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  1. Remain calm my friends
  2. Damn this is interesting.
  3. What do you think of us? (On the forums)
  4. I’m doing pretty good in school : p
  5. In order to get there I need to remember these things: " No matter the cause of where my pain lies, I am the ultimate source of where it is processed. In that sense, in this body of mine, in flesh and spirit, I am the God and ultimate ruler of it. To matter how angry or sad I get, I am always the light and the darkness. I shade my own scars, for I am the one who catches them. I am the one who decides that they will react. If I need to improve at school, then I will not make a reason why I need to improve at it, I will do it selflessly, for the consciousness and enlightenment of the universe itself. I am the decider of whatever comes to me. I cause and control my own reactions. I am the giver and receiver of my own actions. I must get up and build those habits and infrastructure around me. I must build up the consciousness, love, and enlightenment of this universe.... because if nobody else will the universe will forget itself. I must build it up. Not for myself, but for itself. "
  6. If I want to get rid of all my ego here is what must be gone: The idea of mind, family, ego, consciousness, love, understanding, knowing, space, time, language, society, meaning, purpose; along with all goals and imaginations' I have with my life, or my future life. It would be a hard world without that, but I believe I'd be there one day. I have a strong vigor and if I work hard to build the biology and habits to complete my goals, I'd believe I could turn around and forgot it all. The only way with enlightenment is to forget it all after you have it all. It will be hard work to build up Lilith Media and Coral, but once I'm done I'd be satisfied and happy. After that, I can realize and become enlightened. To the world where there are things beyond enlightenment.
  7. Cockiness in a nutshell: