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  1. ? OP wanted to make this a mega thread. Posting examples is generally what that’s all about. There are certainly risks to sharing conspiracy videos, which is what I was referring to in my previous post. This is epistemological off-roading. It is potentially dangerous, but there’s also lessons to be learned by studying conspiracies to see how they delude people.
  2. This should about cover it: Conspiracy theories are one of the major problems I see in the new age community. It’s tempting to think that maybe just because you’ve discovered some truths outside the mainstream level of consciousness, that EVERY theory that isn’t mainstream must be true. In reality, not being a sheep and going epistemically off-roading is a big responsibility. If you’re not careful, you’ll just end up sucked into crazy conspiracy theories. And it seems many new age people fail at this.
  3. @WonderSeeker I did a bootcamp with Todd. In hindsight, I’d say the bootcamp was really only valuable because I made it valuable. I did an absurd amount of approaches that weekend. But truthfully, I could have saved myself the 2.5k and done the same thing at home. Todd mostly just had us do our own thing without much attention. The thing that ultimately really helped me was not doing a bootcamp. It was having good wings / friends, and committing over the course of months / years to going out.
  4. My sense is that you should flip this. You’re already assuming you will not find the right degree. Instead, I would commit myself fully to finding and obtaining your degree, EVEN IF it turns out not to be what you want to do. I would cross that bridge when you get there, not try to deal with it when you don’t even know if it’s going to happen. And if you split your focus between your plan A and plan B, realistically you will likely fail at plan A. So don’t hedge. Assume plan A is all you got, even if it’s not.
  5. That was your mistake. The right move IMO would have been to walk with her and meet her friends. The chances she was going to come back to you were basically zero. No you did the right thing by moving on. She was not coming back. It happens to everyone. The attention moved off you and you were sort of the odd man out. It certainly makes it easier. The problem is, if you’re going our 3-5 nights a week, you’re going to seriously deteriorate your health and your wallet over the long term. And you’ll forget important details for integrating lessons from your night out. There’s a lot of value in learning to do pickup “cold”. That’s good because you’re taking action. But don’t dismiss the theory either. The ideal situation is a blend.
  6. I’ll have to try that if you decide to share what it is. I have read those and believe Neale was tapping in. I suppose it’s just a gut “knowing” at the end of the day that will tell you what you’re channeling. And then you have to trust that. That’s the distinction I struggle with making. To me, it all sort of feels the same.
  7. Of course, we have no idea if anything is actually true. We could literally “what if” any statement to death. Which is good for discovering Absolute Truth. But in the domain of the relative, we have to make assumptions and use our best judgment. I’m actually really curious about this. I’ve done channeling for other beings. Angels, spirit guides, etc. But I don’t know if I’ve actually channeled God in the way you talk about it. Or at least, I’m not sure how I would even be able to tell if it was God as the absolute vs a finite being. Or if there is a significant difference at all. Maybe all communication with God is always through another entity. At the same time, I’ve had teachers draw a distinction between channeling God and finite entities. So I suspect there must be a difference.
  8. First Pfizer shot, basically nothing. Second shot, some unpleasant symptoms. Muscle weakness, headache, nausea, general fatigue. Lasted for about 18 hours.
  9. You mean the guy sitting there? No of course not. The guy sitting there is Darryl Anka. He has never claimed to be Bashar, except as a past-life. Bashar is the name given to the alien he says he is channeling. That’s probably because you haven’t had experience with it. I have.
  10. I think he could be channeling a highly spiritually evolved alien, yes. Do I know that for sure? No. But I think Bashar often speaks with wisdom, so I’m open to it. Channeling is real enough and many people have claimed to have channeled aliens.
  11. Sainthood. Mystics. Sages. These are the people who the authors seem to peg at Coral. People who deeply embody Absolute Love and Oneness. What that exactly looks like in modern times is hard to say. We know more or less what Green or Orange look like, but like I said, Coral hasn’t emerged yet en masse.
  12. From my understanding, even the SD authors don’t have a good grasp of what Coral is. It seems to be mostly theoretical. Remember that SD is based on emergent ways of thinking from bio-social pressures. You didn’t have people at Stage Yellow at the time when Purple dominated because the right pressures weren’t there. In order to really see what Coral would look like, we’d have to start hitting the limits of Yellow and Turquoise. Then Coral would begin to emerge as a response. But we are so far from that. We have not even maxed out Green, or maybe even Orange depending on where you live.
  13. I’d say it’s simple. The UFO community is not synonymous with the consciousness community. There are many distinctions. And as a stereotype, many people in the UFO are not conscious. They are conspiracy theorists. The fact that Bashar is “channeled” and speaks about spiritual insights would likely make no sense to them. That is not part of the standard worldview of your average UFO fan.
  14. Lots of people know who he is. Not at a mainstream level of course, you can’t expect the mainstream to be open to this. But within the consciousness community he is well known.