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  1. Hi @Simhall it seems reincarnation is true after all No hard feelings, I understand some folks here are going through an unstable time. Best wishes whatever you decide I really hope it works out well for you.
  2. Is a 13 yo child allowed to be out alone in the US? They aren't in my country. If we're looking at the broader context, where were his parents/carers? There's huge risks already with unaccompanied kids, even before there's a handgun added to the problem. We need good parenting as well as good policing.
  3. ''God permeates the constructed order but it is not the constructed order''. Sounds to me like panentheism (God in reality) which is a pretty standard theology for dualists who want to avoid the unity of pantheism (God is reality).
  4. Most folks want to be a bit richer than we are now, and higher up the social pyramid, so that competition fuels the money system (you can more easily hoard money than most other resources). Also, cheap prices for buyers means low income for sellers, it's a duality of the transaction which creates the current belief that a small but positive inflation is desirable. Sellers want high prices but buyers want low, it's supply and demand. We could have a moneyless system in a hardline communist state where everyone is given a ration book by the govt and selling privately for cash is criminalised. But I'm not seriously suggesting it, maybe in an emergency situation if the regular economy breaks down.
  5. This is a massive tragedy, I'm so sad to hear about it. In a society awash with guns, the police need to be armed too, otherwise they can't do their job, so the answer is to de-escalate the arms race for everyone. It's the same problem with knives, young people in some areas feel they need to carry one for 'protection', and ofc that makes it more likely they'll be involved in a fight. Fewer weapons on the streets means less fear and we're less inclined to 'carry'. It's our choice: vicious circle or virtuous circle, but it's all relative don't expect perfection.
  6. This seems to be about the distinction between I and God, relative and absolute, form and formless. Is this distinction real or imaginary, actual or abstract? Yeah, you can have experiences of both ego and God, and they do feel different; non-dualists and Buddhists say the ego experience is illusory and the God/Nirvana experience is real. So to resolve this further duality I believe a deeper insight is needed to see the relative within the absolute. Personally I've had these experiences separately and still working on the deeper insight, the 'third truth'.
  7. Another point about the so-called New Age movement is how much stage orange it has integrated, compared to mainstream religions. I've been to a few New Age fairs, which were like market places with small traders all selling a product as a business. It's commercialised spirituality, nothing wrong with that in principle, but there's something missing of the stage blue community which will hopefully re-emerge when there's more stage green emerging. How does the diversity of individualised therapists deal with poor people who cannot afford the rather high prices, for example.
  8. My observation is that the New Age movement is mostly defined by people on the outside, and many of those are critical: so the whole concept is a straw man. I mean, there's a lot of folks who use crystals or do Reiki etc without considering themselves to belong to the New Age. Much of the narrative is self-serving, referencing those woolly-minded people over there, vs me with my slick beliefs over here. Originally, before this straw manning, the New Age (Age of Aquarius) was a theory based on the precession of the equinoxes, which is based to some extent on sound science. However it then brings in astrological ideas about cosmic energies affecting us here on Earth, with the age of Pisces (effectively Christianity for westerners), replaced by Aquarius at some point: more fluid, watery. At some point around the 1980s this became the slightly derogatory umbrella term in use up till now. My hope is that it will change in future and become a more positive term for a smaller, more succinct but real movement.
  9. Feel for you man, I reckon you need hugs more than words, here's one virtually Forget about the Ox, just try surrendering to your breath instead, and relax. Then try going through your original post, replacing 'kill' and 'die' with 'love'. How does that feel?
  10. But didn't Russia already invade Ukraine a few years ago when they occupied the Crimea? Not to mention support for pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. If that's all forgiven and forgotten by the West then I'm not surprised that Russia wants to keep pushing Westward until all Ukraine becomes a puppet for them. If the West and NATO don't draw a line somewhere, their enemies like Russia and China will continue pushing. And probably vice-versa to be fair, although as a disclaimer my preference is for the West to have the upper hand. Russia has for centuries been worried about its long borders which are expensive to defend, and constantly campaigning to have a friendly buffer zone around them.
  11. @sat2493 "I was speaking with a friend today about history", "What do you think can be labeled from this collective consciousness reaction I just described? " Have you seen this in a broader context or just with your friend? You could be extrapolating maybe? I don't see it much in my area, although there is some discussion about "politically correct" people having an asymmetric critique of events eg on a racial basis. But with Hitler and the Nazis, it's only a tiny minority in denial about the holocaust, for example.
  12. when I find it hard to understand 'emptiness', I substitute 'everything' instead, so for example, every thing is an appearance of everything. We can say that individual things are emptiness appearing as, or the totality appearing as.
  13. I'm no expert in French but I looked it up and got Dodo's translation 'I am everywhere'. Also it was the name of an old right wing French newspaper from 1930-1944. Edit: I found this explanation of the modern use in Portugal, it's an anti-masonic movement apparently. The English translation is available on the drop-down menu at the top.
  14. @Vittorio "You can only prove me what's happening now. What's in your memories cannot be proved and thus it never happened (even if you remember so)." Yeah I come across this argument a lot in the nondual community. But what is proof? The usual idea of proof is some evidence, like photos, fingerprints, memories of witnesses, saved scientific data. All that is a record of an event which allegedly occurred previously. So proof of X is not X itself. By the time I've created a proof of anything, "now" has moved on to a different "now". Doesn't that also apply when proving something to myself - the proof is a layer of thought occurring after the fact. I think your requirement of proof is impossible in the relative sense ... me proving X to you now ... however ... "But actually there is no such thing as a time from a nondual perspective. Time can be only perceived only by a dual perspective (e. G.,as a human being). And yes, in the end they all are compressed in a single infinite present moment. Your mind space these events in past, present and future, but in the end your birth, life and future are all happening simultaneously in a single instant." If direct experience is the proof you're after, here it is! The snag is, you have to realise your divinity to see it, become omniscient and know everyone's past, present and future in the infinite singularity. "God knows" as they say and if we are God forgetting itself temporarily, then that sounds like the past is real, even though we can't prove it.
  15. @Vittorio thanks for this, I need to contemplate it for a while, watch this space ...