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  1. Indeed. I feel it’s important to note here as well that this “addiction to growth” is NOT limited to suburban developments. Countries as a whole face a similar, larger scale problem. I went to graduate school for economics. And we were taught that one of the main functions of an macroeconomist is to maximize GDP growth. The reason for this is obvious: GDP increasing is usually correlated with lower unemployment, lower wealth inequality, higher federal tax revenue, etc. This issues becomes for 1st developing nations when the low hanging fruit of increasing GDP begins to dry up. Suddenly it becomes much harder to sustain perpetual GDP growth, and with that, things begin to get shakey. Luckily, just like cities have debt to bail them out, so do federal governments. Which is more or less what we’ve been doing as first world countries for quite some time. At some point, we will have to create an economy that can function sustainably without perpetual growth. But this requires a lot of change, and it’s hard to say how soon this could be accomplished.
  2. @Cykaaaa Love it! Especially the part about Grace. That seems to be something a lot of people miss, but it's also where the inherent Gratitude for life comes. No awakening is complete without it. Interesting too that you had all these breakthroughs on weed. For me it has never worked. Its been some years, I may give it another shot and see what happens.
  3. @MsNobody I think you'll be alright assuming that you provide legal disclaimers that it's only for entertainment / educational purposes. I personally don't see the value in doing a Masters in Psych. You can learn just about everything you need to learn through self-study, workshops, books etc. Do it if you feel called, but it's mostly just something for clout and to help people to trust working with you.
  4. @DocWatts Good share, Strong Towns is one of those books that has been on my to-read list for a while. This felt like a nice introduction. So much of how we organize cities / towns is going to need to change in the coming decades. "Strodes" seem like an accessible place to start, but it will have to go deeper than that eventually. I will be checking out the rest of the series as well.
  5. @r0ckyreed You might like Sean McNamara’s channel on Youtube. All about psychic abilities. It really depends on the specific skill you’re looking to develop. They seem to all have their own nuances to them. Although a basic ability to still the mind and “tap in” tends to be a prerequisite for all of them.
  6. Women have long had their self-esteem smashed to pieces over their weight. Some of them even develop serious psychological issues like bulimia because of it. If you’re a guy, imagine that happening to your girlfriend, sister or daughter. Point being that even if JP is right and this is an “overcorrection” on societal beauty standards, I’m very okay with it. I see progress. It will balance out in the future.
  7. @Michael Jackson I’d suggest this was Leo’s best video in a long time. Confirmed many of my own intuitions. Namaste.
  8. I am not the biggest psychedelic user. I’ve only done a handful of trips. But I am also of the opinion that Peter appears to be close-minded on this particular issue.
  9. I just wanted to let everyone know Kendrick Lamar sampled Eckhart Tolle in his newest album. My life is complete. Edit: he actually did it three times
  10. It’s one of the main joys of this 3D, limited experience: surprise Love hearing these kind of stories. They help remind me of the truth of this life. Thank you for sharing. Love that. This is the right answer. Of course, even as a conscious creator there is an element of unknown and uncertainly. Many things will still be unconscious. But manifestation is technically happening all the time, every moment.
  11. @puporing I feel part of it is that we just need higher quality mental health professionals. I get the structural critique, but I’ve also met therapists who did not fall into this category. There are therapists who foster healthy independence and encourage clients leaving once they’re done. And therapy in general can be a long, messy process. Some people may go but not even be willing to talk about their real issues for months or maybe even years. So I don’t think it can all be put on a corrupt mental health field. As far as pricing, I wouldn’t say it’s ideal, but I don’t really have a better solution either. What would be the alternative? Perhaps government sponsored therapy could work, but otherwise I don’t see how you’re going to cut down on the price. Most therapists are not banking millions of dollars like a CEO. Most are just looking to fully book their practice so they can afford the basics. So yes it’s a transactional nature, and I can see how that could become “cold” so to speak. But just about everything in modern society is a transaction. Housing is a transaction, food is a transaction, clothing is a transaction, it’s all transaction. Transaction itself is not the problem. All healthy relationships still have an element of transaction in them. Transaction only becomes a problem when it becomes exploitative, unconscious, and generally lacks love/connection/gratitude. It is possible in my experience to have love and transaction. The question is how do we get both? How do we have transactions based in love / gratitude / reciprocity? This is not easy and I don’t have the answer.
  12. Perhaps, but we have to think about collective evolution in terms of stages. In the past, we’ve had a pretty puritanical, tight grip on sex. SDi Blue type of thinking. But of course this strict moralizing and suppression of sexual energy can’t last. So as we correct for that, the pendulum swings. And it usually swings too far and we overcorrect. That’s essentially what has happened to sex. We’ve gone from thinking sex was this thing that only married people should do by the grace of God, to “fuck it, we’re just a bunch horny chimps”. And of course neither of those perspectives are the whole story. We will eventually find balance as a collective. But as I see it, it’s going to take time. And there will likely be some pain along the way. We will have to see what the consequences of our actions are and further integrate.
  13. @Husseinisdoingfine Liberalism, as a product of Stage Orange consciousness, suffers from all the same issues that individuals typically have at stage Orange. Too individualistic. But of course, all stages on the spiral are needed. Liberalism was needed to move us out of stage Blue feudalism. Now it’s showing its excesses, which will further bring online stage Green consciousness. And eventually, stage Green consciousness will show its excesses and we will have to correct for that to move solidly into Tier 2. So ultimately there’s no mistakes here. Liberalism is not a mistake. It’s just a long process. But we also need to adjust for its limitations.
  14. To massively overgeneralize, there's three outcomes to this question. The first two are Game A: Unconscious person who takes manipulates and uses people (Win / Lose). Unconscious person who gets manipulated and used (Lose / Win). Essentially, a narcissist needs a co-dependent. They go together. When you're the narcissist, you may on the surface achieve a lot of material success, but it will usually come at great costs to yourself and others. And it will usually not be all that satisfying. So on the surface you're winning, but really you're losing. Trump IMO is a good example of this. When you're the co-dependent, you get to seem like a better person but you still get taken advantage of. You get neither material success or happiness. The third option is the Game B option. This when two conscious people get together and create Win / Win situations. Here, some level of material success is indeed possible for both parties. But it will not be an extremely unequal / exploitative dynamic. Some people find Game B unrealistic, but the reality is those are your only two options. You either play Game B, or you're playing Game A by default. There is no Game C where needs and desires do not exist. There is only meeting those needs and desires in a healthier way. The issue of course is how to define what is truly Game B or not. This case-by-case basis question, and it's not always obvious. People can think they are playing Game B when they're really not.
  15. I would delete that mental program. Bring more awareness to your voice and how it responds when you’re “in state” vs “out of state”. What I think you’ll see is that your voice naturally unlocks a lot more when you’re in state. This is because your voice is controlled by your nervous system. Your mind is unconsciously always sending messages to your voice about how much you are “allowed” to project. The safer you feel, the more it opens up.