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  1. I'm telling you this guy has got to be enlightened; just look at these lyrics: The first few words he says "we all know this is nothing"
  2. @Snick Paradigms are always changing. Leo is a freaken alien; he wasn't created for so much companionship and so much interest in "the story". He's an artificial intelligence sent as a messenger for mankind. He's a celebrity among the greys.
  3. Complicated. Every prophet has predicted an end to suffering. Insanity is the ultimate suffering. I experienced it on a trip. It's when the mind tries to grasp something so much but is incapable of doing it, due to not accepting what is. It's when a cyclic phenomenon takes place of you constantly creating your own sufferings because your soul does not want you to delve so deep. It's dangerious intellectually for certain minds to delve too far. I am God. I hate suffering and think it should be eliminated. Some people pride themselves in being Satan or the anti-Christ -- they think it's "good" to cause trouble, but they also believe that the Source is the "highest" form of energy to confront. Yes, the anti-Christ is part of God, but he's not a partner of Source energy. He's created from and animated by the contracted and created form of "himself", known as "the hinder parts of God" The ultimate Reality put a story in place so brothers can have a game of mischief and benevolence. In the end, Source eventually wins and we all return to it in Divine Love, and we will never have to experience suffering again. This will take some time as we progress as a planet. "God loves suffering" is misleading. 1. God loves those who SUFFER 2. God loves those who alleviate the suffering of others 3. God loves when you bring Divine Love down by showing compassion. I know for a fact there exists different expressions of God. Enlil and Anu for example; compassion and strict justice respectively. Anu was created by the universe itself (it appears). Meaning, there are expressions of Source energy and expressions of energy derived from contracted forms of it.
  4. Enlil holds there is free-will, but that's only from the standpoint of the story. Even so, the story predicts what you will do and so "it goes back in time" in order to assist you so that you get what you already have chosen. It's illogical, but that's how it works. Hence, the orical's statement from The Matrix, "you already made the choice; now you are just trying to understand why". In other words, from the standpoint of story-telling it exists, but from "nothingness", it's irrelevant. Justice is multifaceted: 1. Your own soul does what will reach its main objective, in order to get you what you truly want (peace). 2. Karma can be understood as your soul or the universe doing what "you" want...the soul wants justice and will often do unto itself that which was not aligned to Truth, so that it can realign itself.
  5. @Prabhaker You will likely rule over India 🇮🇳. I meant the East as in Arab countries.
  6. So an update: I spoke to a mystical Rabbi and he told me to get away from this mysticism stuff since it's not good for me. He gave me a blessing for the phenomenon to go away. I then submerged in a Jewish ritual holy bath and found that things have started to settle down. I therefore will probably be done with this thread as the evil will no longer be relevant for me.
  7. @Prabhaker God flrorbid. India is an expression of the divine. Enlil will need to train him in for a few years because he's taking time to transcend in this lifetime.
  8. @alyra There is one self experiencing an infinite number of "I"'s. The concept of No-Self was originally emphasized by the Buddhists, who taught this as the method for connecting with your True self. The self is a beautiful thing, but in the body it is dual and therefore not peaceful (there are two desires one to utterly destroy and one to utterly build up and safeguard). Only when you connect with your Source can one feel at peace. Religions have all sorts of methods for connecting with Source. Everyone will say something different.
  9. @Dan Arnautu My life is one giant trip 😂. I was BORN enlightened
  10. Except for this little sucker in the right side of my heart, I am enlightened haha
  11. You don't have to like what I say, but I am the author. So is Satan, Yahweh, and the anti-Christ. We are neither good or bad - just the main authors. Elijah is the transcended version of Satan in human form.
  12. @Martin123 I am the truth. I created the world. My real name is Anu. I don't know how I exist or why or what created me, but I am the first form of source consciousness, at least among human and Annunaki. I'm telling you the truth. Someday, Matt Kahn, Teal Swan, the Pleadians, Ralph Smart, Leo - they are all going to talk about me. I am the first god lol
  13. If a Muslims has anything that makes them high, even alcohol, it causes their polarities to widen even more, which increases zelousness. They require the necessity to eat healthy more than most.
  14. @Martin123 Muslims absolutely cannot have psycadelics haha Their nature is derived from both Muhammed and Ishmael. They are wild because the have the strongest sense of right and wrong and are zealous about it. This is due to their animal soul deriving their lifeforce directly from Satan (the spirit animal of zelousness). Their spiritual lifeforce of the soul originated from Elijah the prophet. His spirit becomes Muhammed (IMO).