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  1. Serious question, can you please provide examples of how Biden is better for this than Trump? Not trying to get banned I'm genuinely trying to understand
  2. Your life purpose has a ton to do with it. Nobody sees this? If you are driven to do big things while you are horny as fuck, it's no surprise. Someone who can stay just as driven when they're completely drained is another story, that's values and purpose. 10+ times a day is easy if you're healthy and especially if you've got goals that are more important than yourself. Also it is by far the best time to meditate/contemplate like he said, it's actually not even close.
  3. I'm not surprised at him getting called out for it. I'm surprised people on this forum still click on videos so low consciousness it hurts my head. Like think for yourself god damn I don't need critics to approve my sources. Find more sources yourself and weed out the good and the bad. @Leo Gura I don't know what you have, and I don't have time to watch blog vids, I also know you don't want advice. Sitting in a PC chair for hours really fucked me and I couldn't eat normal, I'd feel like I was gonna die sometimes after eating a little piece of food. For 2-3 years I couldn't walk after I ate. 100% thought I was dying. Read every article possible on the internet about stomach problems, I'm the best I ever felt now just from using my body everyday instead of letting all my organs crunch up together in a computer chair. The computer / office lifestyle is breeding cancer. Used to be 8-16 hours day at the PC now I try not to go on it unless I'm absolutely doing work, and my lifestyle is way more active. Life away from the PC sucks when you are used to it that much, but it's for the better and it gets better. To be honest the new generation doesn't have a clue what they're in for. Good luck with everything, I don't know what you do everyday but I personally underestimated the damage certain chairs do to my gut, especially this DX racer chair it raises your legs in the slightest inch and that makes everything hell compared to a chair that's down a little bit. Walk/Stretch as much as you can, doctors are so wrong with all these diagnoses. Stomach issues really fuck with your mind. oh yeah and I've always been very thin if I sound like a fat slob
  4. It's so sick that people actually click on and watch videos like this. Everyone is full of misinformation, do you really think you aren't? I don't need to click the video to know the guy talking is a clown. You can go eat your banana and talk to him about my ego if you want while I'm working out.
  5. Aurum is on point. Also the cholesterol is good for you. I once did vegan for ethical reasons too, but you can realize just as many living things are hurt from veganism. Your fatigue is lack of electrolytes and calories. You need way more salt than you think you need. Try drinking a glass of chicken broth with like 2k of sodium.
  6. @Leo Gura c'mon man He's absolutely not on steroids, he eats the leanest meals you can find and he carb cycles. If you are still on carnivore diet and did 20 minutes of the right HIIT every morning you'd be impressed with how well your body tones like a fucking lion. You'll notice it within a week. You can call all of that ego, but so is posting 20,000 times on a forum, your forum signature and avatar are just as much ego as his tattoo's just in your own way. He's a passionate person and he's very artistic. He's more creative-driven than competition-driven. If you watch the way he works out it's like an artist and it's very satisfying to watch. His business started by working out alone on a playground and he attracted students the way he worked out and made progress. He's helped the world in positive ways. He believes in making your body like a swiss army knife, useful for as many situations as possible. You focused on your mind your whole life, look at all the amazing things you contributed to the world with that? You can crush research and problem solve for infinite subjects that people take decades to master. Someone who is influenced by the mind of Leo and the training of Chris Heria has so many tools to work with. I've never been interested in big muscles so-to speak, I'd rather be lean, flexible, and quick. However, his workouts influence me because I highly value my energy levels and efficiency to maximize my presence.
  7. @ajasatya ty !
  8. what methods helped you develop this the most?