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  1. I think in most cases, an abundance of resources is far more likely to make you stagnant rather than help you move up the spiral. Being highly successful going through Orange could however make you more likely to open up to and experience the limitations and shortcomings of Orange, pushing you towards Green. You'd likely come to realize you dont need or want most of the things you previously thought you wanted, as you've already experienced the shallowness of abudant material success. You can find one example of this by looking into Notch, the creator of Minecraft and what happened to him following him selling his creation to Microsoft for $2.5B dollars. Being able to live comfortably is great, but too much material success can devastate you if you're not yet developed enough to deal with that kind of wealth in a sustainable and productive manner.
  2. A model as vast as Spiral Dynamics does not just neatly fit into the cognitive functions of MBTI. While certain MBTI types may develop into 2nd tier and beyond more easily than others, someones type don't say much if anything about where they're at developmentally.
  3. After having partially followed Leo and Actualized since 2012, I can with confidence say that Actualized is not a cult. If you delude yourself into accepting a teaching at face value, without applying any work, that's a you problem.
  4. Demonizing people centered in lower/other stages on the spiral. Relying on others for your spiritual growth.
  5. Yellow is multi-perspectival, very unlikely to hold onto firm beliefs, and would certainly never view things as purely good or bad. These are some, among many aspects that separates Yellow from all previous stages.
  6. I think of morals as a set of values people aspire to reach in order to become what they believe to be a better person. Not necessarily their current way of operating in the world. If a certain action suddenly became immoral to you, you would probably try to find a way to stop doing it.
  7. Certainly. A collective set of morals enforced by a governing body is important to uphold peace and stability within society. I do however think most people see their morals as a "set in stone" set of "good" values, and completely fail to realize that this is entirely subjective. Much pain and suffering are caused by people's good intentions. I also don't think anyone believes they've got bad morals. If someone thought their morals were bad, these moral values would ceise to be. To add, acknowledging that one's own moral system is, or could be flawed requires a level of open-mindedness that the vast majority of people simply don't have.
  8. Morality is nothing more than a fictional story you tell yourself about what is and isn't good.
  9. If I were to pick one song that describes late Coral transitioning into Violet, this one would be at the top of my list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDHDbF6ILvk I would not be able to pick one describing the Violet to Ultraviolet transition, as I simply don't know enough about this stage yet.
  10. If you get born into it, how difficult is it really? For the vast majority of people, there is little to nothing to gain from following this bigot.
  11. Yes, if Violet can manage to keep living on its own terms, running out of money and ending up on the streets could be considered acceptable to it. The reason I point this as a shortcoming is that Violet has a tendency to be too detached for its own good. If a Violet were to run out of resources and end up on the street, the harsh living conditions that would ensue would most likely plunge it all the way back into first tier for a time, until its problems got resolved. Ultraviolet could be seen as a more efficient Orange. It works in a similar way, but shares none of the same goals. It likes performing small, subtle actions made to indirectly cause inefficient systems to collapse in on themselves, in order to rebuild them in a way they see as more beneficial to the whole, or replace them with entirely new ones. These actions can prove highly lucrative, but material gains for its own sake is never the end goal. I went a bit futher into their functional stacks, and realized, after having mistyped as an INTP for the longest time, that I was in fact an INTJ. When I tested as an INTP, I would always get INTJ in second, and they would be so close that it could almost be considered a coin toss, even though they have no functional stacks in common. I think the vast majority of the 16personalities tests are too short to be able to give a conclusive answer on someone's type, but can't say for certain as I don't know how the test results are determined, the math behind them etc.
  12. Rational Ability = 50 / 50 Rational Engagement = 49 / 50 Experiential Ability = 30 / 50 Experiential Engagement = 32 / 50 Interesting. Not sure what the numbers are supposed tell me though.
  13. Writing long posts doesn't necessarily mean that you have come far spiritually. On deeper topics however, writing longer posts allows you to more accurately describe what it is you're talking about, and reduce the chance of what you're saying being misinterpreted.
  14. Basically yes. Although not preferable, becoming homeless would likely not alter their experience much at all, even if their physical wellbeing were significantly reduced. This is probably the biggest shortcoming of Violet. Ultraviolet too gives no importance to survival needs, but is, in contrast to Violet, extremely unlikely to ever get into a situation where their survival is threatened. To add, Ultraviolet is similar to Orange in many ways.
  15. Violet won't do or change anything just for the sake of it, or to be productive. It only does what it finds necessary. Violet can therefore have a very difficult time functioning in normal day-to-day life, as it will give little to no importance to what it doesn't deem necessary, and gives no importance to survival needs. This can pose seemingly great problems if they for example were to run out of money. Violet will probably not see this as much of an issue though, although everyone around them certainly will. I do consider myself quite happy and content.