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  1. You don't understand: I am sick of being harassed by dogs. It's not even the dogs, it's more the people who own the dogs that bother me. I haven't ever been bitten. I was harassed by dogs and most importantly indirectly by people who own them who didn't care to acknowledge that they are hurting someone. I have thought of saying no when the dog approaches. It's also not easy. But it's more doable than trying to explain to the owner beforehand about it. "Finally, I think that if you know someone who has a dog it could be a great idea to spend time with this person and the dog to help sort your traumas. Dogs aren't bad, yet they can get afraid (just like you) and hurt." That's not a solution. I don't want to become friends with dogs. Not everyone needs to love/like them. I don't want to force myself to like them. It's violence against me. I am not saying dogs are bad. What I am saying is that their owners are unconscious and aren't taking care of protecting others from their harassment. And I am not saying of all the owners. A lot of them are considerate and keep the dogs close to their bodies. So the bottom line: the problem is not so much in the dogs, the problem is in relationships with their owners/strangers on the streets I meet.
  2. I realize that I haven't practiced standing up for myself enough. Now I reached the point that I experience a lot of pain because of it. Or I just became more conscious of it. My main trouble is speaking up when there are passing dogs, whose owners let them sniff me, approach me. I have previous trauma because of dogs. Most people here in US are in love with them, so this makes me even more hesitant to speak up if their freaking dogs approach me. I have tried to assert myself previously and have had good and bad experiences. However, right now I am at the point, where this is just too painful. And I try to avoid any situations with dogs. And it makes me resent all these people, their dogs and in fact most of the strangers on the streets. I think it's partly paralysis by analysis, because I've talked to so many couches about this. Yet this hasn't been solved.
  3. Are you planning on having a family? Why/why not? Do you want to have kids?
  4. Oooh, it's been so long since I posted here. A lot of things happened since then. I moved in with my boyfriend, who is now my fiance. But the biggest change and surprise of this year so far is that I am pregnant. I had no idea this could happen so easily, I thought it would be a long journey. What did I know. However, all is not easy. Now that I am 8 weeks in, I feel horrible. In fact, I felt horrible starting week 5. I am constantly nauseous, often tired to exhaustion, and even depressed. Who would have known. That was the least of my expectations. I thought it's hard to have a baby, but not while the baby is in you. It proves to be a hard process for which I wasn't prepared. Not sure I can be prepared. Sometimes it feels so bad, that I just want to die. And just a month before I was so motivated and excited about everything. This makes me realize that I am far from being able to embody all the practices I learned during my meditation. I can some, but often I am just depressed and don't want anything. What surprises me most is that no one talks about this hard path some women have to take. The problem is there is no way to tame this nausea. You just have to suffer. So much for the "most wonderful time of your life", that I hear from so many people when they talk about pregnancy. I call it BS.
  5. Listening Rubbing the back Giving complements Smiling Helping out with annoying things Sharing high quality time
  6. I am back from a 17 day vacation and I have no motivation to do anything. I hate it all: the city, the apartment, the work. I just want to do nothing. I want to be, not do. Honestly, my day is filled with so much doing of unimportant, of just sustaining your life. So much resistance again. I thought having a vacation would help me reenergize and want to do even more. Apparently not. I really want to go to another place and take a break from Seattle, from the apartment. I may.
  7. @allislove thanks for your input!
  8. Downtown Seattle, WA
  9. Thanks. Well it sucks. It pisses me off especially because it's so unfair. But maybe I need to dig deeper and see how these men are actually "contributing".
  10. Thanks for suggestions. I've been doing meditation for years and I agree it does have an influence on your life overall. What I don't understand is the fact that the desire would fade away? If you see an unfair situation, how would it? And why should it fade away? It's not like I yearn to get this promotion. It's more about making it right. Why should I be getting less and be content with it? Let's be honest, we are still humans.
  11. @allislove Thanks. However, I feel like you consider that I am some sort of monster that does not realize what she's doing. I am pretty conscious and I won't be hurting anyone, trust me.
  12. Thanks. Oh I do my spiritual work daily. But frankly it has almost nothing to do with the skills of getting ahead in our orange world. You may meditate all you want but it won't change the fact that you'll need to interact and work with others. I am kind. Obviously I won't now turn into some shark I am me. Just gotta be more cunning ?
  13. Oh I am with you this one. I think I totally have a shadow there too, because I honestly hate all these games with all my heart and resent all the people that play them.
  14. Perhaps they didn't make it past Orange if they haven't climbed it? Unless of course they are entrepreneurs or doing something else than working in a corporate world. Honestly, I am still pretty shocked it hasn't worked and not sure I understand why it hasn't. I'll need to read some literature on that.