavily into spirituality but i now feel that mostly it was escapism from my more "real" struggles with career path and also relationships/dating. Those pickup guys have really open my mind because its so different from my view of dating. Still i think something is missing and thats the superficial mode they put me in. At least RSD promotes Eckhart Tolle and meditation, thats why i decided to learn from them. @JonasVE12
  7. @Kalki Avatar Thanks for the long input, appreciate that! Kind of how i experience this area of life.
  8. @Leo Gura This is what i thought of. But then there are monks who awaken in celibacy and most of them has not gone through the process of seduction and pickup/dating. In fact they view sexualiy as something thats takes focus from God or meditation. I feel that dating and seduction is very ego and survival driven and most of the times i went for dates im falling in to a lower vibe. In contrast to when i walk in the forest by myself and doing it with mindfulness, dating seems superficial. But i also love intimacy, its just the process i dont really care about.
  9. I would like to just have a nice fulfilling relationship with a partner that i am attracted to. All my previous partners and flings i got into without knowing a lot about pickups. I just get out a lot and partying in nightclubs and use tinder. Now i feel that as I get older (34) i cant rely only on alcohol and being a "cute boy" anymore to get girls. I bought the Hot Seat at Home from RSD and it opened my mind but its not really how i feel i naturally operate with the opposite sex.
  10. Would enlightenment increase your pickup skills? I mean a lot of the approach anxiety would be gone right? What the point of doing all this consciousness work and meditation if im still hesitant to approach. I feel that its the hardest thing in the world to make myself do pickup because its a very "real" fear. On the other hand, doing psychedelics, meditation and consumption of spiritual material seems like a walk in the park in comparison. Is it because i have almost zero experience of pickup?
  11. As a man i could say that its most likely had nothing to do with your looks, its called performance anxiety. It could even be physical reasons for it.
  12. I am a male who have a hard time to balance out the harsh, sometimes brutal reality of dating /seduction with my longing for higher consciousness and spirituality. They seem like total opposites. I act very shallow and egotistical in dating and I have found out that womans often do that too. Its like dating and my feelings towards the opposite sex in dating drags me down inside.. Internally I know Leo is into both pickup and heavy consciousness work and thats is kind of an interesting combination. I would like to learn that.
  13. Great read! Gonna share this.
  14. I ate on McDonald's today, couldnt even meditate afterwards.
  15. In my experience, those type of communities very easily become cult-like. Very few people are really actually awake or developed it those places. They just come together because they cant fit in normal society.