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  1. I do 30 deep breaths then exhale and hold and the inhale and hold and I do 3 rounds of that. That is what he recommends but sometimes I do more rounds and sometimes I do 40 or more breaths per round. The more breaths you do the more intense the sensations will be but you should be careful not to over do it. Wish you good luck my friend
  2. I would say yes. Most of the times I combine it withe listening to inspirational music. It makes me euphoric and it feels like I can really listen to the music without mindchatter. It also gives me energy.
  3. Day 7: green powder with soy milk and banana Attempt to focus on the breath which failed because my body was in a lot of pain. So I tried to focus on that. (15) Day 8: green smoothie with 1/2 pear, 2 chard leafs, water cress, a few lettuce leafs, half a lemon, 1 Banana, 300 ml of water. The taste was ok. It was very fruity and a little bit sour but not too much I would give it a 6,5/10 Did 4 Rounds of Wim Hof breathing while listening to classic music which sounded beautiful. Day 9: 3 rounds of wim hof while listening to music. In Round to I became really euphoric. It is subtle but noticeable. Green smoothie ingridients: 1/4 ananas, handful of lettuce, 1 Banana, 1/2 cucumber, 1/4 l water. It tastet pretty good. I would give it a 7/10. Day 10: drank the same smoothie as yesterday 3 rounds wim hof. After the second round I could feel subtle euphoria in my heart area. Day 11: same smoothie as yesterday 3 rounds of wim hof breathing while listening to coldplay. After the third round the song „fix you“ played and there was sadness coming up in my chest area but it was also beautiful. Day 12: 20 mins holosync. Was a little tense and anxious Drank the same smoothie as yesterday Day 13: - made myself a green smoothie with spinach, 1 banana, cocoa nibs, chia seeds and kaki fruit. It was very tasty. 8,5/10 - I only did a little bit of holosync while lying on my bed and I fell asleep so I dont know if I can count that. I really like the Wim Hof breathing. So I will try to do more of that.
  4. Last week was really messy because I was travelling through the Uk but now I am back home and have the luxury to mix my own smoothies and meditate as long as I want to. This week I am going to test a bunch of smoothie recipes and give you my opinion on them.
  5. Week 1: Day 1: did 3 rounds of Wim Hof breathing while listening to Ludovico Einaudi. The music is already beautiful but when I do the breath holds the music appears to be much more beautiful. Drank green smoothie. Recipe: Soy milk, Banana, raw cocoa, a green smoothie powder ( including: Spirulina, wheat grass, Alfalfa, Kale, Barley, Baobab and many more superfoods). This powder is very handy because you can mix it very fast and you dont need to buy much. Currently I am travelling so this is what I am using right now but next week I will be mixing my smoothies with fresh veggies and fruits. Day 2: 2 minutes short mindfulness session. 10 min listening to meditation music. I have to say that it was hard to stay awake. https://youtu.be/Ihq64W33cyo The music was very soothing. I know that it isnt a breathing technique but I am currently travelling and living with two friends in a room so that is diffuclt. Drank my green smoothie: clean green powder with water. Day 3: drank clean green powder with water and soy milk. Other than that my nutrition really sucked. Did 5 min alternate nostril breathing. Was very relaxing. Did 10 min of deep breathing lying on bed. Almost fell asleep. Day 4: Clean green powder with soy milk 6 min mindfulness of breath: felt very calm and centered. Day 5: clean green powder with soy milk 15 min alternate nostril breathing Day 6: green smoothie from the supermarket ( I later found out that it had very little green and a lot of fruit in it so it was kind of a scam) Did 10 mins of mindful breathing in the park
  6. Thanks man 😊
  7. good luck. Also just started my self-actualization journal. We can motivate each other
  8. Hello guys! I recently finished my 90 day yogic breathing challenge. Which helped me to gain some momentum. Now I want get more into it and implement a few more habits in the areas of health, healing, finances and university. So I will write about my experiences with implementing more of these habits. My objective is to document my journey here for at least one year. I know this won't be enough for full healing but I think it is going to be a good benchmark to see some solid results. My daily habits: continuing with my daily breathing. I will experiment with a few breathing techniques. Those are: Nadi shodana or alternate nostril breathing, Wim Hof breathing and regular slow breathing. I will alternate between those to prevent boredom. Another habit will be in the area of health. I will make myself a green smoothie every day. I will experiment with some recipes I got from a good book. I will post the recipes and give my review. I know that it will be likely that I won't be able to keep up with the smoothies every single day because of traveling or maybe I will forget but my aim isn't to be perfect but to be consistent. In the future I am going to add more habits like experimenting with supplements, medicinal mushrooms and herbalism.So thats all for now. I will update you guys every week on sunday. Wish me luck
  9. Day 83: - 10 min sitting on bed - I think I was a little bit stressed and couldnt really focus Day 84: - 10 min sitting on bed - did very slow ujjayi breathing - my nostrils are a little bit sore. It is getting cold 🥶 - otherwise I could calm down and had a few moments of mindfulness Day 85: - 10 min sitting on bed leaning against the wall - had a little knot in my neck which was really annoying in the beginning but it loosened up - became increasingly more calm - felt like a long time Day 86: - 15 min sitting on bed leaning against wall - felt very long - got some calmness but then I had some stomach cramps which were really annoying because I couldnt really breath into my stomach Day 87: - 10 min lying on bed - was listening to a 10 min meditation track with nice sounds - tried to let the music be and listen to it Day 88: - 10 min sitting in car - first did alternate nostril breathing - tried to breath in for 4 sec. and out for 4 - my neck started to hurt because I had to hold it up - for the last few minutes I did normal mindful breathing Day 89: - 10 min sitting on my bed - at the beginning I had to effort a little bit but after a few minutes I could relax more - I had some stomach cramps. They came in waves. The stomach relaxed and then it cramped again. Dont know why 🤷‍♂️ Day 90: - 10 min sitting on bed - tried to slow down and focus on the sensations - found myself becoming a little bit calmer Conclusion after 90 days: So this is the end of my 90 day challenge. How was it? It was great to have a daily practice. It definitely helped me when I was having stress some times. Here and there I tried a few different things. My goal was to find something that I could turn into a permanent practice. I am very interested in other pranayama techniques like breath of fire or wim hof breathing and I think the next step for me is to to do a 1 year challenge. But I dont want to commit to only 1 technique I think I am going to change up the techniques like on one day I will do nadi shodana and on the other I will do wim hof or something like that. I also want to start other healthy habits like drinking a healthy smoothie in the morning or doing some physical exercise. So I will start a life style blog starting tomorrow where I talk about these things to hopefully help you also to make those changes.
  10. I took it for 45 days approximately and I honestly felt nothing but also could be that the product wasnt high quality...
  11. Day 76: - 10 min sitting on bed - nostrils were a little bit closed - did it anyway - tried to focus on the sensations and the sounds of breathing - => calming Day 77: - 10 min sitting on bed - dont remember that much - I think I was quite distracted and very tired - despite that I achieved a little bit of calmness Day 78: - 10 min sitting on bed - at first it was a little bit straining but after a while the breathing was happening on its on and I could rest my mind Day 79: - 10 min sitting on sofa - at first it was a little bit strenuous then I got into the rhythm and it became more automatic - in the end I slowed down even more through ujjayi breathing (contracting the throat) Day 80: - 10 min sitting on bed - did Ujjayi breathing again amd I could really slow down the breath - this was calming although what got in the was that I ate a little peace of chocolate before and I just started to sweat and there was a burning sensation in my mouth - that was really distracting Day 81: - 10 min sitting on bed - today I thought I would do something different. I just sat. - I was “trying” my best to not try 😆 - Was a nice change in my practice Day 82: - 10 min sitting on bed leaning against the wall - nostrils were a little bit closed but wasnt that bad - was very relaxing as always - very rhythmic and soothing Conclusion after 12 weeks: I like the practice although I dont always want to do it. So on some days I might do something different like watching the breath or just sitting.
  12. I can relate to you. I had a drawing habit some time ago for my university class. And when I sat down to draw it felt like a meditation because one has to observe very carefully. Nice drawings btw.
  13. Day 69: - 10 min sitting straight on a cushion - I did 3 rounds of wim hof breathing before - So I was already in an elevated state - during the first half I listened to classical music. (I do that always when doing the wim Hof breathing. I sounds way better after the breathing when I am doing the breath holds I can really listen) For the alternate nostril breathing the music was kind of annoying because I couldn’t focus. - when I stopped the music I could focus much better Day 70: - left nostril was closed so I decided to do some breath meditation - I focused on breathing into my belly and on the sensations on the tip of the nose - I got carried away be thoughts a lot - At some point I was able to see clearly images on my mental screen - images of show I am watching Day 71: - 10 min sitting on my bed - got up in negative thinking about the past - when I realized that I redirected my focus on the sensations and the sounds of breathing Day 72: - 10 min sitting - my mom played music which agitated me a little bit - I sillt tried to focus on the breath Day 73: - 10 min sitting on the couch - Had some moments of being mindful followed by being lost in thought - the good thing is that I am aware of the difference between knowing what is happening in the moment and not knowing Day 74: - 10 min sitting on bed - I was a little bit agitated before but after a few minutes I got really calm - I focused on making the exhalations longer Day 75: - min sitting on bed - I got into a calm rhythm after a few minutes - but there was a fly that always landed on my arm. It was super distracting - towards the end I had a little bit of pain in my stomach because I ate breakfast before Conclusion after 11 weeks: Nothing new. I enjoy the practice and it definitely works. Although the effects are not dramatic they are noticeable.
  14. Meditation is not the only way. There are a lot of exercises. And also different people need different things at certain points in their life.
  15. Is this your current experience or do you just believe it?