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  1. I am even thinking about getting into a relationship with the one girl cause she is really my type.
  2. Hey guys just wanted to give you a quick update. I have been going on the streets pretty consistently for 3 weeks now with my wingman. I have done about 80 approaches and man my life has kinda changed. I have 4 Dates this week and had two last week. Made out with one of the girls on the first date.. Its hard for me to believe this because I have never been really good with girls and now it feels like girls really like me.
  3. Yesterday I wen out again to ask for directions. I talked to one older women which was pretty easy then I saw a cute girl that I thought was really attractive. I had to push myself to go up to her. At first I didn't wanted to but then I told myself that I would regret if I didn't do it so I talked to her and asked for directions again. I am planning on going out today again and ask for directions or something like that again.
  4. Day 230: Meditation: ✅ Day 231: Meditation: ✅ Day 232: Meditation: ✅ Day 233: Meditation: ✅ Day 234: Meditation: ✅ Day 235: Meditation: ❌ Day 236: Meditation: ✅ Day 237: Meditation: ❌ Day 238: Meditation: ✅ Day 239: Meditation: ✅ Day 240: Meditation: ✅ Day 241: Meditation: ✅ Day 242: Meditation: ✅ Day 243: Meditation: ✅ Notes: So I decided to cancel the hole smoothie thing and only go with the meditation. Other than that I started to go to therapy. The therapist was very nice and sympathetic. I also do a little bit of pick up of which I plan on doing more when my semester is over and I am doing the life purpose course with a friend of me.
  5. so after a long time of doing nothing. I went out today with the goal of approaching just one girl. I didn't even wanted to do a full approach I just asked for direction and smiled and said have a nice day. I just wanted to do something easy. I think I am going to do that a few times and then eventually when I feel ready I am going to do an actual approach again
  6. Man I think Mystery is pretty lost tbh. I read the book by Neal Strauss and how he gets described there shows that he has some serious emotional problems. And I totally agree on the Negs. You would have to turn into an asshole to some degree to do that and thats the last thing I want. But for sure some of the stuff works.
  7. Thank you guys. Good to this positive feedback. And yeah I also thought that it might be to direct and intimidating to just say that I like her. Its probably better to just continue showing interest in her on a more subtle way. And we do have a date set up but unfortunately she has exams so it can happen in 3 weeks approximately. But yeah we will go to a lake and rent a boat. Well I think if that isn‘t romantic I dont know what is ?.
  8. Day 223: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie:✅ Day 224: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie:❌ Day 225: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie: ✅ Day 226: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie: ❌ Day 227: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie:❌ Day 228: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie:✅ Day 229: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie: ✅ Notes: Starting to become a little unmotivated to this this work right now. Cause I am not seeing substantial progress. I think the meditation alone isn't going to solve my social anxiety. I will need to see a psychologist for that.
  9. Also haven't really been out talking to girls since the last time because my wingman is currently busy and I don't feel confident going out alone.
  10. Alright. Thank you guys for all the suggestions. I have been thinking about it and yes I definitely need to work on other areas of my life to like emotional/ psychological well being ( Struggling with social anxiety) and I will definitely do that but I feel like I just can't wait haha I am freakin 21 this is the time to do shit.. And I wanted to give a little update. I have been on a semi date on Friday with a girl I already knew for some time and I think is pretty attractive. The reason why I am saying semi date is because I never really made it clear that I like her and think she is attractive. I only made some comments here and there that I think she looks good or something. But apparently that isn't enough for some girls. So we met at a small Canal here in Berlin and I bought a wine and brought. In the beginning (first 2-3 hours) I was feeling really good and thought it went pretty well. I made subtle physical body contact. For example touching here on the arm or on the shoulder when talking to her and she also did that a few times which is a good sign I think but then later when the effect of the wine started to dissipate I got like really tired and the thing about her is that she talks quite a lot so I started sliding into this passive role. Yeah in the end we said goodby like friends. But we want to meet again. I just think that when I meet her again I need to be more direct and maybe even say directly what my intentions are like "Hey listen I really like you and think you are attractive lets be more then friends" or something... Any suggestions?
  11. The pick up community seems to be very toxic. There are a lot of fucked up pick up guys who try to manipulate girls etc. I want to avoid becoming like that so I try to keep it real with the girls. I just want to gain more experience to eventually find a girlfriend so I can stop doing pick up ?. And when I talk to girls who I don't find attractive I would be bullshitting myself and her also so I don't get why I should talk to unattractive girls. I mean of course I would not start talking to 10s only but maybe 8s. What negative experiences have you made in pick up?
  12. well yes. I could have done that. I could also have said that she could bring him with her to the date or something like that.
  13. Day 223: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie:❌ Day 224: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie:✅ Day 225: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie: ✅ Day 226: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie: ❌ Day 227: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie:✅ Day 228: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie:✅ Day 229: Meditation: ✅ Smoothie: ❌ Notes: Listening to holosync before bed for 30 min consistently + trying to eat a handful of fruits each day and I started doing pick up. Just at the beginning of my journey. The link to my pick up journal:
  14. Ok today was kind of a tough day. I wanted to go out with my buddy but he was too unmotivated and tired so I went alone. I was going to a big square in Berlin. It s called Potsdamer Platz. My goal was to approach 3 girls. I thought that would be reasonable but I underrated how hard this actually is lol. I approached the first girl. I went towards her said that I saw her and thought she looked great. She reacted very positive and we then even talked for like half an hour at Dunkin Donuts. I thought it went pretty well and asked her if she wanted to go on a date with me she said she had a boyfriend. AAAAhhh hahaha I forget to ask her haha. Then I approached another girl at the bus station. I was already a little bit tired from the previous conversation with the girl so it was a little bit difficult to approach her and talk about stuff. Also when I gave her my hand she shakes it but she said that I shouldn't do it because of corona. Well I quickly asked her for her phone number and went on. After that I was so tired and way too anxious to talk to another girl. I would say it was emotionaly very difficult today but now when I look back it went pretty well for the first time asking girls out. I mean for someone who has social anxiety it was pretty good. I know a lot of guys who don't have social anxiety and don't approach girls. So yeah I am proud of me haha. The difficulty will be now to make it a habit. If you are an experienced pua feel free to comment.