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  1. @Panteranegra A fitness channel about what? Fitness is way too broad of a topic to really say. In general, you probably have a $1000 iphone or equivalent. Just start shooting shorts on your phone.
  2. No worries, stuff like this could definitely become a distraction.
  3. For reference: Wondering how many people on here are tuned in to this guy. I’ve been interested in things like Sacred Geometry for a while, but this guy seems to take it to another level. Random coincidences? The mind can find patterns and evidence for just about anything. And my instinct is to write things like this off as conspiracy or him just finding connections and demarcating how he pleases. There’s also a sort of romanticism to believing that there’s all this hidden meaning and ancient wisdom to finally be revealed. But I would like to be open minded. Perhaps there is far more here than I understand.
  4. My response was tailored. I would not give that advice to everyone, even on this forum. I just happened to think OP falls into that category. It’s possible I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. However you want to dice it, it’s going to be challenging. I’m not suggesting catering to anything. I’m saying a stage Green relationship will give probably every guy on this forum more than enough to work on. That’s been my experience. I’m not suggesting just using them at all. Of course a healthy relationship requires reciprocity. She will be using you as well. That’s the whole point. Both parties should benefit from being in the relationship. Otherwise you might as well not even be together. I’m not suggesting settling. A stage Green relationship is going to be an edge and good learning experience for 99.9% of guys on the planet. Therefore it is a win. You could argue that you’re in the .1% guy for whom it isn’t a edge and won’t learn much, but I wouldn’t be so sure. Try it and see. Yes, and obviously the better your level of development, the better partner you’re likely to attract. But also, you must take practical steps most of the time to attract what you want. Practical steps and magically attracting things are not necessarily contradictory. When it comes to dating, that means things like building a social circle, approaching, asking women out, being a part of a community, working on your social skills, getting your finances relatively in order, getting physically in shape, getting your fashion down, etc. My point with what I said was simply that I didn’t want Zoop to fall into the trap of thinking no practical steps would need to be taken.
  5. I would disagree. In my first hand experience with fasting, minerals and electrolytes are essential for maintaining hydration and staying healthy during a fast. It won’t reduce your benefits. You will obviously have to come to your own conclusion who is correct.
  6. Stage Green should be plenty sufficient for most guys on this forum. Relationships are a lot more challenging than most people understand, and you will have plenty of your own shadows and triggers to work through. Even if you are tier 2, you could still learn a lot from being in a relationship with a stage Green girl. It’s highly unlikely you will just develop yourself to the point where you magically attract a tier 2 woman. Getting into a relationship always requires at least some amount of initiative and seeking.
  7. @Noahsteelers34 Yes you will lose some muscle mass and fat but you will gain it back very quickly once you go back to your normal eating habits. Don’t overdo it if it’s your first fast. Consider maybe only 48 or 72 hours. It’ll still be wicked. It will also likely be harder for you since you’re skinny. In general, the less fat you have, the less you should be fasting. Fasting is on the rage these days but you gotta be careful. You can take it too far. Also, for the love of god do not use distilled or reverse osmosis water UNLESS you are going to add back in electrolytes. You will just piss out all your minerals and be constantly thirsty no matter how much you drink. Hydration is NOT just about water, it’s about electrolyte balance. They have fasting supplements these days you can purchase for this exact reason. Last thing, make sure your prepare for feeling weak as shit. If you have energy, great. But don’t count on it. Assume you will just have to lie in bed all day. Honestly if you’re doing a meditation retreat, I would find fasting to be counterproductive. You’re likely not going to be able to concentrate or feel motivated to do much of anything.
  8. You can do whatever you want. Take my advice or not. What I’m suggesting is not “gaming” girls like a spammy PUA. My suggestion is to become part of that world. Big difference. This is one potential option for OP to reach his goal. Ultimately every guy has to find what works for him. The women at these events are mostly stage Green. Stage Green is a realistic level of development to expect when getting into a romantic relationship. If these “real” conscious women are not a part of mainstream social events, then what is your realistic plan to meet them? Spirituality and levels of maturity are highly correlated. I am not suggesting to find the .1% conscious women on the planet and only date them. That would be unrealistic. The plan I outlined is a realistic road map to finding a healthy Green relationship. Then you can grow together and perhaps both end up Tier 2.
  9. @zoopzeepzaap Then you have to go to events where spiritual people hangout. Meditation retreats, yoga, transformational festivals, contact improv, sound baths, seminars, ecstatic dance, plant medicine ceremonies, etc. Get involved in your local community. Be sure to be respectful as people often do not come to these places for dates, but for healing. It is of course possible to meet someone but be smart about it.
  10. @emind Miami and forget everything else. It’s not expensive if you’re not drinking, which you shouldn’t be anyway. At worst you may have to pay a cover charge for a high end nightclub. But even that you can get around. Otherwise your only other SFlo options are Clematis street in West Palm Peach or SW 2nd St in Fort Lauderdale. They’re decent but they’re not Miami. Not even close.
  11. Awesome. Sexuality definitely matters, I’m looking for someone who can go deep with me on that.
  12. Hi 🙃 That’s a good list. So now that you’ve identified your ideal guy, see if you can do the opposite and make his list. What is he looking for? What would he write down if he did that exercise? If you don’t know right now, that’s alright. Just be curious about it and hold it in mind. Step into his shoes. So first I would notice that thinking about what you really wanted was a bit scary and triggering for you. You’re experiencing both the excitement of what you want and the fear you won’t get it. I’m not suggesting any of us are going to find a perfect partner. Such a person obviously does not exist and would likely be extremely boring if they did. But we can still have a fulfilling relationship by going through the messy process of being together, together. Part of the reason for doing this exercise is also to identify areas where maybe you’re not currently a match to the relationship you want. This can get ugly and shove some of our shortcoming in our face. For instance, if you identify that your ideal guy highly values health, but you yourself do not value health and healthy living, there’s likely to be a mismatch. And so you may have to make some changes. This is personal development. Are you the person your partner is calling in? We all have to face this question at some point as honestly as we can.
  13. @assx95 Good. Approaching is all about momentum and staying out of your head about it. If you have that, you’re golden. If you don’t, good luck. The way you build that momentum is basically just by approaching no matter what, which is what you discovered. Those painful experiences where you’re just walking around the bar, too scared to approach anyone, can be a valuable learning experience. But only if you take the lesson and course correct. See if you can do 25+ approaches in one night.
  14. Value is always subjective and relative to what people want. So different people are going to value very different things. If I’m a guy that values materialism, I am going to value a girl who also likely values materialism and supports my materialist values. Likewise, a guy who values intimacy or connection in a relationship will seek out a girl who provides that. So the question is NOT “how do I be valuable to all guys?”. The question I would ask is “how do I be valuable to the guys I also value?”. Otherwise you will simply to trying to please every guy you meet, including one’s who you don’t even want to attract. So maybe make a list. What do the guys I want value? You should just be able to look at their behavior and get some clues. Personally, here is a short list of some of the things I look for: 1) A desire for self-actualization and spiritual work 2) Good communication and relationship skills 3) Good friends 4) A job / career they feel good about (unless they feel good about not working) 5) Playfulness, sense of humor 6) Authenticity and freedom of expression 7) Ability to get along with my friends and family 8) Good fashion sense 9) Looks 10) Shared lifestyle goals That sounds good. You won’t, but that’s okay too.
  15. You could put it that way. Practically speaking it can certainly seem like a test. At deeper levels of consciousness, we can also see that nothing is outside of God. So there is no one to “test” God but God. You are testing yourself.
  16. @Someone here fasting is not for building muscle. If you want to put on size, you need to do the opposite and eat like crazy. What I’d recommend instead is the following: 1) Eat a clean diet. This is critical. Many people put on fat simply because of what they eat. 2) Intermittent fasting. This will give you time in a more catabolic state for using fat, without necessarily cutting calories or nutrition. 3) Move your body. Take cold showers. Sauna. Basically, find ways to burn energy. 4) Hypertrophy lifting. A 5x5 Starting Strength program in the gym is nice, but that’s not really going to help you put on muscle size. You need a higher rep range and less recovery time in between sets. Do all that for one year + and you should see a noticeable difference.
  17. Think dualities. You cannot have up without down, left without right, or “magnificent” without mundane, knowing without not-knowing, remembering without forgetting. They all require their opposite pole to exist at all, because they are relative. That sounds basically right to me. Everything is technically God connecting with God, but we could say that playing a musical instrument creates and reflects a more pronounced connection or awareness.
  18. @pablo_aka_god It is common to hit a peak and then have a bit of a crash. Use that as motivation for your baseline consciousness work. And to work on some of the more practical aspects of your life. How can you create more experiences like that on a regular basis, besides just taking mushrooms?
  19. @onacloudynight Yes you can, but you also need to be self-aware and honest about your motivations. If you truly just don’t want to talk to her because she looks like she is having a bad night, you can do that. You obviously don’t have to talk to anyone. But also be aware if that’s just an excuse. In practice, it’s usually better for guys who are afraid to approach women to eliminate as many excuses as possible.
  20. Your life purpose will only be strengthened if it is connected to solving real problems for humanity. In fact, anything short of that would be a shallow life purpose. If you experience personal success, it should be because you helped people. Spiritual work will dispel you of any illusions surrounding your motivation to do help society. This is true. And in that case, you may suffer from becoming demotivated at times. You may even change careers or dropout of working altogether. No one can really predict. But ultimately, assuming you’re really doing the work, this is actually growth and necessary purification. Given that you live in modern society and have the needs of a modern person, you need some sort of career. Even if it’s outside the box. Awakening will not change that. You will still have to do practical things to survive if you want to live. The deepest trap with getting obsessed with your LP is that you get so wrapped up in it that you forget to awaken. It is a trap, but a high quality trap.
  21. @Axiomatic You’re chasing this girl, not attracting her. The difference is one of how she perceives your value. Do you see yourself as a “catch”? And do your actions reflect that? Desperation is not attractive. Consider what energy you might be putting out.
  22. @Ampresus I like it. My only minor critique would be that “life game” as he describes it is not great for new guys learning game. Guys who are new often have spent years unwillingly in platonic situations with girls because they’re playing it so safe. So safe they never make a move even when it’s appropriate. And then they usually try to compensate for that by dumping a whole bunch of interest at the girl at once, who is confused because they had be friends for years. I.e the friend zone. These kind of guys need to practice being way more direct. They need to express their interest and their needs in a way that is clear and risks rejection. Once you can do that with confidence, then you’re ready to practice something like Life Game. That’s more advanced and requires more social tact. Alternatively, you could just live in a place like Miami or Vegas and perpetually run direct cold approach your whole life. But the downside there is that you won’t have as many skills to succeed in more of a social circle environment.
  23. Which was? Then how are you defining game? When most guys talk about game, they’re speaking about talking / interacting with women in a way where they find you attractive and are interested in some sort of non-platonic relationship. “Getting laid a lot” would certainly fall under that category. Although it’s a limited view of what game can be. I acknowledge that.
  24. @NoSelfSelf I don’t think you’re wrong, I just think there’s a lot more nuance to be added. It’s overly simplistic to say that game is just about your inner beliefs and emotions. While technically accurate, we have to understand what a theoretical statement like that actually means and looks like IRL. Otherwise, it’s easily misinterpreted. You might think that having low self-esteem would stop you from getting laid a lot. That’s sort of what is sold to guys by more benevolent dating coaches. They basically convince you that higher self-esteem = more girls. Therefore, you are motivated to actually go and work on that. Which is good. But it’s not the full picture. The guys I know who get laid the most are often at the bottom tier of being psychologically healthy. These are guys who have probably laid at least 100+ women in their life, or are on their way there. And they’re usually pretty obviously damaged. Sometimes they break out of that mode and heal, but the reverse almost never happens. I almost never see a guy heal and THEN go have sex with 100+ women. He’s too fulfilled to value doing that. Of course if you have no confidence or sense of competency with women, that will be a barrier. And you’ll need to work on that. But that mostly just comes from experience and repetition. You can bang a lot of women and still be very broken. You do not need to be this super self-actualized individual for women to be interested in sleeping with you. This is NOT to say that you shouldn’t continue working on healing and self-esteem. Or that guys with high self-esteem can’t get laid or it never helps them. Self-esteem can be extremely valuable in a long term relationship and will add to your life overall in a very positive way. There is a gray area where dating and self-improvement overlap. But that work should be grounded in proper expectations, not fantasies about becoming some enlightened MPUA.
  25. @machinegun I haven’t taken it but I suspect that you’ll get out what you put into it. If you’re just begrudgingly going through the videos and haphazardly doing the exercises, I can’t imagine you’ll get much value out of that. The main value of courses like these is that they stimulate your own thinking. They require your full engagement.