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  1. Because when things aren't regulated, wall street execs will end up fucking up things even worse. Look what happened when they repealed Glass-Steagall. That's not to say it's right what is happening on wall street. It's not. It's super shitty that a bunch of people make billions of dollars largely just gambling and rigging the government. And it needs to stop. But a peasant revolt of people doing the same thing is not going to stop it. Although it's obviously drawing attention to the issue, which is good. Really you need to change the paradigms and systems that allow for something like wall street in the first place. All that said, I have to admit I find it kind of hilarious. A bunch of reddit nerds bankrupting a wall street hedge fund? We are in an alternate universe right now.
  2. I was making more a general point about holistic, regenerative agricultural. Not necessarily the method described in the video. Yes I’m speaking of the west. I don’t know what the situation is in Africa. Farming certainly can make money. But in general, jobs requiring manual labor are seen as less valuable, more replaceable and therefore lower status. This might not be true in certain contexts as obviously social status is a fluid thing. I’m generalizing. Also, in general it’s still more profitable to run large scale, low labor industrial farms than small, high labor regenerative farms. That could change and I believe it will as industrial agricultural continues to reveal itself as unsustainable. But we need to be aware of the current incentives that are in place.
  3. @Vrubel There’s tons of healing methods out there for agricultural. Biodynamic farming, permaculture, one-straw etc. The issue up to this point has largely been one of economics and labor. Real holistic solutions, while extremely productive, tend to require more labor and don’t scale like industrial agriculture. While it is possible, we are talking a significant portion of the population which would have to return to working directly in agriculture. And most people do not have those skills because they’ve never been taught. These jobs are also not highly incentivized by society. You are incentivized via economics and social status to chase jobs in things like finance, engineering, being a CEO, etc. Essentially, “knowledge workers” are at the top. And in an economic system where your financial situation is literally life or death, this is no joke. Thus, we still see a lot of monocultures and cash farms. There’s also the issue of acquiring land for these kind of things, which can be very challenging given the high start up costs. I don’t mean to shit on the video you posted, I love that these ideas are being shared. I’m just pointing out the systemic blocks to actualizing something like this.
  4. @StarStruck My interpretation is that he's referring to the fact that the Two are actually One. The connection between all things.
  5. And I don't doubt his intentions either. I'm criticizing his paradigm, not his morality. This is not a guarantee at all. This assumes that a) the biggest ecological crisis we face is climate change and b) that climate change can be solved by reducing a simple metric like carbon. In reality, climate change is just a symptom of a much larger ecological crisis being caused by industrial civilization. The economic incentive and paradigm we have for solving this is simply to replace one huge industrial project (petrol cars) with another one (electric cars). This is justified by statistics in carbon reduction emissions. But of course, you cannot reduce the ecological healing that needs to happen to reducing carbon. Not even close. We are headed for a world where we see nature as alive. And that changes everything. Governments have every incentive to act on the ecological crisis. They are the public sphere, it's there job to actually care about the welfare of everyone. But the problem is the government has been massively corrupted by the private sphere. If our concern is actually healing the ecology, I'd take planting a tree over an electric car any day. Just saying.
  6. Read the posts I wrote earlier in the thread, I explained my position there.
  7. Consider this me blowing off steam. The problem as I see it with everything you just said is that we don't need innovation. As I mentioned to the previous user, we have invented all the technology we would need to solve the major problems of today. It is not matter of needing new tech. That includes space mining, hyperloops, AI or whatever else. Even renewable energy comes with its own set of environmental problems. 100% renewable energy will not happen without much deeper systemic shifts. And not only do we not need new tech, the problems of today are largely caused by the tech we have. Machines rule our lives. And it's killing us and the planet. This is what the end of paradigm looks like. This is not to say beneficial tech could not be built. Indeed, it obviously a skill humanity possesses. But we have to first admit that we don't know what we're doing. But someone like Elon does not understand this. I don't care how much of a "bro" he is, I don't see him as offering serious solutions to our collective problems. Then we give him a pass when he holds an absolutely obscene about of wealth because "well, he's just working on such big problems". No, I don't give a fuck. There's no reason he should have that much wealth. The system is broken.
  8. Most definitely. He’s charismatic and knows how to be entertaining. No I don’t get a sense he cares too much either. Many of his fans do believe he has gone crazy though since he started posting about nonduality. He was just a normal fitness guy before, kind of a shock for them . For sure. 10 years from now, who knows. It’s fascinating that we have the ability to document our journey online now for everyone to see. I say that he is addicted just because he is sleeping around quite a lot. I have no problem with it, but in my experience guys do not sleep around that much unless they’ve got at least a minor addicted. He also admitted in an earlier video that he felt he was addicted to sex and premasati yoga was his way of trying to break that.
  9. Careful about critiquing the hippies. They are a massive leap in consciousness compared to Orange. I never made that claim. Certainly petrol cars are a problem. But what is the solution? There might be more value to planting trees than you’re giving credit. I don’t doubt that solar power might play a role in our transition. But again, be careful about trying to solve problems caused by technology and development with more technology and development. The fact is we have the technology already to live totally in harmony with the planet. But what people are asking for is to continue economic growth and our current high energy / consumption lifestyle. That’s the reason it looks like we don’t have the tech. We have to realize that people are asking for the impossible. No tech is going to offset continual economic growth.
  10. @Nahm I believe Connor has had some real awakening experiences. And I respect that he’s been willing to destroy his reputation and alienate his followers for sharing this kind of content. That said, I’d argue he is still very much addicted to sex. Or at least the validation that comes from it. It doesn’t feel to me that he has fully integrated his experiences yet. Which is fine. It’s just going to take him some time. I expect to see more big changes in his life.
  11. @Axiomatic Check your bro-bias homie. I’m sure the experiences you’ve had are real. And it certainly sounds like unconscious behavior. But be careful about extrapolating those experiences and jumping to conclusions.
  12. @Keef What is your field of interest? And what is your experience in it? Often it's not possible to specialize so early.
  13. @cle103 First of all, it's shocking that you have almost a 100k saved at age 23. You're definitely in a minority in that respect. My perspective is that it depends on a lot of variables. Do you reasonably think work will slow down enough in the future that you'll have time to do your art? A full time job can give you security, but if it's so time consuming then that'll be an issue. Also, how much are your expenses? Can you reduce those expenses in anyway? Also, how talented are you as a artist? Do you really need to go to school, or could you just start now? These are always tricky situations. And they require a lot of in the moment, case-by-case thinking.
  14. Musk to me represents just about everything wrong with stage Orange. I'm not saying he's a bad guy or has bad intentions. He's passionate, he's charismatic. But he's in his head. He's obsessed with science, rationality, technology, work, etc. This is not how you save the planet. If anything, this is the mindset that needs to be transcended in order for healing to occur.
  15. @tuckerwphotography I have the same questions whenever I'm channeling for someone or I'm seeing someone else channel. Even channels can be biased. In my experience, it's mostly just a matter of degree. In this case, I'd ask for more information. What does "an inside job" mean? Are we talking reptilian overlords? Or is it perhaps more of a metaphorical inside job, as in "you create your own reality" kind of thing? The subconscious is tricky. It doesn't always speak in a literal way which is why our minds can have trouble understanding its messages. We also need to understand that we form our beliefs based on what serves us. Perhaps that belief serves your friend in some way. Really, we can't know for sure. All evidence disproving or proving your friend right can be countered. So what does you own intuition say?