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  1. @Mada_ what does her actual diet look like? Beliefs about food aside. What does she actually regularly eat? A lot of women I’ve dated have had challenges with eating healthy and / or body image issues. And they were unhappy with it and wanted something different, but never made a change. Your girlfriend may be the same. So I’d support her where you can, but otherwise let it go. This can be really challenging for women, who have a lot of extra societal pressure on their physical appearance.
  2. Excellent interconnected, sprawling talk by a channeled entity named Bashar. Topics include everything from the nature of consciousness and advanced alien technology to life purpose and shifting beliefs:
  3. Some amount of caution here is certainly warranted. We are only debating over the degree. 18 seems reasonable. We don’t even let kids get tattoos in the US until they are 18. And being cleared by a mental health professional also seems like a good idea. She may be a bit idealistic, but I think Marianne is striking a decent balance so far. Finding some perfect balance is extremely challenging. At some point, good enough is good enough. I wouldn’t say I made this thread with the sole intention of focusing on Marianne’s chances of winning. Conversation is meant to flow and change. There is some wisdom in letting it go where it needs to go.
  4. I think most people have said what they wanted to say already in terms of Marianne's chances of winning. We made our claims, now it's time to watch and see what happens. Here is what her website says about her stance in terms of LGBTQ+: Her stance clearly favors the progressive POV. Which generally I also approve of, simply because I think the harm of most conservative policies outweigh the harm of most progressive policies on this issue. Ideally we could address the concerns on all sides. Regardless, it's extremely naive to think this territory will navigated without many problems occurring, no matter what choice you make. That is simply not how politics works. The way politics works is that even when you make the BEST decision, a whole bunch of fucked up things still happen. And then we spend the next couple decades fixing all those things, and the cycle repeats over and over. Also, I do not seriously see Desantis' policies on LGBTQ as a slippery slope into fascism. Leo is correct on this point, and I think framing Desantis this way likely does more harm than good. Which is not to say I support any of Desantis positions.
  5. I don’t think Trump is going to be president again regardless of whether he goes to prison. His strategy is not sustainable.
  6. Of course. Without the illusion of time, you couldn’t have the illusion of your life. That deliberately isn’t going to be easy for anyone to understand.
  7. The establishment has not lied any more times than anyone else around you that you know.
  8. Hate to say it, but I don’t think that’s the lesson Republicans are going to be taking from the midterms. DeSantis had the biggest night of any Republican and leaned into the culture war like no one else. He won essentially because of that, not inspite of it. What seemed to hurt republicans in the midterms was claims of 2020 election fraud. Election deniers almost universally did poorly. So I expect the Right to continue leaning into the culture war as hard as ever. I think it’s a bit of a false dichotomy when people say there are the “real issues” and then there is the culture war. In reality, the culture war is the “real issue” for the average person. Because culture is about identity.
  9. @Epikur These critiques of Bill Gates are extremely misguided. Bad faith, conspiratorial, anti-establishment type of thinking.
  10. Yes that’s important. There are fascists trying to do what you describing at this very moment. And we already got a far-right scare with the Jan 6 debacle. So certainly a real backslide is possible. Who knows what happens if Trump gets in again. At the same time, I don’t see this wave of GOP legislation as likely leading to that. I think this is conservatives acting in a way that is easily predictable given their agenda. So I think we should keep an eye out and counterpunch, but I’m not ready to sound the fascist alarm at this point.
  11. What we are seeing is likely a backlash from the progress that happened for LGBTQ people. Conservatives were never all that happy with the changes that were made. Now they are punching back.
  12. Stage Green poking fun at Stage Blue rural, nationalistic types that distrust the government:
  13. How can Consciousness be infinite if it can’t be limited? Infinity contains limitation. Limitation is a subset.