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  1. Advanced practitioners, what exactly is Placebo?
    Advanced practitioners, what exactly is Placebo?
    The placebo effect is another "scientific" phenomenon that points to the truth that you are God. 
    The placebo effect shows us the power of the mind. It reveals to us that our reality is shaped my our mind and not vice versa. 
    You can take a fake drug and heal yourself with your mind, but you can't have a fake mind and heal yourself with a drug. 
    What I mean is that the mind ultimately does the healing. The most drugs can do is stimulate a physiological response that initiates a reaction of the mind. Without the mind, there would be nothing to heal because there would be no perceived injury. Also the mind actually created the drug in the first place. All of reality first came from mind. Every building you see, every invention invented, first started as an idea. Part of awakening is realizing that all these ideas are YOUR ideas. These ideas are all part of one mind. One infinite intelligence. One God. YOU.  
    When this is contemplated deeply enough, you'll realize that there was never any separation between the mind and body or the physical and mental.
    Although this is an abstraction, it's useful to see the perspective that everything is mind at its core, just like a dream. In reality, you are neither body nor mind but a middle way that can only be known when both sides of the duality collapse into one. 

  2. Leo and friends - god , not God
    Leo and friends - god , not God
    In the context of a movie character, I would agree. Not only depth, yet also breadth. I’ve sought to experience hundreds of very different experiences. This has certainly expanded my experiential range. I know have more lenses I can wear and perceive.
    In another context, none of it happened. It is all creations occurring Now. I have had no experiences. There is infinite possibilities and one of those infinite possibilities is appearing Here and Now as a “memory” of an “experience”. Yet this is very difficult for the character to see because immersion into the character is dependent upon not seeing it.
    These are really good introspective questions imo - and difficult to answer. Using a pointer, I would say “The Journey is the Destination”. This is the most accurate I can say, yet isn’t rational or practical.
    Another way to describe would be to lucid dream. To consciously realize one is in a dream and that as the character I now I have partial control over the dream - and realizing that it is all occurring with a higher “me” as the dreamer. Yet if awareness gets too shifted toward awareness of the dreamer, the character ceases to exist. The dreamer can no longer trick itself into believing that the character it plays is real. There is a big price to pay for this.
    At the human / personal level, I’ve had deep desires to share realizations with others, yet have been unable to do so. Imagine discovering wonderful gifts yet not being able to transmit it to others because you are mute. This is perhaps the saddest part of the spiritual path for me.
    For me, that has more to do with my relationship with spiritual dogmatism - in particular dualistic analysis, seeking, attachment and identification. Fluid detachment is a very different relationship. I can can hear a zen monk make proclamations and can observe the wisdom and truth within it, without being beholden to it, moments later I can see the wisdom and truth within bird chirps without being beholden to it, then I may experience the timeless inter-connectedness of a blade of grass with all of reality, then I may feel sadness that I cannot express this to another, then I feel joy reading a Basho poem as I smile and say “Yes! Basho knows!”. 

  3. Beautiful Near death experience
    Beautiful Near death experience
    I felt infinite tenderness. I understood that the kind of love closest to divine love in this life is that which we feel for a small child.

    As this wonderful feeling came over me, I heard within my heart a voice that said, 'Through love you will understand everything. The essence, the essence, the essence...' This was followed by a feeling of great peace mixed with joy within my soul. I sensed that my life would change for the better, and this has been the case ever since because I have a greater understanding of my life's true meaning.

    I then turned to see the light in the sky. A telepathic force poured a series of codes filled with millennial wisdom into my mind about creation, the world, my life and that of all other beings that inhabit all universes, everything being eternal, spiritual life, everything belonging to it and that the distinctions or differences that we make in this life are done out of ignorance or because we have forgotten this truth.

    As if by a giant magnet, the light drew me to it and I was submerged in its interior where all there was, was light. I forgot I had a body and felt fused with the light. In that moment, I experienced a feeling of 'plural unity' and understood everything with extreme clarity. I discovered what reality is, and saw and understood with my consciousness so alert that it allowed me to comprehend everything with infinite perfection, without any doubt.

    From my heart sprang an 'Aha!!!!’ feeling, as if there were something I had always known but had forgotten, and that I can't explain with words or human language. I felt like a co-participant of creation.


    ***We live in a 'Plural Unity' or 'Oneness'. In other words, our reality is 'Unity in Plurality and Plurality in Unity’.

    ***I was everything and everything was me, without essential differences other than in temporal appearances.

    ***There is no external god, but that god is in everything and everything in god, just as life itself.

    ***There is no God outside ourselves but is, rather, in everything and everything is a part of God, as is life itself.

    ***God is everything and nothing at the same time.

    ***Everyone and everything, or temporal phenomenon within this dimension, is where it should be because it emanates from the blueprint of a shared dream (if we can call it that) that is repeated indefinitely until we understand what is essential or real.

    ***Everything is part of an essential game of life itself, and that to the degree that we live by true love, unconditional and universal, the closer we are to an understanding what life truly is, which is true happiness and perfect wisdom.

    ***Everything is experience and that this life and the next are essentially the same because everything is god. Nothing is outside of god just as nothing is outside of life itself.

    ***Death is a metamorphosis of time. One more illusion from our mental concepts. Essentially, time does not exist, nor does space. They are illusions of our creative mind that plays a game of self-deception in the creation of events.

    ***'I' includes 'We' and are like a mirror where we perceive the reflection of our reality in its many facets and illusions.

    ***The 'creator' is eternally creating, and one of the creations is the practice of conscious love. 'One learns to paint by painting'. That's why this 'temporal human illusory creation' exists as though it were a matrix within another matrix and this, within another - multi-dimensionally until we wake up.

    ***I experienced something that can't be transmitted with words but that can be expressed as 'The Essence of Life is its Total Nothingness’ (please understand 'Nothingness' as something that has no intrinsic substance, but is rather constructed by a multitude of phenomena, which in turn are formed by other untold multitude of phenomena to the point of infinity). I understood that intangible, indescribable life is all that exists. There is no death (it's only a description to show the polarities in the world of phenomena).

    ***Consciously living by love is the essence of life itself and is made manifest or materializes in this plane of existence as a cohesive force to recreate itself in multiple forms as a game in which nothingness recreates itself in temporary, illusory events.

    ***The known universe is a fraction of infinite reality that by love has become finite pieces in our temporal 'hands'.

    ***I learned thousands of other things without end, and it is difficult to express in words because words are insufficient, they can't describe what I experienced in this other state of consciousness that was much clearer than this one.

    When I returned to this life, I felt I had fallen into a very heavy space, and that my body was as lead and my mind was the same and very slow.

    I saw my loved ones, family and friends as if they were nothing to me. They were only reflections in the great theater of life, and each one voluntarily agreed to play a part in order to learn more and better how to love. I spoke with them to tell them of my experience, and they looked at me as though I were crazy. I realized they didn't understand what I was saying to them.

    Little by little, my experience grew faint, but there appeared many new special experiences of telepathy, intuition developed between others such as voluntary out of body experiences and involuntary bi-location. I especially cannot control the latter, and I would like to know using conventional language how this phenomenon happens.

    I only know that everything is eternal, pure consciousness and that we are in a mental dream that is permanently being constructed as a dynamic of consciousness that knows itself and recreates itself through each one of us. That we are the 'point of emptiness' where the void or nothingness of the universe becomes aware of itself. It is really hard to explain this. I know that everything I saw originates from thoughts, or the Universal Mind. It is projected in images and events that interact with lucid consciousness as an experience, and that this whole experience is a part the infinitude of that which is real on every plain or level of existence that we want to invent or divide into pieces so that our temporal mind can decipher it despite its limitations. I believe I understood that what we call God is the silence of indescribable life that is in everything, and everything is in it. As an analogy, we could use the image of steam, converted into water, then into ice. Once it is in that state, ice forgets that it is steam with its capacity for expansion. This is what happens to us in this plane of consciousness. I believe I understood that what we call God is the silence of indescribable life that is in everything and in which everything exists or is within it. A marvelous, loving and conscious eternity.

    Note: I feel that all the images that were created in my mind during this experience, before entering into the light, are symbolic thought forms of something perhaps more profound that could serve in support of a translation of that which is essential experience. It is impossible to explain with our limited human language, yet I am now trying to decipher it little by little.

  4. Advice in helping a friend past the ego-death phase
    Advice in helping a friend past the ego-death phase
    @beastcookie  the issue is the illusory experiencer is trying to rid itself of its illusory experience of separation and incompleteness.
    But see the belief that there is a separate experiencer that could do such a thing only perpetuates or keeps alive the illusory experiencer's experience of separation.
    This is why Ramana Maharshi was big on self-inquiry.
    It needs to be seen clearly that the separate sense the Self/Ego(seeker) is an illusion and there is nothing that needs to be found because everything is already whole and complete (nothing was missing in the first place)
    I’d like you to ask him to explore this SENSE of self very-very thoroughly. Not by thinking about it, but by FEELING it.
    Keep the focus of attention on the sense of self and inquire:

    Does the sense of self have a location?

    Does the sense of self have a shape or a size?

    Does the sense of self say or communicate anything?

    If the answer is yes, how does the sense do this exactly?

    Does the sense of self have any characteristics or attributes?

    What is the sense of self ‘made of’? An image? Sound? Taste? Smell? Sensation? Thought Arising? If not, where is any Direct or Actual Experience of some sense of self?