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  1. Great post! How have you got it? Its hard to tell if this is an intellectual understanding or a direct embodiment. It seems to me that awakening is needed from the unenlightened ego's perspective, but from God's view, everything is fine already, awakening doesn't matter.
  2. Does any particular type of yoga interest you? For a general hatha yoga channel I use Yoga with Adriene but of course there's many others. To be fit and healthy I'd also recommended aerobic exercise for a cardio vascular workout. Plus check out a healthy diet. Good luck!
  3. People have such short memories don't we? I had a quick look at Iraqi history, which is a sad story of conquest and occupation since ancient times. Why for instance don't they hate the Turks who occupied them as part of the Ottoman empire for hundreds of years? Islam itself started off as a conquering empire in the 7th century. Just like the history of my own part of the world too, of course (Europe) - but after all the disasters of the 20th C (which the USA helped out with), we've managed to move on. Why are Americans worse than anyone else? What's a realistic alternative to the US leadership of the international community? If they did retreat in an isolationist policy, who else would rush into the power vacuum that results? For all their imperfections I'm still pretty pessimistic about the other options open to us.
  4. Hi @Max1993, sorry my previous post was a bit brief, I was in a hurry and a cryptic one liner doesn't really do justice to your questions! We're all telling each other how it is on this forum, but the important thing is to have the direct experience. What is awareness like? Is there a something, a you, an apparatus as you call it, which has awareness? Or is it awareness which has all these various features and creates you? "I want to go deeper with my awakening" me too, that's the spirit, but just remember that it's all chasing our own tails while we look for ourselves!
  5. @Max1993 ha ha yes, awareness is the apparatus, awareness is being.
  6. Sounds awesome to me so what's the problem? You've got a steady practice, making progress. Sure, the world is awash with chaos, always has been, we all do our bit to help.
  7. Then simply focus on your spiritual work. Perhaps try looking at why you have mixed feelings? Could be some social indoctrination which you have internalised that we should be fighting evil. But training yourself to be peaceful, equanimous, unconditionally happy is just as useful. What is your spiritual work, if you don't mind me asking?
  8. @Alfonsoo I don't blame you for keeping away from social media. I've long since given up putting the world to rights, if the large scale isn't your thing, then I'd suggest doing small acts of kindness in your local community. Help out if you can, do a bit of volunteering, smile more, talk to your neighbours, make friends with lonely people, feed the birds, pick up litter. Start a meditation group. Whatever your loving consciousness feels is needed.
  9. I take your point that it's a complex business landscape out there, eg personal services like Actualized are totally different from some mass production manufacturing which can be outsourced to the cheapest bidder (often hidden from the end customers). And the greed vs integrity thing goes wider than just corporations, it also includes shareholders and customers. Ie including me, as I have a pension scheme and buy cheap imported stuff. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones Edit. @aurum hey, I'm glad someone mentioned game theory, I only know some basics like tit for tat, thanks for the explanation!
  10. Isn't Love the answer? Cancels out neediness, co-dependency. Like in a loving relationship you set each other free, instead of shackling with neediness.
  11. But the present system prizes competition. If some companies have lower costs than others, they will make more profit or have lower prices, and eventually swallow up the others. Dog eat dog, that's why our factories moved to the far east. At the moment most people can't afford ethically sourced goods, can't afford the long term view. I suggest what you're asking for needs strong government regulation, backed up with popular support.
  12. I guess it depends on the stage of the country. Race may be swapped for another tribal identity like religion, language or nationalism, some people find it hard to share the same territory. Or it may be exploiting for money, so it's rich vs poor, capitalists vs socialists. Mind you, the implication of your question could have a point too; if an identity like race can be transcended, it necessarily involves a raising of consciousness.
  13. This is very much depending on the context, for instance a binary black & white model isn't much use in Africa or China. Of course it isnt literal, nobody has actual black or white skin, this approach is trying to divide us (then struggle with racism/anti-racism). It's all made up of course, from our desire for separation. So even if we do cure racism, without curing the ego mind, we will just replace race with some other form of discrimination.
  14. When it's all over we have to start paying the bill, and people are losing their jobs and businesses. We've already had what, 12 years of austerity since the 2008 credit crunch and now another massive recession. How on earth to make the fallout fair and not discriminate against the poor?
  15. I haven't watched your video (no time) but looked up a definition on wikipedia. "the Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life." I'd say it's another name for the placebo effect. Beliefs, positive or negative, have an effect psychologically and physically. So it's not bs, but not a magical force either.