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  1. @Sizeable Oof my response: Sizeable OoF
  2. The ethical will inspire the Pure. The unethical will inspire the Devil.
  3. @tenta how so uwu
  4. @tenta okay title says all 😂
  5. Change is change, regardless of the results
  6. @The Awakened Viking the nuts are below 😂
  7. @GabeN now start asking better questions (UwU)
  8. I have a song that’d go well with Trump. Can I post it here?
  9. @Tanz ah yes, the “French”
  10. @Dlavjr congrats, now you know what Einstein’s Mind was trying to say. I’ll let you try to think of that on your own.
  11. kill ‘em with kindness
  12. @Leo Gura lol, China controls over 50% of Bitcoin. It is centralized.