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  1. Day6: Did the bresthing this time for 6 min cause with five minutes I had the feeling it was a little bit too short. My nostrils were open so I could breath well. Ich tried to focus on every inhale and exhale. Which worked semi well. And I tried to slow down the breaths. Day 7: Did the breathing very slow. Was very sleepy. So I didnt close my eyes. I tried to fucus on every breath but my attention always drifted away. Day 8: The first time I did the breathing my left nostril was half closed which was really annoying. So I stopped and cleaned it with my neti pod. Then I started again and it was much better. I was maybe a little bit more calm. I used this technique yesterday in university on the toilet and it kind of rebooted me a little bit. Day 9: Did the breathing after cleaning my nostrils. Nothing extraordinary happened. My right nostril is usually more open.. Day 10: Just did the breathing after a long sleepless night of working for last university presentation. Always at least one of my nostrils is closed 😫. But one thing I noticed is that I can smell more kind of which is really great. Day 11: Did the breathing lying down. Wasnt working as good as seated. Subtle calmness Day 12: Did it after waking up which felt good. Focused on my eyelids. It felt a little bit like getting out of breath. Maybe because I struggled to breathe through my right nostril. Those are my notes for the second week: This week the practice actually helped me to cope with the stress from university. My main struggle is that my nostrils are closed almost every day and that makes the breathing hard for me. What I also noticed was that on wednesday my sense of smell was heightened. This could be because of the breathing.
  2. I do this practice with a friend ( @youngshinzenof mine so we can motivate each other to stay on track. Here are his notes: Day 1: Wasn‘t sure how to time the breaths Left nostril was 90% closed, even after using neti pot Noticed how my thoughts wandered 5min were pleasant to start with Day 2: Used the 4/7/8 technique as breathing intervals after a hiit workout The workout helped to open up the nostrils Tried to stay as present as possible Noticed the darkness behind the eyelids Day 3: Again 4/7/8 after HIIT Used a timer but somehow it didn‘t ring so it was probably a bit longer than 5 min Towards the end I was a little lightheaded But my mind felt more calm, silence was building up Day 4: Felt emotional stress and took some time to do the 4/7/8 technique During the breathing I‘m more aware of how much I‘m thinking So I slowly bring it down by focusing Nostrils were dry and breathing was painful at first, but improved later on Feels like a subtle reboot
  3. The first week is over and now I want to share my experiences with this practice. Day 1: did it right after waking up so I was really groggy, but did it anyway. I have to pull my nostrils open a little bit because otherwise I cant really breath through them. It was a little bit a strain but not very much. Other than that there were not really dramatic effects. I breathed into my belly which felt like I was getting an organ massage. Day 2: My nostrils were completely closed so I cleaned them with my Neti pod. After that they were more open. I did the practice right after waking up. It made me me a little bit more awake which was very nice. Day 3: Did it in the morning again and it calmed me. I think because I have to think a little bit about when to switch the nostril I can calm down the monkey mind a little bit. Day 4: This time my nostrils were quite open. I started to notice that after a few breaths I get into the rhythm of it which relaxes me. Day 5: Today I wasnt feeling that good cause I have a light cold. Despite of that I could breath through my nostrils. I was a little bit agitated. Conclusion: This is only the beginning but I can already feel that this practice has something to offer. It is calming and can make you more focused which is very nice. I am looking forward to continue it.
  4. My motivation for this practice is to reduce some stress and anxiety in my day to day life and to become a little more relaxed. Also I want to build my discipline
  5. For the next 90 days I want to do a breathing technique called nadi shodana or alternate nostril breathing. The technique goes as follows. One closes the right nostril and breathes through the left in then you switch and breathe through the right out and in then you switch again and again. I will be doing this practice for 5 minutes daily and I will gibe you some updates. Cause I think this might be helpful and interesting to some of you guys. I will update you on a weekly basis. Cheers
  6. @youngshinzen yes bro I am so proud of us 😵
  7. Day 90: - hehe „one last song“ is my last song... Isnt this funny. - and what a song. He has a powerful voice. - I am really surprised of my self that I even made it through. It definitely gave me some confidence for future enterprises. - 15 conscious breaths ✅
  8. Man I need to do that too. I am super interested in the effects this will have.
  9. Day 89: I again forgot to post 🙈. - I enjoyed it - 15 conscious breaths ✅
  10. Sooo the last few days/ last week was a bit messy because I had a huge end presentation thats why I didnt posted anything here but Now I will post some of the plans that I made. If anybody here studies architecture he will know its grueling hahaha. Those are my sketches for now hehe.
  11. Day 86 +87: - very nice song - also a good one - forgot to upload yesterday
  12. I am a total beginner to Kriya Yoga and want ro start which of the two books on the booklist would you recommend me for the beginning? The first or the second? (Dont want to mention the titles)