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  1. Hey guys, when someone deceives you like for example manipulates you into doing something or lies to you about something big, how do you react? I still find myself wanting to seek revenge and I know that "seeking revenge" itself is a self deception.
  2. Thanks guys I will put everything into practice!
  3. @Slade I will do this even though milk gives me the runs LOL @d0ornokey Had no idea avocado had that many calories! thanks bro
  4. hahahahahaha, I know it's weird I am super insecure about my physique. Sometimes I question if its even worth it because bodybuilding feels like a distraction from consciousness work well for me at least, it might not be the same for someone else. I will try that thanks bro!
  5. Hey guys, I have had problems bulking lately. I find it hard to get in the calories I need with most healthy foods because the calories are just not enough. So I find myself having to eat junk food to meet my caloric needs daily. But I find myself becoming depressed and anxious when I go this route. What kind of foods do you guys eat when you bulk?
  6. Been trying to learn more about quantum mechanics lately. My understanding of reality is still very poor and I am trying to understand quantum mechanics better. This is great
  7. In psychology class, we learned that a pitch dark room for extended periods of time can damage your eyes. I am not saying do not do the retreat but just be ready for any health consequence.
  8. @Nahm I think its a mix of both perspectives, I’ll figure it out. @Joseph Maynor yeah you always gotta be aware and like usually when you think you’ve “arrived” theres a good chance you’re deceiving yourself
  9. @Leo Gura that probably is the case, just distraction. @Nahm Hmm it is ironic, I am not sure where the fear is coming from entirely. My best guess it is because I always felt things “never went my way” in life so now I’m projecting that attitude on enlightenment?
  10. @Joseph Maynor Liberation through enlightenment, I've made it a life long journey of mine to one day reach it, but it's like what if I go to my grave and I'm still in ego mode you know? It's scary to think about.
  11. Answering your last question, I don't think enlightenment is for everyone. I don't know what it is but some people are more inclined to truth than others. Some people rather want to live a lie because truth is a lot of work and is painful. I honestly don't blame people who are not into enlightenment because who wants to die? Unless of course you're inclined to truth.
  12. Thanks @Ether @nightrider1435 That's actually solid advice, thanks
  13. how do I do that
  14. My biggest fear in life is that I seek forever and never attain enlightenment. Yes I know it is the ego who fears n all that stuff but does anyone else share the same fear?
  15. Glad to hear about it bro! Just be aware that homeostasis might kick in overdrive and try to drag you back into old patterns. But I’m happy for you man 😊