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  1. Weak but made me laugh, You can do better.
  2. Leo should totally have a BUT LEO license plate.
  3. My friend (1st) / employee (2d) made this awesome decal for my laptop today, I'm putting one on my motorcycle too. It would be so great to come across a stranger while exploring that knew what the decal was about so if you ever see a black Triumph Rocket 3 with a "BUT LEO" sticker on it, flag me over and we'll become besties. I'm from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia but will be riding all over the place this summer, camping and meditating in the woods wherever I end up. Feel free to delete/move and/or tell me if there is a better spot for random stuff like this, figured you guys & gals get a kick out of it. Cheers!
  4. I think his progression is perfect. Althooooough, I just watched one of his older videos and had a good laugh. It was how to make a girl squirt, with any luck I'll give it a whirl tonight
  5. Oh and Omega 3s! (Local)
  6. Here's what I take every (or every other) day and find they help in many areas, mind, body, and soul. I put in brackets where I get them. Look them up, they're all very good herbs, vitamins and minerals, especially Shilajit. Cucurmin (Local) Shilajit (eBay) 5-HTP (Local) Probiotics (Local) Maca (Local) Ginseng (local) Apple Cider Vinegar (Local) Tongkat Ali (eBay) Ashwagandha (eBay) Milk Thistle (Local) Vitamin D (Local) Vitamin B12 (Local) Ginko Biloba (Local)
  7. I'm unsure where to post this but here seems to make the most sense, sorry if there is a better spot. I'd love to discuss Leos videos but not on YouTube, a forum is much better suited for discussions. What if Leo installed a forum video extension that would autoshare videos from the YouTube channel and create the appropriate thread under a Video Discussions forum topic? Just a thought
  8. It's a struggle. What I did was cancel my phone plan, uninstall everything not related to my projects, disabled all notifications and I keep it on Airplane mode and Do not disturb mode 24/7. If somebody needs me, they know where I live, they can come by anytime as I'm always here working. I avoid the news and social media like the plague but use YouTube on my computer with comments usually disabled through a browser extension. I'm lucky enough to have built a team that can handle all business social media, social media has been important to my ventures and it will most likely be for you too, you may not have a team yet but work hard and do something great and you'll eventually have a team of good people who believe in your mission. When you inevitably get kicked off the horse, climb right back up on it and stay the course. Putting your phone into a coma might sound extreme but trust me, it works like you wouldn't believe. Also, I have ADD and do not take meds but do drink a lot of tea which definitely helps me to focus on the task at hand. Don't let your brain trick you into distractions, you got this!
  9. Hahaha Thanks @snowleopard! This is true @Nahm, thank you for your reply. It took a long time for me to grasp that concept, it just seemed so absurd and egotistical, while I was there "working" on losing my ego. Regardless, the conflicts dissipated and it finally hit me (thanks again to Leo/me/you). I became very, VERY lonely but after a couple of weeks, the loneliness & passion which I briefly lost to run my businesses, returned and I've never been more creative, effective or driven. Only now, I see it all as a hobby, masturbation if you will hahaha. Maybe thinking the soul is a variable is remnants of back in the day, before wiping my memory, when I/you were the best programmer in the Universe?
  10. You have a video about negative visualization from a few years back but you've grown so much and the video mostly focused on just one aspect of Stoicism. I'd love to see the old Stoic books ran through the Leo Gura machine and condensed into a video.
  11. That's a title done right. Adding it to my list of books to get, based on the title and your feedback. Thanks
  12. It looks like I made this account in 2016 and don't actually remember making it but I wouldn't have picked PrintMan if I signed up today haha. Move over Superman!
  13. Hello folks, long time follower, first-time poster here. This past summer, thanks to following the path laid out by Uncle Leo (That's what we call him in my home, although he's younger), I woke up. I see and experience the unity daily and at times become so zoned out while meditating, I tear up with bliss but still have many old remnants and still have issues with the idea of a soul. Here is something that I have been contemplating off and on for a little while now, I hope I can explain my thoughts. If things are as I see them now, there is only one soul, but if things are not as they seem, I would consider the soul to be an array variable, as is used in software such as this very Forum and any program that is not extremely basic. For those who are not familiar with programming, here's a copy/paste of what an array variable is. "An array is a variable containing multiple values. Any variable may be used as an array. There is no maximum limit to the size of an array, nor any requirement that member variables be indexed or assigned contiguously. Arrays are zero-based: the first element is indexed with the number 0." By combining Buddhism with software practices and throwing nonduality out the door (or at least seeing the soul as a many-sided coin as the base of everything), perhaps the soul can be considered an array variable. All of our thoughts, experiences, and actions are smaller variables which accumulate over time and become a part of the larger variable -- the array/soul. The first element "0" could perhaps represent our birth/death/purpose/anything of utmost importance to the variable. When the functions that make use of this variable end (this existence), the variable would either be wiped clean and freed up, or recycled and embedded into a new function. This could explain both transcendence and reincarnation. This idea might not be a new concept but figured I'd share my thoughts and say hello to you fine people. Hello! How ya dooooooooooin?