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  1. @ivankiss she broke it with heat. That is the weak point of fork/spoon.
  2. She’s good, but not what I’d consider “awaken.”
  3. Karma and Past Life’s has to exist in Reality. Lol It is literally impossible, once you fathom the multiverse. As soon you fathom the obvious fact that there are different universes with different Material Laws you’ll figure out one thing: they all have experience. Once you string all those universes together you’ll get a better view of God. I mean fuck really 🤣 if you want to get a deeper understanding of anything just fathom the multiverse.
  4. transhumanist, he is not - robot
  5. He should do a three part series about Red, Coral, and how they are related.
  6. “ when you relate Everything to Everything you become a genius. When you relate Everything to itself you become God. “
  7. Lol increase your level of detail and realize what a teach is.
  8. @Leo Gura 420 it is
  9. lol you guys forgot this
  10. RA, I know reincarnation is different on Earth than it is with all of Reality. Please tell me how to reincarnate myself and others into high and more vibration forms. Also, how does one go back in karma?
  11. I’d like to notice that the kid while speaking English while the Old Robed Yogi was speaking French. Oh course the Indian was closed minded. I guess that’s what colonization does lol (to people)