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  1. Just wondering what kind of skills are you building for your career/ business/life purpose? for my career I need to know Spanish so I’m currently working on that.
  2. I saw a lot of books by him and on him on Amazon but do any of you have a good recommended book on his life and teachings ? thank you
  3. I see his ads constantly on social media it feel fishy for me but he promises that he will introduce you or teach you to build an “elite” social circle through his mentorship program called “men of action” He doesn’t resonate with me but I was wondering if any one of you have any experience with guy’s program or what do you think of that
  4. Hello I plugged about 6-10 mg on a microscoop. I felt a little bit more “conscious” and wavy but it didn’t send me into any god head mode and I carefully watched the plugging video on Leo’s blog multiple times to get it right. I tried to get the syrinage in there until I felt the rubber band but nothing significant happened to my consciousness any tips on that ? and @Leo Gura do you recommend just snorting it if plugging doesn’t work for me ? thank you
  5. Does kriya yoga include kundalini practices or how do they compare ? which one of those do you find more useful or do they nicely synergize together ? I’m just curious about the difference between them. thank you
  6. this substance was talked about on Leo’s blog a while back. It is similar or even more effective than 5 Meo. anyone has any experience with it ? All I remember is that it’s not for newbies and that it must be taken seriously and carefully like all other psychedelics.
  7. Amazing?
  8. I reall loved Gladiator and braveheart
  9. have you been been successful at starting a shadow work practice ? what are some of your favorite resources on shadow work ? let’s discuss this
  10. Hi I have tripped many times before and I take psychedelics very seriously but I was wondering if you would recommend watching any of the videos while on a relatively moderate dose of mushrooms and what episodes would you recommend ? thank you
  11. When I first started, a website called helped me and I also did a lot of research online. Very simple
  12. I can’t be the only one here wanting to be a part of the psychedelic movement and industry. Do you see yourself as a psychedelic integration coach in the future or something different that you want to build or be a part of? I’m really excited about this field and what will happen in the next 10-20 years
  13. Watch life advice for young people part 1 and 2 again on the main channel
  14. The witcher 3 ,Skyrim and fallout new vegas
  15. Have you taken the life purpose course? what skills do you want to build and what languages do you speak? start planning good luck!