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  1. I just listened to this and I like the perspectives shared here.
  2. Well as fucked up as that sounds, I think you're right. This stuff has been brewing in Europe for decades and it seems like shit is becoming real now. There are so many problems emerging now that I think a major crisis in Europe is inevitable.
  3. It's crazy to see people in my country celebrating the horrors of this war. Many people in Germany already think poorly of immigrants from the Middle East and are being pushed even further to the right now. For them it is like a confirmation and the right-wing party in Germany has already become significantly stronger in recent years…
  4. Only if you don't have access to other psychedelics, but I know LSD and magic mushrooms are everywhere in New Zealand so I would just go for that.
  5. I feel the same way. Thank you ❤️
  6. The attack on the psytrance festival hit me right in the heart. I am part of this community of peaceful, loving people. I can't stop crying, it's like my family has been slaughtered. The only answer to such cruelty is to cultivate even more love within ourselves.
  7. @Rafael Thundercat A beauty And my favorite shirts are all Grateful Dead shirts
  8. Totally agree! And funny that you say that because lately I get shown that too in a very cool and clear way. Also btw my city has the worst drivers in germany
  9. I love Chris Bache and can highly recommend his book, it is one of my absolute favorite books. But Bache says it will take him many more lifetimes to live at the level of enlightenment he desires.
  10. Basically yes, but look for a good playlist beforehand or create one yourself. The Music will guide you, maybe something like this:
  11. For me, plugging doesn't work as well as smoking.
  12. I prefer to smoke it indoors with as few distractions as possible, but if that's not possible then maybe find a good spot in nature. Set and setting are crucial with psychedelics, never neglect it
  13. No to both.
  14. That's a good question. Infinity is not something you can grasp with your conceptual mind. There's a mystery to it that you can't solve. So what can you do? First, break down any barriers that prevent you from realizing your infinite nature, and then be open to it in every moment. For me it is like a dance in which you immerse yourself so deeply that you completely lose yourself in the infinite flow of the universe.