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  1. Yes. They plan to us The Venus Project essentially as a prototype, working out the bugs before expanding to newer areas. They did not say where, as such a project would likely be far away. They have their hands filled just getting the Venus Project off the ground.
  2. I will be visiting The Venus Project today. If you don’t know about it, The Venus Project is a SD Green / Yellow techutopia based off the work of Jacque Fresco. It promises to form what is called a “Resource-Based Economy”. Feel free to drop any questions you might have and I will ask them. I am not affiliated with The Venus Project in any way, just looking to learn more about solutions to our collective problems.
  3. Depends on how you define “successful”. If by “successful” you mean “win Nobel prizes, make the cover of science magazines, be loved by your academic peers and make lots of money”, I can’t promise you that at all. The reality is that disrupting a current paradigm often looks a lot more like people trashing your work, not listening to what you have to say and generally being shunned by the “in group”. Look at Rupert Sheldrake and how he is treated. That being said, sometimes you can be a paradigm disrupted and have a thriving career as well. Sometimes a paradigm is ready to go and just needs a little push. Or perhaps your work will be deeply respected after you die. If what you care about the most though is pushing the limits of science, then exiting the paradigm of materialism as a scientist will be of great value. You will be able to see things other will not. You’ll be willing to explore ideas others will not. This will all give you an edge in doing cutting edge science.
  4. In my understanding of SD, there would not have been Turquoise people at the time of Jesus. Enlightenment is not Turquoise. According to the SD model, Turquoise only began to emerge ~50 years ago. This then leads to an interesting question of what exactly is the difference between turquoise and enlightenment / non-dual awareness / christ consciousness and all these other maps.
  5. This to me sounds like you may be in resistance to your healing journey itself. In other words, “healed” becomes the thing which we feel we are “not enough” of. A meta-level healing then becomes necessary. What if your healing never ended? What if you can’t just forgive everyone and everything all at once? What’s the rush? What will be better in the future than it is right now?
  6. @Insightful27 What do you mean exactly by detach? Throw all your self dev books in a fire? It’s not clear what your agenda is on all of this.
  7. Criticizing science is not the same thing as saying science is useless. Science is actually incredibly useful. That’s why we use it. Leo understands this. If you like science and feel that could be your LP, don’t let Leo’s videos turn you away. Rather, think deeply about what he is saying and use his criticisms to actually better science and become a better scientist. Science will get better by us having more conscious scientists, not abandoning it. And I believe Leo would agree with everything I just said.
  8. @Jaja57 I am about to turn 30. So here’s my thoughts. There truthfully may be some options closed to you at your age. But that doesn’t matter because you don’t need to be everything. You just need to find one thing. And there’s still plenty of options, some of which may actually be more in alignment for you now that you’re a bit older. You just have to find what tugs at your heart.
  9. Despite what I wrote above, I agree with this as well.
  10. @strategy_master Just got the first dose of the Pfizer. I feel it is relatively safe. I checked the ingredients, nothing that set off any alarm bells for me. I talked to many people who got it and seemed fine. I had no side effects from the first dose, which the exception of a slightly sore shoulder for a couple days. Perhaps there’s some sort of long term consequence we are not aware of. But I don’t suspect as much. I’d recommend it getting if you can.
  11. @thisintegrated I think we don’t really know. Only some extremely small percentage of the world population is Turquoise according to SD. Society as a whole is really only peaking at Green. So we don’t know well what the struggles of Turquoise will look like. One thing that is inevitable though is evolution. Evolution comes from “problems”. So turquoise will have problems, which will lead to desire, which will lead to expansion.
  12. @Preety_India I’ve had similar thoughts. Perhaps he has his reasons for why he does what he does. Perhaps he is actually 15 steps ahead of us. Or maybe it is something for him to still work on. I don’t know. Regardless, some of the things he has said about dating do reflect a heavy bias in my opinion. Possibly misogynistic or even misanthropic. And I think the culture on this forum reflects it.
  13. @Aaron p I'm not sure myself. I have some new age friends who are all-in crystals and believe you can even communicate with them. I can't say I've had that level of experience. If nothing else, they're really gorgeous and wonderful to look at. So I like to keep a few around.
  14. Feel free to try. But I don’t see it happening. Girls who do sex work are there to MAKE MONEY. They are not there to get seduced. The more time they spend talking to someone like you who isn’t going to pay, the less they are going to make that day. Their job is basically to screen out guys like you as fast as possible. And some of them are really good at it. They’re hustlers. If you want to pick up a girl doing sex work, you’d have a better chance picking up a stripper IMO. At least at a strip club you can catch them on an off day when maybe they’re just bored and have nothing better to do but talk to you. And you can make friends with the staff, develop social proof, etc. That is possible if you know what you’re doing, although still challenging. What you’re describing to me sounds impossible. You can’t use any of the benefits of offline dating to your advantage. So you’re screwed.
  15. OP said in the beginning of his post that he had been avoiding approaching girls offline. And now he has motivated to do so because his experience with online dating has been so poor. I don’t want him to lose that motivation, even though I’m giving him advice for online dating.