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  1. There is no veil of perception. There's just Being. Pure. Direct. Now.
  2. Consciousness is totally direct so Reality is totally direct, as Reality & Consciousness are One.
  3. In the same way that 'activity'/change in what experience appears as -- does not require time for the "shapeshifting" of experience to happen... Awareness/Existence can manifest itself through potentially infinite versions of what's being experienced without ever changing 'That which is being present'. Because in actuality... the now and Consciousness are one.
  4. Welcome to the forum. ❤ And thank you for sharing your experience. I feel like writing this down rn... here are some pointers that came to mind today. Consciousness is Oneness. Infinity It's infinite as in -- ▪what the form can appear as (Everything=Something=Everything) (so not only that Infinite Form/Everything is infinite ---> but *Every* *Thing*/experience is infinite as well not just *Everything*). So every thing and everything are One(Same). ▪Therefore Everything is INFINITY itself not just infinite, which is identical to Some Thing that is infinite. ▪And it's the same here --> 'Formlessness'/No...Thing/No Experience/No Dream (which is as well infinite)•pointer -- No...Thing=Awareness• Thus Everything & No...thing are one. They are identical. It's nondual. Your direct experience & No thing/Awareness/Formlessness are One. What I meant by Form here....--> Conscious direct experience. Which is identical to Something&Everything. You are this Conscious Direct Experience and Awareness/No thing at the same time. They are identical. And time is part of your dream. So at the same time = The eternal Now. Because time is being experienced as Some Thing/Experience/dreamed up. Past & future = Now • Now = Awareness/Emptiness/'No Thing Ness' Which is • Everything The relative & the Absolute are one. They are 'both' infinite. If they are infinite they are One and the same as Absolute Infinity. Once they get recognized as such You 'find yourself'. Because you are that which cannot be ever forgotten. No-thing/Everything experiencing this right now. But the 'glass' must empty itself out first(of content) to recognize that both That --> where direct experience is occuring/Awareness and 'direct experience' are One. Direct experience is one with Awareness so Consciousness is equally/absolutely/infinitely both Direct Experience and Awareness. They are identical. This is why you cannot find 'the answer' anywhere else but in your direct experience. This is it! This right here. Peace & Bless
  5. Awareness gets Aware of itself as God. Once You get direct realization via direct experience, You know what it means, and thus you become omniscient -- Omniscience as in you awaken as the Absolute. It's ▪That which never gets forgotten & • everything that can be forgotten. It is ▪No....thing/•Everything. ❤
  6. You are Infinite Will. Anything(dream content) can work wonders if you are awake -- because you know what everything is. You can manifest your Power by using any tool you want. . . . Can your body walk? Yes, because the experience of *your body walking* is occuring within Awareness as Consciousness/You give it direction & animate the imagined avatar. ❤
  7. Let's play a game. Think about a blue sky. Now move your right leg. What is That which decided to 'do' this? Can you point to it? Was it an experience co-created by two ego-minds? Was it an experience created by one ego-mind? Or is it Awareness/Consciousness? Is That which is aware of reading this text separate from 'reading this text'?
  8. You got the answer then. Focus your time & energy to make money for now. Then, enjoy creating whatever you wanna dream about here.
  9. I recommend you to focus on making this current life(dream) Paradise-like. Well, now you gotta figure out what's required for you to make this happen. What comes to mind? Tomorrow is in your hands. You are the Now. What's stopping you from actualizing Heaven in this current 'dream world'? What's stopping 'Heaven on Earth' to become your Reality?
  10. What is time in your Ahahha
  11. Becoming/Being aware that there's no 'intermediary' between ___ and ___
  12. As 'you' get to realize that Reality is aware of You/Itself as God, (through direct experience), 'Omniscience-realization' begins to unfold. Consciousness is totally direct. You are Home. If the awakening you had so far makes you feel doom or lack, you are mistaking --> conceptual constructs for true God-Realization. Mistaking the map for the territory. When Truth gets realized, Infinite love awakens. So many words here... But again, words are just that, words. You can 'reach' & open the door if you feel called to do so. But thinking about doing it or reading about 'others' doing it is not actually doing it. It seems to 'me' that you're still circling around 'it'. "(...) knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside." — Rumi Much love