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  1. 👍 If you have any questions, feel free to go on ahead. It’s a pretty large question to ask in the first place, so I’m not sure if y’all need more information to make y’all’s own answers on my question.
  2. So, I’ve been working on developing myself since I was about 11. Exercising, improving my writing skills, and got into spirituality. And, eventually after some years of that stuff, I decided to go into dating. I’ve learned and practiced everything I could in this category of my life, but so far I’ve found zero results. I’ve tried dating women, asking them out, dating apps, online stuff; none of them have seemed to work out. Should I keep trying to date or just spend my time elsewhere? From my general impression I’ve only gotten that the women around me and the women I meet are just looking for a perfect dude and don’t want to settle down with anyone. Could just be me and my youth as I’m 19 as of writing this, but eh, I wanted a second opinion. I’m kind of sick going out and trying this whole game and want to just put this time into writing more outside of college work.
  3. I’m from the good state of Missouri (it’s pronounced misery ;D )
  4. The thumbnail is a bit tacky, but it’s a good video nonetheless. I think it does a good job explaining how a military truly operates. This kind of scares me on how there are military regimes in the world. Brings it all to a new light, god damn.
  5. Back in 2020, when I left the forum, I went on to discover my closest friends. Though, at the time I didn’t know it, that my closest friends would be found and I’d find the end of knowledge. And, finally, in my life I could reach the total end of knowledge and fully discover what I ever was. What I was since the start. And what I was to be. All laid in front of me. The meaning to life. Why I was human and what that meant to me, individually. How the difference of it all worked. The sameness of it all. And more importantly, the bonds I had with my friends and what they meant to me. I think, depending on the time available to me, I’ll start looking into writing here more. If I can log my knowledge here to words I can now work out the specifics to it all now. I’d like to thank Leo for all the knowledge he gave me in his lifetime. And I’d like to thank everyone, if you’re reading this, for simply existing. It’s definitely nice living in a piece of my life now that I can look back upon myself and muse at how I came about finding all of this. Either way, even if I didn’t find it, it still *Is*. Either way. Until next time, fellas.
  6. @Thewritersunion the reason for a being to have self-deception from the rest of True Reality is because of its own formation from which itself created. Or, in other sense, it is senses, of smell, touch, and the rest it has created and limited itself to, that it cannot swell to the truth of it all. By figuring out this fact of life is a warm embrace, at least to me, that if I possess the will and courage, along with other factors and qualities, I can change my reality to be whatever it wants due to Godream (god-Dream) ; the absolute form of imagination.
  7. worldbuilding/storytelling at it’s finest
  8. Just a short message for those on the forum: Free Will is unlimited. That applies to you. Me. Everyone. Understand that. Grasp it. Apply it. What Leo teaches is high quality, but at the end of the day all you have is your stream of awareness. Focus your craft and life wisely fellas.
  9. @mmKay Oh, yes I’ve had an online friend myself who couldn’t feel pain at all. Sadly whenever he breaks something he doesn’t notice for a while. ?‍♂️
  10. Remember: to have true enlightenment as a human means to have an Absolute control over your Free Will. Try not to use Tier 2 or Tier 1 stuff as a crutch to control your thinking process. There’s world’s beyond that stuff if you get the creativity and brain for it.
  11. This one is quite simple. Whenever people refer to things as a dream within spirituality, they are referring to an illusion. An illusion itself has to do with something that has a subjective experience or narrow function within all of reality itself. If it’s the workings of reality, however, it is not an illusion. It is real. Or as people call it normally… reality! Now, however. Since this is about dreams, I do have to address that too. Dreams just refer to an unfiltered subdivision within an illusion. While you don’t have to be asleep while having dreams, it is hard for most people to be in a state like this/not practical for most people. Something like a Psychedelic experience could apply to this due to you being subdivided from your physical body and therefore in a sub-illusion. But it’s up to you to decided what is what at the end of the day. It’s entirely free will at the end of the day.
  12. Beyond all energy you will find the nothingness when reality reaches its ultimatum maximum. In this state you will find that when energy is so high, that it is not physical. It is consciousness that remains until reality collapses upon itself and is formed into a new creation, beyond what it currently is now. Forever, until the collapse of space itself, time (or what can be referred to as evolution) will remain in place. Until it is not needed and the Everything will dissolve into Nothing and Creation will create a new Reality beyond that of its previous self, learning how it was flawed. How it could have created something more loving. More conscious. And in that moment of rebirth, it will forget its past, as it is something so new, that it is so overwhelming to where only itself could ever exist. And through this all: we now know what God is. This is God. This is Love. This is Consciousness. Once you know this, this is all of life’s big questions answered. In some short paragraphs.
  13. This website is only needed to transcend the core of something in your life. Once that is transferred over to something greater, you will find the place beyond everything.
  14. Trust me, if you’re going to want to know stage Coral, you don’t. Go back to whatever stage you’re already on and go from there. By the time you’re at coral you’ll be so past Spiral Dynamics.