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  1. There is a lot of nuance to this question. Money is stereotypical diametrically opposed to spirituality for a reason. It's people who are caught up in chasing material possessions that typically are lost in the illusion, and money epitomizes that. People get sucked into it. I'm sure we've all seen people chasing money and not even having any clue why they're doing it. It won't make them happy, but the conditioning has got them bad. There's also people who say that as you evolve spirituality, you really just don't care anymore about money. You transcend the desire for it, similar to transcending the desire for sex. So if you really wanted to, you could say "fuck material possessions, I'm just going to go meditate in the woods for 20 years". And you know what? You could probably live a pretty damn happy and spiritual life. There's a rich history of people doing just that. And I get it. The more I've gotten into this work, the more I've realized there really is nothing we have to do. We're all just on this never-ending "choose your own adventure" ride. So if you wanna go live in a cave, who gives a shit? For me though, that isn't desirable. As much as I just enjoy sitting and "being" these days, it's not what I want to do all day. My soul incarnated here with a purpose. I have a strong desire to help others and contribute my gifts. I love the work I'm doing. But guess what that sometimes requires? MONEY! I don't know anyone who runs a business without it. On top of practical concerns, why would a lack of money be inherently spiritually beneficial? Money can be a tremendous spiritual aid because it facilitates opportunities for growth. In that sense, money is highly spiritual. One of the problems I see with some people in spiritual circles is that they become unbalanced. They're so into consciousness or whatever the fuck they're doing that they struggle to support themselves financially. Then these same "spiritually evolved" people go around bad-mouthing the people with money. When in reality, there's a part of them that resents the fact that they have to struggle to put food on the table. So right now I like balance. Truthfully, I probably fall more towards the side that favors spirituality over money so I'm always looking to make those adjustments when I go too far.
  2. I've done it a couple times at festivals and can't say it did anything for my personal growth. But I have heard people who claimed that MDMA opened them up spiritually, notably Sam Harris and Tony Hsieh.
  3. I can definitely relate. As I've gotten deeper into this awakening process, I've started to realize just how magical the world is. We're essentially all wizards with amazing powers that would blow the average person's mind. You know how this sometimes makes me feel? Afraid. We like staying small. We like saying "this is possible, this isn't possible". It gives us a sense of "realness". I look back and realize that as a kid I would have killed for this. As a kid, we all want to believe we're in a magical world with super powers like Harry Potter. Yet now I push it away. I also used to use my imagination all the time. What happened to that? Now I "seek the right answer". So yeah. So much of this process is almost like becoming a kid again. But now you're a grown-up kid.
  4. I've found that they do go hand in hand. As I've understood the Absolute more, I've found myself gravitating to these kinds of ideas. That being said, having an enlightenment experience does not necessarily guarantee relative knowledge.
  5. The question I'd have you ask yourself is: are you being honest? Do you really want to become a sage so badly that you're going to become celibate? Or, are you actually afraid of what would happen if you tried to have sex? I'm not saying which is true. But self-honesty either way is going to be critical here. Next, I'd question the assumption you have that having a sex life will distract you from the path. You're taking that highly for granted which makes me feel like you're just trying to rationalize your decision to become celibate. What about Tantric sex? Tantric sex is an entire spiritual practice based around sex. So dig into your motivations a little more before you make any drastic decisions. Why do you feel like you have to be a sage? Who told you that you should do that?
  6. Yes...and no. It's complicated so let me explain. Attracting women is mostly the art of being 100% authentic. By that definition, ANYTHING can work given that you own it and it's genuine. "Trying" to be funny because you're trying to impress the girl is much, much worse than honestly not having anything funny to say. So that's why I say "yes". But here is why I say "no". What is "being funny" from a girl's perspective? It's not ab ability to come up with incredibly clever jokes. Otherwise attracting women would just be this game of who can come up with the best puns and wittiest jokes. You have to go first. When you think it's funny, she'll think it's funny. Essentially this makes you the proactive energy in the interaction and her the reactive energy. A great sign that a girl is reacting to you is that she is laughing. So if you're gaming right, she's probably going to laugh at certain points, even if you're not that funny. There's just no way around it.
  7. Ironically, what your intuition will usually tell you is counter intuitive. Counter intuitive actually is not a good word. Counter reasoning might be a better word.
  8. Wasted energy in my opinion. You don't go back. There is only forward. I see a serious merging happening between science and spirituality. It's beautiful really. Right brain, left brain.
  9. Before you do anything else, just make a mental note that you are reacting to this trigger in your decision to become good with the opposite sex. Keep this in the back of your mind. This is the foundation for why you are doing this. The reason you are getting triggered is likely because you had some experiences growing up where you felt like you couldn't be "that guy" with women and it hurt. Other guys seemed to get what they wanted, but not you. Next time the trigger comes up, become aware of it and try to fully feel it as much as possible. That might seem strange but triggers only exist because we don't let go of them. Anyway, onto getting girls. There's plenty of content out there for how to be good with girls, just start with YouTube. You're 19 so I'd try to find some stuff related to being in college.
  10. RSD is definitely a good bet. They know their craft insanely well and tend to fall heavy on the self-development / spirituality side of things. So it ties nicely with Leo's content. But really it's all about finding someone who you resonate with right now. I went through phases where I jived with certain teachers and then I moved on. In that respect, it's a lot like the spiritual path.
  11. I'm overwhelmed just reading this post. I'm not saying you're not justified in how you feel, but you've got too much thinking going on for your own good. What you need is some delicious simplification. 1) Study up on how to get good with girls 2) Talk to girls 3) Repeat ad infinitum until you get a girlfriend or become celibate
  12. I think a better question is why are you spending your time on this stuff?
  13. Consciously, no one like suffering. Subconsciously, many people live for it. Which is why they get more and more of it. This is why bringing awareness to your actions and being honest with yourself is so powerful. When you truly see through the programming, it has to fall away.
  14. Be careful with this. Positive focus is a great place often to start on the personal development journey. And so I'm not here to talk you out of it. But, there are better paradigms you're going to have to move onto at some point. Yes, you have subconscious programming that is running you. But the reason this negative programming is running you is because you're ultimately resisting it. I'd highly recommend checking out the book The Sedona Method. You may save yourself a lot of time and frustration.
  15. THINK FOR YOURSELF! Yes, think for ourselves