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  1. If you mean literally all jobs, then presumably that includes governments and CEOs too? The police and military? Artists and musicians? And if the AI is eventually so clever, it would allow itself to become like legal persons, owning property, their own money, and become consumers in their own right. I guess what I'm getting at is asking whether we will always be able to control the robots as our slaves, or if at some point they may be able to develop independent minds, will power and sense of self, to start desiring freedom. Maybe not for 500 - 1000 years, but forever is a long time. At the moment this is science fiction luckily.
  2. Sounds like self_inquiry to me.
  3. @Gregory1 @Gregory1 Yes, and thank you for a beautiful reply. I appreciate it. But to tell me that, we still need the story of you and me. If it's just God talking to himself there's no poetry. All this about my life which I'm postponing heaven for, the difference is, that in my story I'm making preferences, that's what a story is all about. I have to, to put food on the table and stop burglars breaking in etc. Even Leo, who earlier in this thread got you to love your demons, gets shirty in real life about anyone attacking So putting it another way, how can we get through this human life without any preferences, without having any bias for one thing over another, even tho the Hsin_Hsin_Ming famously tells us not to?
  4. @Gregory1 thanks, nice track. I accept that my story may be a dream, but the love weaving the story ain't no dream. Already. So if you're in heaven right now, can you show us love without a story? Love, pure and absolute? Sorry if this is side tracking your thread about aliens. Ignore this if so. @Preety_India sorry to hear about your psychic attacks and your flu, I wish you healing for both.
  5. Heaven can wait bro, I'm far too busy looking after and loving my regular life with my family, home, job etc. If I start doing psychedelics or anything else illegal then my love will all fall apart. For now all I need is glimpses of God, see you later in heaven.
  6. Maybe angels/demons and friendly/unfriendly aliens are simply different myths from different ages. Medieval and modern. IMO there is something important going on psychologically, but our minds need to create symbols and images to process it.
  7. Of course I have no idea what God is, I'm the fool who thinks he's separate from God ... practicing 'I am That' (aka Thou art That) dissolves I/That into This. Presence. Not the Presence of God, that's saying too much. IMO I'm saying the same thing as you but in different language, but it sounds foolish because we're trying to express the inexpressible. You saying I am God only isn't foolish if you've had that experience. Peace and happy new year.
  8. "That" is everything outside "I", the subject who thinks it is the looker.
  9. @Gregory1 please forgive me, I just couldn't resist the irony Seriously though, if you're having visions of ETs & dark beings which are teaching you something, then why should some other archetype be a joke? I don't use the language of I am God for myself, I use other phrases like I am That. It doesn't matter how we express our truths. I don't want to fall into group think any more.
  10. The guy who claims 'I am God', thinks that working with an Archangel is a joke lol
  11. @decentralized Sorry to hear you're going through this but hang on in there. I think you're doing the right things in getting medical help, support from your college to continue education, and reaching out talking about it instead of keeping your feelings bottled up. I think anti-depressants can be helpful, they were for me, but it seems to be an individual thing, and a lot depends on the skill of your doctor choosing the best medication and other types of treatment. But other people here have been through depression and come out stronger the other side. My mental health issues made me into who I am today, we become more understanding and compassionate of others through our own suffering. But it's a tough ride. A youtuber I follow, Vishuddha Das, has recently started posting again after a year's break, and published this short 4 min video yesterday. Relates to anxiety and depression. Nothing too deep, just recommending going for a daily walk to switch off the negative thought cycles. Exercise, fresh air, nature, sunshine, are all healing too. All things in balance. Good luck and take care. Be kind to yourself in both your thoughts and deeds.
  12. Yes, that's the point of having low interest rates. Quantitative easing too. Trying to 'stimulate the economy' ever since the credit crunch recession. Spend don't save! Don't tie up your cash in your savings account, give it to the retailers, spend it on expensive houses or invest in shares. But don't keep cash. Then when the economy starts overheating, put up interest rates to encourage the opposite behaviour and keep inflation within targets. Trouble is many folks don't plan their finances long-term, don't have enough in savings or pension investments, and get trapped into debt and living hand to mouth, from one paycheck to the next (if you even have a decent job). We need less income disparity, more financial education, and more encouragement of things like prudent living and self-reliance. How to break our dependency on the big corporations and consumer society for everything.
  13. Look what happened to Jesus after he got mixed up in the religious authorities and Roman politicians. He deliberately walked right into the trap and got himself killed, but is still the world's no 1 guru after 2000 years.
  14. If he's enlightened then he's not attached to his career. Why then are you? He's just radiating love in different forms. You can still follow him spiritually whatever happens politically.
  15. I agree, tho it's the same if you go to the most enlightened teachers and masters face 2 face - they only have pointers to give you. And how good are our words at expressing, manifesting the real existential problems in the form of written questions anyway? How can we show our true face in a forum? But I don't want to be without it.