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  1. I think the forum would greatly benefit from a total ban of all Andrew Tate related threads. There's so much Tate garbage on this forum, and I have no clue how or why so many stage red centered individuals choose to partake in a forum like Actualized.
  2. Oh my, can we please stop mentioning this clown every day. It's truly baffling how someone like Andrew Tate can get so much attention within a forum like this.
  3. I think the overall quality of posts, specifically on this sub-forum, is on the decline. As an example, I don't think posts asking overly simple questions only a Google search away should be allowed to take up space over content that's more engaging to the community.
  4. Anyone could spend a few minutes hacking together a theory combining several unrelated theories with single words and calling it a day. I also think it's quite disrespectful to the creators and the time and effort they've sunk into developing these tools.
  5. @Dryas Exactly. I don't see how anyone would think it'd be a good idea to mix together two completely separate theories that has nothing to do with each other. MBTI is static, your development is not.
  6. Coral is where the self is torn apart and dismantled, in search of truth. Ultimately, the self is gone, never to return. Dismantling your selfhood is like dying and getting to experience your own death, turning into nothing in front of your own eyes. It's vastly different compared to all prior stages, which might be why Integral Theory puts its equivalent as the first 3rd tier stage.
  7. Finding second tier thinkers to connect with is a tricky one. I think you would have to know people on a more personal level in order to get a better understanding of their motives and what drives them to do what they do, before you can determine where they're at. This could be difficult to accomplish simply by communicating online. It's most likely going to be a very time costly endeavor either way, unfortunately. Yes, pretty much. If a second tier individual has what they need to live healthily and pursue their goals, they're going to be fulfilled, as far as material needs go at least.
  8. @Raze Thanks for sharing. Definitely going to have to check out that book. I believe partisanship falls away at the second tier. One may still identify as a democrat or a republican publicly, but issues are no longer black and white. For the first time, one is able to see the pros and cons of any issue without any personal bias, while also understanding where people are coming from, having been there prior.
  9. Most certainly, yes. Teams of second tier individuals with similar interests are without a doubt going to work really well together, because they're finally able to approach problems objectively, with a complete disregard of belief systems and other personal biases. The only problem is that only 1-2% of the population are second tier thinkers, so it would be extremely difficult to find the right people for such a group. I think tier 1 will have trouble accepting that someone can have selfless goals. While Yellow selfishly pursuits knowledge for themselves, they do so to selflessly improve the world around them any way they can. This is almost certainly going to be overlooked, and they'll be viewed as wholly selfish individuals, which is unfortunate. I also believe most tier 1 individuals would be in denial about the fact that there are people out there who are not motivated by material wealth at all. I think the vast majority of second tier individuals has no care for material wealth beyond having their basic needs met, as well as being able to pursue their interests.
  10. The only hurdle I can think of is the difficulty of being understood. The higher you go, the more disconnected you will be from everyone around you. The motives of a second tier individual will likely be very hard to grasp for first tier individuals, whereas you know exactly where they're coming from, having been there yourself. From my understanding, SD is about how you perceive the world and what motivates you. It's not a measure of success. Even the perception of what success is, will be radically different for second tier individuals.
  11. I would advice anyone that takes the 16personality, or any other MBTI online test for that matter, realize that there's going to be an extremely high chance of getting mistyped. Only by learning about the function stacks themselves and how they complement each other, will you be able to accurately pinpoint your type.
  12. Coral emerges as the shortcomings of Turquoise becomes too obvious. Turquoise is still clinging to a self. Not realizing this, or recognizing its importance, is what prevents Turquoise from progressing further. Put shortly, Coral is about the search for absolute truth at any and all costs, and about letting go of every held notion and idea of being a separate self. Maslow described a new highest stage to his hierarchy of needs shortly before his death. This stage was called Self Transcendence. This very much resonates with my personal experiences, and what I believe to be the primary goal of stage Coral. @WritingHands AI is bound by the logic we impose on it. It has nothing to do with consciousness.
  13. If everyone were considered wealthy, the word would lose its meaning. No one would be wealthy, because no one would be poor. If all survival needs were satiated for every human being on Earth, people would still find things to complain about, even more so than today. Depression would reach numbers like we have never seen before, as vast numbers of people who have lived their entire lives, and have large parts of their self identities intertwined with their job and work culture would have their world shattered. Long term, however, I believe this would of course be for the better. It would demand a higher consciousness way of living.
  14. On one side, if we don't allow passionate people to succeed, we will all be worse off. On the other side, allowing single entities like Amazon to grow to such an extent that they can, through the use of their finances, completely cripple or buy out any potential competitor puts a stopper on innovation and greatly reduces technological advancement. I must add however, that their size is not the real underlying issue here. The real issue is that they are allowed to use their economic power to weed out all competition, when this should, by all accounts, be highly illegal and warrant enormous fines and prison sentences to those involved.
  15. If we are talking about second tier individuals, then this is incorrect. They're not driven by money and power. Stage yellow individuals are mostly driven by the pursuit of knowledge, knowledge for its own sake. Because of this, it is near impossible to corrupt a system ran entirely by second tier individuals. I think limiting everything that has to do with politics to second tier and above would be ideal, however a great many more people would need to transcend first tier before this could be tried out in practice. We're probably hundreds, if not thousands of years away from even having a solid 5% of the adult population transcend first tier.