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  1. Yeah Richard is an idiot but still way smarter than Ben shapiro. Ben literally has nothing to offer but idiocity. At least with Richard, you get some understanding of the ego when reading some of his books.
  2. Yeah I know but what is the message in this movie? He could have pushed Islamophobic ideologies by using some indian/Pakistani guys but he used white people. He could have pushed anti black propaganda but again he used white people. Maybe he wanted just to make some money by making a silly action movie.
  3. @Leo Gura it is just a stupid film, why would you assume it is right wing propaganda? What is the right wing message here? I don't get what are poinnting to. He even didn't use people of color as shooters, lol.
  4. @SirVladimir my profile pic is from les miserables anime. it is jean valjean. For me, he represented the perfect balance between the masculine and the feminine. He represents perfect masculinity, really. So strong and stable, yet loving at the same time
  5. Finally after so many battles with myself and so many episodes of OCD and anxiety, I am starting to feel myself again. I didn't listen to the divine guidance and it lead to my destruction. Now I listen to love, I quit thinking, I quit thinking about the world, I quit thinking about politics, I quit thinking about advanced stages of spirituality. I embrace my own path, I embrace myself, I embrace healing myself. I embrace Love. I focus on embracing Love. I focus on my life purpose. I focus on me. I let all the distraction go away. I just be.
  6. @dflores321 You are still young and being exposed to Leo's ideas you can achieve a lot. You need just to bite the bullet and start working. Even if you are in the worst situation a human being can ever be, you gotta start somewhere,right?. Just love yourself, love the situation you are in and work from there. It is all a Good dream. Just love it, love working on bettering yourself and your personality and finances. you just need to train yourself to love more. Love is the answer.
  7. @Nivsch less than a year.
  8. @Nivsch what 4 more years to get off a drug??!!. I couldn't have waited this long. the withdrawal symptom were severe for almost a week and then mild for at least a month then nothing.
  9. He found himself as a king. He won't just give away monarchy. you are asking him to die essentially.
  10. nope he is orange not red. killing Jamal was "necessary" as he was actually funding and supporting anti-Saudi organization. Putin does a lot of these things but still He is orange. The other things you said are essentially bullshit.
  11. one month, one fap. I used @mmKay advice and it actually works and I had less symptoms but still I prefer not to fap
  12. What do you think guys? many spiritual "gurus" say it is very important and you should take some supplements to help decalcify it. did anyone have any positive experience with such things?
  13. MBS is one revolutionary stage Orange personality and he already made a lot of progress in Sudia arabia and planning to make a lot more in the future. Study MBS if you wanna see stage orange person making changes in stage blue community.
  14. +1 Maybe karma is the answer to that.
  15. I think yes, otherwise why I lost this realization if I had it from the beginning.