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  1. Yes that’s a much harder boundary. I’d be more aggressive at that point. My post was more general.
  2. He definitely was trying to get the upper hand on you. At times if I felt like the girl wasn’t invested in the guy, I would just literally ask the girl for her hands and physically walk somewhere else with her. No need to debate or fight, just move. He’s then kind of stuck because if he comes running after you, he looks like a total clown. Sometimes you gotta dig in and mix it up a bit. I don’t recommend getting overly aggressive or butthurt in the beginning. That’s a last resort only if a guy seriously crosses a line. They you may have to get a bit assertive and “in his face”. Most of the time though, your best bet is to keep it playful and stay in your frame in the early stages. “Hey nice earrings” “Oh thanks bro, they match my outfit”. or ”Oh thanks bro, I made them myself”. Something like this. Bonus points if you can throw in a light-hearted tease at the girl you’re talking to at the same time. If you do this right, he may not escalate beyond that initial comment. He will get a sense that you’re cool and not to push it. If he does, then you may have to ramp it up. These situations are always different, so it’s not about memorizing a bunch of AMOG tactics. It’s more about developing a social intuition for what’s appropriate.
  3. Why not call them out? It’s kind of important, I’d be curious to know. If they’re really Yellow, probably what you’re noticing is their multi-perspectival and spiral wizardry at play. An integrated person at Yellow would recognize what value conservatism has to offer, while avoiding more toxic elements since they’ve also been through Green. In other words, Yellow’s perspective is much more nuanced and flexible than Green. They can see the value in moving through stages of development, rather than demanding others be at their stage. Still though they are not perfect. It’s possible to have a high degree of consciousness / cognitive development but not necessarily be educated on modern politics. Politics is a domain of mastery in of itself that takes constant and deliberate effort to understand. So it’s possible someone at Yellow could make errors in their political philosophy. And of course there’s still just general human error and bias.
  4. Interesting development. That definitely is shady that she seemed so close with the crew. You could argue they must have had a falling out, but that seems unlikely to me. They clearly were already pretty deep into filming and must have known who Teal is and what she is about. Hard to believe they suddenly had a change of heart because of something they saw. There certainly is also a possible financial incentive to slam Teal. I’m sure that film was expensive, and “dangerous cult leader” sells pretty well. Especially when you consider that Teal’s online message actually asks people to confront their own shit. The documentary may have exposed some shitty things in her business, like poor boundaries between her and employees, but it’s looking to me like the documentary was pretty hyperbolic at least. It will be interesting to see if new information continues to come out.
  5. I know you’re asking Leo, but I dealt with this a lot going out in Miami. Basically, it becomes extremely obvious why guys would want to be a celebrity. There are definitely upsides. It can make you feel insecure because trying to compete on a material level is damn near impossible. Everything is just more competitive. Dudes with more money, more status, more game etc. Even just getting into the club on the best nights can be a bitch. The good news though is that relative success is still very much possible. I think it’s good to let the competition inspire you to become better, but you don’t want that insecurity to spill over into self-defeat. Like Leo said, most guys don’t approach or don’t know how to. So that is sort of a secret weapon you can use lol. As long you consistently go out and put in the work, you can still meet girls.
  6. Why was your state so bad? What triggered you? Dates are usually fun. It definitely sounds to me like a disproportionate response to the situation at hand, which indicates perhaps some trauma resurfacing. Which you may need to heal to really resolve this. Well you could try things like pregaming the date with good music, friends, comedy etc. You could also try planning an activity that you like doing and have some expertise in. But really you shouldn’t need too much of a strategy to have fun on a date. Talking with the girl, being social and getting to know her IS the fun thing. That’s the real gold. So enjoy it.
  7. He’s extremely good at social circle building and meeting girls who are stereotypically considered “9s and 10s”. Definitely is the real deal when it comes to that. Whether his program is decent or not, I don’t know. I would give him the benefit of the doubt considering his personal success. I’m sure most guys could learn a lot.
  8. My point is that if your goal is truly consciousness work / healing, it’s not necessary to mix substances. Both Aya and mushrooms are plenty powerful on their own. You can always do a higher dose. But by mixing, you are adding extra variables and risk into something that already has a decent level of risk to it. Therefore, I question someone’s intentions for wanting to do something like this. Do it if you want. I’m not your shaman. But I don’t see the point. Feels reckless.
  9. @Medhansh That sounds really shitty. Consider that this is a part of a larger opportunity to learn to set boundaries and be more assertive. The fundamental problem here, as you’ve already pointed out, is that he sees you as an easy target. And there are likely little or no social consequences for him bullying you. It may even make him appear cooler to your classmates. So that is the dynamic that has to shift to really get to the root of this. How can you become a man that automatically commands more respect?
  10. Honestly this is probably the best thing you could be doing. My breakup advice is almost always the same. Go sit somewhere and do nothing for a while. Your mind is going to spin all sorts of painful thoughts. You’ll probably cry until you have a headache. All normal. Just be with your pain. Like the same way you would be with your young daughter if she was going through a hard breakup.
  11. You’re probably a little old to seriously date 21 year olds anymore. But 37 ain’t bad at all in general. Especially if you’ve been working on yourself. You could even still be peaking. And if do got some gaps, all that is somewhat within your ability to improve. You can go to the gym, you can shave your head, you can get cool clothes, you can work on your charisma, etc.
  12. @StarStruck A little bit of blue is okay. But not worth it in my experience if she’s hardcore blue. You already outlined the cons. They’re usually relatively stable and loyal, but way too neurotic about simple things for my taste. And they want marriage + someone who seriously follows their religious customs. If you just want to get laid, look for Orange + Green. Those are girls who are more likely open to something casual. In general, LTRs require both partners to be relatively close on the spiral. Otherwise it’s not sustainable. Might be worth it to make friends. But I’d be careful of mismatched dating expectations.
  13. @Ampresus Good stuff brotha. That level of social freedom while sober is possible. At some point I’d consider removing the alcohol training wheels. The key is you want to view socializing like swimming. If you stop socializing (swimming) for too long, you start to sink and drown in your own thoughts. So stay in flow and JUST KEEP TALKING. Once you get better at this, you can afford gaps in talking that are a little longer. But if you’re new, the more your mouth is moving, the better. This is a bit of a catch-22. Cause if you’re introverted, the whole problem is that it’s hard to keep talking. So warm up to it. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Sounds like you were having fun, but you’ve got to work on your calibration and staying in your frame. When the girls said “you know that’s not a good pickup line?”, that was them flipping the frame on you. The point is not to debate with them about it. It’s to stay secure and not get reactive. Which is difficult to describe with words. You really need to experience it.
  14. Don’t ask a girl to heavily physically escalate on you when she never has done so before. That’s usually uncomfortable for her and asking too much, too soon. Instead, you take the lead and escalate on her. You might also try just taking her hand and putting it where you want. The key with these things is always gauging how open and comfortable she is. Obviously when she is very open and comfortable you can do things you otherwise couldn’t before.