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  1. @Mrkvn8 Wait till you feel on track with your life purpose. Your whole definition of "fun" changes. Aside from my work, here is the list of things I find "fun" at this point in my life: 1) Meditation, i.e doing nothing 2) Yoga, i.e doing nothing while on a mat 3) Eating Vegetables, i.e eating what tastes like nothing 4) Hot Saunas and cold showers 5) Watching documentaries 6) Attending self-actualization workshops 7) Answering people's questions on Leo's forum 8) Sex 9) Walking in nature 10) Swimming / surfing 11) Making music
  2. @Sky There is no "best". There is only what is useful for you right now. Think of beliefs as tools to get you from point A to point B. That's all. If a teacher speaks a truth and it resonates with you, good. Follow it. If a teacher speaks a truth and it doesn't resonate with you, good. Don't follow it. Now you're probably wondering "but how do I know what is useful right now"? That requires you to go inside and feel out the answer. What does your intuition say? What you'll find is that many of these "contradictions" are not contradictions at all. You just didn't understand the full subtlety of what was being said and took things at face value. Other times you'll find that a certain belief just doesn't serve you at all anymore. Keep learning. Keep going inside and listening to yourself. Embrace ambiguity and confusion as best you can.
  3. Talent means almost nothing. I've got a buddy of mine sleeping on my couch right now who is working to make in hip-hop. He's a great rapper, yet he's still undiscovered after years of hustle. Why? Because you've got to be able to execute. Fortunately he works real hard so I see good things for him in the future. But how many "talented" rappers are out there that you won't ever hear of? Everyone got a hand dealt at birth. Some spiritual teachers would say you actually choose that hand, but regardless of whether you believe that, the only thing to do is play to the best of your ability.
  4. This is going to be some random thoughts I've had following Leo's "Why People Seem Crazy" video. The question I'll be tackling is: why isn't there "one correct path" that every spiritual seeker can follow? If you haven't verified it for yourself, let's assume there exists an Absolute Oneness / God / Spirit / Big Bad Divine No-thing. It is everything that exists, and this Oneness is seeking to experience itself by dividing itself into an infinite number of finite parts. This self-realization is the ultimate point of life and what we're all "doing here" so to speak. In order for this to happen, there must be an infinite number of individual paths back to Oneness. There is simply no other option that exists. Why? Simple. If there was a single optimal back to the Divine, then every individual would converge onto this single path. They would lose their individualness, rendering the whole process pointless. But if there are an infinite number of paths, then each entity can remain as an individual until they are reunited with the Divine. And then the process will simply repeat ad infinitum. Also, given that time is not actually finite and linear, there must be an infinite number of paths to the divine. Otherwise this process could not keep happening indefinitely. What does it mean to be the Same? It means indistinguishable. We must be different in order to realize we are the same. So what does this mean on a practical level? It means good luck finding someone exactly like you . Also, it means there's no "right way" to play this game. Relax. You have a unique path that is entirely your own. Not me, not Leo, not the Buddha can tell you what it is. Have the courage to listen inside. If we could tell you, the whole thing would be ruined. When you see someone committing a crime, that's part of their path. When you see someone doing something heroic, that's part of their path. When you see someone destroying the environment, that's part of their path. There is no way to be off the path in the first place! Does that mean you shouldn't work to grow yourself? Of course not. I just said the whole point of life is to grow and evolve. It also doesn't mean there aren't tried and true techniques that have worked for many, many people. Meditation is a great example. But if you think something like meditation "has" to be part of your path, that's when you've misjudged.
  5. @Emre You're taking "go your own way" too literally. It doesn't mean you don't function in society or have influences. Actually, your influences essentially make up everything that you feel is you anyway. What it means is that you have a uniqueness. A purpose you came here to fulfill. The problem is that most people are not trying to find what that purpose is. They're simply doing what others tell them they "should" be doing. So it isn't about doing or not doing anything in particular. It's about doing it because it's authentic to you. That might require doing some unplugging from other people initially because you've been living this life of "I should be doing this" for so long. But once you know, you know. Then it doesn't really matter if people are influencing you because you're consciously choosing to let them influence you. In fact, you'll seek out certain influences because you know they're going to help you get what you want. Now you're consciously designing your own life. You've become a co-creator with some undefinable thing larger than yourself. That's when you're going your own way.
  6. From the teachings I've received on the angels , dreams are definitely one of the places angels / spirit guides contact you. Your soul isn't contained to the body and can receive downloads it wouldn't normally be opened to. I'll be testing these ideas more in the future via astral projection. Keep us in the loop!
  7. Anything in life can potentially be used for spiritual growth, given the right context and intention. I'm sure that if you seriously made the resolve that you were going to use weed to shake things up, get out of your normal state of consciousness and have some insights about yourself you wouldn't have, you could. The problem is that many people who smoke weed have no interest in doing that. They just want to numb themselves. Well, ask and you shall receive. Who cares if it "really" came from the subconscious? The subconscious mind is just another model. The question is: did this benefit @Afonso? Did he grow from this experience?
  8. If you're consistently getting laid, it's not desperate Just from reading your posts though I'm going to say that you're coming more from desperation. The fact is if what you were doing was working, you wouldn't even be on this forum asking about it. So make a commitment right now that you are going to work towards flipping the script. What do I mean by that? I mean that you are going learn to be who you are and pull women into that world, instead of running around trying to figure out what you can do to make people like you. And don't give me this bullshit that "getting people to like you" is who you are. Lies, lies, lies. Go spend some time by yourself. Maybe do some meditation or go traveling solo. I want to know who @K VIL really is and why he is here. Who does he want to be?
  9. High vibration enegy = positive emotions. More or less. The sun has an extremely pure frequency. So when you spend time in the sun, you're raising your vibration.
  10. @Sophie Have you had your first enlightenment experience? if not, I would wait to see how your view of guides changes after that. My first nondual experience showed me that reality, while rendered from the brain, does not actually COME from the brain. The brain is IN consciousness, not the other way around. So the brain is really more like a transmitter. But transmitting from where??? It must be from outside all of this. And if I grant that physicality is an illusion and that non-physical is primary, is it that difficult to imagine non physical beings? Anyway, speculating about it on a forum won't do much. The rational mind doubts anything it can't understand or prove. So go get your proof. Go see a medium. Go pickup a book on how to channel. Go try astral projection. These things will all solve your question faster than anything I could say.
  11. I can remember as a kid imagining what it would be like when death occurred. What was interesting was that no matter what belief I was given, I realized it had to involve infinite time. So I'd try to conceptualize infinite time...and basically it just made my head explode. Worse than infinity simply having no end, how can infinity ALSO not have a beginning? What does that even mean? And then I'd feel very tiny and insignificant and want to cry. So there really isn't much to say about infinity. You either become it or you just have bullshit ideas.
  12. I see no reason you cannot do both. Yes, both require massive time and effort. But this black and white attitude of "I can either evolve spiritually OR pursue my physical life purpose" is just plain bullshit. People are failing to think synergistically / Win Win. They're not seeing how life purpose can contribute to spiritual growth and spiritual growth can in turn contribute to life purpose. Now, maybe your life purpose is to become a yogi living in the mountains who just contemplates all day. But maybe it isn't. There's room for every type of person. And everyone is evolving in their own way. You have to know you. You have to know what your role is. No one can decide that for you. Every second of every day, no matter what you're doing, you're faced with choices. They're illusions, but these choices exist for you to learn and evolve. Spiritual growth is not something you can just compartmentalize and say "oh, when I'm doing MEDITATION psychedelics, that's spiritual time. But when I'm doing all that boring "work stuff" or with my girlfriend, that has nothing to do with spirituality". So it's really just another choice of what you want. Do you want to engage with life and society, or do you want to just say fuck it? It's up to you.
  13. Do you really not care about your dating life, or are you just avoiding having to put in effort? That's not a way to go through life.
  14. I just bumped up my daily practice to 1.5 hours straight, so that's a record. I've been slowly working up to that number though so it's not difficult. Also, it's not necessarily about the time. I did 30 minutes outside the other day in the blazing hot Florida sun and was crying on the inside for most of it. That was hell.
  15. This is a very common problem for people into this kind of work. I wish I could tell you that you can have your cake and eat it too but the truth is you may not be able to. It seems like you've already attempted to grow together and he isn't willing. Eventually something has to give. Either you stop growing, he starts growing or you break up. You're just not going to be able to relate to each other anymore. I know it sucks, but what I've seen is that if you keep growing, your next relationship is going to be amazing. Because now you're going to naturally connect more with higher consciousness people.