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  1. Yes, absolutely. Why not?
  2. @XxxDenyYourLies The Creator and The Creation are One This dream that is occuring rn is occuring within Consciousness because Consciousness is INFINITE. It can dream up anything. Anything.
  3. @XxxDenyYourLies God's Imagination is Reality / Your direct experience. Which is identical to Being The Absolute cannot be divided into separate parts.
  4. @XxxDenyYourLies @XxxDenyYourLies By 'direct experience' I mean 'this right now'. The wholeness of what is. 'It' is absolute. This is it. What else are you talking about? Much love ❤
  5. Hint. You don't have to scroll too much till you find the same ball
  6. Write dannup into google images
  7. 2 consonants and 4 vowels please
  8. Now give me a code made of 6 letters
  9. @A Fellow Lighter Now think about placing this object somewhere in your room
  10. Let's play a little game Think about a blue sofa