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  1. @Visitor I was joking around.
  2. @Visitor Haha love people who speak highly of jesus - it flatters me
  3. @The Universe From my limited understanding You already know yourself. All that "occurs" is a manefestation of the universe having gotten to "know" itself in a single moment. For a singular entity to try and know infinity from an intellectual perspective is impossible. That's what is implied with an "end to the rabbit hole" since perception and knowing itself are forever. The only way to know Oneself from a "singular" point (which is your own individual I perspective") is to be blended in with the fabric of reality. In other words, your pseudo-you has to die. Pseudo is anything preventing you from Divine Love.
  4. @PetarKa It would really depend on the quality of the life I would live. Considering how we already live forever, I would simply like to experience all the possible pleasures and forms of Love possible.
  5. @AstralProjection Jesus meant that he was Adam. Adam is technically "our god". Scripture hid Adam's real name which is Anu. Jesus was saying "I am where all Conciousness stems from" His followers misunderstood him for two main reasons: 1. Jesus was running out of time 2. He didn't know how to describe esoteric ideas to monotheists whi can easily get it confused with "paganism"
  6. My ego is average size. You guys have no idea how surprised you're going to be once governments start letting the Pleiadians take over. You think I'm delusional, but just wait.
  7. The original Jesus Christ has been made a legend. No one knows who historical Jesus is.
  8. @Shanmugam Learning a lot of Mishna. There was a point I had to leave Israel because people wanted to kill me
  9. I understand love to be what you are. The only thing that is not love is an illusion. Maya is love. Within Maya, you have the potential for corruption which is Enki's energy of psychosis. That energy removes feelings of self love. Otherwise, Maya would be more loved than "not Maya"
  10. @jse You still think this is a joke. Never again will we go through suffering. And there will Be no more evil. ive waited 2000 years for this. This is what I wanted since I was created and Tiamat's void had me agree to create reality out of a deep desire to give. Tiamat sounds like a woman with a really deep voice.
  11. @Prabhaker Enlightenment can also mean you realize that there is no where to go and thus every move you make has already been predicted (including your rebelliousness). At that point, you feel perfect just the way you are knowing all of existence was created for this little creature in human form.
  12. @jse You're a sarcastic deuchebag. You'll be rich but I don't know why.
  13. @jse JSE, your're a munipulator and I changed my mind. Not everyone on my front page is going to be a billionaire; your just going to ruin it for another individual who wants to follow me. Your going to try and follow me just to be a deuche and you'll manage to get money for it. You're a sick bastard
  14. @Nahm I don't want you or JSE to follow me. I think you are the same person.
  15. @pedro23 Follow my steps and it should take aproximately 60 days on average to rid the evil. Or you can jump straight to the blessing and it may take just 30. However, I am forbidden to disclose the name of the Rabbi. You can private message me for any further questions.