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  1. He’s wrong if he thinks we should get rid of democracy. We actually need more of it. But he’s right that democracy requires people to be educated and to take collective responsibility + citizenship seriously. That’s the trade off for an increase in sovereignty. You want to be the captain of the ship? Okay, but that means you have to actually know how to run the ship and take care of it. If not it’s just a disaster. Many people just want the freedom without the responsibility. But that’s not possible.
  2. ? OP wanted to make this a mega thread. Posting examples is generally what that’s all about. There are certainly risks to sharing conspiracy videos, which is what I was referring to in my previous post. This is epistemological off-roading. It is potentially dangerous, but there’s also lessons to be learned by studying conspiracies to see how they delude people.
  3. This should about cover it: Conspiracy theories are one of the major problems I see in the new age community. It’s tempting to think that maybe just because you’ve discovered some truths outside the mainstream level of consciousness, that EVERY theory that isn’t mainstream must be true. In reality, not being a sheep and going epistemically off-roading is a big responsibility. If you’re not careful, you’ll just end up sucked into crazy conspiracy theories. And it seems many new age people fail at this.
  4. @WonderSeeker I did a bootcamp with Todd. In hindsight, I’d say the bootcamp was really only valuable because I made it valuable. I did an absurd amount of approaches that weekend. But truthfully, I could have saved myself the 2.5k and done the same thing at home. Todd mostly just had us do our own thing without much attention. The thing that ultimately really helped me was not doing a bootcamp. It was having good wings / friends, and committing over the course of months / years to going out.
  5. My sense is that you should flip this. You’re already assuming you will not find the right degree. Instead, I would commit myself fully to finding and obtaining your degree, EVEN IF it turns out not to be what you want to do. I would cross that bridge when you get there, not try to deal with it when you don’t even know if it’s going to happen. And if you split your focus between your plan A and plan B, realistically you will likely fail at plan A. So don’t hedge. Assume plan A is all you got, even if it’s not.
  6. That was your mistake. The right move IMO would have been to walk with her and meet her friends. The chances she was going to come back to you were basically zero. No you did the right thing by moving on. She was not coming back. It happens to everyone. The attention moved off you and you were sort of the odd man out. It certainly makes it easier. The problem is, if you’re going our 3-5 nights a week, you’re going to seriously deteriorate your health and your wallet over the long term. And you’ll forget important details for integrating lessons from your night out. There’s a lot of value in learning to do pickup “cold”. That’s good because you’re taking action. But don’t dismiss the theory either. The ideal situation is a blend.
  7. I’ll have to try that if you decide to share what it is. I have read those and believe Neale was tapping in. I suppose it’s just a gut “knowing” at the end of the day that will tell you what you’re channeling. And then you have to trust that. That’s the distinction I struggle with making. To me, it all sort of feels the same.
  8. Of course, we have no idea if anything is actually true. We could literally “what if” any statement to death. Which is good for discovering Absolute Truth. But in the domain of the relative, we have to make assumptions and use our best judgment. I’m actually really curious about this. I’ve done channeling for other beings. Angels, spirit guides, etc. But I don’t know if I’ve actually channeled God in the way you talk about it. Or at least, I’m not sure how I would even be able to tell if it was God as the absolute vs a finite being. Or if there is a significant difference at all. Maybe all communication with God is always through another entity. At the same time, I’ve had teachers draw a distinction between channeling God and finite entities. So I suspect there must be a difference.
  9. First Pfizer shot, basically nothing. Second shot, some unpleasant symptoms. Muscle weakness, headache, nausea, general fatigue. Lasted for about 18 hours.
  10. You mean the guy sitting there? No of course not. The guy sitting there is Darryl Anka. He has never claimed to be Bashar, except as a past-life. Bashar is the name given to the alien he says he is channeling. That’s probably because you haven’t had experience with it. I have.
  11. I think he could be channeling a highly spiritually evolved alien, yes. Do I know that for sure? No. But I think Bashar often speaks with wisdom, so I’m open to it. Channeling is real enough and many people have claimed to have channeled aliens.
  12. Sainthood. Mystics. Sages. These are the people who the authors seem to peg at Coral. People who deeply embody Absolute Love and Oneness. What that exactly looks like in modern times is hard to say. We know more or less what Green or Orange look like, but like I said, Coral hasn’t emerged yet en masse.
  13. From my understanding, even the SD authors don’t have a good grasp of what Coral is. It seems to be mostly theoretical. Remember that SD is based on emergent ways of thinking from bio-social pressures. You didn’t have people at Stage Yellow at the time when Purple dominated because the right pressures weren’t there. In order to really see what Coral would look like, we’d have to start hitting the limits of Yellow and Turquoise. Then Coral would begin to emerge as a response. But we are so far from that. We have not even maxed out Green, or maybe even Orange depending on where you live.
  14. I’d say it’s simple. The UFO community is not synonymous with the consciousness community. There are many distinctions. And as a stereotype, many people in the UFO are not conscious. They are conspiracy theorists. The fact that Bashar is “channeled” and speaks about spiritual insights would likely make no sense to them. That is not part of the standard worldview of your average UFO fan.
  15. Lots of people know who he is. Not at a mainstream level of course, you can’t expect the mainstream to be open to this. But within the consciousness community he is well known.
  16. My thinking is that everyone usually has a mix of both light and shadow motivations. For example, let’s say I start reading personal development books because I’m tired of not living up to my potential. I want to be the best version I can be, and from that place, be of service to others. I would consider this a “light” motivation, as it’s usually the motivation we are most conscious of and identified with. But, let’s say that I also start reading personal development books because deep down I don’t feel I’ll ever be good enough or measure up. And so personal development helps me cope with this pain by allowing me to feel like I’m always “improving”. This I would consider a “shadow” motivation, and it’s usually not in our conscious awareness. Only later may we recognize it. It’s this psychological fragmentation that can allow us to have these multiple motives all at the same time. Even motives that may seem contradictory. And our actions tend to be the result of this inner conflict. So in your case, you are speaking about envy in the spiritual community for essentially material success. We all have needs, but if we feel we cannot meet them, we may resort to coping mechanisms (like envy or judgment) to feel better about ourselves. This definitely does happen and is definitely a potential shadow motivation people in the spiritual community should be aware of. At the same time, does this mean the spiritual community is particularly toxic? I don’t think so. The reality is that the mind can use any teaching to justify anything it feels is in its best interests. This is not a problem unique to spiritual people. I could just as easily take a secular teaching and distort it just the same. Perhaps we could say those in the spiritual community should be held to a higher standard since we claim higher levels of awareness. And maybe for a spiritual master, I would agree. But I think this is mostly unfair to ask of your average seeker. Your average seeker, who hasn’t put in lots of work, is more or less at the same level of awareness as anyone else. So I think you make good points. There’s more we could go into here but this I feel is the most essential.
  17. I would definitely not expect more than that. I don’t know how long you’ve been investing, but 20% ARR is not normal or likely sustainable unless you’re like Ray Dalio or you become one of these crypto millionaires. I think it may be realistic IF you move overseas and you’re not planning on having a family, have health insurance and can just live super basic. Either way, you’re probably going to want to do some kind of work. Human beings need purpose, that’s why Leo talks about finding your LP a lot.
  18. You could work at an organic food restaurant or a yoga studio. Or maybe some local non-profit. Those aren’t going to be well paid positions, but if you need capital right now, those are some examples of something almost anyone could do. The reality is you may have to participate in some negative wage slavery. Trying to maintain ethically purity in a system that is corrupt is impossible. Just do what you can and don’t get caught up in perfectionism. We don’t need perfect. We need steps in the right direction.
  19. Not exactly. It’s more complicated than that. The more of an ego you have, the more you want to defend it, which can actually put you in a weaker position. Most likely. Research Leo’s videos on Spiral Dynamics and the 9 stages of Ego Development. Those are invaluable videos and will help give you a better of what to shoot for. Most critically, I’d watch the videos on SD videos on stage red, orange and yellow. Those are the egocentric stages.
  20. I would argue that it’s still the case, even if you are actively applying the theory. Even if you spent only a few hours learning theory and then spent hundreds of hours going out and applying, that theory is going to color your entire experience. It will not only give you expectations, but it will be the lens through which you do your sense making post a night out. In essence, unless you really studied zero pua theory, the experience and the theory are inseparable. And if you did consume zero theory, then you hardly fit any definition of a pua. You’re just a dude who likes to go out and meet girls. Which may actually be healthier lol. I agree with that for the most part. I’ll nitpick though and say that not everyone has to live it to understand every aspect of it. Some people simply have the wisdom from other areas of life to avoid it or form valid assumptions. I don’t have to have driven a race car to form some basic assumptions about what that is like. And sometimes being in something for so long can actually distort your perspective. You’re so caught up in it that you become blind. And even a outsider who knows nothing about it can see it because they don’t have the biases you’ve developed.
  21. Idealization IMO. I’ve done maybe thousands of approaches from pickup. Of course there is a theoretical component to it. Difficult to say “it’s an just experience” when you also attend seminars, watch YT videos, read books etc. Pick up has its dogmas and its beliefs about the world like anything else.
  22. @Giulio Bevilacqua It’s a mixed bag in my experience. Some of it may indeed be nonsense. That’s the price of deviating from accepted, mainstream narratives. You’re off the grid now, and so you’re going to run into all sorts of wild ideas. This is the epistemic jungle . But of course, there also may be somethings the mainstream gets deeply wrong. Mostly relating to spirituality. So you have to discern those things. I had a lot of resistance to those sorts of ideas as well earlier on. I was scientifically minded and would have dismissed all that as bunk. Just use your discernment. They’re just some hippies, they’re not going to bite your head off. And you don’t have to agree with everything they say.
  23. Yes, I’ve had several. From the point of consciously learning what enlightenment is, about a month of daily practice. But my results may not mirror yours. I had unconsciously been laying the foundation for an experience like that for years. So it may take you much longer, depending on how much groundwork you’ve done. Also, keep in mind I wasn’t asking myself “how long is this going to take?” like it was some sort of chore. It’s understandable that you feel that way and that you want to know if this is real. That’s normal. But I’d suggest taking a longer term perspective if you can. This is a life long endeavor. There’s always more to learn. You’ll never get it done, ever. Commit to finding truth, commit to discovering yourself, commit to your happiness. Not checking enlightenment off on your to-do list. And then start putting in the work everyday.
  24. Commit whatever you can. If 1-2 hours a day of self-inquiry is what time you have, go for it. But also realize there may be a time when you want to commit more.