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  1. @Katlicitas Inconclusiveness is part of life. The mind wants conclusiveness, but it can’t always get it and gets upset. That being said, this sounds like an opportunity to practice tapping into your intuition. What does that say?
  2. @FredFred You don’t know. Try and see.
  3. @youngshinzen Validation, scarcity, attachment. It’s all the same after awhile, lack of self-love.
  4. @Spiral Yeah I can definitely relate to this. My relationship with my family was terrible for a long time, still is in some ways. The biggest thing I’ve found beneficial is having those uncomfortable conversations. Asking the hard questions, really expressing what’s going on with you. It can be brutual but at some point you just got to do it. Awakening is going to bring all that unresolved shit to the surface. Also, a therapist can really help.
  5. @John Lula You’re not responsible for your friend’s emotional reaction. Keep doing your thing. However, also know that he might not see it that way and confront you at some point. He might see you as that asshole who is “stealing” “his” girl.
  6. @Dareghost Quick tip, try making the offer more win/win. Why should people want to speak with you?
  7. If you actually realized that, you would have escaped from suffering.
  8. @Salvijus Yup you can definitely feel a vibe when you walk in a room.
  9. @cena655 Yup, just as it should be. Keep working.
  10. @theking00 Yeah that's fairly accurate.
  11. @Beeflamb If we were a cult, you probably wouldn't get very honest answers. What does your intuition tell you?
  12. @pluto8 How do you know something is good?
  13. @Seed Obsession is good, just be obsessed with the right things.
  14. @ExodiaGearCEO Where is the past? Can you touch it? Do you have any proof it even happen beyond your thoughts? It's making you depressed because your thoughts are out of alignment with your true nature. Not because they're true.
  15. @John West Don't "try" to be happy. Let go into happiness. "Trying" implies you don't have it.