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  1. Had a pretty frustrating day today. Or just a part of it. Didn't write anything for my blog today because had no ideas. And I don't to write just because I have to write every single day. I will be travelling tomorrow though and will have plenty of time to write a new post. Decided to focus on CSS instead, all those display&position things I've never looked into properly. Now is the time. I feel though that I am not super motivated to do it. It's like I am doing it just to do something, there's no drive. When I'm writing I'm in the flow, things just happen. Oh well, it may be I will get there with CSS things some day too. The challenge is perhaps there's no burning need to learn it. It's there and it's handy to know it, but how important is it to me?
  2. Hm, I can do that. But it won't make me any less tired, I think.
  3. Thanks a lot!
  4. Apparently, protein can become a source of glycogen through neoglucogenesis.
  5. One more thing. I am trying this Keto diet right now. The thing is I didn't realize how much commitment you have to put into it. I thought I would just follow more or less the rules. Well guess what? It doesn't work this way. I've started recently counting what I'm eating and it seems I am following Atkins instead of Keto, because of the huge amounts of protein I'm consuming. Now, to make it work I would need to create an actual plan of what to eat day to day to follow strictly the diet. That's a project on its own.
  6. I realize that a lot of choices I make day-to-day aren't aligned with my values or goals I would like to achieve. For example, today I've agreed to meet with a girl who I barely know for a coffee. She just asked me if I would like to have a coffee. Instead of thinking too much, I've replied yes. Why? Just because it's nice for my ego I like hearing that people want to spend time. On the other hand, I didn't get things done in the morning because of that meeting. Should have known better. Decide based on your values and goals - be a strategic motherfucker
  7. Meditation on fatigue? What do you mean? You mean meditation to become less fatigued?
  8. I also have issues with falling asleep. I think it might be due to not counting the caffeine I'm consuming. Even though I drink just a cup of coffee and maybe two-three cups of tea. Too much, apparently.
  9. Ok, cool But I still don't get it: there's actually no sign right next to "I don't overeat" now. So does it mean you did or you didn't?
  10. Just wanted to mention that you are doing tons of good stuff for yourself! The kryia, holotropic breathing. Not very nice of your friend mentioning about your looks - you know, being skinny isn't actually so bad. Most of people have this problem the other way around. I for one eat when I am stressed, so you imagine I have some kilos I would like to lose. It isn't so simple for most of us.
  11. I like your way of presenting your goals! It's clear and readable. How do you manage not to overeat? And what means the goal "no lp course"?
  12. So have you figured out your life purpose? I am myself in the domain of technology and realized not too long ago that I wouldn't like to focus just on programming software. I would like to incorporate people into my work.
  13. Don't beat yourself up for eating wrong stuff. I myself know too well how easy it is to eat stuff you shouldn't be eating. By the way, have you thought of why are you trying to eating a particular way? Is it because of how you feel? Or is it because you are trying to lose weight? Or just because someone told you? Or something else?
  14. I am back to writing here. I've returned from my trip two weeks ago and I must say that this trip was life-changing. I don't want it to sound all hype and cool - it's not it - but I've just aligned with my values and my life improved for the better. I am still with my boyfriend, which is actually from my previous workplace (even though not my crush), and this trip made me grow quite some in the domain of relationships. I wouldn't say it was easy - in fact, it was emotionally very difficult at times. But I learnt to become present when the situation would heat up. Anyways, that's not what I was going to talk about. I will reflect here on the things I'm doing day-to-day. I am writing a blog about travel, life in Finland and overall about problems we face in life. It's in Russian and it's here elenaoat.livejournal.com in case you understand it
  15. Would it be possible to download Life Purpose course's videos as mp3?