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  1. @John Lula Finding a local psychic and get a reading. There are quacks out there though, so be careful. If they have a store with a sign that says “Psychic Readings, $5!”, that’s a not a great start. My experience is that it’s not as weird as most people think. You also are psychic whether you know it or not, it’s an ability everyone has. Some people are just more intune and have more practice. I just experience it as intuition and knowing. I suddenly just know something is true, even if I have no knowledge in that area. The key is feeling and trusting your instincts. You get psychic hits as well, but you likely second guess them or push them away. Books: The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette and Opening To Channel by Duane Packer.
  2. @XYZ Because of your extreme negative reactions to men, I would definitely say something is getting triggered. Something you are repressing. What was your relationship to your mom and dad?
  3. @Athemnajar I'll echo what @Sahil Pandit said. He is one of the few people who have approached me for help in an intelligent way, using what he just said. Instead of asking "how do I get a mentor?", ask yourself "how could I help a mentor?" Golden rule: the more value someone could provide to your life, the less you can actually want from them. One easy way to meet these people are masterminds. 99% of successful people either run a mastermind or are a part of some sort of mastermind with other successful people. However, the best masterminds are going to have barriers to entry like price, minimum revenue requirement, or are invitation only. My guess is you're not going to be able to pass those barriers. That's fine, you're just going to have to get creative. Maybe you can volunteer at their events. Another thing you can try is cold approaching people at networking events. Don't go to your local happy hour, that's for poor people. Go to some place where rich people actually spend their time, like a nice charity event. Befriend people, and as long as you speak the language of a person with status, there's a good chance you can meet a mentor. I've been able to connect with people who are wayyyy more successful than I am because of this. I've also had success with Linkedin. Reach out to people who you might want to mentor, figure out what they might need and solve it. No matter what you though, a mentor has to feel like you are worth investing their time into. They are busy people. If they see that you are not actually willing to do what it takes to achieve success or you're not implementing their advice, you've just become a black hole. They put time in and nothing comes out. Conversely, if they tell you to do something and you happily immediately implement it, now they are going to be excited about investing in you. Because you are one of the rare people who actually can take advice and maybe has a shot of moving up.
  4. One of my close friends actually used to work for them. I'm not really a fan but the stuff I have seen is solid. If you resonate with their content then it's definitely not a waste of time.
  5. @Caterpillar You were shamed at some point for your sexuality. Or at least something happened that made you interpret it in that way. Now you subconsciously carry that with you. Try just sitting with it. Go into meditation, and then once you're settled down, imagine yourself doing whatever you're afraid of sexually. Let any emotions or thoughts just come up and run their course.
  6. @Nahm I voted yes, because becoming aware of how you create your own reality is raising consciousness. You're becoming conscious of how every impossibly small thing you do is affecting your life. It slices through the ego defense stories.
  7. @Viking Part of you doesn't energetically resonate with things that are good for you yet. That's why it feels impossible and like you're suffering to do option 1. When you resonate with good things for yourself, it will feel very effortless to do them. Change of environment can always help, but realize that too will probably be painful. Because you won't resonate with the environment that can help you. My advice is just force it as much as possible for now. Even if it's uncomfortable. It's definitely not an ideal way of doing things, but you have to break the low vibration spiral.
  8. @Winter i don't think you're consciously aware of how much of a mindfuck some of these ideas are. When you have a non-dual experience, the one thing you won't say is "eh, no big deal." That being said, it might not be the right time for you to explore these ideas. That's fine. When you're ready to wake up, you'll wake up.
  9. What, are you dead? If not how could you have failed?
  10. @ExodiaGearCEO Can you narrow down the question? Building a brand is a really broad topic.
  11. Whose actions are you really defending right now?
  12. @Rachityczny I’m not saying you should hang it, but if you can’t hang it because the of fear of what your family might say, that’s a problem. You have shame around your sexuality. And it’s unlikely you’ll attract any of those girls in the pictures you’re looking at as long as it’s there. You’ll unconsciously sabotage your success. Here’s my advice: ask yourself why is it so bad if your family thinks you’re a pervert and immature? Why is it so bad if your entire family hates you? What happens? Just stay present and allow any thoughts or feelings that might come up.
  13. Sure I'll share. Not orange. Gary has said many times that it's not actually about buying the Jets, that's just a north star for him. Really he cares about the process, legacy and contribution. Higher consciousness values. Those are green, but they're also not exclusive to green. Every stage above orange values those things. According to whose standard? If you love work like he does and are largely fueled by higher consciousness, then is it neurotic? Or is it a man on his purpose? Most people are lazy and apathetic. They don't understand passion and they're hindered by limiting beliefs about themselves. Then they see Gary Vee actually hustling and call it neurotic. I would say that's one of his mottos, not his main motto. Either way, taking action is important at every stage. Is spirituality about talking about spirituality? Or living it? I would say that's a medium for his message more than anything. I'd argue that what he really wants for people is to be happy, do something they love and live on their terms. Lol yes, reading books is the only way to learn! People don't have different learning styles or different personalities. Human being didn't spend years passing down information orally. Only books. I'm teasing you, but yeah you gotta read between the lines. Don't fall for simplistic thinking.
  14. @Timotheus Gary Vee is more evolved than orange but I really like this video anyway: