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  1. Eckhart Tolle, awakening out of no where:
  2. @thenondualtankie If you really don’t know what your LP is, you may want to consider a more traditional, well-paying job for now. Even if it’s full time. 40 hours a week will still leave you with some free time. Your LP is going to require money to start, possibility way more than you’re anticipating. You might be able to get a 70-80k year job out of college and start saving for that now. And then with whatever free time you have on the weekends, begin experimenting with your LP. Start contemplating now as well what your LP will be. I would not wait until you graduate. Perhaps take Leo’s LP course to get you thinking.
  3. Actually it’s not totally wrong. It’s just that Prager badly fails to understand Green because he is Blue. Affluence + secularism would likely indicate a person who has moved to stage Orange on the spiral. They’ve handled some of their basic survival needs. But Orange has its limits. And and people start to wonder if there is more to life (stage Green). They might start caring more about equality and doing good in the world, even if it’s a bit naive and misguided. In other words, they move politically left and up the spiral. That is what is supposed to happen. Blue cannot not comprehend that Green is more evolved then them because Blue hasn’t been there yet. So to Blue it looks like a regression, when in reality it is progression.
  4. @Jacob Morres I’m sure if we did the same thing with a bunch of conservative college kids, they’d just act cordial and supremely educated the whole time.
  5. Assuming it legitimately was telekinesis, the answer would be the same reason for anything: reality is One and you are God. I’ve not consciously developed such abilities so I couldn’t tell you how to do it. There do seem to be teachers on YT though who can help you if you dig deep enough (Sean McNamara, Trebor Seven etc).
  6. @Rasheed You can find Green and even some Yellow at top universities. My perspective is that Green is currently the leading edge of consciousness for the majority of the planet. Most people are Orange, Blue or even lower than that. So to expect anything higher than Green/Yellow at top universities would be an error. That level of consciousness is already extremely radical for many people. Of course if you’re already sitting at Green or above, than you’re likely to be unimpressed. Green perpetually seems to mistake its level of consciousness as a given. So people at top universities are serious philosophers, compared to the majority of the planet. They may just not be be serious compared to the extremely small proportion of Tier 2 thinkers.
  7. @UpperMaster Yes and no. It definitely could be motivating. And there's nothing wrong with competition per say. Until it becomes a problem. One issue is how do you properly decide who is the "best" in a field? Especially if your field is more subjective, like art. Even in sports, which has statistics to back up claims, people can still barely decide. So you may end up chasing a never-ending phantom. The other issue is that too much obsession with your career or life purpose can potentially distract from deeper consciousness work and / or relationships and other areas of life. So you really have to be clear about what you want out of life. I'm personally not interested in a being a David Goggins type of person. Seems like he has a lot of internal war he is still working through.
  8. Of course not. There are many ways to have a good dating life. For most guys that usually involves having a sizable social circle, not learning “pickup”. As long as it’s ethical and consensual, you are pretty much free to design whatever kind of dating life you want. Perks of the modern world. The key though is you do have to do something. It can’t be zero. Then go for that. The key is self-awareness and knowing what you want. Which of course can change over time. The problem is when guys who want a relationship are unable to get that relationship. And so they have to work on themselves. Yes that’s correct.
  9. Watch his 6+ hour series on this topic. This question will easily be answered.
  10. Why is that so important? I get it that it’s good sex and it feels good. But if you’re sore and it no longer feels good to keep going, kinda defeats the purpose, no? You already said it. Just take some more breaks. Restart when it feels good to restart.
  11. Basically this. If radical Green feminism is your biggest problem, you’re doing pretty well overall. Which is not to say it shouldn’t be addressed. But let’s put it in its proper context.
  12. It’s edgy but still in range for going mainstream. Society is not just conservative Blues. We have a lot of Orange and Green too. Orange is unlikely to care about this because Orange has mostly shed the moral system coming from Blue. And Green loves anything that trolls the Blue. Overall we are in fact evolving out of Blue. Blue doesn’t like this and is continuing to push back, but things move forward regardless, one music video at a time.
  13. This is good advice. If you have this sort of lack mindset, it can really turn people off and come across as creepy. But I want to add some nuance for anyone reading this as well. I’ve found that my dating life is always the best when it’s a top priority in my life. And when it’s not a top priority, it starts to slack. This just makes obvious sense. Having an abundant dating life requires a lot of time, energy and commitment to that area of your life. Which requires you to make it a priority. In reality, if I truly have something better to be doing, I just end up doing that thing instead. If you truly have something better to be doing than dating, than you won’t be spending much time dating. You’ll be doing those other things. Either choice is fine and just really depends on what you want. There can be crossover of course. Working on your career might give you the money to be successful in dating later. But still, at some point you have to make dating a priority if you want success in that area. Otherwise, you’ll just be a rich guy who works all the time. And I can guarantee that a guy who is partying all the time trying to meet girls will have a better dating life than that guy.
  14. @Tudo I would already consider it dated. There are some valuable critiques he makes of capitalism, but it be an error to get perpetually stuck on Marxism for the vast majority of people.