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  1. Amen brother 🙏 That's wonderful, thanks for sharing!
  2. @Javfly33 Lol dude are you serious? Heroin is smoked with foil as far as I know and for crack an oil pipe is used. Which is also good to smoke DMT, but why would you do it with a tin foil when there are many better ways, one being a 5€ oil pipe. The moment you stop inhaling it also instantly stops... And also of course smoking crack is very different from taking a psychedelic. It's not about being above crack addicts but normally the set and setting are completely different.
  3. Given your posts here, the odds of you fucking up your life seem pretty high to me. You are playing with fire.
  4. It can lead to a major panic attack or worse. I used to fear insanity a lot. Fear of the unknown or fear of death are also two big ones, but it doesn't matter as much what form the fear takes. You can even fear love. In my opinion it boils down to fear of nothingness, it's like your ego fears the void, where it is completely obvious that it is an illusion.
  5. Can you share the study? I couldn't find it, only the one with N-N-DMT. You can control the duration and intensity through vaping, but I agree that there are side effects. It doesn't always feel healthy on the body, it's not optimal. Maybe I'll try injecting it when I have a clean HCL version.
  6. It seems unnecessary since you can vape 5-MeO easily and it’s almost as effective.
  7. @Breakingthewall Spoken like a true psychonaut. I would only do it as a special occasion and if you are already very familiar with 5-MeO. A quick breakthrough often won’t help much, you slowly have to open your mind and get rid of fear. It could even backfire if you take the easy route and your mind becomes to unstable.
  8. Malt seems very interesting, I hope I get my hands on it sometime. Ketamine generally combines well with other drugs such as LSD or MDMA. One of my most profound experiences was with MDMA + Ketamine. Interesting, never heard that before. To be clear, it's similar to vaped 5-MeO. Hmm, the sphere didn't really look like your picture, but it is indeed a great way to effortlessly maintain high states of concentration. It looked more like this:
  9. In my experience, the dosage has to be very high. I have never taken DMT orally, only smoked it. For example, if I take a breakthrough dose of DMT, there is no more motor control or anything like that because I leave the body behind.
  10. My guess would be that you either took too much 5-MeO-DMT, because it alters the N-N-DMT experience if you take it too soon afterward. Like N-N-DMT then is more similar to 5-MeO. Or you haven't inhaled enough DMT on your previous trips. For me, it's really not easy to inhale enough DMT to have a serious breakthrough. Because the smoke is so hard on the lungs, I sometimes have to train for weeks so I can inhale enough.
  11. Haven't done it for a while. I usually only like it in high doses for breakthrough experiences. But I have to smoke quite a lot (30-70mg) and it's harsh on the lungs. It's great for mystical experiences. Once a bush of reeds in my garden taught me what desire is. Other times I've spoken to beings in the afterlife and so on. It's the most mystical substance for me. I only do it like once a year though.
  12. No, I didn't really experience any confusion or such. Very pure and clean.
  13. Friday evening I took ketamine intravenously for the first time. I had two doses of 60 mg each. I have a friend who is a nurse and he put the line in my vein. At first I just did a little test and pumped some into my blood. Five seconds later I could already feel it and I pushed the rest in. A moment later my body completely relaxed and a wave of euphoria came over me. My eyes closed and in my mind I saw the substance flowing into my bloodstream. I was stunned by its purity, it surprised me very much as I have taken ketamine intratransally many times and it is very distorted in comparison. All of this happened in a brief moment. I was totally in Awe. All the energy in my body rose up and shot out of my body and I merged with the Light. When I came back and opened my eyes, I saw my friend falling out of his hammock across the room. It didn't trigger any reaction from me, I just took it as a fact. We had another friend trip sitting for us and he came to me and told me I had taken ketamine and I was looking at the access in my arm. He thought I was confused, but I wasn't, and I laughed at him and told him I understood everything. Then I closed my eyes again and right in front of me was this blue sphere. I looked directly at it and it told me to focus all my attention on it. I did, and my focus was getting completely sucked into it. Then it was as if I had become a completely still ocean. Hard to descripe but if I had to put words on it, I would call it the essence of my soul. There was a calmness that totally stoned my body. I also remembered that I had seen this blue sphere throughout my whole life, as a kind of signpost. And it was "calling" me many times, but for reasons I cannot explain, I never really gave much attention to it. When I opened my eyes again, my trip sitter friend was also in awe. The room too had become an ocean of stillness and everything seemed to be in perfect sync. A bit later I smoked some cannabis and took the second dose which put me into a deep meditation but no more k hole and I had already forgotten about the blue sphere, I only remembered it the next day. Overall an incredible experience. I did it at the end of a very beautiful and intense phase of my life and we now plan to do it once a year. Ultimately, it's not that different from snorting ketamine. Nasal I need longer and a higher dose to get to the K-hole region, but you can also stay there longer. It is still very surprising to see how clean real ketamine is. The trip was more like a 5-MeO-DMT experience than LSD.
  14. I have it. Doesn’t really bother me anymore. At one point it was at a 10 for a few months. Nowadays like 2-3, been to a doctor and tried different things but nothing worked.
  15. Thank you for sharing! This is amazing, I think these results cannot be ignored. Hopefully this will pave the way for further clinical research with 5-MeO. It seems like the perfect substance to work with in this context. Short, direct, easy to redose and incredibly powerful.