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  1. @Husseinisdoingfine how do you know these books are any good? did you read any of them?
  2. shadow of colossus, heaven in a game.
  3. Trump made it to the finals, and he is competing with Biden. why on earth do people vote for trump?
  4. frostpunk, stage yellow video game green hell, a stage green story I think
  5. I know mental diseases are not easy to fix, I have been struggling with them for more than a year, but I need a quick fix to this irritating symptom
  6. @Nahm honestly everything is stressful in my life. I need to relieve this chronic anxiety I am feeling.
  7. I want to get back on my feet, and be a healthy , at least stage orange personality.
  8. @Nahm I have multiple psychological disorders and I am working through them, so I want to clear these things out. This congested energy is definitely caused by my disorders and it is very irritating.
  9. I feel that my energy is congested especially in my chest. It is not flowing freely and I cannot release it. some help is appreciated.
  10. @RiverFlower If you blacked out then it didn't really benefit you. how about you use other substances that are less powerful like acid or psilocybin. it seems you need more inner work and shadow work to do. I think weaker substances are better for shadow work.
  11. @commie but both work under the same mechanism of blue level of understanding
  12. @Leo Gura scriptures that are in every religion advocating equality. I am sure bible is full of that, right? I am not familiar with Christian environment but mohammad said for example what is in the pic below