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  1. @Leo Gura thank you leo
  2. @Leo Gura how do you judge the truthfulness of a view ?
  3. @Leo Gura i find myself stuck though sometimes in ideologies like for example veganism seems completely coherent to me, or for example i was watching a french youtuber having a conference explaining right wing thought and it all seemed coherent to me, is it because of my lack of experience ? for example i haven't studied much nutrition or other diets and maybe that's why i find veganism completely coherent. or is it because it actually is completely coherent but still incomplete. to be completely honest i even was asking myself lately whether was really true and significant, or is it just another completely coherent worldviews like the other twos. the thing is i find every worldview coherent and it make sense when i study it. or is it just the function of pure understanding to understand every worldview as though it was perfectly coherent ? or is it that i'm becoming construct aware of the fact that all worldviews are ultimately false in that they're all just mental narratives and that they're biased towards survival ? shit is tricky
  4. @Leo Gura i might be be completely wrong on this, but a lot of stage green people are anarchists. for me that's close to absurd since the problems with capitalism is itself the fact that there's not enough government regulations and we're letting selfish unconscious monkeys do whatever they want. and so if anarchism was to happen how would you regulate stage red gangsters from exploiting other people ? how would you control selfish devils from harming others, it's ridiculous. the world isn't made out of highly selfless conscious individuals, it's made out of selfish ignorants.
  5. @Leo Gura how would you aces jordan peterson's level of integrity ? from my evaluation he has a lot
  6. after a bunch of self reflection i've noticed that i'm ignorant when it comes to finances. unlike in dating or in spirituality where, thanks to, i know how to actualize my potential in these areas, when it comes to finances i don't know how because i haven't built a solid theoretical foundation. is the life purpose course enough to help me make that.
  7. @Leo Gura do you have any recommendation for money making forum ?
  8. stage purple: illeterate stage red: uneducated stage blue : literate but intellectually uncurious stage orange : values scientific education stage green: values education in general stage yellow: values knowledge above all
  9. @Leo Gura is watching porn once a day too much ? or is it healthy ? personally i think of porn like food, you need it to satisfy your basic needs. + we live in a very different environment than how it was before porn where people used to get married early on maybe in their teens. today we're more individualistic and nobody wants to marry young and if you don't have a girlfriend or sex friend or if you don't socialize a lot for whatever reason porn seems to be a healthy solution as long as it is not overabused of. there's a difference between watching porn once a day and watching it three times a day. same thing with food for example three meals per day is healthy, nine meals it becomes toxic.
  10. @MsNobody WOWW very inspiring ! you deserve to live the best life darling. leo's content is truly mind opening, he's really something. and i'm glad to see that he helped you
  11. Deeply enjoyed this documentary, very fascinating. and that's kind of the truth that conservatism can be healthy when it is done by educated and wise people. there's a big big difference between educated conservatism, versus religious fanaticism and pure rigid intolerant tribalistic dogmatic thinking.
  12. Andrew Tate's intellectual disintegrity is flagrant in this debate