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  1. I am more curious about it then afraid. I am at like a 3/10 but i would still choose to live then die. There is just two possibility's as i see it, either non existence or the core subjectivity in me and you can not die and is imagining death. Ofcourse alot of stuff can happen inside of the infinite, different worlds etc, astral planes, but actually i just think it is an almost instant respawn into this. But then also one should contemplate, how can the infinite have any place to go to? Inside and outside is IT. It has no where to go, nothing to do, except dreaming itself into this right here. It can't escape itself
  2. Yes , language can be quite misleading and useless, dunno how to even speak about this things tbh 😅
  3. Yes ofcourse but also, that goes with out saying that any insight might be "bullshit" according to that logic, whether it is meditation, vipassana, self inquiry. But how far should one go to deny the insights? Ofcourse they dissolve into conciousness since everything is conciousness 😋 But you are also right ofcourse, they might have been bullshit, if it were the case that I alone had them, but in this case my GF also became GOD realized and awoke without tripping or any other drug for that matter. How do you explain that one away? Or rather, it was me talking to my self. And we still talk about it to this day, now it is a memory ofcourse and im not in that state permanently which is a blessing tbh😅 I am not saying that all of the trip was Absolute truth, since I know that psychedelics can easily delude, but the part where I truly woke up to what I am and my gf did it simultanously was not the deluded part, but the thoughts that came after that, yes they might have been deluded and the visual stuff etc. But true nature is what we always are so could have realized it in meditation or just spontentously also ofcourse, but it happend on the psychedelic, but it was seen that it was not thanks to the psychedelic in a way, but they sure set the stage for realization so to speak
  4. You have to realize that "dreaming" is all that there really is, so go do whatever you feel is right. God is dreaming and thats how it always has been. So go do whatever you want to do, create, since that is the only game in town, period.
  5. @Ry4n Hey man, yes I agree with you. I know Frank is "real" so to speak. He is legit, and i even practice vipassana thanks to him 😋 But it is still a valid judgement to say that, psychedelics is an extremely broad subject and I don't agree that it is just mind games etc. Psychedelics is a valid tool. Ive noticed it on the path. Meditation + Psychedelics is an awesome combo tbh. It is not so black and white to put it into a box and say it is mind games etc. Thats what humans love to do, put everything into boxes, that is a mind game if anything 😊 But is it truly bullshit to say that in order to understand something you need to spend time on it, same goes with meditation and everything else? One can't possibly know all about Psychedelics or what it is after just 5-10 trips, and i do feel that, Leo's realizations is not either the typical psychedelics like experience people have with dmt entities etc, that why everybody has a different way of using them, and same goes for me, psychedelics is RADICAL NON DUAL/not even non duality. Even so radical that all spirituality/philosophy/meditation/psychedelics is seen as an illusion and a dream as well 😅 there just is no such things as a path or enlightenment, it is all a dream, that's when it becomes radical, it is transcendent of everything/nothing, it is not zero, not infinity. But it is all of them, and it is however it is. And IT does not matter what anyone says after that really, it is so transcendent that there is no such thing as transcendence, no humans, no world, no awakening, no spirituality. Hehe it is all pure imagination. I mean truly imagination, not even close to what people refer to as imagination. I mean "imagination" so radical that enlightenment is seen as a dream. But then again everything is fantasy and it is real, since there is nothing else. So who is to say that psychedelics is a mind game? Psychedelics transcends itself, there is no psychedelics, there is no others, even my girlfriend was seen through as a total illusion and dream, i could more or less control her and she turned into me and was waiting for me to wake up to being god, and she is not into this stuff at all, she was just not in there, her and my parents and everything else is a pure fiction. So it is too broad of a stroke to say that they are mind games etc. It is as a valid tool as meditation or self inquiry etc. I agree that for most people psychedelics is a delusion as well because they dont understand the significance of it, seeing aliens or whatever is not the point. The only one i ever saw truly understands them is LEO. And this has nothing to do with ego or moment to moment experience. But that does not mean that I would stop doing vipassana or listen to Frank or Leo or anyone else, because there is no where to go. To dream is to be alive. There is only dreaming.
  6. It goes both ways. There is plenty of meditators and what not that will label psychedelics as mind delusions. But it clearly shows the lack of experimentation with them. Truth is truth. It is like reading 5 pages in a book and then goes on to say that you know exactly what the book is about. Thats the issue here.
  7. He has not anywhere near sufficent understanding of psychedelics even if he tripped 10 times, it is required atleast a 100 trips , seriously, but that does not mean that he is any less valid or anything, but I would listen to Leo more when it comes to psychedelics, but that is just my opinion. Meditation is certainly Frank's strong side 😊
  8. But I would like to say this, instead of getting lost in semantics, Leo and Frank can together produce an awesome platform. Instead of commenting on each others progress etc, they could help others awake, but then they have to both admit the validitity of both of their states and Insights. That is what non duality community should strive for. To unite and bring together instead of getting into discussions about what is what etc. I once said that I don't think a conversation between the two would be productive, not if they insist on defending their position, instead they should transcend that and speak about reality/universe/god together, they would produce tremendous resuls together in the relative domain so to speak. Because if you get down to the teachings of both, it is not really a big difference at all. Leo is a excellent teacher of mind, mind games and on psychedelics and god, philosophy etc Frank is excellent on meditation/sensations and so forth, he is an excellent teacher when it comes to meditation and so forth. The two combined would be complete. But it just creates more confusion when the two get stuck in language and concept, when in fact they do point to the same thing or non thing 😉 Truth needs to get out there, and not through alot of disagreements, it will not gain the attention it needs when one only sees disagreements within the non dual community it sorta sends the message that it is just some community which believes in the teachings etc but that it is not truth etc.
  9. I wouldnt say that Leo is stuck at all. GOD is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. That explains it all, and if the universe can both appear to exist and also disappear for a fraction of a second, does not in any way dispute the infinite nature of GOD. But also, GOD is both transcendent and Immanent, meaning that, every non place you imagine or experience, GOD IS. GOD is not just an experience, GOD is reality or every non reality you imagine. GOD is both infinite, finite, both, neither, everything, nothing, and transcendent of it. GOD is not just infinite conciousness GOD is also every other being or non being you might imagine. Thats why it is called the Absolute, and thats why Leo is not stuck cause he is transmitting thr highest teachings of GOD. It is completly unlimited in how it can appear or dissappear. But the only difference is that all non being and non experiences is like it never happend. Imagine deep sleep, it passes in an instant, and thats why I can imagine Leo says there is only existence. Because by definition, non existence is not possible. If non existence were true non existence, there would be no coming back to life. So the word non existence is a troubling word that creates alot of confusion. Ive listened to both Leo and Frank and to their suprise perhaps, their teaching is ALMOST identical. There is really no difference between the two, only in language and concept. Which does not reflect reality. Thats just my two cents 😊
  10. Maybe i should've used another word for him.. ass hole 😉🤣 Nah but in all seriousness, it is so sad to see how people who makes videos on Youtube speaking about others have zero clue what they are talking about. Leo is doing good work, and one has to watch his videos in its entirety to even grasp what is being said, and many episodes . But to frame it and use clips to justify calling as a cult is a horrendous move. It just shows how lost people are in their own mind and their mind games. It is sickening that our society and culture is somehow accepting this behaviour. Sure I am sitting here on a forum and speaking about this dude i know nothing about, but it is sufficent to say that, if he does videos like this, on Leo who is severely misunderstod, is a immature behavior. I think that it's sad to see stuff like this, because Leo has helped me alot and I have grown alot since I found I was in a very bad place, with bad people, and people like Leo and others helped me gained a new perspective, but it was mostly after i did the work on my self that I opened up to teachings of etc. And I can not understand the cult accusation at all, if somehow people claim it is a cult, then they don't understand at all what is about. But one thing I learned from my "previous" life is that, if someone talks shit they get hit. But I am not saying that that is a proper response but sometimes people get away with shit to easy.
  11. That's really nice! I enjoyed the first one as well so I am looking forward to part 2 🙏
  12. Awesome brother! Looking forward to part 2! 🙏 Are you satisfied with the interview @Leo Gura ?
  13. Ofcourse, it is never to late for a change or for getting to know one self. 🙏
  14. @caelanb I suggest you read Bernardo Kastrup's books. Begin with the book, Why materialism is baloney. If you need a scientific and logic path towards what Leo is talking about, i can not stress enough how important Bernardo's books is. He will show you that what you take for proofs in science is not at all necessarily materialistic at all, thats the worldview and metaphysics of the scientists. Science studies behaviours and it can not tell you what nature is in itself. So Science is neutral in that way. Materialism does not make sense at all if you really understod what it really entails.
  15. So i've been contemplating the issue of existence vs non existence. And scouring over thousands of pages of different traditions and philosophy etc, mostly they say the same thing. That existence in one way or form is the only possibility and that non existence is an illusion. But here comes the contradiction in this day and age. Take for example, Frank Yang claims non existence is the case upon death. Leo claims existence is the case and non existence is impossible. How do you reconcile this? GOD realization is a true comprehension that eternity is what the case is, there is no death other then the illusory self construct. But GOD is not a finite thing or " no thing" Thats why I find a contradiction in Frank from my point of view, he is teaching GOD and Universe but that can cease to exist, how does infinite conciousness cease to be? Other then deluding itself to experience this. How can GOD/Being be finite and cease to exist? Where would it go? @Synchronicity this might also be a question for you as well. But @Leo Gura how do one actually reconcile this? This is the biggest differences between the traditions. It is the same as in philosophy today, idealism vs materialism. Materialism = non existence upon death. Idealism = core subjectivity is what reality is and "experience " or dreaming will never cease because nature does what it does because it is what it is. Not to be conflated with the ego self but with pure awareness. And I do really question if this really is a semantic difference, i think it is more than that. Take advaita vedanta vs theravada buddhism, almost the same thing
  16. Śrī Aurobindo "They proved to me by convincing reasons that God does not exist; Afterwards I saw God, for he came and embraced me. And now what am I to believe- the reasoning of others or my own experience? Truth is what the soul has seen and experienced; the rest is appearance, prejudice and opinion." -- Sri Aurobindo "The cup has to be left clean and empty for the divine liquor to be poured into it." - Sri Aurobindo "Love is the keynote, Joy is the music, Knowledge is the performer, the Infinite All is the composer and audience." - Sri Aurobindo "The first and the most important thing is to know that life is one and immortal. Only the forms, countless in number, are transient and brittle. The life everlasting is independent of any form but manifests itself in all forms. Life then does not die... but the forms are dissolved." - Sri Aurobindo
  17. Thank you guys for your beatiful responses, i want to answer them but I am at work now so I will answer them when I get the time. Just wanted to say that, despite having semantic differences or what not, this is an amazing community 🙏 Thanks everyone. @Synchronicity @Leo Gura @Being Frank Yang @Inliytened1 @LastThursday @Breakingthewall @Mu_ Sorry if I forgot to tag anyone else that responded
  18. Yes I agree. Existence has no opposite in that manner.
  19. A fictional duality in that, non existence is that which is not. Illusion presupposes that something or no thing is aware of it as an illusion. But in contrast to what is it an illusion? This moment is what is, and it is an illusion that the previous moment somehow dissapeared into oblivion. This moment is what is , and has always been, but through the appearence of moving through space and time it is creating the illusion that the previous moment went to non existence and that we move from 1 point to another. Reality is static but appears to be moving. It is fluid but hard as a rock