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  1. 4:30 wake up, no drugs, nofap, 20 pages of a book a day, no electronics except for work, clean diet 3-4k calories, mass training every other day, 1-2 hours meditation. With the goal of making 25K cyall in november.
  2. @Thought Art jk I’ve done monkmode before. Nofap no drugs no electronics 1 hour meditation, training for mass at the gym. For 19 days and I get sober and then relapse and it’s a vicious cycle
  3. @Thought Art never occurred to me to do any of that
  4. I don’t know if other people exist and I’m super ocd about it. I’ve had over 3 traumatic trips where it was pure insanity. Nothing exists outside this room/ moment
  5. That’s the thing I keep doing them. I’m not doing coke or molly. But vaping and smoking weed. I have almost no natural stimulation and I’m pretty sure I was derealized and depersonalized. For the past week I haven’t slept in the daytime. I eat less then a meal a day (2 if I’m lucky). My body is in physical pain every second of everyday.
  6. @Gianna @vizual @cetus @Leo Gura I’m pretty sure I just fucked my brain from all the molly, coke, xans, pyschs, nic etc I feel permafried. And solipsism omfg
  7. @vizual I’m awake I’m not the little self, I just don’t know what the big self is
  8. It’s been mentioned to me by someone that “I’m in purgatory”
  9. ^^ and some strains like blue meanies are TWICE as potent Do 2 grams is my recommendation or 1 tab
  10. It would be awesome if we had a video covering these topics. I’ve seen them mentioned on the forum but not in any video.
  11. That's a really good one because I've already worked with him lol