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  1. I think it does. A lot of time there is big potential in traditionally "low consciousness" fields for an LP. You can be the one to help raise the consciousness of that field. It's going to be tricky though. You're going to have to be creative. And you're likely going to have to face a lot of pushback from the status quo and people who don't like what you're doing. The system may try to squash you.
  2. @soos_mite_ah I've definitely been there. I think what you're experiencing is very normal. We all have a desire to belong and feel a part of "the group". I don't think having a perspective that largely goes against our peers is inherently always necessary or "better" than having a perspective that fits in. In fact, in a more ideal world, the things we talk about on this forum would be the norm. And we would just be one of many. The problem is, what happens when the group is collectively walking off a cliff? Do you just follow along, or do you actually declare that you're going to do something different? That's how I see spirituality right now. It seems to me that the majority of people are walking off a cliff when it comes to their life. And spirituality feels like sanity. The more I do this work, the less bothered I am about not necessarily fitting in. I know it's making me a happier, more fulfilled person.
  3. @7thLetter I certainly wouldn't say it looks pretty. There are many problems that I've talked about at lengths on this forum about the way we think about economics. The monetary system and the ideology of economic growth seem to be the biggest culprits.' That said, you've got to watch out for these "doomday" type of predictions. Financial "gurus" make these kind of predictions all the time and the vast majority never amount to anything. Don't let your amygdala run the show.
  4. @Lyubov It's very possible that humans were made to eat animals and that an animal diet is optimal for human health. The research on the carnivore diet is interesting to say the least. In which case there is no getting rid of killing animals to eat. And I don't think there needs to be. That said, if we are to eat animals, it should be done as consciously as possible. Factory farming is horrific and I would not recommend anyone eat animals that are part of that system.
  5. @Joyful Silence Meet Mindful: Lua:
  6. No. What you need is conceptual knowledge that is appropriate given your personal experience. Conceptual knowledge beyond that becomes mental masturbation and can actually hurt your results. You have too many theories and maps with no grounding in what they actually mean, which then leads to excess confusion. Don’t assume that more theory = more understanding. Understanding comes from doing, from which the theory can only then help explain your experiences and help you make sense of them in a positive way. Don’t underestimate how easy of a trap this is to fall into. Lots of guys do, because learning theory while watching YouTube is a lot easier than doing approaches and having to work to make sense of your experiences. Of course, there is also the trap of not doing any conceptual learning. In which case you might have a lot of experience, but very flawed ways of interpreting it. A blind intuitive feel that could be heavily biased from your cultural programming. But for guys studying social dynamics, it’s almost always the first trap. Studying is what they’re comfortable with. Actually going out is much harder. If I had to pick between the two, I’d much rather be the guy with tons of personal experience than the guy with all the conceptual knowledge.
  7. @Karmadhi I'd say you're generally correct. Your value as a guy tends to be way more dynamic than static like it is for women. At the same time, there is quite a bit women can do. Even if we just take the most superficial level, a lot of women could vastly improve how guys perceived them if they exercised regularly and ate right. I understand that's shallow and objectifying, but it would work. And considering I hold myself to that same standard, I don't find it unreasonable. These are things everyone should be doing, even just for their own health. Then add in some self-actualization / life purpose / spiritual work and she would be total wifey material, especially for a guy who is less superficial and more developed. And all of this is within your control to do. So there is still quite a bit of leverage, even for women.
  8. Go and test. Whatever idea you have in your mind of what you think will work with girls, just go do it. That will give you a better answer than anything we can tell you. You’ve got to see yourself as a human guinea pig when it comes to this kind of stuff. Try acting like James Bond. Then try acting like Russel Brand. Then try like your favorite PUA instructor. Just try everything. Your subsconscious will figure it out as long as you’re learning your lessons each time you go out.
  9. Why do you care? Introspect on that belief. Why is it bad if a girl you picked up sees you with another girl you picked up? Don’t go for the right answer, look for the answer that feels true for you. Maybe it’s that if they see you with another girl, she will think you’re a fuckboy / player and not want to date you. Or maybe you’re afraid to see yourself that way. Dig on that and things will be clearer.
  10. The problem is that then you're no longer on a fast. Coconut water has significant calories + carbs. So yes, it might help when breaking a fast. But you can't say you're still fasting at that point if that is your goal. Also, I think too much coconut water is not good either. It's a diuretic and so I find I can only drink so much of it. Better to just supplement your electrolytes with Snake Juice if you're serious about doing a long term fast. Cole from Snake Diet has also recommended drinking urine while fasting. His argument is that urine has all the electrolytes you need plus tons of other good stuff that doesn't break your fast. I'll leave that one up to whoever is reading this to decide.
  11. Not doubting you, just curious where you heard that. Also, for what it’s worth, I saw your fasting video and had a very similar experience. Went about 12ish days on water and had to call it off because it got so bad. I didn’t supplement with electrolytes, which in retrospect was likely foolish, but even still I would have likely had to call it off. And I don’t have SIBO or anything autoimmune related. Fasting seems great if you are already overweight or have a serious health condition. But I mostly stay away from long fasts these days. OMAD / intermittent fasting works well with me, plus maybe a 48-72 hour every once in a while.
  12. @Elijah777 A lot of subconscious, unmet needs show up in our sexual fantasies. Porn included. So I wouldn’t be surprised if your insight was spot on.
  13. @WonderSeeker Part of the problem is the way we treat material goods in modern society. Ideally, most things wouldn’t things wouldn’t get thrown away after they are used. They would be more of a circular economy where goods are recycled. Because even if your whole city does not litter, eventually it will end up in a landfill. Which means you are littering. There is no such thing as throwing something “away”.
  14. @TheAlchemist Good question. My thinking is that humanity is on a non-linear growth path at the moment. If you look at statistics around population growth, resource use, technological innovation etc, you’ll see these things have all been expanding exponentially. Spiral dynamics seems to match that exponential curve. Of course, such an exponential curve is unlikely to last. You’re not going to have exponential population growth forever. This is a temporary phenomena, like the “grow spurt” of an adolescence. Thus, if there are stages after turquoise, I’d doubt they will continue to unfold in an exponential way. Although I’m purely speculating.
  15. I get it, not saying it’s easy. Keep going to therapy and taking the next step. I’m simply trying to expose to you where I feel you’re off course. The good news is that they don’t necessarily even have to be close friends. When I say “friends”, I’m including the door guy who you say hello to every time you go to your favorite venue and who knows you by name. Or that random pickup guy you met off a pua forum and now you’re winging each other. Friends can be casual. You just need more social alliances. From there, if you have a small group of close friends who you’re more intimate with, that’s even better.