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  1. Anybody tried this course before? what did you think of it? Did you learn something new not available on his youtube channel? Thanks!
  2. @Lyubov I just didn't want to force myself to the girl but I suppose you would call that a classic newbie mistake? I already felt good in the club just dancing by myself but it's a little bit of a paradox because I did want a kiss. but at the same time I wasn't like craving it. I just wanted to have some fun and I kinda did.
  3. how do you guys engage with a girl emotionally while being blasted with music in a nightclub ? I remember @Leo Gura said to work on your voice and tone I haven't been in a club for years and today I went to one, talked to some girls but every time I talk to a girl, she's like "ha" ? because she can't hear the shit I'm saying. I felt like yelling just so that the girls can hear me but that felt forced I prefer day game because at least I can hear the shit that is being said, and it's less cliche to hit on her and I don't know how to put my finger on it but it just feels better to do day game for me How do you guys manage loud nightclubs? I will try it again I was dancing most of the night by myself as nothingness, building state and I felt like I'm in heaven expressing my true nature in dancing spontaneously. Lol I can explain it in different ways. There was this girl that told me to buy her a drink for a kiss but I kinda told her to fuck off implicitly ( without actually saying that phrase) it was a college party and I honestly felt surrounded by kids even though I'm 23 Overall I felt good because I talked to few girls, danced so beautifully and experienced what's like to be in a night club after so many years. I had other insights while there but let me keep it short and sweet. and no I don't and didn't drink.
  4. @tlowedajuicemayne I got interested in enlightenment intensives after looking at @Leo Gura booklist. I talked to the facilitator of this intensive on zoom and she said she spent 13 years in a zen monastery and she seems to understand awakening and things like that. We talked for about 2 hours @Shambhu Thank you for the feedback , the facilitator told that from the past two years, there has been good feedback from doing it online but in person is of course better I think
  5. Has anybody tried those intensives? There is one later this year in the US, it's for three days but it's online and it's like 600 $ or something If it was in person, I would seriously consider it but I don't know if the online experience is as profound. Any thoughts? Thanks
  6. So I watched the video on detox of heavy metals But I still don't understand how to order the test kit because I got the impression from the website where you order the test kit that it has to be ordered by your doctor for you. Is that true? What website did you use to order the test kit and did it have to be ordered by your doctor? Just trying to clarify if I'm using the right website to order the test kit
  7. I recommend taking a 10 day Vipassana meditation course/retreat It is so liberating
  8. How would you compare Changa to something like San pedro?
  9. I feel that Jim Rohn is a healthy stage orange role model Any others you can think of? Thanks
  10. Is it worth paying that much to go to a San Pedro or Bufo retreat/ceremony ? did you get value out of it ? Thanks!
  11. Hi @Leo Gura once dropped a link for a website in one of his responses of supposed wingmen you can connect with in your area, anyone remember what that website was? Thank you
  12. Hey @Leo Gura or anyone who is interested in responding My life purpose is to study people's lives to get an understanding on how to save and treat them do you think that medical school might be a trap? I have that subtle feeling that it is but at the same time I don't to come off like I want to avoid hard work. medical school + residency = almost 10 years and that's when you start paying your loans back... I'm intrigued by psychedelic therapy and healing a lot but I don't know if going to medical school and doing a psychiatry residency will bring me closer to working on psychedelic therapy or it might be a trap.. 10 years is a long fucking time honestly and I don't know if in 10 years I will regret going through this standardized long MD training or I will regret not doing it. right now I'm between an MD and PA career path, leaning towards PA. but I know I need to figure out my own niche somehow and I'm almost done with my bachelor and I turn 23 soon. Any comments will be appreciated Thanks!
  13. WTF? What I learned from the getting laid series so far is to try build rapport after establishing attraction with a girl through an instant date. Why would she be faking the whole thing?
  14. Hey @Leo Gura after watching your series on getting laid , I thought I will ace this interaction with a girl I liked I went through the attraction and building rapport with this girl for a straight hour and then when I get her number she tells the next day it's not a good fit when I try to set up a date and she tells me no but in a polite way One thing though, When I started making genuine informed assumptions about her and guesses instead of interview questions, she mentioned it was creepy when I figured what her favorite food. I just gotta move on I suppose The mind fuck is that I thought we built good rapport after attracting her through emotional connection and I tried to bounce around to different locations on campus what I learned is that girls think in a completely different way because I thought I had built rapport but I was fucking wrong on assuming she will be going on a date with me on the weekend. The tone changes when text messaging a girl. Any comments will be appreciated. Thank you
  15. Beautiful