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  1. @Leo Gura would focusing on your hand as you spoke about, count as a concentration practice?
  2. @ground Yeah thats true, mantras can have a positive effect
  3. @Leo Gura That makes a whole lot more sense now. It's pretty interesting that someone can be stage turquoise spiritually, but stage blue cognitivley. @ground He never once said he was enlightened, I spent a few days with him and he reminded me a lot of other enlightened teachers. He also possesses mystic abilities, he was able to pin point important life events of mine which in no way he could have had knowledge about. He also did the same for other people who attended his meditation session which he did for free.
  4. @Baotrader I know times get tough, I've had a history of suicidal problems and depression. Just know I love you, and so does everyone else on this forum. Don't give up.
  5. Hi guys, I noticed that some Yogis even though some that are enlightened, preach religion. For example, this Yogi I went to talks about everything Leo talks about, no self, enlightenment, unconditional love, etc. But he also told me that I should be repeating religious mantras, regardless of which religion it is. He believes that religion is essential for spiritual development. Anyone care to comment on this?
  6. @Leo Gura Sounds good then!
  7. I really hope I'm not in India during your Vancouver trip. I'm gonna be in India from Feb 12-22 would phase #5 be around that time?
  8. Hey guys, I went to a yogi recently, and he did some mystic stuff on me hahaha not too sure what it was but, he revealed I have energy blockages in my upper spine. Anyone know if Kriya yoga helps with energy blockages? Or if there is other stuff I can do to clear energy blockages, Thanks!
  9. @Joseph Maynor Living in Vegas got not so clean Leo doing psychadelics
  10. My greatest fear in life is that I will end up alone without a spouse. How do I confront that fear and over come it? I feel like my self inquiry and yoga practice gave me great growth but this fear of being alone forever never really changed. Any tips guys? Thank you.
  11. Honestly, I feel from the ego perspective relationships are so tricky. Half the time I'm in one, I have no idea if I'm using the girl for my own deficiencies or if I actually enjoy the relationship and her for itself. Usually I feel like I'm just using the girl but at the same time I feel "heart break" when we break up, as if I truly loved her so it leaves me very confused. Its weird because I'm always the one doing the breaking up but I always take so long to recover and never handle break ups well.
  12. @Leo Gura It's a bit over 3 hours. If you came to Vancouver, I'd buy even 4-5 tickets if I had to make it worth your while
  13. @Leo Gura Vancouver please!