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  1. yeah rule number 1 is dont listen to women lmao. Thats just their way of trying to get you to be in your head so they can control you. do what you want and youll be A okay! I am finally learning this and accepting it fully
  2. put your thumb through your zipper and jump out from behind corners in the quad pretending its your dick. works everytime
  3. She came at me sideways after I resolved my issue in my thread. Tried to tear me apart personally with some lame ass white washed bs rap. She deserved that.
  4. me personally, my boys have always understood me and had my back. It's usually guys I can be my true self around. Theres a few cool girls that I know, but it is what it is I guess
  5. getting married next month. her fiance is a cool guy. and I established good repour with her, so she loves me even if she's not with me
  6. very few women will contribute to your life in a positive way outside of your blood.
  7. literally none you can get women to buy you shit if you know how my ex gf bought me a Patagonia fleece and other shit with her fiancés credit card the other weekend. no lie
  8. whisper to it ever so softly. feed it grain. brush it's hair
  9. you're not a monk. I can tell.
  10. shit test manipulation never admitting fault taking kindness for weakness making everything difficult because they have this weird idea that everything needs to have drama. Things going smoothly just seems to bore/bother them. sucks cuz most women have these traits lol
  11. Talkin bout mansplaining when this woman tried to sum up my entire being. GET THA FUCKKKKKKKKK OUT
  12. I didnt read that weird jumble of bs you posted. You're not funny or clever or unique But I did catch the part about pua player. no Im not a pua/player. I stopped caring about lay counts when I was 19 you fuckin immature dumbass You're trying to use troll tactics that aren't applicable in any way to me. You just look like an idiot rn. its actually worse, because you also think you're funny and you are clearly lame
  13. bruh this bitch talkin about cold approaching and sex when the topic aint even about that. She definitely an obese goth girl lmao