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  1. Yup. Welcome to entrepreneurship, where you don't know what you're doing and no one can tell you what's right. That can happen, but that is the most pointless thing to worry about right now. You're way overthinking this. No one cares about your idea. The fact is that even if you gave everyone on the planet the best business idea in the world, only 5% would actually be able execute it. That's how bad most people are at creating results. Plus, do you know how grateful you should be that you got a business to a point where people want to steal from you? Again, most people can't even do that. That could happen. Large percentages of business are stomped out by competition. The question is, does that really matter? By doing nothing, your failure is already assured. Only by doing SOMETHING can you actually make it. Your mind is playing tricks with you because it doesn't want you to take risks. It doesn't want you to grow. It wants you to STAY THE SAME.
  2. Do you actually suck at balance? Or are you just focusing on one area more than others? Balance is a nuanced thing. It's not I do work 20%, relationships 20%, health 20%, spiritual growth 20% and family 20%. That's a simplistic notion of balance. In the way I or Leo might talk about balance, you could be spending 95% of your time doing one thing and still be balanced. The question is, what do you want? Balance is relative based on your current goals. Also, balance is not something you just achieve and then it's over. It's more like continually walking a tight-rope, with adjustments being made every step of the way. My gut reaction is to say you need to prioritize and being willing to cut shit out that you really don't want. Many people can't balance things because they can't say no.
  3. @Lynnel Noticing is definitely the first step. So congratulations on that. Now KEEP noticing every time it comes up. Be aware of when it happens and how it influences your behavior directly. Remember that our shadows / judgments about other people are never about them, they are about us. So if you're noticing these kind of beliefs, ask yourself: how is this really about me? What pain might you still be holding on? It could be leftover feelings of resentment from not being successful with women. It could be hurt from a breakup. That's for you to dive in and figure out.
  4. @Sagatarius Yup, time to fly from the nest. You may have to wait to see how he reacts to you leaving for school. Are you financially independent? What are you waiting for to leave for school?
  5. I'm not saying you're wrong. But notice that your judgment of guys who do pickup actually handicaps your own ability to improve in this area. You WANT to get better with women, you WANT to learn the skills necessary to get an amazing relationship and you probably want sex more than you realize. But doing it would make you "shallow". Shallow = bad, and you don't want to be "bad". If it's not important then you won't get it. I've done a good amount of cold approach at this point in my life. The sheer volume of women who you should never want to be in a relationship with is huge. Not because they're bad people, but just because you're not right for each other. So how are you planning on finding that 1% of women who you seriously connect without meeting a bunch in the first place? Also, think of how important sexual chemistry is in a relationship for both parties. I would NEVER get in a relationship with a woman before having sex because I don't know if we're going to be a match in that area. It's insane that anyone would leave that up to chance.
  6. It doesn't matter if I'm sure, it won't help you. Take time to think about it for yourself. Who takes a shit if there is no-self to take a shit? We're using relative language here.
  7. @Anirban657 Do whatever you want. You seem like you know the answer you want anyway. I'm just playing devil's advocate. How long have you been meditating? Sometimes it can take time for the turmoil to start.
  8. What explanation did he give? He may be right. I don't know you but meditation is not for everyone. It's a mentally grueling process that can cause a lot of emotional turmoil.
  9. First off, "good" and "bad" relative. Jesus was one of the most loving people to ever be alive but a whole bunch of people wanted him dead. Second, you aren't yet conscious enough of why people tend to commit acts like murder. You're assuming that people's DEFAULT is to be mass murdering psychopaths and that only societal rules keep order. I've found it's the exact opposite. These societal rules largely had to be formed because of ego. A human's default is actually love. It's the wounds and unconscious conditioning we receive growing up that take us away from that state. And that's why if you want to heal the planet, you have to heal yourself first.
  10. First rule of studying self-actualization: you have to figure out what advice to listen to and what to ignore. If you're a high school graduate, I would not be prioritizing things like "minimize my life". That's advice for people who are already successful in the world but who have picked up extreme work / lifestyle habits in order to get to that point. That's not you. You should be hustling to figure out your life purpose. As far as fun, you need to start making a distinction between healthy fun and unhealthy fun. Otherwise you're just going to be a miserable, boring dude. Healthy fun might be things like yoga, hiking, working on your life purpose, creating art, socializing with good friends, swimming, etc. Unhealthy fun is more like drugs, TV and other time wasting bullshit.
  11. If it is a energy block than something like Reiki or Tai Chi could help. Or just try moving the energy with your imagination + attention. You need an energy based solution for energy problems.
  12. Realize that the goal of SDS is not to run up your time score of sitting still, like a video game. That's more of a result. The goal is actually to bring up as much resistance as possible while staying mindful. For instance, I could sit very comfortably doing SDS on my nice soft bed for 1.5 hours. Maybe more. But if I were to do SDS while sitting on an uncomfortable rock in the blazing sun, that would be much harder. I'd might only last 15 minutes. So I'd actually much rather make SDS as hard as possible than do things to make it easier. Making it easier defeats the purpose. The more you stay mindful when the resistance comes, the more you will emotionally release. And that is how you will be able to sit for longer periods of time. Side tangent, if you have problems with people disturbing you with meditation than you 1) need stronger boundaries and need to let people know you're not available because you're meditating and 2) should try in the morning before you talk to anyone
  13. @Hardkill It definitely seems like you've made an honest effort so let's make this productive. Where are you screwing up in your interactions with women? Do you open your mouth and they run away? Do you go on dates and then nothing happens? Where in the process from meeting -->> having sex do things go wrong?
  14. @Anton It's true that Leo's videos have probably influenced you, but also think about the fact that YOU brought yourself to Leo. So there was something in you that sought this information out in the first place. These are powerful ideas. You shouldn't feel brainwashed just because you see the value in them. You can always find your own niche in the spritiuality / self help world if that's where you truly end up. In the mean time, keep following your curiosity, truth and joy.
  15. @Joseph Maynor 1) The Cognitive Biases. If you don't know what these are, you MUST start by reading Influence by Robert Cialdini. Your ability to make cash is being completely handicapped by not understanding the pros and cons of these biases. 2) Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook / The Thank You Economy. These were both coined by Gary Vaynerchuck. Must be understood for anyone trying to compete in modern online business. Essentially it's the idea that provide value through content marketing and truly giving a fuck about your community. Only then do you ask for business. 3) That marketing is important! If you want to be too spiritual for marketing, don't be surprised when your business fails. 4) Knowing where consumer attention is now and where it is going. How can you sell to anyone when you don't know where their eyeballs are? 5) You need a copywriter on call or learn to do your own copy. Bad copy, no sales.