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  1. Any thoughts ? This speech really hit me hard and reminded me of self-actualization
  2. Hundreds of Syrians dead
  3. How do you think psychedelics help you understand and move through spiral dynamics stages and ego development stages? Of course I know that outside the field of psychedelics you have to work hard and smart as well to integrate spiral dynamics and ego development but it’s still very interesting how psychedelics affects your overall development when looking through the lenses of spiral dynamics and ego development.
  4. You are young. Those feelings are normal
  5. From all the profound shit you could be doing on 5 MEO, you guys decide to watch porn? I’m disappointed
  6. @Heart of SpaceI actually like your advice. How do we sign up for more ? 😂❤️
  7. @Roy Do you know what are the best credit cards that offer travel perks ? I live in the US though thank you
  8. I’m greatful to have access to Bufo facilitators where I live. On Bufo I get ego dissolution and I become pure awareness or consciousness without identity. My question is that is it safe to do Bufo once a month or once every two months ? I’m almost 24 years old and I’m trying to build skills and a career. I have done Bufo about 4 times so far. The first time was the most profound. Total breakthrough into Love and infinity 🙏 Something feels so familiar and loving about 5 Meo dmt. I feel it perfectly synergies/ aligns our energies so that we can become an expression of our true being in this life.
  9. How often is he in LA ? I missed it
  10. does it have therauptic potential or is it a nice tool for consciousness work ? I have watched Leo’s video on it but wanted to read other perspectives. thank you
  11. Just wondering what kind of skills are you building for your career/ business/life purpose? for my career I need to know Spanish so I’m currently working on that.
  12. I saw a lot of books by him and on him on Amazon but do any of you have a good recommended book on his life and teachings ? thank you
  13. I see his ads constantly on social media it feel fishy for me but he promises that he will introduce you or teach you to build an “elite” social circle through his mentorship program called “men of action” He doesn’t resonate with me but I was wondering if any one of you have any experience with guy’s program or what do you think of that
  14. Hello I plugged about 6-10 mg on a microscoop. I felt a little bit more “conscious” and wavy but it didn’t send me into any god head mode and I carefully watched the plugging video on Leo’s blog multiple times to get it right. I tried to get the syrinage in there until I felt the rubber band but nothing significant happened to my consciousness any tips on that ? and @Leo Gura do you recommend just snorting it if plugging doesn’t work for me ? thank you
  15. Does kriya yoga include kundalini practices or how do they compare ? which one of those do you find more useful or do they nicely synergize together ? I’m just curious about the difference between them. thank you