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  1. I some times have a strange intuitive feeling. I don't know how to articulate it well or what to call it. It feels like some serious thing that my inner self want to say or do, but it's not clear. At the times these feelings occur, even though I would like to engage in some activities there is a subtle resistance from inside and stop the activitiy and just sit alone. It is neither good nor a bad experience. Sometimes there is confusion. I can ignore it and do whatever I want but at that time I can feel my mind doesn't completely enjoy the activitiy and there is a subtle resistance from deep down in my mind. I don't know how much you understand what I am saying. (English isn't my first language.) Do any one have such similar feelings?
  2. Hi Leo, can you make a modified video about suppliments and nootropics. Are you taking all the suppliments you mentioned in the old video now ?
  3. @Qarnithank you❤️
  4. @RazeThank you?
  5. Hi, my name is Rishi, i am from India. i am dealing with porn addiction now. It seems very hard without having anyone to talk about it. Or without having an experience of someone who have gone through it to guide. I would like to have someone to share my thoughts and story. Please share your experiences if you have gone through similar addictions or problem. And if you like to share your story or have a feel to talk to somebody. Please do.(+918086874062)this is my WhatsApp number
  6. @puporing @Raze @AJBrew @Rafael Thundercat @Basman @Tyler Robinson @Ulax Thank you guys. greatful for the valuable informations.
  7. how to be free from emotional attachment towards a person. I always think about that person and looking for their validation, and also so worried about their loss from my life. I don't know how that person is feeling about myself, but i am so attached to the. Please share your thoughts or good related sources in internet. THANK YOU ❤️
  8. It would be nice to share a video about "dealing emotional labour in spiritual work/ self actualization"❤️
  9. Leo, can u do an episode about how to manege with fear and existential crisis which comes in the way when doing enlightenment work. Personally for me glimpsing the absolute while self inquiry is bit terrifying some times. Becoming mindful about the emotions and letting go at these times is very helpful. But can u do a seperate episode about this topic
  10. Is it because of the fact that the language can't explain with language?
  11. I looked many resources, if you can find high quality resources about language please share?
  12. Leo can u do a video about language. Its birth and evolution, and how it takes part in self deception. Also if any one have high quality teaching about language, please share.