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  1. @7thLetter No one needs a relationship or anything to be happy. However, I've found there's very good potential reasons to want a relationship, some of which you've pointed out. If you're going to do it, I would keep in mind that most relationships are not good ones. A good relationship that's actually worth investing in is a rare thing and can be very difficult to manage.
  2. @How to be wise This is partially why people say life is a dream. Sure, you remember bits and pieces of a dream. But the next morning when you wake up, where did it go? Where is it? Did it even happen? Everyday life works the same way. Only we are very convinced that the events of the past and the projections of the future are real outside the life we’re living.
  3. @egoless It is. The idea that you can’t be charismatic even if you’re an “introvert” is an excuse. Read The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane. A lot of charisma is actually energetically based, which is why there are so many different types of people who are all charismatic.
  4. Yo this guy made some solid points, everybody should listen to him
  5. @NoSelfSelf Leo has a great list of qualities that define self-actualization. But I consider it a life's work.
  6. @Angelo John Gage That's the fractal nature of reality. As above, so below.
  7. @moon777light I love this show. He's sort of right. He pointed out that evidence for scientific truths require more evidence, which means that eventually you get to a point where you have no evidence for your belief. You must take it on faith. But he did "prove" the existence of god either. That would be to make the same mistake as the scientist.
  8. @Uncover Do you take yourself seriously? The world accepts the judgments we place on ourselves.
  9. @PsiloPutty Could definitely be part of it. Hard to say without more information. Why did you start no-fap in the first place?
  10. It's not odd at all. This is in many ways HOW you get girls. You get them when you don't need them. As long as you're desperately running around trying to get into her pants, you're like an anti-pussy magnet. It's literally disgusting from her point of view. The problem becomes when guys use ^ as an excuse to do nothing and stay in their comfort zone.
  11. This is a good strategy. Also, I'd add in that the more girls you're with, the less nervous you'll be. That will help a lot.
  12. @Amit It's not about the amount of work you do. It's the fact that people who we might call workaholics are working from a place of inner deficiency and low self-esteem. They're out of touch with their spirit. As long as you keep up your spiritual practice (meditation, yoga etc), I wouldn't worry about it. And if your concern is productivity, you should be structuring ways for you to work less, not more. That's what productivity means: get more done with less time / effort.
  13. @Vinnie Psychedelics. That's easily the fastest way I've seen to have an awakening experience.
  14. @Paulus Amadeus Great thread idea. One business idea I have (which I'm not attempting to execute on) is opening up a marketing and / or consulting agency specifically for conscious business owners. It provides value because people in the consciousness community are often not effective in business. They don't learn it or they don't see value in it. I've fallen into this trap myself. Sometimes I get so "spiritual" that I forget I have to actually make money and do my marketing properly. It's also a way to help out amazing products come into being. If they're a conscious business owner, than what they are doing should be bringing real value to people.