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  1. The Subject and the Object are Identical in Nature. Guess What?
  2. I'm pointing at something. Black pupil, black mirror. The mirror is black when there's no light. Reality is all black when you re not dreaming the reality, light, colors, forms. All a dream. Shapeshifter
  3. I'm playing dangerous Do you know how reality is showing You things on the eyelids? I awakened.
  4. ??️ Namaste ! ? Day One for this kind of creative expression of awakenings, trip reports, everything is a pointer kind of notes, poems, artistic writing and Utopic spontaneous thoughts, insights and anything I feel like writing at any given time. I'm so freakin' excited, so happy, so ?? Welcome to Exploring Consciousness in a liberated Way! ? ? Infinite Love, Breakthroughs, I am Alive , God I am, You too, God You are, Liberation through direct access ???️ I am so blissful oh God ; LOVE all the way!!! ?? Namaste? again! ?️? Or most precisely ? Hi God!? Peace & Always Follow Your Utopic Dreams, God's Will is Absolute and We are One! ✌️ Your deepest and most utopic desires after God-Realization and direct proof Awakening is Your Guide !
  5. Only God's Will is all-powerful. Only God's will IS. God's will is the only command for this particular game to keep appearing as reality. There is no other will around but One, because anyone that you've always had interactions with is what makes the world alive. Given the fact that the Universe is this rn, the external objective reality is an idea. You'd get lonely ..because there is no veil of perception. Nobody is perceiving an objective external world. If I interact with You and I am ✌️ I am You because nonduality, duality, one, two, etc are words and thoughts, the only way of access for truth to get realized or for God to realize God is direct experience. I can't see my face when I open my eyes because Consciousness is not activity of brain neither has anything to do with brains. What is behind closed eyelids? It's the Same Same. What is behind opened eyes? The black screen you see when you close your eyes is not the perception of having your eyes closed when you realize there are no physical eyes, brains or eyelids. What's beyond the visual field? Nothing else appearing because to say *space*, you see, for that to be correct you should be having direct experience of what you call space beyond visual field... Now play around with this train of thought... You realize there is no space beyond direct experience, and you start wondeing... Is there anything at all happening beyond direct experience? And then you rethink the first question more throughly.. And u think to urself.. ? Ummmm God's game ? is designed in such a way that once the click happens you lose all fear. Because you know, and that knowing is your fuel. You are Unstoppable. Try this out: Close your eyes for 2 seconds, then open just one. Keep just that one open for 6 seconds. Look, did u notice? Now... At the same time, open the left eye and put your hand like this as you keep the other one open as well. ? Notice how you re creating the whole Qualia of every drop and ocean of sensation. Your body is Qalia. Of course you're dreaming up Qualia in real time. Qualia is not a mix of signals interpreted by a brain. Brain is Qualia too as all appearance. But guess what are the implications of *Brains are not even something that exist outside or as smth else other than though, Qualia. Only the eyes are the windows to "God's Highest States" Pointer .. ??? There are two Eyes ?️?️, Maybe you never thought it throughly, I mean, wtf, why 2✌️?️?️? why... And then you realize.. When you realize the real awakening triggered by this pointer, since you can't see your face you start looking for another ?️?️ and then finally everything clicks. It clicked. You start seeing and understanding that the absence of your eyes within your sight is experienced via a double body with the same nonlocal seat... Astral projection, OBE etc. Think about seeing your face and your body on the bed while out of body journeying... What is really happening is you having direct experience.. Eyes are that stuff which cannot be seen until You discover through direct truth access that the way you experience this very moment might have ✌️ existing nonlocal .. in the same "seat". Just imagine... A world where there is no suffering. A world where the only suffering the world ever experienced is through conscious direct experience. Hi? The One reading this rn. ?✌️Clue... Everything that appears as XYZ is Consciousness, your voice, sight insight, feels, thoughts are Consciousness as well. Consciousness = ? Reread this paragraph and read beyond what you first thought I mean; Two channels✌️OneScreen??✌️ One Godhead, I included some symbols here which I am not using to express what these emoticons etc are supposed to convey as meaning 'conventionally', please let all the old meaning behind. If you know what I mean you can surely verify it in your direct experience, the only way of recognizing the same insight, awakening and breakthrough realization is through getting the Clues, a clue is a pointer. Guess what? If everything is Consciousness, guess what the pointers are pointing at. Look...There is no ego either. There never was. What do I mean by that... Well, you might wonder, In what sense there is no ego... ?.. The ego is creation. Creation is play. The Ego you've been keep updating and upgrading as you keep dreaming it up... Every ego activit that occured within your awareness is the only reference point for what? ? Now you might wonder ? What if there is randomness here and there in God's game? But now think this throughly... everything you think and do is fueled by God's will and after True God's God-Realization begins the Journey of contacting yourself by initiating connnexion with Yourself, God-realized God wanna be Itself and experience itself..and explore this liberation through Interaction with Capital I. Direct experience of There is no veil of perception= Proof available when you take 5-meo with your girlfriend and you realize that you cannot see your face because this is when both get the biggest clue , literally and metaphorically, you cannot see your face because for you to look into your eyes you'd have to look through some other eyes. Fire cannot cook and eat, cannot magically turn into a human being, butterfly etc because fire is Qualia. Qualia has no will. But the recontextualization after the Realization: Consciousness cannot be absent There is no Unconsciousness What this is pointing to ...✌️ "I am Conscious in your Mind too* might make you enter this state: "the real realization of what this: Imagine Reading Religion stuff from God's POV. Do u remember that line? NWe made man in our image. Our. Our. Our. Image ?? God Realized that God is immortal and It's existence is absolute, it Has nothing to do with any unconscious nothingness. There is no nothing in existence, there is no absence when it comes to existence/God. Full stop. Start practicing some Consciousness play... Don't think about anything for 7 hours straight with a partner. You just focus on each other without talking, worrying, eating, doing rutine shit etc. Just stay there, both on 5-meo and look into each other's eyes till both of you recognize the fact that you've always communicated inside the mind. That s the only body of work that God sacrificed itself by living in your imagination thinking your whole life into being.
  6. Also, you're creating this meaning in real time. In the absolute sense, you experiencing 'a cup' the way you do, thinking about it the way you do, that would be part of your direct experience as well, right? That's the process of creating, there are no gaps, there is no boundary, You are dreaming up your direct experience and thus a cup is as infinite as anything else. Your direct experience is Absolute. It is not 'a piece of cake'. It is the 'cake itself'. A cup is not a piece of direct experience. Direct experience is nondual, complete, whole. A cup is neverending because your walls and your cup are Consciousness. Your body is Consciousness. Every sensation and thought within Your direct experience is Absolute, every single distinction you make is Consciousness because there is no veil of perception. So everything is Consciousness. Because everything and distinctions within everything are identical. God is a cup in your direct experience but not as a concept, as Your direct experience. Your direct experience is You. Even thinking about the fact that you are experiencing a cup as a concept is not separate from direct experience. But you can experience infinite meaning, because meaning is not created by a finite being. You God Mind is infinite so it can dream about generating any meaning, it's an eternal wellspring of meaning. Mind is everything. Everything is Mind. Notice that even the memory of you learning what a cup is, in the absolute sense, well, that memory is not a memory of a past experience, it is You dreaming that up in real time, Infinity experiencing itself.
  7. Your direct experience is like a living painting made of every sensation and thought unified as one. There is no veil of perception... It is absolutely direct. A cup is a distinction within the 'living painting of sensations' , labeling is creating distinction. Creating distinction is zooming in and out into certain points of focus, zooming in and out within an infinite field of wholeness, nonlocal consciousness. What you call experiencing a cup in your direct experience is like a fractalic labeling of 'the whole ocean within a drop', it is Consciousness itself as Anything that is being experienced by You. Because it's all You. The whole ocean(Infinity) is beaming with specific meaning within your experience as you are focusing on placing your awareness on creating meaning by conceptually partitioning, creating distinction within *the wholeness of the melted sensations that are glued to the entire living painting of your direct experience*.
  8. Think about what experiencing a cup 'means'... It can mean infinite possibilities in terms of context and content... There is the whole direct experience of all the sensations as a unified, singular mega element, a mix made of each element of what the experience feels like as a whole...your direct experience.. that which encompasses all distinctions, all glued together : looking at the cup while thinking it looks (whatever you imagine it looks like, disliking it or loving it, reminding you of a different 'object' etc) + looking at your hand as you're holding this cup + the background made of any other sensation that's not within the field of your focused attention but still present in your awareness... The way the temperature in your room feels like as you're ready to drink some tea... + The sounds + everything else...
  9. 'Being human' and 'a cup' are both concepts that create specific meaning within the content of your experience by making distinctions between what a cup is and what it is not etc. This is how context is being created. The context is created by Your infinite imagination, like a word in a language you know vs a word in a language you do not. Think about words, a word is meaningless, just letters, letters are meaningless, just symbols. What gives a word meaning?
  10. Direct experience is occuring in The Now You are being present and directly experiencing it because you are Consciousness itself. You are aware that you are in the now because you are conscious. Always. No beginning, no end. The now is not a separate facet. It's the same. What is conscious Now? The Absolute, Consciousness, You, whatever word you wanna use. Now... Direct experience is not 'some thing' that 'happens'. It is the same... Consciousness. You. You are Infinity ❤️