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  1. Don't worry brother. The progression will come as long as you're willing to put in the work. Take baby steps or else homeostasis will bite you in the behind! Haha, but yeah just start small and over time you can take bigger and bigger steps. I know exactly how you feel because I was at the bottom of the hole when I first started personal development. Believe you can do it and put in the work. I believe in you man! Stay motivated!
  2. Hey guys! I'm currently "with" this girl sort of and it can't go anywhere. Her parents won't let me be with her and she agrees with them in their perspective on us. We're currently just friends but we're both super needy and attached to one another. Is there hope to just be friends or should I just let her go and stop talking to her? I feel like I'm just avoiding real emotional labor by running from the inevitable pain. Thanks guys!
  3. I feel eventually, you should. I personally listen to hip-hop music and a lot of it pertains to disrespecting people and just a lot of negativity. It also depends I guess maybe on if you like the song for lyrics or just the melody? Like I like to listen to songs that make me want to dance, I usually don't care what the lyrics say. I focus more on rhythm and I just like upbeat songs regardless of what negativity is said in it. I don't pay too much attention. But everyone is different.
  4. Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone had tips on how to deal with this issue. Like for example, do I just practice personal development like I would in any other scenario? I'm having trouble dealing with the situation. I know this post isn't straight forward and it's kind of confusing but what I'm basically asking is; what are some tips I could use to deal with the issue and do I continue my journey in personal development like I normally would? Or do I put it on hold for a bit?
  5. Hey guys I was pondering on something earlier. If a person has a deeply wounded ego and does not truly love them self can they truly romantically love someone else? Like I know someone who says she loves someone but she hates herself. I think she loves him because of the validation he gives her because she has a very low self-esteem. So what do you guys think, can someone who does not love themselves love someone else?
  6. I totally agree! If it wasn't for the youtube channel my life would probably still be a complete mess. I also love the forum, its amazing to see so many people with the same goals and are always willing to offer advice. I express my gratitude towards everyone in the actualized community. Thank you all
  7. Vancouver, Canada !
  8. @Leo Gura Thanks! I watched your video "The Dark Side of Meditation" It makes a lot more sense now.
  9. Thank you all very much for the help!
  10. Hey guys! I have been meditating for a year now but I've noticed here and there some scary moments. About a week ago, I upped my meditation time and a few days later I was hit with a wave of depression. Back in February, I did the same thing and was hit with a wave of depression. Every time I try to make a leap in increasing my meditation session's duration, I notice a huge backlash. I become greatly depressed and confused. I'm not sure what to do... Any tips would be helpful. Thanks guys!
  11. Hi guys so, I have this friend I deeply care about. She is in a terrible situation and I lose my mind over it. But the thing is, there is literally nothing I can do to help her especially because she does not want to help herself. I also find myself always trying to help people, I think I am too empathetic. Even the people I can't help, I'll still lose my mind trying to help them. Is there any way to iron this problem out? Maybe through introspection, but I am just guessing. Well any help is appreciated. Thanks guys!
  12. Thanks guys for the help!
  13. Hey guys, as I child I was never really loved and that lead me to become needy as I grew up. I still find it hard to even love myself because of the lack of love I received as a child. What are some ways to overcome this besides meditating? Thanks.
  14. Uncertainty or Loneliness
  15. Doing too much too soon will make homeostasis kick in harder. Try taking steps towards self improvement, it's a life long journey don't rush it. But, I'd listen to the comments above as well Good luck!