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  1. I wouldn't say that jackfruit has so few calories! It's almost 100 kcal per 100 g. It also isn't very rich in fiber, but rather high in sugar, so it will make you crave even more sugar. Now compare this to some leafy greens such as cabbage or green beans which are around 20 kcal / 100 g and are packed with fiber.
  2. I've heard of larabars a lot. But they don't sell them in Europe or at least here in Finland. What are their ingredients?
  3. In my opinion, you should check your hormone levels.
  4. If you've been eating bread your entire life and then you suddenly stop eating, it's no wonder you get the cravings.
  5. The only issue that comes to my mind when talking about an upset stomach from fruits is the food combination. You shouldn't be combining most of the fruits with anything else. Especially the sweet ones, like bananas, persimmons, dried fruits. Eat them on an empty stomach.
  6. I used to eat bread almost daily. Nowadays, I don't touch anything that involves grains. I noticed it causes very serious brain fog, and also stomach pain. You realize this only after you've stopped doing it. Until you stop eating it, you consider it normal. Once you stop, you realize you can be pain-free. There's so much good stuff out there that you can replace the bread with. Tons of vegetables: cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, etc. Basically any leafy green is just amazing - they have tons of antioxidants and very little carbohydrates and are nutritiously very rich. I cannot imagine eating any sandwiches ever!
  7. @Pallero I feel you. I thought of replacing the eating with some other activity, which would create positive feelings in my body. I couldn't come up yet with anything as powerful as eating is. Hopefully, some day. When I stop myself from stuffing my face with food I get this urge to eat again. So it doesn't end until I just eat. I cannot focus on anything else, it's horrible. I will look into emotional eating more seriously very soon, because I've had this for some time and it definitely robs me of happiness. Will start with reading books about it.
  8. Yes, for sure. I do mindfulness meditation often. Planning to do a retreat, as I am leaving for Thailand very soon.
  9. Thank you! Will do that next time I am observing my emotions. I fully realized just recently that I am a serious emotional eater. I've never paid attention to it. I always thought I just like food and that's why I am overeating and indulging. That's like my biggest "sin" at the moment. I also lose control and binge on things (including watching series) when I feel some emotions which are obviously out of my comfort zone. Or to be more exact, when I try to escape these emotions. For example, being in the center of attention, public speaking, etc.
  10. Hm, not sure I understood to whom was this addressed. I've heard of shadow work, but haven't done research on it yet. What do you know about it?
  11. Seriously? I think I've experienced all of them. But most of my day is centered around the pride and anger categories
  12. I've decided to do the exercise from this video: In short, you are given a list of emotions/feelings and you are asked to answer to the following questions for each of them: 1. What sensations are going through your body when you feel it? 2. Where in your body was this emotion being felt? 3. How was this different from the prior emotion? 4. What is going on in your mind when you are in the middle of this emotion? My question: I do understand these emotions to some degree but I have very hard time recognizing/defining somehow the sensations that are happening in my body when these emotions are felt. The vast majority of them are either in my chest or my belly. And for others I cannot identify any sensations whatsoever. So my question is can you? Here's a categorized list of the emotions from the video (I've written some of my own notes next to them ). Apathy - least resourceful group Depression - zero motivation to do anything, immobility; felt in my shoulders, passivity, shoulders slouched. Nothing really works. There's no meaning in anything. Why do that? Defeated - sensations in the chest, back. Less apathy, the pride has been damaged. The world is unfair. I gotta prepare better for the fight next time. Gotta practice. I am far from being good at it. Bored - sensations in the belly. Like you are being stuck somewhere and you want to leave the place but you cannot. Lack of control. Oh, I wish this would end. I need something to happen, I hate this monotony. Gloominess, dullness. Lazy - hands? No point in doing this. I know I should but I don't really want to and I don't know if it even matters. Grieve Being sad - sensations in chest, heart area, burning feeling. Oh no, why did this had to happen? I wish it would all turn around and be the other way. Hurt - sensations in the chest. How could he/she do that to me? Let them see what they get for it. Betrayed - Chest. I knew I shouldn't trust anyone. I know I can only trust myself. You better do everything alone and not rely on anyone. This son of a bitch. Now my plans are ruined. Disappointed - slightly ligther feeling compared to the rest. Chest-neck area. Damn, why is it so? Guilty - chest, shoulders, belly. I gotta make up for it. Fear Terror - chest, belly, the whole core. What can I do to save myself? Nervousness - upper back, chest, shaky feeling, anxiousness. Worry - Chest. Very common. What if? What should I do? Insecurity - chest, upper body. Oh please, don't see me/ask me/judge me. Lust Craving - belly. Mm, I want that. I can already feel it. I wish I could have it now. Possessiveness - Haha, I am so powerful. Greed - Chest. gotta have more, later might not have the possibility. Frustration - chest. Oh, it's not working. I have been sitting here forever and it still doesn't work. Am I stupid? Am I not meant for this? Anger Disgusted - upper body, belly. How could he/she do this? I would have never done this. Pissed off - How could this stupid guy do this? Vengeful - Heart - they will regret it! Annoyed - (kind of like disappointed?) Wish this could have worked better. Pride Gloating - delight in other's success/failure Pretty good feeling. Oh, I see. Makes sense. Haha, he could have done it another way. Feeling icy - Ta-da. I am so much better in this. I knew I am great! Being judgemental - OMG. How could someone do something like this? Why is he doing this? Can he already stop it? Arrogance - Who are you compared to me? So what if you know that? I know I am better. Courage Confident - in the whole body. I am pretty calm. I can deal with anything that comes my way. Creative - feeling of being in the flow, losing yourself in the moment. Detaching from the world. Happy - content. Heart, body relaxed, muscles not tense. Secure - oh, world is just fine. We are all doing fine. Everything will be all right. Relaxed and content feeling. Acceptance Compassion - oh, I see why he did that. Kindness you feel towards another. Glowing - enthusiastic. Oh, we could do it this way but then there would be that. It's gonna be great. Loving - he deserves that. Let's make him feel good. Playful - overall feeling of energy. Spontaneous behaviour. Being non-judgemental. Peace Awareness - I see. Yes, this is how I react. It's OK. Calm - I could just be sitting here doing nothing and the world and everyone would be just fine. No need to hustle around. Feeling complete - deep breath. Self-satisfaction. World is amazing. Nature is wonderful. Life is awesome. We are all just perfect creatures. Freedom - immense joy. I can do whatever, nothing can stop me. All life is just made of wonders. Feeling centered - concentrated. Sensation in my forehead. Clarity.
  13. Well, you gotta say only if you mean it.
  14. I am waking up in the middle of the night way too often for the last couple of months. It's all the fear and worries that come up from my subconscious. Consciously I know I have nothing to worry about but how do I stop the thoughts coming from somewhere beyond me? Meditation definitely helps. But sometimes I am way too exhausted physically and mentally to be aware. I am sure it will resolve in the near future, though. I am flying to Amsterdam tonight with my boyfriend. Let's see what we'll discover there
  15. @Charlotte Please be careful with your nutrition. If you remove the meat completely you have to remember to supplement with the necessary nutrients.