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  1. Do you have a source? I’m not seen any human studies claiming that oxysterols are directly atherogenic, only correlated.
  2. I see your point. He is straw-manning both sides and making them seem ridiculous, then proposing what he sees as a more reasonable, middle of the road perspective. This could lead to false equivalencies between both sides, rather than seeing how one could be more correct than the other. That’s a valid insight. At the same time, to always take the side of progressives or conservatives is also incorrect. We need to be able to see how both sides may be getting it wrong, while simultaneously holding the bigger picture of how modern progressives tend to be more evolved than conservatives. This is not some kind of false centrism, this is deeply necessary for intelligent Tier 2 politics. I am also not speaking about just moral relativism, although of course that is part of it. I am speaking about the operating system of the Green psyche and its tendency to relativize everything. Spiral Dynamics speaks on emotional maturity in the sense that it models ego development, which includes emotional maturity to a degree. People lower down the Spiral often act less emotionally mature than those higher up the Spiral, although not always. Belief systems often reflect someone’s emotional maturity. Also, Lex being able to talk to all sides of the political spectrum does not necessitate solidly Yellow development. One of the hallmarks of Green is Pluralism and seeking new perspectives. Lex may have some Yellow, but I’m not sure he is solidly there. I could be wrong. I have not done a thorough investigation of his work so I don’t have a strong opinion on this. I am just going off the few videos I have seen of him.
  3. @martins name You may be conflating excessive relativism that often happens at SD Green with Yellow meta, multi-perspectivalism. Remember, it’s really post-modern deconstruction that seeks to argue that there is no objective truth and that therefore nothing can be said to be better or worse than anything else. Your grievances therefore really seem to be with Green postmodernism more than anything else. Part of what breaks you out of excessive relativism and brings you into Tier 2 is understanding deeply the trap you are talking about, while also not demonizing relativism. Also, remember that very few people are genuinely solid in Tier 2. If you think you are listening to someone who is solidly Tier 2, the likelyhood is they are not. Personally, I see Lex Friedman as more Green than Yellow.
  4. @Carl-Richard You’re definitely on the right track. Unless your actual goal is to be a competitive marathon runner, forget standard cardio. Waste of time. I prefer to get my cardio via activities like variable resistance training, walking, sauna or cold exposure. If someone insists on during more traditional cardio like biking / swimming / running, than the tier list goes like this: 1) REHIT 2) HIIT 3) Zone 2 The challenge with REHIT is that it tends to be difficult to actually correctly implement. Thus HIIT becomes the pragmatic winner. But I still prefer REHIT if I can get it.
  5. Sounds like Photoreading. Did you have success with this method?
  6. It’s not contradictory at all. Life is what God imagines it to be. God (you) imagines a brain, chelators, heavy metals, symptoms, atoms, Leo’s advice, a forum, etc. And so it is.
  7. Except that's not what the long term research says about veganism. Nor are you likely to get "almost all" your nutrients. So your binary choice is false.
  8. Correct. It is vegan strictly in the sense that it is not an animal-product. If you have another definition of vegan, okay. But this is the most commonly used definition. We don’t know exactly because it hasn’t been invented yet. But we can imagine that with sufficient research, humans will eventually synthesize something in a laboratory that is far superior for human health than anything we are eating now, including meat. That’s only because no one has GMO’d something well enough to be considered “food”. Yet. It should be obvious that what we consider “food” is completely relative and not objective at all. When the day comes that a company lab grows something that is superior for your health than traditional food, we will start to consider it “food”. Or we just will discard the idea of food altogether.
  9. Yes, my decision to go vegan. My point wasn’t that theoretically you couldn’t be optimally healthy and vegan. It’s possible that in the far distant future we will GMO perfect lab food and all be vegan. But the reality for 99% people right now is that they will fail to do so. Even if they happen to be the minority that is extremely diligent. Optimal health is hard enough to achieve even when you do everything right, let alone when you handicap yourself with an inherently nutrient deficient diet like veganism.
  10. @ZenAlex I’m an ex-vegan. It was a trash diet healthwise and did not work for me at all. Some people may be able to make it work with supplements if they’re very good about it, but I still wouldn’t recommend it. Going back to meat has been glorious.
  11. @MarkKol stop prioritizing RDAs and just get bloodwork done. Bloodwork with a competent functional medicine practitioner will answer the majority of questions you have about what to eat. RDAs are just basic guidelines at best. Key indicators to check as far as saturated fat: LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and ApoB. Get a lipro(a) test too, although that one is more just genetic luck.
  12. Up to you really. You could go to a functional / integrative medicine practitioner or a naturopath and they would most likely do it. A standard General Practitioner might as well. You could probably get that covered under health insurance. You could also go a more non-traditional route like using InsideTracker or a LifeForce physician. Not going to be covered by insurance though. Do your research, figure out the pros and cons and then make a choice.
  13. @Insightful27 Don’t really know. I feel that multivitamins are mostly a waste of money anyway, they overload the body with too many vitamins it can’t absorb. Better strategy would be to get blood work and supplement individually for what you need, or just eat a better diet.
  14. @Insightful27 Best best is to hunt for the highest quality sources you can find and then test your own levels. If some ambitious entrepreneur on this forum wants to invent an at home testing kit for heavy metals in your supplements, that be rad.
  15. In the long-term, sure. More community living is probably a good thing so people are less lonely. But that transition is going to take decades to accomplish, if at all. In the mean time, people still need to date.