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  1. Yeah. End game is the tough part. I have been running into a lot of set backs with that and it's hurt my confidence a bit. I was putting so much pressue on myself that I decided to focus on other things a bit.
  2. I cant play story games/adventure games. It consumes too much time. I like to play quick competitive games that I can play an hour tops. COD, Rocket League, Fortnite. I just pick up the controller and play for an hour tops once or twice a week. Not bad for me honestly.
  3. So you're saying that "all actions are ok" is a byproduct of the super ego? Could you go a little more in depth with this? I feel as if I know what you are talking about and would like to become more aware of it.
  4. I'm really just doing it because I feel like it has become an excessive habit and I need to reboot. I feel as if it contributed to performance anxiety and possibly ED. So I'm really just doing it for physical reasons and whatever "superpowers" that come with it are a bonus.
  5. I've grown an interest in this, but I am unsure if I want to risk investing the money. Not sure if it is still worth the time and I am not sure how to properly go about it.
  6. Yeah I fundamentally know this. But the emotions feel so real.
  7. It has been an issue for awhile now. I seem to find myself becoming attached or catching feelings over a girl after I find out that shes really not worth those feelings or she is not available. It isn't every single girl who I find an interest in, but I have had multiple times over the past few years where I will start to like someone, it will usually be a co worker or classmate. As I get to know them, I will eventually find out that they aren't quite right for me. They will end up being one of those situations where it is really going nowhere and they are ultimately not healthy enough to really want something with. But I find it hard to let go. For one reason or another. I am aware that there is no point in putting any energy into it, but I find myself wanting it to work somehow. Or for something to happen. I understand logically that it is straight up stupid, but emotionally I find myself having a tough time with this. It's like I want them to be who I wish they could be. I know this is insane, but I still feel really down or sad that they didn't turn out to be right. This girl in particular...we really seemed to be into each other at one point. But I didn't feel like she was putting as much effort towards it as I was. She had other options and was casting me off as a side dude who was a lower priority, but would try to ask me to do her favors (which I refused). So I have been going through this complicated back and forth of somehow trying to let her go but maybe figure out a way to get her to come around. I know that I need to let go of this. but it is clearly an unhealthy pattern that has happened multiple times. I don't know exactly how to prevent it or get past it. I am better at managing it, at least in the outside world. I am able to just show that I am cool about it to them. But deep down it hurts. And I usually end up in situations where I have to see them at least a few times a week. So it is tough to not get triggered by it all. I am trying not to beat myself up about this. But I feel so pathetic for it. And I hesitate to put myself out there because it always seems like I end up torturing myself. I am not sure why I end up like this or what it means exactly...I really feel lost about it.
  8. me too Op I got this girls number who I really like, but I expect it to not go well. I expect a catch. I expect to somehow be disappointed and blindsided. Because everytime I feel as if things are going my way with this, it's like I run into a brick wall. even if we go out and have what seems to be a good time, i expect something to happen to where it will simply fizzle out. whether its me....or her...or whatever. my expectations are negative. I felt better for awhile when I truly let go. But I started to feel depressed again when this situation came around. Its fucking sad that I havent even hit her up yet and yet I already feel like itll go nowhere. I hate it. I truly do. Its a really dark feeling. All I would like is for this to be an enjoyable part of my life because I like the opposite sex. Im attracted to them. And I know to a certain extent they like me and are attracted to me to. but i always end up...not happy with it. idk anymore man. I dont want to sink in negativity, but I am.
  9. I feel like there are many routes I could take. Who here has experience in this area of study? I'm in my second year of school right now.
  10. I work with this girl and she is super flirty with me and always hugs on me and calls me baby and shit. But it it's not gonna go anywhere. She's currently talking to a co worker of mine and it kind of make me feel bad that I can't get anywhere with her. So I wanna step away from whatever it is that we are. But we are cool with each other and I gotta see her at least once a week so how do I tell her in a nice way that I wanna back off from the constant flirting? I'd rather it not be really awkward.
  11. A girl I know just broke off a friendship with me because her boyfriend felt uncomfortable. She was inviting me out without him around. Shit can be complex. There always seems to be a certain boundary with opposite sex friendships.
  12. Trump elected is an official sign of the west decline IMO
  13. That's why this conspiracy shit is cancer man. People like this guy follow some crazy story to take away responsibility for accepting the real problems. I'm assuming OP is a white male who is convineniently blaming Jews for all the problems and ignoring the problems of minorities and writing it off as all media influenced. Dispicable.
  14. @JevinR If you think that blm is a sham then so be it. But black people face a huge struggle in this country to this day. Youre talking about conspiracies when blacks didn't receive normal human rights in the US until 60 years ago. Think about that man. You want to talk about the system oppressing everyone except the people it actually oppresses. Blacks are not angry because they are lazy, jealous, and ungrateful. They are angry because people have treated them like animals for so long and wanted to hold them back in this country. I mean SERIOUSLY look at it. How is it that the system is somehow out to get everyone, but when it comes to the black struggle, no oppression magically exist in your mind. It is all the media making things up according to you. But you believe that the Jews are out to oppress the white man. Biggest load of ego based BS that every typical alt righter believes in.
  15. What one labels as a druggie is completely subjective. Some people view weed as harmless. I could call someone a druggie because he enjoys a beer every day or so. I think you're just labeling people.