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  1. @Elton That's true, people do that. They've done it to me, so I empathize. Can you think of a time when you've tried to change someone?
  2. @NJM50 First thing I would do is go on Amazon and buy a copy of a real simple business book, like The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. This will give you a general pointer of where you want to be going. So at least you won't be totally shooting in the dark. Then, you just start something. Literally anything, doesn't matter if you're selling lemonade on the street corner. Do not make the mistake of thinking you gotta be Mark Zuckerberg right out the gate. At 18, you could start five businesses, have them all fail and only be 25. Realize the incredible leverage that you get from being young and play that hand hard. So now you got some real business experience. Then you go seek out better books, seminars, mentors and apply it all. Rinse, repeat. The reason you need to get your hands dirty first is because if you just try to learn all the technicals of business from books and school, you will literally not be able to understand or appreciate what these people are trying to teach you. By getting those real world experiences, now when you attend the $2,000 copywriting seminar and the speaker is spending 3 hours on crafting your headline, you'll be taking notes like crazy. Because you'll remember that one time you put all your money into an online product and the whole thing fell apart because the headline of your copy was garbage. Also, if you don't follow Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez on social media, you're fucking up. Soak that shit in like a sponge.
  3. How would you treat a little kid? To me, it's just about understanding that whatever I am or whatever I'm doing, it's perfect. It's a meta-level form of acceptance. Made a mistake? Perfect. Succeeded? Perfect. Angry? Perfect. Happy? Perfect. Nothing is not "allowed" or "wrong". You could start with this video from Leo. I know people on the forum really love this one: A lot of it is also about becoming conscious of why you don't accept yourself completely already. Ever think about that? As a kid, you didn't need to learn how to accept yourself fully. You just did. So what changed? What belief systems were you imparted with that brought you away from how you should naturally see yourself? Final tip, I'd also look into Energy Work. A lot of these emotional hangups can be due to stuck energy, and you can clear them with just one energetic practice.
  4. How would you respond to someone who acted this way to you?
  5. @smd Is that actually what you believe? Not being sarcastic.
  6. @Mount Bananas The clouds parted for a little bit. Keep meditating and they'll keep parting more and more.
  7. @John Iverson What do you want us to do? It's a sad story, but you're the only one here that can fix these problems. Go meditate. Things will become clearer.
  8. I'd really question the assumption that the UN knows what it's doing. Don't fall victim to the authority bias. Anyway, if something on that list strikes you as important, fine. Start moving in that direction. Your life purpose is about narrowing the infinite potential list of things you COULD DO into that small niche of a thing you ACTUALLY want to do. So if you're just getting started, it's okay to go broad. You'll get more specific over time as you learn and development more self-awareness as to what you truly value. Just start moving.
  9. @Ross You've got a long road ahead of you man. But it seems like you're open to changing, so I'll leave this here: General gist is this is gonna take a lot of work. You're going to have to find ways to practice socializing, improve your inner confidence and much more. But it can be done. If going out and socializing is too hard right now, you might have to take a step back and just work on you for a while. Start a meditation habit. Study what women are attracted to. Get some exercise into your daily routine. And then build from there.
  10. What they say is that everyone has these abilities, some people are just more attuned to it than others. So it's more like discovering a talent you didn't know you had.
  11. @Spiral I like nudes if it's a girl I'm already having sex with. It's fun if you're both horny but can't physically get to each other at the moment because you're at work or something. You can use it to build the tension for when you finally see each other. It's like foreplay. Also, getting nudes from a real girl is way better than some random nudes on the internet. There's a connection with her and you know you get to fuck her later But some random girl I've just met? Nah, not my style.
  12. @Hardkill I never understood how much slut shaming girls went through until I started doing cold approach pickup. What you quickly realize is that a lot of Game is not even being this super confident, alpha guy. It's creating a situation where the girl feels totally comfortable and that she is not being judged. Whatever that means for her. I've seen girls flip from cold to receptive in just a few seconds by alleviating that concern. I've seen girls flip from receptive to cold once they feel judgment. Then you start having sex and you realize how many girls are sexually repressed. They sometimes have these bizarre rules that have nothing to do with you, like she can only have anal sex or do it in certain positions. She can't let go. This is why something like Vegas is so popular. It's like a free pass for casual sex because Vegas "doesn't count". What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Also, a lot of slut shaming is subconscious. Maybe people aren't running around going "don't be a slut!". But it's implied. It's in their subtle actions, not necessarily their words. It's really no different than how you get conditioned into all sorts of subconscious beliefs. Then you have to go on this whole personal development process to uncover it and rewire it.
  13. @Hafiz I'd try exercise and a hot sauna. Also, get some sunlight. It's not a perfect solution but it will help with the day to day.
  14. I'm curious, is this something you've experienced personally?
  15. It's apparently very learnable. She has in-person workshops she gives if you go to her website. You might want to check it out.