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  1. Thanks guys for the help!
  2. Hey guys, as I child I was never really loved and that lead me to become needy as I grew up. I still find it hard to even love myself because of the lack of love I received as a child. What are some ways to overcome this besides meditating? Thanks.
  3. Uncertainty or Loneliness
  4. Doing too much too soon will make homeostasis kick in harder. Try taking steps towards self improvement, it's a life long journey don't rush it. But, I'd listen to the comments above as well Good luck!
  5. Hey guys I was wondering what are some great questions for introspection. I am currently trying to figure out my ego deficiencies and why I am neurotic or clingy to certain beliefs. What are some good simple questions to start off for introspection? Thanks
  6. I always felt meditating in the morning made the rest of my day a lot better. I think a lot more clearly and am much more aware when I meditate shortly after waking up rather than later in the day, but of course it varies for people.
  7. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the suggestions.
  8. Hi guys! I have been meditating for 6 months but for the last week I have had strong reoccurring suicidal thoughts. I am not new to suicidal thoughts, I have had them for years but I feel that the thoughts are getting stronger even as I am being mindful of them. I am assuming this is because meditating is uncovering things I've tried to suppress from the past. I watched one of Leo's videos called " The Dark Side of Meditation " and learned a lot from it. But, my question is has anyone else ever had really strong vivid images of suicidal thoughts come up from meditating? If so, how long did they last before they started going away? Thank you for reading this.
  9. A look into your diet could help. Avoid refined sugars, they make you have a lot of mood swings. Exercising is also a must, I feel that a lot of people over look exercising and their diet when it comes to having good mental health. Good luck!
  10. @Aamir King don't try to do too much at once. What you're doing is amazing as well because the odds of a high school kid wanting to self actualize is a surprise. Just remember its a marathon not a sprint so don't do too much at once or your homeostasis might push you back.
  11. @Aamir King regardless of the role dropping, what you did was still fascinating. I remember in high school, your looks were everything. I remember crying once because the barber messed up my haircut, my appearance was a big part of my self esteem and it showed how deeply ingrained it was in my ego. If you care about your appearance or cared about it and went and messed your haircut up on purpose, to me is a good sign. Going against the grain, can show growth.
  12. Maybe meditating on what your roles are might help? I guess if you're not sure about what roles you play, could maybe be a good thing because you might identify less with those roles than others identify with theirs. Like for me, I knew my roles off the bat because my life is so deeply engrained in them. But, good luck on finding your roles!
  13. @Peace and Love Thanks for taking time out of your day and helping me! I think you're right. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks everyone for the help! You guys are awesome
  15. @Martha77 I wish you the best of luck on your process. Thanks for the insight!