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  1. Why does your dad yelling at you cause you to stop putting in effort on this? What does he say? Not saying you’re wrong for doing so. Just looking to understand the situation.
  2. Why would you want to fit into the system? I'm trying to be as contrarian as my ego will allow me. The fact is that yes, you will clash with some of the ways the system is currently set up. But you also won't care.
  3. @Charlotte It can be, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.
  4. I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm pretty sure there's something to it, but I'd say it's overrated. I've done long periods of semen retention and it's definitely not some magic pill just by itself.
  5. Pick one and just start taking action on it. There's no perfect path and there's no perfect plan. But the more action you take, the more it will become clear exactly what your life purpose is and what you should be doing.
  6. What is your life purpose?
  7. @Joseph Maynor My understanding is that statement is meant to point out that every stage below yellow thinks it's "right". They fail to see that every stage has merits and that we are all evolving through these stages individually and collectively. So it's not like you couldn't give a copy of Spiral Dynamics to a stage blue person. It's just that it's either going to sit on their shelf or they'll read it a bit and then denounce it. You can only receive certain paradigms when you're ready. Either way, it's just a model. I wouldn't get too hung up on it.
  8. @NoSelfSelf I’m not perfect in this area, but a big thing for me in killing the “little boy” was working through fears. You could say that being a man is inversely proportional to fear. That’s the root cause of all this weak, nice guy, beta type behavior. So what are you afraid of?
  9. @martyrbf777 I'm going to echo some of what @egoeimai said. I don't see her flipping and suddenly showering you with time, love and affection. No she wouldn't, because you're not seeing that time isn't actually the problem. Like you said, you somehow manage to find the time for her. It might be a hopeless cause, but your best chance is to take the focus off trying to get her to make you feel important and instead focus on improving you. Fall in love with yourself and your life. And if that still doesn't work, be willing to walk away from the entire relationship altogether. That's not fair to you.
  10. @player1995 If what she is doing actually falls under the definition of BPD, you gotta get out of there ASAP. BPDs can destroy your life. The problem is that almost every girl you're going to date is going to act like she has some mild form of BPD. They flip all the time. Dating a girl is basically like strapping yourself onto this emotional roller coaster. One minute she's happy, then she's sad, then she's frustrated, then she's horny, then she's scared, then she's confused, and on and on it goes. It's not completely random and there are proper principles of relationships you need to follow. But you're still going to get some of this. So whether or not she has BPD or if this is just normal female behavior, I would ask yourself if this relationship is serving you or hurting you. To me it sounds toxic. I would say time to do the hard thing and cut and run.
  11. @Darthcolo This could be a natural result of awakening. Most people don't question why they do things, and so they just get the default programming they're given growing up. Sometimes that questioning leads us to realize that we actually don't want what we previously thought we wanted. And it can be confusing and disorienting. Overall though it's a good thing. You're thinking for yourself and seeing what you're authentically inspired to do.
  12. @tentacion A good book is all about specificity. What exactly do you want to know about God and spirituality? Narrow it down to a single question or goal.
  13. @haguga Youtube "Tony Robbins priming". Then just follow the instructions in the video.
  14. @George Fil I'll echo what others have been saying. It's great that you want to help, but are they open to receiving that help? If not you'll just be spinning your wheels One of the struggles I have as a coach is not going into "control mode". Many times it's obvious to me what I think my client should be doing and I want to force that agenda on them. It rarely works. People change when they're ready to change, not when you think they should.
  15. @F A B She's at least comfortable. Attraction...maybe. If you have more details that would clear things up.