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  1. @asifarahim I try to dedicate about 2 hours daily whenever possible, plus two 1-2 week long solo retreats annually. Been doing the retreats for the past 3 years. They're pretty basic and pretty much just consists of me living alone in my cabin in the mountains. I allow myself no distractions such as the use of phones, watching TV, using PCs etc, and spend a great deal of my time there just experiencing nature, as well as contemplating various topics.
  2. @asifarahim Not including the spiritual, around 3-4 hours per day on average. Used to be more.
  3. @Swarnim I suppose it could be. Turquoise is vast, and it could just be that this is all contained within that one stage. I still think the shifts I've experienced when entering what I perceive to be Coral is too different to be part of Turquoise, but I guess that's up for interpretation, as there's very little to go on regarding what comes after Turquoise. Thank you @Swarnim and everyone else who's commented and read my post. I'm glad I got to share some of my experiences.
  4. @blackchair I can't recall exactly what did it for me, so I don't think I can give much useful advice on the matter. If I recall correctly, going from Turquoise to Coral was like moving into a sudden, almost obsessive need for self discovery. As if a huge piece of myself all of a sudden had gone missing, and had to be found, so as to not lose myself. Generally speaking, always being truthful to yourself, about yourself, no matter how difficult and draining things become typically helps for me when the going gets tough. Riding out the storm, so to say. I think it varies greatly from person to person how best to progress up the spiral.
  5. "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."
  6. Hi guys. I'm Fearey and I've been a long time lurker of the forum. I started watching Leo back in 2012, and transitioned from being interested in self-help work, to consciousness work back in 2014. I've been following most of Leo's content up until 2019. I still watch some of his content from time to time. Few seem as dedicated to providing quality content and explaining it in a thorough manner as Leo. I'll always be grateful for that. With regards to the post title and SD stages in general, I consider the process of trying to find the true nature of self (the process of self-transcendence) to start at SD stage Coral / integral stage Indigo. What follows, having transcended the self, being the entering into SD stage Teal / integral stage Violet. Going through the later stages of Coral was a very depressive, painful experience for me personally. Dwelling into nihilism was commonplace. Not just simple depression, but an all-encompassing, existential dread. Feeling like you're slipping out of existence. It was a weird thing to let go of assumptions and beliefs I had held about myself all throughout my life. Assumptions I had already accepted as fact long ago. What followed, however, was a powerful sensation of peace and belonging. To explain my process of moving from Coral to Teal I'd tell you to imagine taking away all the parts of yourself that makes you you. Then witnessing the remaining emptiness/nothingness that's left as the self somehow becoming something more than what you had before. Note: I'm entirely open to the possibility that my interpretation of SD/integral stages with regard to self transcendence could be flawed, or incorrect. I've been lurking the forums for some time and I'm well aware about the grudges held about people mentioning or claiming to be at stages past Turquoise, as there seems to be so little understanding of these stages, making such claims seem unfounded. I'm not coming from a place of bragging, I'm simply interested in sharing my own personal experience with like minded individuals. Having experienced the completely altering shifts in being that comes from entering a state of obsessively trying to solve the question of self, to the even bigger shift that comes as a result of actually being successful in it, finally transcending the self, leaves me quite certain that both of these represent stages of development past stage Turquoise on the spiral. I could be wrong, however. To close, for any tier 2 individuals highly interested in consciousness work, I'd very much recommend The Book of Not Knowing and The Genius of Being. Both are books written by Peter Ralston and will take you on a journey down the deep end of self-realization. Both has helped me tremendously, and I consider them two of the most impactful books I've ever read.